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Beethoven's "Fidelio"



Conductor Raphaël Pichon and director Cyril Teste team up to bring Beethoven’s Fidelio to the stage of the Opéra Comique.

Fidelio is the only opera Ludwig van Beethoven ever composed. In this work – inspired by a comic opera (based on a true story) by Jean-Nicolas Bouilly and Pierre Gaveaux – the young Leonore disguises herself as a man in order to get a job as an assistant jailer. In the guise of “Fidelio”, she hopes to free her husband Florestan, who has been unjustly thrown into prison by the cruel Don Pizzaro.
Beethoven spent 10 years finetuning
Fidelio. In this work so long in the making, the German composer tackles some of the themes that are so close to his heart: love, fidelity, justice and freedom. The result is an intensely lyrical drama that is both timeless and universal in scope.
For this Parisian production, Raphaël Pichon once again finds his faithful Pygmalion choir and orchestra in the pit of the Opéra Comique. The music of the ensemble is complemented to perfection by the voices of Siobhan Stagg (Leonore), Michael Spyres (Florestan), Mari Eriksmoen (Marzelline), Albert Dohmen (Rocco), Gabor Bretz (Don Pizarro), Christian Immler (Don Fernando) and Linard Vrielink (Jaquino).




Subject: The Eschatology of Capitalism and the "dead facts" of history.



Grenoble, December 25, 2021


Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


After several days of struggle, we have been allowed to return to our platform at GoDaddy - a victory for our time-consuming micro negotiations for almost a week, with half a dozen people in almost as many countries.

And now, once again, we turn to Barrington Moore, Jr's classic study where he concludes Part One of his book on the social origins of democracy and dictatorship with a chapter on the history of representative democracy in capitalist America. The United States, he notes, is commonly acknowledged to have experienced two “Revolutions”: The War of Independence (1775-1783) and The Civil War (1861-1865). In this third discussion of “Revolutionary Origins of Capitalist Democracy,” Moore once again offers a radical critique of this received idea. He introduces this discussion with the problematic:


Plantation and Factory; An Inevitable Conflict?

     The main differences between the American route to modern capitalist democracy and those followed by England and France stem from America’s later start. The United States did not face the problem of dismounting a complex and well-established agrarian society of either the feudal or the bureaucratic forms. From the very beginning commercial agriculture was important, as in the Virginian tobacco plantations, and rapidly became dominant as the country was settled. The political struggles between a precommercial landed aristocracy and a monarch were not part of American history. Nor has American society ever had a massive class of peasants comparable to those in Europe and Asia. For these reasons one may argue that American history contains no revolution comparable to the Puritan and French Revolutions, nor, of course, the Russian and Chinese Twentieth-century revolutions. Still there have been two great upheavals in our history, The American Revolution and the Civil War, the latter one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern history up to that time. Quite obviously, both have been significant elements in the way the United States became the world’s leading industrial capitalist democracy by the middle of the twentieth century. The Civil War is commonly taken to mark a violent dividing point between the agrarian and industrial epochs in American history. Hence in this chapter I shall discuss its causes and consequences from the standpoint of whether or not it was a violent breakthrough against an older social structure, leading to the establishment of political democracy, and on this score comparable to the Puritan and French Revolutions. More generally I hope to show where it belongs in the genetic sequence of major historical upheavals that we can begin arbitrarily with the sixteenth-century peasant wars in Germany, that continues through the Puritan , French, and Russian Revolutions, to culminate in the Chinese Revolution and the struggles of our own time.

     The conclusion, reached after much uncertainty, amounts to the statement that the American Civil War was the last revolutionary offensive on the part of what one may legitimately call urban or bourgeois capitalist democracy. Plantation slavery in the South, it is well to add right away, was not an economic fetter upon industrial capitalism. If anything, the reverse may have been true, it helped to promote American industrial growth in the early stages. But slavery was an obstacle to a political and social democracy. There are ambiguities in this interpretation. Those that stem from the character of the evidence are best discussed as the analysis proceeds. Others lie deeper and, as I shall try to show at the end of the chapter, would not disappear no matter what evidence came to light.

Aside from questions of space and time at the reader’s disposal as well as the author’s, there are objective reasons for passing over the American Revolution with but a few brief comments. Since it did not result in any fundamental changes in the structure of society, there are grounds for asking whether it deserves to be called a revolution at all. At bottom it was a fight between commercial interests in England and America, though certainly more elevated issues played a part as well. The claim that America has had an anticolonial revolution may be good propaganda, but it is bad history and bad sociology. The distinguishing characteristic of twentieth-century anticolonial revolutions is the effort to establish a new form of society with substantial socialist elements. Throwing off the foreign yoke is a means to achieve this end. What radical currents there were in the American Revolution were for the most part unable to break through to the surface. Its main effect was to promote unification of the colonies into a single political unit and the separation of this unit from England.(pp.111-113)


Turning to examine the revolutionary content of the Civil War, he presents his problematic, that while “slave societies do not have the same political forms as those based on free labor . . . is that any reason why they have to fight?”

     On might start with a general notion to the effect that there is an inherent conflict between slavery and the capitalist system of formally free wage labor. Though this turns out to be a crucial part of the story, it will not do as general proposition from which the Civil War can be derived as an instance. As will appear shortly, cotton produced by slave labor played a decisive role in the growth not only of American capitalism but of English capitalism too. Capitalists had no objection to obtaining goods produced by slavery as long as a profit could be made by working them up and reselling them. From a strictly economic standpoint, wage labor and plantation slavery contained as much a potential for trading and complementary political relationships as for conflict. We can answer our question with a provisional negative: there are is no abstract general reason why the North and South had to fight. Special historical circumstances, in other words, had to be present in order to prevent agreement between an agrarian society based on unfree labor and a rising industrial capitalism.

     For clues to what these circumstances might have been, it is helpful to glance at a case where there was an agreement between these two types of subsocieties within a larger political unit. If we know what makes an agreement possible, we also know something about circumstances that might make it impossible. Once again the German record is helpful and suggestive. Nineteenth-century German history demonstrates quite clearly that advanced industry can get along very well with a form of agriculture that has a highly repressive system of labor. To be sure, the German Junker was not quite a slave owner. And Germany was not the United States. But where precisely did the decisive differences lie? The Junkers managed to draw the independent peasants under their wing and to form an alliance with sections of big industry that were happy to receive their assistance in order to keep the industrial workers in their place with a combination of repression and paternalism. The consequence in the long run was fatal to democracy in Germany.

     German experience suggests that, if the conflict between North and South had been compromised, the compromise would have been at the expense of subsequent democratic development in the United States. . . . It also tells us where we might look with profit? Why did Northern capitalists have no need of Southern ‘Junkers’ in order to establish and strengthen industrial capitalism in the United States? Were political and economic links missing in the United States that existed in Germany? Were there other and different groups in American society, such as independent farmers, in the place of peasants? Where and how were the main groups aligned in the American situation?(pp.114-115)


Three Forms of American Capitalist Growth.

     By 1860 the United States had developed three quite different forms of society in different pqrts of the country: the cotton-growing South; the West, a land of free farmers, and the rapidly industrializing Northeast.

     The lines of cleavage and cooperation had by no means always run in these directions. To be sure, from the days of Hamilton and Jefferson there had been a tug-of-war between agrarians and urban commercial and financial interests. The expansion of the country westward made it seem for a moment, under President Jackson in the 1830s, that the principles of agrarian democracy , practice an absolute minimum of central authority and an tendency to favor debtors over creditors, had won a permanent victory over those of Alexander Hamilton. Even in Jackson’s own time, however, agrarian democracy had severe difficulties. Two closely related developments were to destroy it: the further growth of industrial capitalism in the Northeast and the establishment of an export market for Sothern cotton.

     Though the importance of cotton for the South is familiar, its significance for capitalist development as a whole is less well known. Between 1815 and 1860 the cotton trade exercised a decisive influence upon the rate of growth in the American economy. Up until about 1830 it was the most important cause of the growth of manufacturing in this country. While the domestic aspect remained significant, cotton exports became an outstanding feature at about this time. By 1849, sixty-four percent of  the cotton crop went abroad, mainly to England. From 1840 to the time of the Civil War, Great Britain drew from the Southern states four-fifths of all her cotton imports. Hence it is clear that the plantation operated by slavery was no anachronistic excrescence on industrial capitalism. It was an integral part of this system and one of its prime motors in the world at large.

     In Southern society, the plantation and slave owners were a very small minority. By 1850 there may have been less than 350,000 slave owners in a total white population of about six million in the slaveholding areas. With their families, the slaveholders numbered perhaps a quarter of the white population at the most. Even within this group, only a small minority owned most of the slaves: a computation for 1860 asserts that only seven percent of the whites owned nearly three-quarters of the black slaves. The best land tended to gravitate into their hands as well as the substance of political control.

     This plantation-owning élite shaded off gradually into farmers who worked the land with a few slaves, through large numbers of small property owners without slaves, on down to the poor whites of the back country, whose agriculture was confined to a little lackadaisical digging in forlorn cornpatches. The poor whites were outside of the market economy; many of the smaller farmers were no more than on its periphery. The more well-to-do farmers aspired to owning a few more Negros and becoming plantation owners on a larger scale. The influence of this middling group may have declined after the Jacksonian era, though there is a whole school of Southern historians that tries to romanticize  the yeomen and ‘plain folk’ of the old South as the basis of a democratic social order. That, I believe to be utter rubbish. In all ages and countries;, reactionaries, liberals and radicals have painted their own portraits of small rural folk to suit their own theories. The element of important truth behind this particular notion is that the smaller farmers in the South by and large accepted the political leadership of the big planters. Writers tinged with Marxism claim that this unity within the white caste ran counter to the real economic interests of the smaller farmers and came about only because fear of the Negro solidified the whites. This is possible but dubious. Small property owners in many situations follow the lead of big ones when there is no obvious alternative and when there is some chance of becoming a big property holder.

     Since plantation slavery was the dominant fact of Southern life, it becomes necessary to examine the workings of the system to discover if it generated serious frictions with the North. One consideration we can dispose of rapidly. Slavery was almost certainly not on the point of dying out for internal reasons. The thesis is scarcely tenable that the war was ‘unnecessary’ in the sense that its results would have come about sooner or later anyway by peaceful means and that therefore there was no real conflict. If slavery were to disappear from American society, armed force would be necessary to make it disappear.(pp.115-118)

. . .

The South had a capitalist civilization, . . . but hardly a bourgeois one. Certainly it was not based on town life. And instead of challenging the notion of status based on birth, as did the European bourgeoisie when they challenged the right of aristocracies to rule, Southern planters took over the defense of hereditary privilege. Here was a real difference and a real issue.

     The notion that all men were created equal contradicted the facts of daily experience for most Southerners, facts that they had themselves created for good and sufficient reasons. Under the pressure of Northern criticism and in the face of worldwide trends away from slavery, Southerners generated a whole series of doctrinal defenses for the system. Bourgeois conceptions of freedom, those of the American and the French Revolutions, became dangerously subversive doctrines to the South, because they struck at the key nerve of the Southern system, property in slaves.(pp.121-122)

. . .

It is impossible to speak of purely economic factors as the main causes behind the war, just as it is impossible to speak of the war as mainly a consequence of moral differences over slavery. The moral issues arose from economic differences. Slavery was the moral issue that aroused much of the passion on both sides. Without the direct conflict of ideals over slavery, the events leading up to the war and the war itself are totally incomprehensible. At the same time, it is as plain as the light of the sun that economic factors created a slave economy in the !south just as economic factors created different social structures with contrasting ideals in other parts of the country.

