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Blade Runner”





by Ridley Scott


In the world of the future people have of what aspired for centuries: they learned to create artificial life. Now for severe or shameful work of alien replicants colonies there - amazing cyborgs, sometimes with greater force or intelligent than humans. Realizing that such opportunities replicants put humanity in danger, their creators have come up with a way to keep control of the replicants: they live only four years, after which the genetic code causes death.

Some of the replicants do not wish such a life and run away, hoping to find a way to extend their years and say goodbye to the life of slaves, and there is always the danger that they hide among the earthlings. Rick Deckard - "Blade Runner", that is, the person who brings replicants among people. One day he receives a particularly important task: he must find the four dangerous replicants who have escaped from prison and headed to Earth





Subject: The Old 'New World Order' and the End of Militarism.




July 5, 2022



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Revolutionary humor during these dark, dark days serves as an essential prophylactic to protect us from despair. The dominant ideology of the multibillionaires, and their millionaire army of supporters, is enough to sink a ship.


Remembering the Marxist axiom can be useful at such moments: “The ruling ideas at any given time in society are no more than the ideas of the ruling class.”


Humor can serve as an irreverent expression of hope and resistance to the dank oppressive powers that aim at total control and destruction in a world where it is axiomatic that, “War is a racket, an enterprise controlled by organized crime.”


In this spirit of resistance, an old high school classmate recently opened a window by sending the following two riddles and a joke:




For additional humor, visit Robert Malone’s weekly posting: Friday Funnies.




Now we turn to the second part of our presentation of Joseph Mercola’s and Ronnie Cummins’ influential book on the “plandemic” that has taken the world by surprise and has made a few people very rich, many very poor, and not a small number entirely disappeared. What some irreverent critics have dared to call: “A perfect crime!”


(Note: The text of this well-documented 2021 book is unfortunately not yet available free of charge on the internet, but readers of CEIMSA can read the excerpts provided here and listen to audio excerpts below to get an idea of the depth of this critique for further study.)





The Truth about Covid-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal

(with audio excerpt)

 by Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins




Foreword (by Robert F. Kennedy)……ix

Chapter 1: “How the Pandemic Plans Unfolded” (by Ronnie Cummins)……1 

Chapter 2: Lab Leak or Natural Origin? (by Ronnie Cummins)...... 14




Chapter 3: Event 201 and the Great Reset (by Dr. Joseph Mercola)…………33


While it may be hard to believe, the evidence suggests the COVID-19 pandemic is anything but accidental. As I will review in this chapter, simulations done a mere 10 weeks before the outbreak were eerily identical to the events that have played out in the real world. At the same time, technocrats around the globe were quick to use the pandemic as justification for rolling out plans that have been decades in the making behind the scenes.


     While it’s difficult to identify who the technocratic elite are, experts like Patrick Wood, an economist, financial analyst, and American constitutionalist who has devoted a lifetime to researching and understanding technocracy, suggests we look at private, global organizations that play a leading role in shaping our global economies and social and environmental movements.


     While technocracy used to be an actual private club, the technocrats of today do not necessarily have membership cards. Key players, however, are members of the Trilateral Commission. Well-known names in the US Trilateral group include Henry Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg, and Google heavyweights Eric Schmidt and Susan Molinari, the company’s vice president for public policy. Other groups to look at include:


The Club of Rome.

The Aspen Institute, which has groomed and mentored executives from around the world about the subtleties of globalization. (Many of its board members are also members of the Trilateral Commission.)

The Atlantic Institute.

The Brookings Institution and other think tanks.


     The World Health Organization (WHO), the medical branch of the UN, also plays a central role in the technocratic plan, as does the World Economic Forum (WEF), which serves as the social and economic branch of the UN and is the organization that hosts the annual conference of billionaires at Davos, Switzerland. The World Economic Forum was founded by Klaus Schwab, who also wrote the books The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016), Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2018), and COVID-19:The Great Reset.


     The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation became the WHO’s largest funder when the US government, in mid-April 2020, halted funding until a White House review of the WHO’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic could be completed. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a partnership between Gates and Big Pharma with a stated aim of solving health problems through vaccines, is also a top donor to the WHO and one of the primary initiatives of the WEF. The way Klaus Schwab describes Gavi say a great deal; ‘In many ways [Gavi] is a role model for how the public and private sector can and should cooperate – working in a much more efficient way than governments alone or business alone or civil society alone.


     It may sound appealing, until you realize that they are working efficiently to strip us of our liberties.