     To argue thus is not to hold that the mere fact of difference somehow inevitably caused the war. A great many people in the South and the North either did not care about slavery or acted as if they did not care. Nevins goes so far as to assert that the election of 1859 showed that at least three-quarters of the nation still opposed radical proslavery and antislavery ideas at what was almost the last moment. Even if his estimate exaggerates the strength of neutral sentiment, one of the most sobering and thought-provoking aspects of the Civil War is the failure of this mass of indifferent opinion to prevent it. It s also this substantial body of opinion that has led intelligent historians such as Beard to doubt the importance of slavery as an issue. That I hold to be an error, and a very serious one. Nevertheless the failure and collapse of moderation constitute a key part of the story, one on which those with Southern sympathies have shed valuable light. For a situation to arise in which war was likely to occur, changes had to take place in other parts of the country besides the South.(pp.123-124)

. . .

     What Northern capitalism needed from any government was the protection and legitimation of private property. It took some very special circumstances, however, to make the owners of Southern plantations and slaves appear as a threat to this institution. What Northern capitalists also wanted was a moderate amount of government assistance in the process of accumulating capital and operating a market economy: more specifically, some tariff protection, aid in setting up a transportation network (not all of which need be strictly ethical – though many of the big railway scandals came later), sound money, and a central banking system. Above all, the ablest Northern leaders wanted to be able to do business without bothering about state and regional frontiers. They were proud of being citizens of a large country, as of course others were too, and in the final crisis of secession reacted against the prospect of a balkanized America.(pp.125-126)

. . .

Southern hostility to the West gave the north an opportunity for alliance with the farmer but one that Northerners were slow to grasp. The coalition did not become a political force until very late in the day, in the Republican platform of 1860 that helped to carry Lincoln to the White House, even though a majority of the country’s voters opposed him. The rapprochement appears to have been the work of politicians and journalists rather than businessmen. The proposal to open up Western lands for the smaller settlers provided a way that a party attached to the interests of those with property and education could use to attract a mass following, especially among urban workers.

     The essence of the bargain was simple and direct: business was to support the farmers’ demand for land, popular also in industrial working-class circles, in return for support for a higher tariff. ‘Vote yourself a farm – vote yourself a tariff’ became Republican rallying cries in 1860. In this fashion there came to be constituted a ‘marriage of iron and rye’ – to glance once more at the German combination of industry and Junkers – but with Western family farmers, not landed aristocrats, and hence with diametrically opposite political consequences. On into the Civil War itself, there were objections to the wedding and calls for a divorce. In 1861 C.J. Vallandigham, an advocate of the small farmers, could still argue that ‘the planting South was a natural ally of the Democracy of the North and especially the of the West,’ because the people of the South were an agricultural people.

     But these were voices from the past. What made the realignment possible, in addition to the changes in the character of Western society, were the specific circumstances of industrial growth in the Northeast. The existence of free land gave a unique twist to the relations between capitalists and workmen in the beginning stages of American capitalism, stages which in Europe were marked by the growth of violent radical movements. Here energies that in Europe would have gone into building trade unions and framing revolutionary programs went into schemes providing a free farm for every workman whether he wanted it or not. Such proposals sounded subversive to some contemporaries. The actual effect of the Westward trek, nevertheless, was to strengthen the forces of early competitive and individualist capitalism be spreading the interest in property.(pp.130-131)


Toward an Explanation of the Causes of the War.

     The alignment of the main social groupings in American society in 1860 goes a long way toward explaining the character of the war, or the issues that could and could not come to the surface – more bluntly what the war could be about. It tells us what was likely if there was to be a fight; by itself the alignment does not account very well for why there actually was a fight. Now that some of the relevant facts are before us it is possible to discuss with greater profit the question of whether or not there was an inherent mortal conflict between North and South.

     Let us take up the economic requirements of the two systems one by one in order of 1) capital requirements, 2) requirements for labor, and 3) those connected with marketing the final product.(p.132)

. . .

   [T]he strictly economic issues were very probably negotiable. Why, then, did the war happen? What was it about? The apparent inadequacy of a strictly economic explanation –I shall argue in a moment that the fundamental causes were still economic ones – has let historians to search for others. Three main answers are distinguishable in the literature. One is that the Civil War was fundamentally a moral conflict over slavery. Since large and influential sections of the public in both the North and the South refused to take a radical position either for or against slavery, this explanation runs into difficulties, in effect the ones that [Charles] Beard and others tried to circumvent in their search for economic causes. The second answer tries to get around both sets of difficulties by the proposition that all the issues were really negotiable and that the blunderings of politicians brought on a war that the mass of the population in the North and in the South did not want. The third answer amounts to an attempt to push this line of thought somewhat further by analyzing how the political machinery for achieving consensus in American society broke down and allowed the war to erupt. In this effort, however, historians tend to be driven back toward an explanation in terms of moral causes.

     Each of the explanations, including that stressing economic factors, can marshal a substantial body of facts in its support. Each has hit at a portion of the truth. To stop at this observation is to be satisfied with intellectual chaos. The task is to relate these portions of the truth to each other, to perceive the whole in order to understand the relationship and significance of partial truths. That such a search is endless, that the discovered relations are themselves only partial truths, does not mean that the search ought to be abandoned.(pp.134-135)

. . .

In a complex society with an advanced division of labor, and especially in a parliamentary democracy, it is the special and necessary task of politicians, journalists, and only to a somewhat lesser extent clergymen to be alive and sensitive to events that influence the distribution of power in society. They are also the ones who provide the arguments, good and bad alike, both for changing the structure of society and for maintaining things as they are. Since  it is their job to be alert to potential changes, while others keep on with the all-absorbing task of making a living, it is characteristic of a democratic system that politicians should often be clamorous and intensify division. The modern democratic politician’s role is an especially paradoxical one, at least superficially. He does what he does so that most people do not have to worry about politics. For that same reason he often feels it necessary to arouse public opinion to dangers real and unreal.

     From this standpoint too, the failure of modern opinion to halt the drift to war becomes comprehensible. Men of substance in both North and South furnished the core of moderate opinion. They were the ones who in ordinary times are leaders in their own community – ‘opinion makers,’ a modern student of public opinion would be likely to call them. As beneficiaries of the prevailing order, and mainly interested in making money, they wanted to suppress the issue of slavery rather than seek structural reforms, a very difficult task in any case. The Clay-Webster Compromise of 1850 was a victory for this group. It provided for stricter laws in the North about the return of fugitive slaves and for the admission of several new states to the union: California as a free state, New Mexico and Utah at some future date with or without slavery as their constitutions might provide at the time of admissions. Any attempt to drag the slavery issue out into the open and seek a new solution made large numbers of these groups cease being moderates. That is what happened when Senator Stephen A. Douglas put an end to the Compromise of 1850 only four years later by reopening the question of slavery in the territories. Through proposing in the Kansas-Nebraska Act that the settlers decide the issue for themselves one way or the other, he converted, at least for the time being, wide sections of Northern opinion from moderation to views close to abolitionism. In the South, his support was not much more than lukewarm.

     By and large the moderates had the usual virtues that many people hold are necessary to make democracy work: willingness to compromise and see the opponent’s viewpoint, a pragmatic outlook. They were the opposite of doctrinaires. What all this really amounted to was a refusal to look facts in the face.(pp.137-138)

. . .

     Though the fact that cotton still linked the South with England more than with the North was significant, two other aspects of the situation may have been more important. One has already been mentioned: the absence of any strong radical working-class threat to industrial capitalist property in the North. Secondly, the United States had no powerful foreign enemies. In this respect, the situation was entirely different from that facing Germany and Japan, who both experienced their own versions of political modernization crises somewhat later, 1871 in Germany, 1868 in Japan. For this combination of reasons, there was not much force behind the characteristic conservative compromise of agrarian and industrial élites. There was little to make the owners of Northern mills and Southern slaves rally under the banner of the sacredness of property.

     To sum up with desperate brevity, the ultimate causes of the war are to be found in the growth of different economic systems leading to different (but still capitalist) civilizations with incompatible stands on slavery. The connection between Northern capitalism and Western farming helped to make unnecessary for a time the characteristic reactionary coalition between urban and landed élites and hence the one compromise that could have avoided the war. (It was also the compromise that eventually liquidated the war.) Two further factors made compromise extremely difficult. The future of the West appeared uncertain in such a way as to make the distribution of power at the center uncertain, thus intensifying and magnifying all causes of distrust and contention. Secondly, as just noted, the main forces of cohesion in American society, though growing stronger, were still very weak.(pp.140-141)

The Revolutionary Impulse and its Failure.

     About the Civil War itself, it is unnecessary to say more than a few words, especially since the most important event, the Emancipation Proclamation, has already been mentioned. The war reflected the fact that the dominant classes in American society had split cleanly in two, much more cleanly than the ruling strata in England at the time of the Puritan Revolution or those in France at the time of the French Revolution. In those two great convulsions, divisions within the dominant classes enabled radical tendencies to boil up from the lower strata, much more so in the case of the French Revolution than in England. In the American Civil War there was no really comparable radical upsurge.

    At least in major outline the reasons are easy to see; American cities were not teeming with depressed artisans and potential sanculottes. Even if only indirectly, the existence of Western land reduced the explosive potential. In the second place, the materials for a peasant conflagration were lacking. Instead of peasants at the bottom of the heap, the South had mainly black slaves. Either they could not or they would not revolt. For our purpose it does not matter which. Though there were sporadic slave outbreaks, they had no political consequences. No revolutionary impulses came from that quarter.

     Leading members of this group perceived the war as a revolutionary struggle between a progressive capitalism and a reactionary agrarian society based on slavery. To the extent that the conflict between the North and the South really had such a character, a conflict some of whose most important struggles came after the actual fighting stopped, this was due to the Radical Republicans .From the perspective of a hundred years later, they appear as the last revolutionary flicker that is strictly bourgeois and strictly capitalist, the last successors to medieval townsmen beginning the revolt against the feudal overlords. Revolutionary movements since the Civil War have been either anticapitalist, or fascist and counterrevolutionary if in support of capitalism.(p.141)

. . .

Meanwhile industrialists and railroad men were becoming increasingly influential in Southern affairs. In a word, moderate men of substance were returning to power, authority, and influence in the South, as they were in the North as well. The stage was being set for an alliance of these across the former battle lines. It was consummated formally in 1876 when the disputed Hayes-Tilden election was settled by allowing the Republican Hayes to take office in return for removing the remnants of the Northern occupational regime. Under attack from radical agrarians in the West the radical labor in the

East, the party of wealth, property, and privilege in the North was ready to abandon the last pretense of upholding the rights of the propertyless and oppressed Negro laboring class. When Southern ‘Junkers’ were no longer slaveholders and had acquired a larger tincture of urban business and when Northern capitalists faced radical rumblings, the classic conservative coalition was possible. So came Thermidor to liquidate the ‘Second American Revolution.’(pp.148-149)



The Meaning of the War.