     The World Economic Forum is a conglomeration of the world’s largest and most powerful businesses, all of which are helping to further the technocratic agenda along. They include Microsoft, which made Bill Gates a billionaire; MasterCard, which is leading the globalist charge to develop digital IDs and banking services; Google, the number-one Big Data collector in the world and a leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) services; as well as foundations started by the world’s wealthiest people, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.


     When you peek behind the curtain at the WEF and the WHO, you find all the same wealthy individuals and their companies and foundations who, although they claim to be working for a more equitable society and healthier planet, are really only trying to centralize profits and power.


     Many of the terms we’ve heard more and more of in recent years also refer to technocracy under a different name. Examples include sustainable development, Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda, The New Urban Agenda, green economy, the green new deal, and the global warming movement in general. They all refer to and are part of technocracy and resource-based economics. Other terms that are synonymous with technocracy include the Great Reet, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the slogan Build Back Better. The Paris Climate Agreement is also part and parcel of the technocratic agenda.


     The common goal of the Great Reset and of all these movements and agendas is to capture all of the resources of the world –the ownership of them – for a small global elite group that has the know-how to program the computer systems that will ultimately dictate the lives of everyone. It’s really the ultimate form of totalitarianism. When they talk about ‘wealth redistribution,’ what they’re actually referring to is the redistribution of resources from us to them. A glimpse in to this future was offered in a November 2016 Forbes article written by Ida Auken from the World Economic Forum leadership strategy team. It reads, in part,


Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city –or should I say ‘our city.’ I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t even own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes . . . Everything you considered a product has now become a service . . . In our city we don’t pay any rent because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. My living room is used for business meetings when I am not there . . . Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me. All in all, it is a good life.


     If you rent everything and have no private property of your own, then who does own all of those things? The technocratic elite who own all the energy resources. Disturbingly enough, one form of energy resource that modern technocrats apparently intend to harvest, if patents are any indication, is the human body. As just one example, Microsoft’s international patent WO/2020/060606 describes a ‘cryptocurrency system using body activity data. This patent, if implemented, would essentially turn human begins into robots. People will be brought down to the level of mindless drones, spending their days carrying out tasks automatically handed out by, say, a cellphone app, in return for a cryptocurrency ‘award.’(pp.33-35)


. . .

Buying Favorable Press

While (Bill) Gates has faced public backlash a number of times in his career, especially when he was CEO of Microsoft in the 1990s, he’s become increasingly insulted from negative reviews, thanks to the fact that he also funds journalism and major media corporations.


     In an August 21, 2020, article in Columbia Journalism Review, Tim Schwab highlights the connections between the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and a number of newsrooms, including NPR. These outlets routinely publish news favorable to Gates and the projects he funds and supports. Not surprisingly, experts quoted in such stories are almost always connected to the Gates Foundation as well.


     Schwab examined the recipients of nearly 20,000 Gates Foundation grants, finding that more than $250 million had been given to major media companies, including BBC,NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, the Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, PBS, NewsHour, and the Center for Investigative Reporting. (The time frame of those grants is unfortunately unclear.)


     The Gates Foundation has also given grants to charitable organizations that in turn are affiliated with news outlets, such as BBD Media Action and the New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund.


. . .


     Another recipient of grants form the Gates Foundation is the Leo Burnett Company, an advertising agency that creates new content and wor’ks with journalists, and which you will see come into further play later in this chapter.


Even 201 – Dress Rehearsal for COVID-19

There’s a lot of evidence pointing to COVID-19 being a planned event that is now being milked for all it’s worth, even though it didn’t turn out to be nearly a lethal as initially predicted. In October 2019, just 10 weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak first began in Wuhan, China, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a pandemic preparedness simulation of a ‘novel coronavirus,’ known as Even 201, along with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World µEconomic Forum.


     The scripted tabletop included everything that has since played out in the real world, from PPE shortages, lockdowns, censorship, and removal of civil liberties to mandated vaccination campaigns, riots, economic turmoil, and the breakdown of social cohesion.


     Just as in real life, ‘misinformation’ they said would need to be countered, including rumors that the virus had been created and released from a bioweapons laboratory and questions surrounding the safety of the fast-tracked vaccines.


    Johns Hopkins University may seem like a reputable institution but consider that it was started by rthe Rockefeller Foundation, and that researchers from the Rockefeller Foundation and Johns Hopkins University were behind the infamous and cruel experiments on 600 Black sharecroppers in Tuskegee, Alabama – who were injected by researchers with syphilis without their consent and then were never given actual treatment, only placebos, even as they infected their wives and children.


     Rockefeller Foundation and Johns Hopkins researchers were also involved in the horrific Guatemala experiments that occurred between 1946 and 1948, when 5,000 vulnerable Guatemalans, including prostitutes, orphans, and the mentally ill, were barbarically infected with bacteria containing multiple sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and gonorrhea.