Certain very important political changes did accompany and follow the Northern victory. They may be summed up in the remark that the federal government became a series of ramparts around property, mainly big property, and an agency to execute the biblical pronouncement, ‘To him that hath shall be given.’ First among the ramparts was the preservation of the Union itself, which meant, as the West filled up after the war, one of the largest domestic markets of the world. It was also a market protected by the highest tariff to date in the nation’s history. Property received protection from state governments with unsound inclinations through the Fourteenth Amendment. Likewise the currency was put on a sound footing through the national banking system and the resumption of specie payments. Whether such measures hurt the Western farmer as much as once supposed is dubious, there are indications that they were doing quite well during the war and for some time afterward. At any rate they received some compensation through the opening of the public domain in the West (Homestead Act of 1862), though it is on this score that the federal government became an agency of the biblical statement just quoted. Railroads received huge grants, and disposal of public domains also formed the basis of great fortunes in timber and mining. Finally, as a compensation to industry that might lose laborers in this fashion the federal government continued to hold open the doors to immigration (Immigration Acts of 1864).  . . .  If one looks back and compares what happened with the planter program  of 1860: federal enforcement of slavery, no high protective tariffs, no subsidies nor expensive tax-creating internal improvements, no national banking and currency system, the case for a victory of industrial capitalism over the fetters of the plantation economy, a victory that required blood and iron to occur at all, becomes very persuasive indeed.

     Reflection may make much of this conviction evaporate. It is worth noticing that Beard’s own position is quite ambiguous. After recounting the victories of Northern capitalism just summarized above he remarks, ‘The main economic results of the Second American Revolution thus far noted would have been attained had there been no armed conflict. . . . ‘ But Beard’s views are not in question except insofar as the provocative writings of a first-rate historian shed light on the issues. Three related arguments may be brought to bear against the thesis that the Civil War was a revolutionary victory for industrial capitalist democracy and necessary to this victory. First, one might hold that there is no real connection between the Civil War and (the subsequent victory of industrial capitalism; to argue in favor of this connection is to fall victim to the fallacy of post hoc, ergo propter hoc. Second, one might hold that these changes were coming about of their own accord through the ordinary processes of economic growth and needed no Civil War to bring them about. Finally, one could argue on the basis of evidence discussed at some length earlier in this chapter that the economies of North and South were not really in serious competition with one another: at best they were complementary; at worst, they failed to link up with each other due to fortuitous circumstances, such as the fact that the South sold much of its cotton to England.

     All such arguments would receive an effective answer only if it were possible to demonstrate that Southern society, dominated by plantation, constituted a formidable obstacle to the establishment of industrial capitalist democracy. The evidence indicated very clearly that plantation slavery was an obstacle to democracy, at least any conception of democracy that includes the goals of human equality, even the limited form of equality of opportunity, and human freedom. It does not establish at all clearly that plantation slavery was a obstacle to industrial capitalism as such. And comparative perspective show clearly that industrial capitalism can establish itself in societies that do not profess these democratic goals or, to be a little more cautious, where these goals are no more than a secondary current. Germany and Japan prior to 1945 are the main illustrations for this thesis.

     Once again the inquiry leads back toward political questions and incompatibilities between two different kinds of civilizations in the South and in the North and West. Labor-repressive agricultural systems and plantation slavery in particular, are political obstacles to a particular kind of capitalism, at a specific historical stage: competitive democratic capitalism we must call it for lack of a more precise term. Slavery was a threat and an obstacle to a society that was indeed the heir of the Puritan, American, and French Revolutions. Southern society was based firmly on hereditary status as the basis of human worth. With the West, the North, though in the process of change, was still committed to notions of equal opportunity. In both, the ideals were reflections of economic arrangements that gave them much of their appeal and force. Within the same political unit it was, I think, inherently impossible to establish political and social institutions that would satisfy both. If the geographical separation had been much greater, if the South had been a colony for example, the problem would in all probability have been relatively simple to solve at the time – at the expense of the Negro.

     That the Northern victory, even with all its ambiguous consequences, was a political victory for freedom compared with what a Southern victory would have been seems obvious enough to require no extended discussion. One need only consider what would have happened had the Southern plantation system been able to establish itself in the West by the middle of the nineteenth century and surrounded the Northeast. Then the United States would have been in the position of some modernizing countries today a latifundia economy, a dominant antidemocratic aristocracy, and a weak and dependent commercial and industrial class, unable and unwilling to push forward toward political democracy. In rough outline, such was the Russian situation, though with less of a commercial emphasis in its agriculture in the second half of the nineteenth century. A radical explosion of some kind or a prolonged period of semireactionary dictatorship would have been far more probable than a firmly rooted political democracy with all its shortcomings and deficiencies.

     Striking down slavery was a decisive step, an act at least as important as the striking down of absolute monarchy in the English Civil War and the French Revolution, an essential preliminary for further advances. Like these violent upheavals, the main achievements in our Civil War were political in the broad sense of the term. Later generations in America were to attempt to put economic content into the political framework, to raise the level of the people toward some conception of human dignity by putting in their hands the material means to determine their own fate. Subsequent revolutions  in Russia and China have had the same purpose even if the means have in large measure so far swallowed up and distorted the ends. It is in this context, I believe, that the American Civil War has to be placed for its proper assessment.

     That the federal government was out of the business of enforcing slavery was no small matter. It is easy to imagine the difficulties that organized labor would have faced, for example, in its effort to achieve legal and political acceptance in later years, had not this barrier been swept away.(pp.149-153)

. . .

At bottom, the struggle of the Negroes and their white allies concern contemporary capitalist democracy’s capacity to live up to its noble profession, something no society has ever done. Here we approach the ultimate ambiguity in the assessment and interpretation of the Civil War. It recurs throughout history. There is more than coincidence that two famous political leaders of free societies chose to express their ideals in speeches for their fallen dead given more than two thousand years apart. To the critical historian both Pericles and Lincoln become ambiguous figures as he sets what they did and what happened alongside what they said and in all likelihood hoped for. The fight for what they expressed is not over and may not end until mankind ceases to inhabit the earth. As one peers ever deeper to resolve the ambiguities of history, the seeker eventually finds them in himself and his fellow men as well as in the supposedly dead facts of history. We are inevitably in the midst of the ebb and flow of these events and play a part, no matter how small and insignificant as individuals, in what the past will come to mean for the future.(pp.154-155)


The 19 + items below are offered to CEIMSA readers as points of departure for critical discussions about our collective future and about the role that social class interests play in determining the political/economic structures and the mores with which we live.




Francis McCollum Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego



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1.      OSHA bends over for Big Pharma, says employers need NOT report "vaccine" injuries after all - Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 19:50 EST)

2.      "Fully vaccinated" and boosted, Liz Warren catches "breakthrough" COVID, insists that EVERYBODY else get "vaxxed" and boosted, too - Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 19:57 EST)

3.      So they can read you loud and clear (and tell you what to think and do): "Vaccination" may replace your natural neuronal network with an artificial one, hooked up to COVID Central - Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 20:13 EST)

4.      "Death by Alphabet: Moderna batch codes and associated deaths" - Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 23:52 EST)

5.      UN taking down websites - Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 11:09 EST)

6.      More on the concentration camps impending in New York - Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 11:15 EST)

7.      Chile already using the "vaccines" to "insert thoughts and feelings" into the injected - Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 11:19 EST)

8.      Wise words from another undergrounder - Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 14:35 EST)

9.      If you want to get my Substack pieces.... - Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 15:52 EST)

10.  US pilot deaths spike 1,750% since "vaccine" rollout - Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 17:18 EST)

1.      OSHA bends over for Big Pharma, says employers need NOT report "vaccine" injuries after all by Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 19:50 EST)
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OSHA caves to Big Pharma, says employers don't need to report covid vaccine injuries after all


2.      "Fully vaccinated" and boosted, Liz Warren catches "breakthrough" COVID, insists that EVERYBODY else get "vaxxed" and boosted, too by Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 19:57 EST)
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Fully Vaccinated And Boosted Elizabeth Warren Contracts Breakthrough COVID Case, Uses Diagnosis To Push More Boosters


Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced on Twitter this week that she has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and boosted. Warren then demanded that other people take the measures she did that did not prevent her from contracting the virus.

“I regularly test for COVID & while I tested negative earlier this week, today I tested positive with a breakthrough case,” Warren wrote. “Thankfully, I am only experiencing mild symptoms & am grateful for the protection provided against serious illness that comes from being vaccinated & boosted.”

Warren added, “As cases increase across the country, I urge everyone who has not already done so to get the vaccine and the booster as soon as possible – together, we can save lives.”

Click on the link for the rest.


3.      So they can read you loud and clear (and tell you what to think and do): "Vaccination" may replace your natural neuronal network with an artificial one, hooked up to COVID Central by Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 20:13 EST)
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From Susan in the UK:


Hi Mark,

Let me cut to the chase, the most shocking takeaway in less than 30 seconds is this (which is copied and pasted from orwell.city blogpost listed below):

We're talking about nanotechnology that recreates the communication technology we already know. But in this case, inside the body.

We're talking about nano-communications.

And this is the vaccine, ladies and gentlemen.

The Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines. All of them are nano-technology for nano-communications. So you emit, the vaccinated ones, a MAC address in Bluetooth wireless technology. But you also receive signals as if you were a router.

So if you're reading this for the first time, that the substance in the c-vaxx injections install nano-technology in the human body for nano-communication, this is going to sound like What the Heck, or WTF?  C-vaxxines are resulting in the human body developing its own MAC address? what planet are you on?  but hold on, this is not quite as far fetched as it may sound.

please invest 1 to 2 minutes to read the following, if you don't have time to open up the webpages cited or look at the attached 24 page slide pdf.

Recently, a scientist anonymously named MIK Anderson has come forward to share the attached 24 page slide presentation titled 'Intra-body nano-network' and was posted on 12th December 2021 www.orwell.city website.

His slide presentation explains most of the strange shapes of weird particles found by several different teams of researchers, Spain and Brazil and South Africa, as documented on daily blog posts on the orwell.city website going back to June, and also as featured in Stew Peters TV interviews with Dr. Jane Ruby and others.

Separately, a research paper entitled:

CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks

published in 2015 was found to have even given the name CORONA to this bizarre lexicon of nano biochips that are designed to work within the human body (and brain):



·         DOI:10.1145/2800795.2800809

·         Corpus ID: 7372635

CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks

·         A. TsioliaridouC. Liaskos, +1 author A. Pitsillides

·         Published 21 September 2015

·         Computer Science, Engineering

·         Proceedings of the Second Annual International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication

The present paper introduces a joint coordinate and routing system (CORONA) which can be deployed dynamically on a 2D ad-hoc nanonetwork. User-selected nodes are used as anchor-points at the setup phase. All nodes then measure their distances, in number of hops, from these anchors, obtaining a sense of geolocation. At operation phase, the routing employs the appropriate subset of anchors, selected by the sender of a packet. CORONA requires minimal setup overhead and simple integer-based calculations only, imposing limited requirements for trustworthy operation. Once deployed, it operates efficiently, yielding a very low packet retransmission and packet loss rate, promoting energy-efficiency and medium multiplexity


Now there is even more info about how all these graphene oxide (Quantum Dots) nano-particles are building and replacing our own existing biological neural network. 

Please take a look as this is really important new information. I've summarized first part of this human nano-network as it relates to the brain setup:

What is the nano-network? It is a set of objects and elements with the ability to interact with each other through signals in the form of pulses, electromagnetic waves and electric fields.

There are two types of nano-network:

One that is fixed in the brain and a second that is fixed in the rest of the body.

Brain nano-network: form a neuronal interface to interact with cognitive, physical and electrical processes of the brain activity for

1) neuromodulation, 2) neurostimulation, and 3) neurocontrol.

The brain nano-network interface requires the introduction of carbon nanotubes to link neurons using 'graphene quantum dots' and ‎graphene nanosheets.

Carbon nanotubes are coated in hydrogel (which is made up of graphene oxide) act as electrodes, picking up changes in the electrical activity of the brain neurons.

See the attached pdf 24 slide presentation from anonymous scientist regarding 'Intra-body nano-network' has been posted on orwell.city website on 12th December. Or go to: 



Excerpt from orwell.city dec 12 2021 post:

Well, the scientist's pseudonym is Mik Andersen. We're going to see a brief overview of what intra-body networks are. Now we're going to talk about nanotechnology. Specifically, about what the elite is trying to do. It's the future or the purpose of this operation, where Elon Musk is an important piece. Has anyone ever wondered who has given Elon Musk permission so that he could launch thousands of satellites into space? He has a free hand. That's part of the objective. And also, part of the elite's plan. Let's get started.

artificial neuronal network that will replace the natural one.

Be sure to read the followup orwell.city blog post


that explains the replacement bio neuro-network that is being  self-assembled after the various c-vaxx injections.

 From this post (from technological parasitism),

In the most recent program, the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado has commented on a paper that has a direct relation with the construction of the nano-network that makes the inoculates generate MAC addresses.

Ricardo Delgado: "Electromagnetic-based wireless nano-sensor network: architecture and applications." 

Here we're getting very close to everything described by Mik Andersen —which is the pseudonym of a great scientist— on the Corona2Inspect blog when he identified all the patterns in the scientific literature with the patterns found in the Pfizer vaccine —which Dr. Campra already analyzed—, based on the images. (See yesterday's blog post for mik Anderson 24 page pdf presentation: https://www.orwell.city/2021/12/nano-network.html )

If you don't know and if you have been vaccinated, you should know that you have, inside your body, the artillery of nano-sensors, nano-technological nano-routers that, on the one hand, are going to collect all the biomedical electrophysiological markers of the person and, on the other hand, are provoking an artificial neuronal network that will replace the natural one. Hence, strange behaviors occur or, if you're vaccinated, you might feel particularly strange. We're talking, if you like, about technological parasitism. Of course, carried out with graphene oxide. 

I'm going to zoom in on it. Let's look at this paper. This article says, "Recent advances in nano-materials and nano-technology have paved the way for building nanometer-sized integrated devices." 

This is where I tell you that nanotechnology has come a considerably long way, behind the backs of civil society to get to do this to it

"Referred to as nano-nodes." 

Unfortunately, our doctors have absolutely no knowledge of this. And yet, they have been set up as the biggest spokesmen in the vaccinology world. ‎

"These nano-nodes are composed of nano-processor, nano-memory, nano-batteries, nano-transceiver, nano-antennas, and nano-sensors that operate at the nano-scale level. They can perform simple tasks such as sensing, computation, and actuation. The interconnection between microdevices and nano-nodes / nano-sensors has enabled the development of a new network standard called Wireless Nano-Sensor Network (WNSN). This paper provides an in-depth review of the Wireless Nano-Sensor Network (WNSN), its architectures, application areas and challenges, which need to be addressed while identifying opportunities for its implementation in various application domains." 

Corona2Inspect blog when he identified all the patterns in the scientific literature with the patterns found in the Pfizer vaccine —which Dr. Campra already analyzed—, based on the images. 

This is where I tell you that nanotechnology has come a considerably long way, behind the backs of civil society to get to do this to it. 

In other words, we're talking about nanotechnology that recreates the communication technology we already know. But in this case, inside the body. We're talking about nano-communications. And this is the vaccine, ladies and gentlemen. The Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines. All of them are nano-technology for nano-communications. So you emit, the vaccinated ones, a MAC address in Bluetooth wireless technology. But you also receive signals as if you were a router. 

You can check it out at any time. Well, here's the PDF, and you can download it. Of course, the material that shows up here... It's got to show up somewhere. It's the same old material. Here it is. 

"Antennas, particularly graphene-based." Can you read it? Here I'm going to highlight it. Let's see if it'll let me to. "Graphene." Here it is. See? It couldn't be any other way. 

Do you understand why they want to hide the graphene found in vaccines?

Electromagnetic-Based-Wireless-Nano-Sensors-Network-Architectures-and-Applications.pdf (application/pdf)
AVvXsEiQMJ1CfbKwt1GcXV2Dun4hUPkYGVsL7ICUVDQzbwHWSuEzp7YHk7r9l4CqqTowfWL0kbvvGOl2Msa0oH-Nhxcy1aXoL5BY8dOzhKt2K8Kdsf8RrbEXjAATpm_Xgxwq-d-P2daVqQXCu0XoBDYD930j3__0KkD6WQhXDW86LjVST6yuHt3wEZTvBtbs5w=s2048.png (image/png)
Intra-body nano-network - Brief summary by Mik Andersen.pdf (application/pdf)


4.      "Death by Alphabet: Moderna batch codes and associated deaths" by Mark Crispin Miller (19 Dec 2021 23:52 EST)
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Death by Alphabet - Moderna Batch Codes and Associated Deaths

5 min. video

The batches with J, K, L and M are the most toxic and in the category ending in 20A.

The batches with A, B, C, D, E and F belong to the less toxic category which is the category of batches ending in 21A .

The less toxic have all killed people. The weakest dose has still hurt many.

Scroll down for summary of this video and related video links with summaries on How Bad is My Batch of Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen, and Disability by Alphabet - Moderna Alphabetic Batch Codes and Disability

Please check this app before allowing your child to receive Covid 19 vaccine.



I downloaded the data from the VAERS database into excel.

VAERS data is available for free and is publically available.

...I was aware that some people suffer greatly after vaccination, whilst others suffer only mildly. I therefore hypothesised that people might be receiving different dosages. I decided to investigate this.

....As shown in my previous videos, Moderna batches have an alphabet letter in the centre of their batch code - which is either J, K, L, or M, or A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H

In my previous video I showed how number of ADVERSE REACTIONS per batch decreases as the alphabetic designation ascends.

In this video I show how number of DEATHS per batch also decreases as the alphabetic designation ascends.

This video demonstrates that -

1. there are different ranges of toxicity for different batches.

2. These ranges of toxicity are distinct from each other.

3. These ranges of toxicity are each labelled with a different letter of the alphabet

4. Toxicity decreases in a linear fashion as the alphabetic designation ascends

As a result, batches can cause 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, or 7x the number of deaths, depending on their alphabetic designation.

Moderna has labelled their vaccine batches in accordance with their toxicity.

Moderna has tested dosages of varying lethality upon the American people, and monitored the effects, and they have done this in a systematic way - employing alphanumeric coding to label the different experimental conditions .

Literally, death by alphabet

I should add that Pharma has reduced the death count for J and K groups by assigning two batch codes for the same batch i.e.

025J20A and 025J20A-2a , and 011J20A and 022J20A - 2a. By doing this they effectively halve the number of deaths per batch, hiding the gross effects of their most toxic experiments. When these deceptions are corrected, then J and K are elevated.

To all the doctors and nurses out there who are administering vaccines, please take note of these findings when giving a shot. Look at the batch number. If it ends in 20A, please do not inject it. If the fourth character of the batch code is J, K, L, or M then please do not inject it. You should realise that though F is less toxic than E, and E less toxic than D, and D less toxic than C and C less toxic than B, and B less toxic than A, nevertheless they have all killed people. Giving people the weakest dose - F - has still hurt many.

It is my duty to inform you of these findings, so that you can avoid hurting, maiming or killing others. If I did not tell you this, I would be complicit in every subsequent adverse reaction. Now you know. Now you must act accordingly.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : https://t.me/CovidScienceLibrary/379

Based on these findings a body of lawyers are now challenging the EUA on the grounds that the vaccine product shows serious inconsistency in toxicity between alphabetic batches and therefore breaks the original agreement with the FDA that all vaccine batches must be consistent .

How Bad is My Batch

3 min. video


Doctors and nurses can now check the number of deaths and disabilities reported for any vaccine batch before prescribing it. In this way they can provide more informed consent. Doctors and nurses can check before they decide to administer from a particular batch.


Every teacher involved in deployment of the vaccine should be educating the students about vaccine safety - which means telling the students and/or parents the reported fatality numbers. Teachers can do this anonymously by texting parents using a different sim. Just send a short message to parents saying -

Vaccine Safety App - Please check this app before allowing your child to receive Covid 19 vaccine.


So I have created a web app called How Bad is My Batch . This app is now live at http://www.howbad.info . The reason I chose to create an online app is because it cannot be censored by Google Play or Apple Store, so it will always be available. Also an online app is easier to update.

The app will enable the public to look up their batch code and see how many deaths, adverse reactions, disabilities and hospitalisations are associated with that code.

It is for Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen batch codes, and based on US data in VAERS.

...This app will be very popular even with pro vax - they want to know what they have taken, and anti-vax want to know which batches are dangerous, and by how much. Doctors and nurses could also use this app to see how risky a particular batch is BEFORE they prescribe it.

...Donations are welcome to pay for hosting, ongoing research and data analysis. I intend to monitor VAERS and update the adverse reactions for batches on a weekly basis, so that people can receive a warning if toxic batches appear.

Please donate using the link https://paypal.me/paulkentheadon

I am grateful for any support you can offer.

....Archived version:


....It will live forever on the blockchain and cannot be shut down by any entity, including the government. If the original site is removed or inaccessible for whatever reason, the permalink and archived version will still be accessible.

Disability by Alphabet - Moderna Alphabetic Batch Codes and Disability

4 min. video

The number of disabilities following administration of all moderna batches was counted using the VAERS database.

It is found that alphabetic groupings of the batches show significant differences in the number of disabilities caused - with a linear trend of descending number of disabilities as the alphabet ascends.

The number of disabilities in each alphabetic group is close to the number of deaths for each group - shown in a previous video (see part 2 and part 3). So the same batches that cause excessive deaths in some, cause excessive disabilities in others.

Once again alphabetic groups J, K, L, M are associated with greater disabilities than groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H.

It is noteworthy that the J, K , L, M groups have batch codes ending in 20A, whilst the A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H groups have batch codes ending in 21A.

Once again, there appears to be greater variation of outcome with the more toxic batches, this being evident from the greater spread.

All spreadsheet data is available here - https://t.me/CovidScienceLibrary/386


5.      UN taking down websites by Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 11:09 EST)
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6.      More on the concentration camps impending in New York by Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 11:15 EST)
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The New York State Senate and Assembly could vote on a bill in the next session that would give the governor and his or her delegates permissions to remove and detain cases, contacts, carriers or any person who is potentially a "significant threat to public health." | Newsmax

Click here to read more: https://www.newsmax.com/us/newyork-covid19-statesenate/2021/12/19/id/1049294/?ns_mail_uid=48c01093-93e9-4e84-b4dd-fb59cac2369e


7.      Chile already using the "vaccines" to "insert thoughts and feelings" into the injected by Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 11:19 EST)
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From Susan in the UK: 

Hi Mark,

Here it goes, a real scary new world where those who were led to believe getting c-vaxxines would protect them from covid are in fact now having "thoughts and feelings" inserted via the c-vaxxines injections and then have no protection from covid or variants.

No wonder every country is hell bent on forcing everyone to get jabbed so everyone can be easily controlled.

See today's orwell.city update:


The President of Chile has repeatedly mentioned that this (nano) technology (being injected via vaxxines) will make it possible to "insert thoughts and feelings" into people.

The neuro-rights law is already a reality in Chile and, most likely, will soon expand to other countries.

This law is directly related to the nanotechnology injected with each COVID dose and the implementation of 5G on a global scale. 

The President of Chile has repeatedly mentioned that this technology will make it possible to "insert thoughts and feelings" into people.

The main promoter of this law, the Spanish neuroscientist Rafael Yuste, is now shown as a "protector of the brain" in magazines. When, in reality, he's just another false messiah. 

Ricardo Delgado: Rafael Yuste, "The Guardian of the Brain."

Dr. Sevillano: Precisely. They call him "The Guardian of the Brain," when he's the guy who has left the brain of mankind at the service of the biggest criminals that the human being has right now in the shadows. And, on top of that, they call him "The Guardian." So you can see how cynical these people are.

Ricardo Delgado: That's right.

Dr. Sevillano: Precisely, they call "The Guardian of the Brain" the guy who has given them the key to the brain. To the guy who has unveiled it. If he had not opened his mouth, we would be safe right now. But since he has opened it, notice, now "the guardian" is at their service. This is so that no one finds out what they're doing to you, right? This is the "guardian of the brain."

Ricardo Delgado: He says: "In the laboratory, we already manage the minds of mice as if they were puppets. In ten years, it'll be done to yours." He says in ten more years, but they're already doing it.

Dr. Sevillano: He's a liar. Just listen to President Piñera. Mr. Yuste, haven't you talked to Piñera? To your little buddy in Chile? With the one, you have told... Because Piñera doesn't even know what day it is. It's obvious. You only have to listen to him when he talks. But you have already told him what you're going to do with us because you talk and meet with Mr. Piñera, with that guy with whom you've signed the law on neuro-rights. And that gentleman is talking about the fact that they can already put experiences in people's heads. Thoughts. 

8.      Wise words from another undergrounder by Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 14:35 EST)
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9.      If you want to get my Substack pieces.... by Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 15:52 EST)
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If you're a recent subscriber to NFU, and would like to get my Substack pieces (I write several a week), please either subscribe to Substack for the latter, or, if you can't afford it at the moment, please email Dylan Harnett (dylanharnettwork@protonmail.com) and ask him to have you comped.



10.  US pilot deaths spike 1,750% since "vaccine" rollout by Mark Crispin Miller (20 Dec 2021 17:18 EST)
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From Kathy Dopp:

12/13/2021 US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout Previously healthy U.S. airline pilots are passing away at an unprecedented rate. Pilots are required to be in tip-top physical condition, but in 2021, the entire airline industry conspired against the pilot’s individual health and threatened them with termination if they did not partake in the covid-19 vaccine experiment. As a result, over one hundred young pilots have mysteriously passed away in 2021, as countless other pilots suffer silently from adverse events and depleted immune systems. A total of one hundred eleven pilots died in the first eight months of this year! This is a 1,750% increase from 2020, when the world was supposed to be in the middle of a pandemic. A list of the deceased individuals was published in the Air Line Pilot Association magazine. In comparison, there were 6 airline pilot deaths in 2020, and only one death in 2019.--

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“How Bad is My Batch”


with Craig-Paardekooper



People Dropping Like Flies


by Robert Jay Rowen, MD

(with disturbingly graphic video)

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Genocide”







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1)       UK already planning a FOURTH jab in the New Year - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 10:46 EST)

2)       De Blasio's done to New York City what his father and his uncle helped the CIA do to Iran in 1953 - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 10:54 EST)

3)       People dropping dead like flies, for real, on video - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 11:04 EST)

4)       White House to (at least) half the US population: Drop dead - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 12:58 EST)

5)       Baby Baphomet placed near Nativity scene in Illinois state capitol - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 13:10 EST)

6)       Hey, men: If you don't want to get it up, get "vaccinated"! - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 13:15 EST)

7)       The Daily Beast = CIA (MUST-READ/SHARE) - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 14:22 EST)

8)       Meet the old boss, same at the new boss: Trump proudly stands with Dr. Fauci, "Joe Biden," Noam Chomsky and the New York Times, by hailing the "vaccines," and sliming the "unvaccinated" (and Glenn Greenwald APPROVES!) - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 15:00 EST)

9)       A bio-fascist "Christmas number" at the White House - Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 18:48 EST)



1)      UK already planning a FOURTH jab in the New Year by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 10:46 EST)
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CONFIRMED: UK Gov’t Already Planning for FOURTH Covid Jab in New Year



It’s all but confirmed. Governments are now revealing their true objective: endless boosters for an endless pandemic. 

This week the UK government admitted they are already in the planning stage for the next round of experimental Covid booster injections.

Public Health mavens are citing the “Omicron” virus invasion, as well as aggressive vaccine policies in Israel and Germany, now moving ahead with jab number four, as justification for pursuing an endless vaccines policy for Britain. Also, Germany has also shortened the period between a second Covid shot and a booster to just three months – down from six.

Click on the link for the rest.


2)      De Blasio's done to New York City what his father and his uncle helped the CIA do to Iran in 1953 by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 10:54 EST)
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No wonder he's so arrogant. (That, and the corruption of the city's voting system.)

From Colleen McGuire:

Bill DeBlasio has many Deep State connections. Maria DeBlasio Wilhelm [mother of NYC mayor] had numerous connections to intelligence agencies. She worked for the OSS. Her husband, Warren Wilhelm Sr. (aka Kingsley Wilhelm) and his brother George Wilhelm Jr. played a role in the CIA’s 1953 coup in Iran (George was commissioned by  Richard M. Helms in 1961 to ghost write the memoirs of the Shah of Iran.)

Ferdinand Kuhn was likely Maria DeBlasio’s boss when they both worked at the Office of War Information (a section of the OSS) during World War II, starting in 1943. Mr. Kuhn’s 1978 obituary in the Washington Post implies he had any number of connections to Central Intelligence Agency progenitors.


Visualize World Peace and Bodily Autonomy


3)      People dropping dead like flies, for real, on video by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 11:04 EST)
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If you know anyone who actually believed those stupid Chinese images of "people dying of COVID in the streets," rolled out in January 2020, try sending them this piece, and let them watch the video that Dr. Rowen reports. 

#87 The Rowen Report ‌

People Dropping Like Flies
#87 The Rowen Report


Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Dec 23

Dear Subscriber,

I know you have seen deaths in the movies. Of course, these are acted. But, have you ever seen people actually keeling over and dropping dead for real? 

I just saw a jaw dropping video that tore me up. Young people simply collapsing in the midst of talking or competing. You might want to take a look at this video. But I warn you, it is graphic and horrifying:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/sqTd8LtViqI0/. People dropping like flies and smashing their heads on stoves, on the floor, desks, more. We don’t have the video of the airline captain who keeled over while piloting his jet. I presume it exists at Delta, according to information from a personal friend/patient, who is an airline captain.

I encourage constructive comments from those who believe in forcing this genetic “vaccine” after seeing the video. Also heartbreaking are the very vile and evil comments made about the pandemic, blaming a religious minority for the disaster, when we have evidence all around us of what really happened. Such thought processes make me wonder if there is much hope for humanity.  Who will they turn to for blame when those they are blaming now are routed out like in Nazi Germany.

But, let’s move on.

In this link: Germans {are] Baffled by Soccer Players Collapsing & Dropping Dead on the Field:


Here are links to athletes who are suddenly dropping dead or simply collapsing on the field, and below is a chart showing the explosion of cases.





It is inconceivable to me that this is all the result of “heat” collapse as the MSM and authorities would have you believe. There has been fierce sports competition for decades/centuries and we’ve never seen anything like this, or like what you’ll see in the video in the first link. Even a referee, not competing, keeled over.

I do have a medical thought – based on logic. We know that the vaccine induces spike protein, a toxin that impairs circulation and damages endothelial cells. Could it be in susceptible individuals that the “heat” of competition stresses their circulation beyond the limitations induced by the bazillions of spike proteins unleashed by the vaccines? Then, much like a horse pushed beyond its limits that simply drops dead, so are the athletes.

I have fact checked many names on lists of deceased young athletes. And yes, they dropped dead. Of course, most of the reports did not include COVID vaccine status. And since the spike protein can linger around for many months after the vaccine, death might occur way outside the time period a “rational” person would consider as linked to the vaccine.

It is unimaginable to me that we are being coerced to act as bees in a hive and put ourselves and our children at risk for the collective. Most likely, tens of thousands have died of the vaccine if not far more.

I remain against forced/coerced vaccination of any kind. I am wide open and very supportive of anyone’s personal assessment of risk and personal choice to get or not to get the vaccine.

To Your Excellent Health,

Robert Jay Rowen, MD


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4)      White House to (at least) half the US population: Drop dead by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 12:58 EST)
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A Christmas message from "President" "Biden":  


(For those too young to remember, my subject line is an allusion to the front page of the New York Daily News on Oct. 30, 1975:




5)      Baby Baphomet placed near Nativity scene in Illinois state capitol by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 13:10 EST)
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This is not the least bit sinister. 



6)      Hey, men: If you don't want to get it up, get "vaccinated"! by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 13:15 EST)
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From Susan in the UK:

My husband, and other over-50 "vaccinated" men I know, are having major functional performance problems 'down there' which they didn't have before they got vaxxed.

This subject of fertility and ED (erectile dysfunction) is something that most men are too embarassed to bring up and most are hoping that ED‎ will go away on its own after being vaxxed with either Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen (aka Johnson & Johnson) or AstraZeneca covide vaccines.

So what exactly is causing ED and why isn't ED going away?

Two reasons: 

1) the accumulation of toxic 'spike protein' found in reproductive organs of both men and women.

‎2) the discovery of a highly toxic substance in these covid vaxxines, Graphene Oxide (GO), causes major inflammation and damages the testes and other tissues and organs.‎ Several teams of Spanish researchers have found GO in all vaccines since the 2019 flu vaxxine as documented on the www.orwell.city website (see archive).

So it's a double whammy between the spike proteins accumulation plus the highly toxic GO that damages, inflames our reproductive areas, organs along with accumulating in the brain and heart areas as well.

Here's an article about how destructive 'spike protein' is after the C-vaxxine injections cause the body to produce this toxin and scroll down for info /webpage regarding graphene oxide:


...the spike protein produced by the vaccine does not just act locally, at the site of the jab (the shoulder muscle), but gets into the bloodstream and is carried through the circulation to many other sites in the body.

Previously confidential animal studies using radioactive tracing show it(the spike proteins) goes just about everywhere, including the adrenal glands, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, ovaries, pancreas, pituitary gland, prostate, salivary glands, intestines, spinal cord, spleen, stomach, testes, thymus, and uterus.‎

Studies indicate that the protein is able to gain access to cells in the testicles, and may disrupt male reproduction….‎, salivary glands, intestines, spinal cord, spleen, stomach, testes, thymus, and uterus.

Studies indicate that the protein is able to gain access to cells in the testicles, and may disrupt male reproduction….

Here's why graphene oxide is also adversely affecting the testes, prostate and overall reproductive health: 


Ricardo Delgado: Yesterday we talked about the toxicity of graphene and that it causes thrombi, clots, post-inflammatory syndrome, alteration of the immune system, alteration of oxidative stress, an increase of associative and cytokine storms, probably bilateral pneumonia as a consequence of uniform dissemination through the alveolar tract, inflammation of mucous membranes, and we also talked about the toxicity it (graphene oxide) causes in sperm. In other words, graphene causes toxicity in human sperm and, therefore, infertility. Here is another piece of news. Toxicity of graphene in human sperm.‎

Source: La Ciencia de la Mula Francis (study)

Well, this study has been done entirely with mice by administering certain doses of graphene. It causes oxidative stress damage to DNA and cell membrane. It (graphene oxide) accumulates in the testes causing inflammation, nodules, and lesions. The inflammation issue is very important because if graphene causes inflammation, then we're basically talking about this fashionable disease

Graphene Oxide toxicity causes Erectile Dysfunction and Sperm Toxicity

JULY 15, 2021


Ricardo Delgado: Let's talk a little bit about zinc, which we started talking about yesterday. And we've discovered something important. Well, it's something more related to zinc than anything else. It's about a link between zinc and erectile dysfunction. It's is happening more than people think. It's a controversial and rather embarrassing topic for many men, but many are confessing that after taking the vaccine, they've become impotent, José Luis. They have erectile dysfunction. They have difficulty in maintaining an erection.

And what we see in this study is that zinc is related to that. That's when there is a deficiency of zinc it causes erectile dysfunction. There are several studies on this and we are going to look at them now. This is one of them. Zinc deficiency. 

Zinc is a trace metallic element that's found naturally in the soil, in certain vegetables, and in meat. However, when zinc levels fall below a recommended threshold, problems begin. Like lack of appetite. Well, one of the problems it causes is erectile dysfunction. I'm going to share this on La Quinta Columna's Telegram channel because now I want you to now see something else. 

Remember yesterday we discovered that zinc maintains optimal levels of glutathione. And what we're going to see today I'm going to show you now. I've been a little bit slow to show articles today. I'm going to close this article and we're going to look at the next one, and splicing the two articles together, you're going to get a sense of the relationship that I want you to see.

Does COVID have an impact on erectile dysfunction? It's true that COVID has also had an impact on erectile dysfunction because indeed it has and there are several reasons for the worsening of this pathology that affects to a greater or lesser degree 50% of men over 50 years of age. What we saw yesterday, José Luis, correct me if I am wrong, is that when glutathione levels are low and when there is no degradation of graphene oxide, the level of zinc in people who are vaccinated or who have COVID falls.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It falls. Exactly.

Ricardo Delgado: So, if there is zinc deficiency, as we have seen in the previous article, erectile dysfunction can be caused. So this would explain that COVID which you know why it can be provoked —graphene intoxication— and then erectile dysfunction is generated. This is one of the articles.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It could be related to the fall of zinc levels. Yes, it's a possibility. But this is multifactorial. People are touched by this. It knocks you out. And for that to work well you have to be in good health. If you're unhealthy, it doesn't work. Also, it's a vascular issue. All that stuff down there is a vascular and neurological issue. If something malfunctions in your head or in the vessels, it can give you definite problems. It can even affect your...

Ricardo Delgado: It's multifactorial, there are several causes...

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It can have several origins and taking into account that the person who suffers from persistent COVID, is a person with very bad health. That is to say, an individual who doesn't rest, for example, then his reproductive function is compromised.

There is something called Maslow's pyramid, which is a kind of scheme that illustrates which functions are indispensable and which aren't. And one of the essential ones is precisely the reproductive one, but first, you have to eat, you have to sleep. That is to say, those are the series of functions that are basic and that are the ones in which the organism devotes itself entirely when it comes to living. These are the indispensable ones. The others, if you are in good health, work. Otherwise, they don't, because the others are devoted to all the machinery that is preserved. 

If a person has very bad health, it will affect him down there directly. It will be enough if he recovers his health for it to start up again. It may be because there is a lack of zinc, a lack of strength, energy, or vitality. It may be because neurologically your head is no longer functioning well and there is no longer even any desire or stimulation. In other words, lack of sexual appetite, etc. This can have many origins and certainly, not all cases have the same origin. Anyway, we've already seen that all the reducing agents work well when the disease is installed. All of them. In other words, we've already seen several: melatonin, zinc, vitamin D, glutathione...

Ricardo Delgado: It was because zinc maintained optimal glutathione levels, wasn't it?

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: We think so because it's a component that metalloproteins work with. Those are proteins that need some metallic element to function, and one of those enzymes that result in the manufacture of glutathione depends on zinc. It's almost certainly along those lines. If zinc is missing, the enzymes that synthesize glutathione are screwed, because they cannot function properly and a glutathione deficiency occurs. If there is a lack of zinc, there will be a lack of glutathione.

If it's not by that route of action, there is another one. It may be that, perhaps, zinc has a direct effect on graphene. We don't know if it has a direct effect, not mediated by metalloproteins, but direct.

Ricardo Delgado: Or both routes.

. Reduction and injury in sperm motility nodules



7)      The Daily Beast = CIA (MUST-READ/SHARE) by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 14:22 EST)
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the defender

Part 2: The Belly of The Daily Beast and Its Perceptible Ties to the CIA

Part 2 of a two-part series takes a deep dive into the history of the CIA’s central role in orchestrating news and editorial coverage in America’s most influential liberal national media outlets — and its continued hold today.


Dick Russell

Editor’s note: This is part 2 (read part 1) of a two-part series into the history of the CIA’s central role in orchestrating news and editorial coverage in America’s most influential liberal national media outlets — and its continued hold today.

On Oct. 14, 2016, The Daily Beast published a surprisingly candid retrospective on the CIA’s historic recruitment of media assets.

“Other journalists were threatened and blackmailed into cooperating with Mockingbird,” the article noted, “and many were given falsified or fabricated information about their actions in order to engender their support for the CIA’s mission. The program has never been officially discontinued.”

At the time, the editor-in-chief and managing director of The Daily Beast was John Phillips Avlon. Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown had launched the popular online news site in 2008. By the time she exited five years later, a soured merger with Newsweek had left The Daily Beast whimpering rather than roaring. Avlon’s arrival changed all that.

Avlon has all the credentials of the CIA’s iconic gentleman spy, including an old moneyed family with military pedigrees, a Yale education, and a missionary globalist zeal toward foreign policy and international affairs.

John Avlon, Sr. was chairman of a New York real estate company and a trustee of the George S. Patton Museum Foundation. Born in 1973, young John attended Milton Academy prep school in Massachusetts before earning his B.A. from Yale and an MBA from Columbia.

Curiously, both Avlon’s Wikipedia page and that of his best friend, the aristocratic spook Matthew Pottinger, note that the two are childhood best friends and Milton schoolmates, as if this lifelong partnership is an essential fact in evaluating both men’s lives.

Writing for the New York Sun in 2005, Avlon describes Pottinger — one of America’s top spies — as “like a brother to me.” Pottinger made his bones as a journalist — and, probably, as an espionage operative and propagandist — while working as a lead reporter for Reuters and the Wall Street Journal in China before serving as a U.S. Marines intelligence officer in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2010, Pottinger co-authored an intelligence analysis with Michael Flynn — “Fixing Intel: a Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan” — published through the Center for a New American Security, a front group for Pentagon and intelligence agencies and military contractors that critics have branded “the military-industrial think tank complex.”

Rising through the ranks, Pottinger by 2017 became a member of the National Security Council under Donald Trump. Flynn, by then Trump’s National Security Advisor, appointed Pottinger as NSC’s Asia director.

Advocating a tough stance on China, Pottinger became Deputy National Security Advisor under globalist John Bolton on Sept. 20, 2019 — eight days after, according to current National Security Agency estimates, the Wuhan virus began circulating in China.

Pottinger’s wife, Dr. Yen Pottinger, is a virologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and was one of the first public advocates for social distancing.

After Trump left office, Pottinger joined yet another intelligence agency-linked think tank, the Hoover Institute, as a Distinguished Fellow. Coincidentally, Avlon is married to Margaret Hoover, who sits on the board of overseers of the Hoover Institute at Stanford. Margaret Hoover is a right-wing globalist advocate with a litany of foreign policy and intelligence agency credentials, including as former adviser to the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Avlon began his own rise to prominence with hawkish foreign policy, security state sympathies, and some obscure counterterrorism credentials of mysterious pedigree. His claims as a security and intelligence expert won him a job as speechwriter for New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

After the 9/11 attacks, Avlon prepared the mayor’s testimony to Congress on Homeland Security and Giuliani’s address on counter-terrorism to the UN General Assembly. Avlon served as Giuliani’s chief speechwriter and deputy director of policy during his 2007-08 presidential campaign. Mayor Giuliani was by then CEO of a private security and intelligence consulting firm. Giuliani credited the Manhattan Institute with masterminding a substantial part of his platform.

When Avlon joined The Daily Beast a month after its inception in 2008, he was simultaneously a senior fellow at the right-wing intelligence agency-linked think tank Manhattan Institute which advocates for interventionist foreign policies to achieve U.S. global hegemony. By the way, Ronald Reagan’s CIA director, William Casey, founded the Manhattan Institute in 1977 — three years before he began orchestrating the CIA’s “War on the Poor” in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

The Manhattan Institute received funding primarily from conservative foundations and major corporations — including Pfizer, Philip Morris and the Koch brothers — to advocate for deregulation of multinational corporations, and expanded power for intelligence agencies and the national security state.

After the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, the Institute formed a Center for Tactical Counterterrorism at the request of the NYPD. Later renamed the Center for Policing Terrorism, its goal was to train law enforcement and intelligence officers to become “first preventers” of future mass-casualty attacks by blending intelligence gathering/analysis with traditional policing methods.

The center has an overseas liaison program that places NYPD intelligence officers in foreign countries to gather intelligence and share information with officials in the host country. The Center published white papers on intelligence fusion centers, local counterterrorism strategies, and intelligence-led policing. (In 2008, it was absorbed into a National Consortium for Advanced Policing.)

Dick Cheney chose the Manhattan Institute as his venue to deliver a major foreign policy speechjustifying the Iraq War in 2006. That same year, President Bush also selected the institute for a speech advocating dramatic expansion of executive powers, and praised the organization for supporting “pro-growth economic policies that really sent a clear signal.”

The Manhattan Institute’s City Journal listed Judith Miller as a contributing editor. You might recall Miller as the hawkish New York Times journalist known for her deep CIA connections and for peddling false information about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction in support of the CIA’s expansionist warmongering. (Miller went to jail for her role in illegally outing undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame in revenge for Plame’s husband’s opposition to the Iraq war.)

The Manhattan Institute maintained a “health policy” team focused on dismantling the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — a bugaboo, back then, to Big Pharma. (Today, Big Pharma considers the thoroughly captured FDA an indispensable subsidiary.) Manhattan Institute’s “Project FDA,” was assigned to transform the agency into a bridge for innovative medicines “on the cusp of a radical transformation,” aimed at getting “new scientific advances” to patients more quickly. Manhattan Institute’s aggressive advocacy of the biosecurity agenda coincided with Bill Gates announcing the “Decade of Vaccines,” and the founding of Moderna and its novel mRNA approach to medicine.

This was the right-wing, corporatist, imperialist, war-mongering, pharma-friendly think tank that served as Avlon’s base as he worked himself up to political editor, executive editor and then managing editor of the supposedly liberal The Daily Beast, and then built the online paper into a powerful ideological agent of 21st-century recasting of liberalism.

In 2013, President Barack Obama quietly signed a bill that neutralized the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act, thereby lifting the bans that formerly prohibited the CIA from propagandizing Americans. That repeal, according to journalist Leah Anaya, legalized “government-regulated news” in our country, and unleashed the CIA to use “legalized psychological war ops being run on the American people.”

The change in the law, Anaya says, “allowed the government to gain assistance [for] not-so-popular policies, ushering in a whole new world of government freedom to serve up propaganda to Americans on a silver platter.” For the first time in the CIA’s history, Operation Mockingbird was suddenly legal.

After President Trump’s election, The Daily Beast amped up the CIA’s anti-Russia agenda — and the need for censorship — as the key tenets of the emerging liberal ideology with a series of articles exposing how the Russians had used Facebook to promote Trump rallies in 17 American cities.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. met with Avlon in 2018 after The Daily Beast made a series of attacks on him over his skeptical stance on certain vaccines. Kennedy argued that The Daily Beast articles were error-ridden and unfair. Avlon refused to allow Kennedy the traditional “right to reply” that formerly applied across the publishing spectrum when a newspaper attacks a well-known individual by name.

Kennedy described Avlon as congenial but immovable. Kennedy recalls:

“He had a photo of my father in his office and was very friendly, but refused to allow me to publish a letter or any other response to the various slanders, or to correct multiple factual errors. Avlon’s stubborn refusal to grant this standard gesture of basic journalistic decency suggested to me a hidden agenda. I assumed Daily Beast was probably receiving some stream of advertising revenue from Pharma. It never occurred to me, back then, that this might be an intelligence agency agenda.”

In May 2018, Avlon announced he was leaving The Daily Beast to become a senior political analyst and anchor at CNN. There he would join another famous media Yalie, Anderson Cooper, who offers a slightly more plausible explanation than Markos Moulitsas (see part 1) for his early-career decision to leave the CIA: “It was less James Bond than I hoped it would be.”

The danger room

In January 2014, shortly after Avlon took The Daily Beast’s helm, he recruited Noah Shachtman as his executive editor. Upon Avlon’s departure, Shachtman succeeded him as The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief.

Shachtman graduated from Georgetown University before matriculating to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After working as a staffer for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, Shachtman turned to freelance journalism.

Of his beginnings, Shachtman recalls:

“I’d been a tech reporter for a while. After Sept. 11, 2001, I got more interested in the defense beat and was writing more stories on that topic. And I just noticed there was a real dearth of information out there for regular people that weren’t in the military-industrial complex.”

In January 2003, Shachtman founded a blogging website called DefenseTech.org, which quickly emerged as one of the web’s chief resources on military hardware. In November 2004, Shachtman sold his blog operation for an undisclosed sum to Military Advantage Inc., operator of the Military.com website specializing in military career services.

Wired: a CIA redoubt

Shachtman had already been writing for Wired when he was hired onto the magazine in 2006. Wired magazine, founded in 1993, quickly emerged as the face of the CIA-sponsored dot-com boom: “The magazine’s embrace of a privatized digital universe made it a natural ally of the powerful business interests pushing to deregulate and privatize American telecommunications infrastructure,” writes Yasha Levine in his 2018 book “Surveillance Valley: The Secret History of the Internet.”

The magazine’s initial funding came from MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte, whose brother John Negroponte was the first director of National Intelligence, notorious for his sponsorship of Central American death squads.

Wired’s central function was to “scrub every last particle of progressive thinking from reporting on the then-developing online world and to promote a pro-military/pro-corporate/pro-intelligence agency view within the digital media and technology community,” according to an interview Kennedy had with tech entrepreneur Ken McCarthy, who lived and worked in San Francisco in the 1990s and organized the first conference on monetizing the web.

Wired quickly earned notoriety as a clearinghouse for intelligence agency chatter. Prior to Wired, Mondo 2000, the Bay Area’s original tech and culture magazine, reflected the progressive, idealistic viewpoints of many of the pioneer tech innovators.

In contrast, Wired, which appropriated Mondo 2000’s look and feel and no small number of its employees, glorified military and intelligence agency celebrities and corporate CEOs. Wired gained snowballing prominence in the early 2000s at the same time that the CIA launched its investment firm, In-Q-Tel, to infiltrate the tech industry and put Silicon Valley on steroids with easy terms and government contracts. Timothy Leary described Wired as “the CIA’s answer to Mondo 2000.”

Wired is also the fountainhead of a movement called “Transhumanism,” which advocates for the integration of human beings and machines. The movement’s most vocal supporters include key Silicon Valley billionaires and engineers and the CIA. The aspiration of transhumanism is idealistically described as “liberating humanity from biological restraints” — using AI, novel therapies like stem cells and nanobots, vaccination and subdermal chips.

Jacques Ellul, an early pioneer, described transhumanism’s elegant capacity for top-down control of humanity in his book, “The Technological Society”:

“For the psychocivilized society, the complete joining of man and machine will be calculated according to a strict system, the so-called ‘biocracy.’ It will be impossible to escape this system of adaption because it will be articulated with so much scientific understanding of the human being. The individual will have no more need of conscience and virtues. His moral and mental furnishing will be a matter of the biocrats’ decisions.”

As Kennedy shows in his book — “The Real Anthony Fauci” — Wired also became an advocate for vaccination and a leading promoter of autism denial and “neurodiversity


Danger room

Shachtman’s escalating fascination with international espionage and spy weaponry, the military-industrial complex, surveillance, coerced vaccination, U.S. imperialism, and the rising national security state seems anathema to the core values of traditional liberalism and democracy.

But wait; it gets worse: In February 2007, Shachtman announced in the Huffington Post:

“I’m starting a new blog for Wired. It’s called Danger Room. And it’ll cover ‘what’s next in national security.’ But we won’t just be talking about gear — although you’ll get more than your fair share of killer drones, electronic weapons, and nuclear threats, don’t worry. We’ll look at new strategies, new thinking, and new tactics in national security, as well. And we’ll follow the personalities and politics surrounding these developments. Because within a military-industrial complex that chews up a trillion dollars a year, there are plenty of power struggles, both behind the scenes, and in front of the cameras. To start things off, we’ll talk to one of the most influential figures in military research today: Tony Tether, head of DARPA, the Pentagon’s way-out science and technology arm. Ordinarily, he’s reluctant to speak with the press.”

Six years later, DARPA awarded up to $25 million towards the development of Moderna’s mRNA vaccines. In January of 2018, DARPA launched an emerging-pathogenic-threat program that considered funding a substantial gain-of-function research study at the Wuhan lab in China.

Shachtman cast himself as an inveterate defense and intelligence industry insider.

In 2008, Shachtman described his Danger Room Debriefs as being “where we ask smart folks in the military, intelligence, and homeland defense fields to outline some under-the-radar security issues — and point the way towards potential, often-unorthodox solutions.”

Early in 2010, Shachtman self-promoted his achievements thusly:

“When the Department of Homeland Security’s National Operations Center wants to ‘improve its situational awareness and common operating picture,’ the action officers there ‘monitor’ Wired.com’s Danger Room and Threat Level. That’s according to a couple of DHS Privacy Impact Assessments’ spotted by USA Today and Newsweek’s Declassified blog.”

Shachtman’s pieces increasingly examined the intersection between big tech and the military-industrial complex and transhumanism. He probed DARPA’s Next Grand Challenge: Build Us Lifelike, Humanoid Robots” (April 5, 2012).

He examined how “the Defense Department’s best-known geek” (DARPA director Regina Dugan) was stepping down to take a job at Google (March 12 and March 14, 2012). There Shachtman revealed how “the investment arms of Google and the CIA both put cash into Recorded Future, a company that monitors social media in real-time — and tries to use that information to predict upcoming events.”

By June of 2012, thewas celebrating Wired’s success in militarizing Silicon Valley’s dominant ideologies. Wired “has found a different audience of readers who are not coming from the programming circles of Silicon Valley,” the paper noted.

The Times wrote: New York Times

“They are technology enthusiasts spread across military bases and mazelike corridors of the Pentagon. In the five years since Wired.com started its Danger Room blog, it has attracted a steady following in the national security community. The blog has 35,094 Twitter followers, makes up 10 percent of the traffic on Wired.com, and has broken stories as geeky and alarming as the one on a virus spreading through drone cockpits and ‘burn pit’ trash disposal exposure in Afghanistan. Danger Room appears to be reaching readers the military sometimes has trouble connecting within its own ranks.”

“‘They clearly have an audience in the Pentagon,’ said Geoff Morrell, who worked closely with a former Defense secretary, Robert Gates. He said the blog’s stature helped persuade the Pentagon to cooperate with Wired on a 2009 cover article about Mr. Gates.” (Gates had served as CIA Director between 1991 and 1993 during the first Bush administration.)

The article described Shachtman as a sensitive military groupie, “the blog’s editor and a self-described ‘technology geek,’” being “pleasantly surprised when general so-and-so shakes my hand and says he’s reading the blog.”

Shachtman has enjoyed the broad international peregrinations that Langley favors in its agents and assets.

According to an online biography:

“During his tenure at Wired, he patrolled with Marines in the heart of Afghanistan’s opium country, embedded with a Baghdad bomb squad, pored over the biggest investigation in FBI history, exposed technical glitches in the U.S. drone program, snuck into the Los Alamos nuclear lab, profiled Silicon Valley gurus and Russian cybersecurity savants, and underwent experiments by Pentagon-funded scientists at Stanford.”

While still writing his blog for Wired, Shachtman became a nonresident fellow in the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institute.

The same biographical profile continued:

Shachtman has spoken before audiences at West Point, the Army Command and General Staff College, the Aspen Security Forum, the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, Harvard Law School, and National Defense University. The offices of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, and the Director of National Intelligence have all asked him to contribute to discussions on cyber security and emerging threats. The Associated Press, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS, ABC News, and NPR have looked to him to provide insight on military developments.”

A March 2011 Harvard Law School conference featured Shachtman moderating a panel on “Defense and Deterrence in Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare.” At the beginning of March 2013, he moderated a panel at Yale Law School’s Tracking and Biometrics Conference on Nontrespassory tracking: Biometrics, license plate readers, and drones.

Foreign policy magazine

In June 2013, Shachtman announced he was moving on. “GOODBYE, WIRED. GOODBYE, Danger Room. These have been the best years of my work life; for the longest time, I couldn’t even imagine doing anything else. But the moment has finally come for something new. I’m starting today as an executive editor at Foreign Policy magazine.”

During his short-lived stint at Foreign Policy magazine, Shachtman authored pieces about the Obama administration’s infighting on cyber leaks, and the fury of tech industry executives over revelations that the National Security Agency had infiltrated Google and Yahoo, “making off with private communications of millions of their customers.” Shachtman exploited his deepest connections and published in October 2013 the revelation that intelligence veterans said President Obama had to be aware that “foreign leaders were being monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies, and principally the NSA.”

The Daily Beast

Somehow, the powers that run The Daily Beast decided to recruit, as its editor-in-chief, this oddball with his admiration for covert activities, electronic surveillance, killer drones, high-tech weaponry, celebrity generals and cloak-and-dagger cyber ops. Before long, the news site was receiving acclaim for breaking key stories that supported the CIA’s pet narratives, including Russia’s involvement with planting “fake news” during the 2016 election process.

“There are tons of examples of Russian propaganda,” Shachtman said in 2017. “And a lot of that was unearthed by The Daily Beast. The Senate Intelligence Committee mentioned five things that we had broken.”

“We used our tech teams and resources and our well-sourced people like Spencer [Reiss] to nail down” a Ukrainian fellow living on Staten Island who ultimately led to The Daily Beast’s tracing “the weird propaganda effort out of Saint Petersburg and purporting to be Americans interacting on Facebook.”

These anti-Russian slanders — true or not — are among the CIA’s central obsessions.

(I do not argue that Putin didn’t meddle in the 2016 election, only that U.S media has made no effort to question the CIA’s own role in generating and amplifying related propaganda.)

Shachtman boasted of The Daily Beast’s work with Spencer Reiss, a former Wired editor and Newsweek foreign correspondent who sponsors annual conferences in which Big Tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Satya Nadella, Jack Ma, Tim Cook and Eric Yuan rub shoulders with military contractors and pharmaceutical titans.

Like its bookend, Daily Kos, The Daily Beast not only promotes stories that glorify Big Tech but polarize and inflame political divisions including those between Democrats and Republicans, and Blacks and Whites, and that push COVID-19 fear narratives.

By the late summer of 2021, the site was no longer making any pretense about where it stood. In an opinion piece headlined “Lefties Planted the Anti-Science Seed Fueling Vaccine Skepticism,” (Aug. 23, 2021) The Daily Beast assailed “biotechnophobia about GMO foods as having inspired the health disinformation campaign around COVID-19.

Then, in the fall, The Daily Beast initiated a hard sell for an authoritarian-style future: “One Thing Will Save Us From These Suicidal Lunatics — Mandates” in order to “save lives and protect our unvaccinated kids” (Sept. 26, 2021).

This was followed by “It’s Time to Get Personal, and Nasty, With Vaccine Resisters” (Oct. 17, 2021) and a hit piece against the Organic Consumers Association “The Green New Deal Activists Spreading Deadly Vaccine Lies” (Oct. 24, 2021), and then a call to require childhood vaccinations“Fear, Myths, and Complacency Stand Between Kids and the End of the Pandemic” (Nov. 2, 2021).

By this time, Noel Shachtman had found a greener pasture. But clearly, his legacy remained very much alive. And Rolling Stone was about to dance to the same tune.

Co-opting the counterculture: could the CIA now run Rolling Stone?

On July 15, Rolling Stone announced Shachtman “will lead content, editorial strategy and manage [its] illustrious staff.” Among its initial bows to Shachtman’s ascendancy, Rolling Stone removed from its website, after 16 years, a 2005 article called Deadly Immunity” written by Kennedy.

Why go back that far to change the past? Kennedy’s piece was about thimerosal in vaccines. He had constructed the article around the previously secret transcript of a clandestine 2000 meeting between 52 pharmaceutical chieftains, academic researchers and public health bureaucrats in a remote Georgia retreat center known as Simpsonwood. The Simpsonwood transcripts show the participants plotting strategies for hiding a 1,135% elevated risk of autism among vaccinated children — compared to unvaccinated — disclosed by an alarming internal CDC study of the government’s largest vaccine database.

Rolling Stone and Salon had both extensively fact-checked Kennedy’s controversial piece prior to publishing it. Under pressure by pharmaceutical companies, Salon removed Kennedy’s article in 2011 citing undisclosed “factual misinformation.” Rolling Stone steadfastly defended the article as factually accurate for an additional decade until shortly before Shachtman’s arrival. In an article headlined “How the Anti-Vaxxers Got Red-Pilled,” writer Tim Dickinson announced: “The story no longer appears on Rolling Stone’s website.”

In that same article, Dickinson states:

“Exploring conspiracy theories and mass delusion can inadvertently popularize misinformation. So inoculate yourself with facts: The novel vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna are revolutionary and take advantage of our own cellular machinery to safeguard recipients against future coronavirus infection.”

While excoriating Kennedy for painting Bill Gates “as a reckless and unaccountable billionaire pulling the strings of global institutions,” Dickinson goes on to warn that: “The mass delusion of conspiracy-theory belief also constitutes a public-health crisis.”

Killing ivermectin with lies

In addition to removing Kennedy’s piece, Rolling Stone quickly made itself the ideological gatekeeper for the medical cartel’s official dogmas on COVID. In its Sept. 3 edition, it published a story headlined: “Gunshot Victims Left Waiting as Horse Dewormer Overdoses Overwhelm Oklahoma Hospitals.”

The alleged “horse dewormer” was ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning broad-spectrum antiparasitic medication determined by hundreds of front-line physicians and 87 peer-reviewed) studies, to have clear life-saving efficacy against COVID-19.

Ivermectin has posed an existential threat to the COVID vaccine enterprise since federal law prohibits the granting of Emergency Use Authorization to any vaccines if an FDA-licensed remedy like Ivermectin already exists to treat the target disease.

The “vaccine-only” proponents in government, pharmaceutical and media circles mobilized in a lockstep campaign to discredit the treatment. Continuing Pharma’s disinformation thrust, Rolling Stone published a photo the magazine claimed to depict a long line of gunshot victims waiting outside an Oklahoma hospital where, according to Rolling Stone, patients poisoned by ivermectin occupied every available bed. The photo was a fake. Bloggers exposed it as a seven-month-old picture of people waiting for COVID shots. The hospital itself debunked and denounced the article, saying it had treated no ivermectin overdoses. Rolling Stone refused to retract the article or apologize.

An opinion piece in the Washington Examiner called Rolling Stone’s report a “hoax,” adding, “But the public didn’t know this until after the article went viral, amplified and spread all over the country by an all-too-eager news media, including MSNBC, Yahoo!, the New York Daily News, Newsweek and Business Insider. Like Rolling Stone, none of these outlets thought to pick up a phone and double-check [the] story. The failure here is collective.”

Rolling Stone also unleashed attacks on the guitar icon Eric Clapton after the singer confided that his hands had become paralyzed following vaccination. The headline gives insight into Rolling Stone’s degree of objectivity: “Eric Clapton’s Anti-Vaccine Diatribe Blames ‘Propaganda’ for ‘Disastrous’ Experience.”

Once Shachtman took the reins, the magazine followed up with, “Eric Clapton Isn’t Just Spouting Vaccine Nonsense — He’s Bankrolling It,” which inspired coverage across Big Pharma’s media echo chamber.

NBC News cruelly trumpeted: “Eric Clapton’s Covid vaccine conspiracies mark a sad final act.” The Los Angeles Times, owned by pharmaceutical titan Patrick Soon Shiong, parrotted: “Eric Clapton likes these anti-vaxxers so much that he’s bankrolling their band.”

Was it even remotely possible that Eric Clapton suffered an adverse reaction to the vaccines, and wanted little more than to share his experience? Apparently not possible, according to these media companies.

In an obsequious Oct. 17 puff piece, the Washington Post, now owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, hailed Shachtman’s arrival as a “milestone” for Rolling Stone, adding that “If reinventing an iconic magazine means taking aim at music’s sacred cows and finding ways to shout from the rooftops, both Noah Shachtman and [CEO] Gus Wenner seem ready to do just that.”

Rolling Stone rushed in full throttle to tout the official line on the pandemic. A Sept. 25 article declared “the NBA’s Anti-Vaxxers Are Trying to Push Around the League — and It’s Working.”

An Oct. 20 headline asked, disapprovingly, “Will a City Mandate Cause Thousands of Unvaccinated L.A. Cops to Walk off the Job?”

On Nov. 16, Rolling Stone explained: “How Conspiracy Theorists and Eric Trump Turned Nashville’s Most Famous Hotel into Anti-Vax HQ.”

Probing investigative journalism at Rolling Stone has now devolved into stories like “The Best Face Masks for the Delta Variant.”

Shachtman’s editor adds this shameless caveat:

“Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.”

A Nov. 27, Tim Dickinson article announced: “The Omicron variant discovered in South Africa may be a super-spreadable mutant. Here’s what you need to know.”

“What happened to the Rolling Stone we all fell in love with?” asks Ska superstar Dicky Barrett, lead singer for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

“Rolling Stone was once the most popular forum for agitation, skepticism and dissent. It was the voice of the counterculture engaged in political rebellion against entrenched and vested interests, and particularly against, the military and the CIA’s anti-democratic corruption. What happened to the ‘Rage Against the Machine?’ Today, it seems, Rolling Stone is ‘the Machine.’”

By controlling the traditionally liberal media outlets, the CIA and the pharmaceutical cartel have led the Democratic party to abandon its core constituencies. Polling shows that rank and file union members and Black Americans overwhelmingly oppose COVID-19 mandates, and many are rushing to join the resistance.

On July 8, writing in the African-American news blog Black Agenda Report, Public Radio Editor Riva Enteen asks why the “U.S. ‘Left’ Has Repositioned Itself on the ‘Right’ — Aligned with Capital, War and Repression”:

“Why is it that most of those who were concerned with the far-reaching civil liberties implications of the Patriot Act after 9-11 now trust the FBI and are thrilled that Silicon Valley is censoring all but established ‘truth?’ Why is it that the ‘educated’ class in this country is particularly all in for censorship? What about the enlightenment principles of skepticism, critical thought, inquiry, and free speech—all the qualities ‘liberals’ used to stand for? Thinking for yourself is now a dangerous form of radicalism.

“[T]he most dangerous component of ‘MSM’ fake news is arguably propaganda by omission. The public cannot make informed decisions, and take appropriate action, when the crimes of ruling elites are kept hidden by a complicit media.”

Enteen observes that the mainstream media has devolved into the modern iteration of Mockingbird, promoting the CIA’s biosecurity agenda—which conflates terrorism with vaccine hesitancy, and leverages the orchestrated fear of germs to expand state authority.

Glenn Greenwald concurs, pointing out that, under the CIA’s new post-COVID era rubric, “Domestic Violent Extremists” [DVEs] are “those who oppose capitalism and all forms of globalization… derived from anti-government or anti-authority sentiment,” and “opposition to perceived economic, racial or social hierarchies”… DVEs are “subject to a vast array of domestic surveillance and monitoring by the CIA and other intelligence agencies—in the name of fighting ‘domestic terrorism.’”

The current domestic War on Terror has already provoked billions more in military spending. “And Silicon Valley apparently is tasked with deciding who the domestic terrorists are,” adds Enteen.

The CIA’s consolidation of power over mainstream media and social media may be on the verge of accomplishing the agency’s ultimate ambition: after 70 years engineering coups d’états against the world’s democracies, the CIA, this year, may have finally achieved the ultimate triumph — the controlled demolition of American democracy and the obliteration of our Constitution.



8)      Meet the old boss, same at the new boss: Trump proudly stands with Dr. Fauci, "Joe Biden," Noam Chomsky and the New York Times, by hailing the "vaccines," and sliming the "unvaccinated" (and Glenn Greenwald APPROVES!) by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 15:00 EST)
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In Breathtaking Clip, Trump Says He "Came Up With" All Three Vaccines In Record Time, Citing Utterly False Claim That Deaths Are Higher Among Unvaccinated
And Glenn Greenwald Calls It A "Stirring Defense Of Covid Vaccines."

Celia Farber

Dec 23

This is so mangled and upside down, I have no words.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

Donald Trump offers an emphatic and stirring defense of COVID vaccines, as Candace Owens pushes him on the question of mandates. Trump not only encourages everyone to take the vaccine but warns that those who are getting sick and dying are largely the unvaccinated.

Popper @Kukicat7

Donald Trump: 'The Vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind' 'All three vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) are very good' 'The vaccines work - If you take the vaccine you are protected' 'People aren't dying when they take the vaccine' https://t.co/fU8q1sdMda

December 23rd 2021

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9)      A bio-fascist "Christmas number" at the White House by Mark Crispin Miller (23 Dec 2021 18:48 EST)
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Whose bright idea was this? (And how did they get Hillary to sing that solo verse?)


This unsettling spectacle of madly dancing "nurses" harks back to the staggeringly creepy closing ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012—an occult preview of the COVID nightmare, with hints of mass hypnosis (if not demonic possession) and child sacrifice: 



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