     Bradley Stoner, MD, past president of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association, described the Guatemala experiments as ‘something right out of Dr. Mengele’s notebook4 - a reference to the experiments Jews endured at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War. Together, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University form what appears to be a technocratic triad, whose pandemic simulation was more of a dress rehearsal than anything.


Event 201 Predicted ‘Need’ for Censorship

Even 201 planners spent a great deal of time discussion ways to limit and counter the spread of expected ‘misinformation’ about the pandemic and subsequent vaccines. In addition to outright censoring certain views, Event 201 introduced a plan that included the use of ‘soft power,’ a term referring to stealth influencing. This strategy uses celebrities and other social media influences to model ideal behavior and promote adherence to pandemic response edicts.


     Take for example Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, both of whom reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 early on in the pandemic. They dutifully modeled the desired behavior – getting tested, self-quarantining, and submitting to continued observation for a as long as necessary to ensure they didn’t spread it to anyone else – and shared their every step on social media and in traditional media outlets. That’s one example of soft power.


     Celebrities also put on a virtual ‘One World Together at Home’ benefit concert to raise money for the WHO and rally citizens of the world around the idea that we can get through this if we all just follow instructions and stay home. In May 2020 celebrities and social media  influencers agreed to ‘pass the mic’ by allowing the WHO and other pandemic response leaders, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, to use their social media accounts to share their messages.


    If you thought all of these things occurred more or less organically, you’d be wrong. Daily Caller spilled the beans in the July 17, 2020, article “World Health Organization Hired PR Firm to Identiy Celebrity ‘Influencers’ to Amplify Virus Messaging.”


. . .


The WHO isn’t the only organization trying to control the narrative of course. Many other organizations are involved, all working toward the same end. The United Nations, for example, enlisted 10,000 ‘digital volunteers’ to rid the internet of what they consider ‘false’ information about COVID-19 and to disseminate what they say is U.N.-verified, science-based content.’


     The campaign, dubbed the Verified initiative, amounts to an army of internet trolls engaging in censorship in an attempt to shut down opposition and opinions that run counter to the status quo.


Who’s in Charge of Determining What is True?

The UN’s Verified campaign is reminiscent of another self-appointed internet watchdog, NewsGuard, which claims to rate information as ‘reliable’ or ‘fake’ news, supplying you with an authoritative color-coded rating badge next to Google and Bing searches, as well as on articles displayed on social media.


     If you rely on NewsGuard’s ratings, you may decide to entirely skip articles from sources with a low red rating in favor of the so-called more trustworthy green-rated articles – and therein lies the problem. NewsGuard is in itself fraught with conflict of interest, as it’s largely funded by Publicis, a global communications giant that’s partnered with Big Pharma and WEF, such that it may be viewed more as a censorship tool than an internet watchdog.


     What’s more, the Leo Burnett Company, also owned by Publicis, is a recipient of grants from none other than the Gates Foundation. On top of that, NewsGuard and Microsoft – the tech company founded by Gates – are also partners.


     For example, NewsGuard announced that Mercola.com  has been classified as fake news because we have reported the SARS-CoV-2 virus as potentially having been leaked from the biosafety level 4 (BSL 4) laboratory in Wuhan City, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. NewsGuard’s position is in direct conflict with published scientific evidence suggesting that this virus was created in a lab and not zoonotically transmitted.


Using the Pandemic to Further the Tyrannical Loss of Liberty.

Can you start to see the picture of a larger agenda forming?


     For decades, the threat of conflict and the fear of attacks have provided the justification needed for war and military occupations was well as the chipping away of our civil liberties. The Patriot Act, rammed through in the aftermath of 9/11, is just one egregious example.


     The hysteria whipped up around 9/11 and the anthrax attacks created the conditions for the passage of the Patriot Act – a 342-page document that was clearly already written, not composed in just two weeks after the attack – which changed 15 existing laws and allowed the TSA to legally record anyone’s phone calls. This was all under the guise of protecting ‘freedom,’ when in reality it was one of the biggest steps toward the loss of civil liberties in the history of the US.


     The Patriot Act was rushed through Congress while, ominously, two congressmen who opposed it – Senator Tom Daschle from South Dakota and Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont – had letters with weaponized, military-grade anthrax mailed to their offices.


     We can now point to the passage of the Patriot Act as the technocratic elite’s first step toward taking away many of our constitutional rights and personal freedoms and laying down the foundation for a modern surveillance/police state. From ACLU:


Hastily passed 45 days after 9/11in the name of national security, the Patriot Act was the first of many changes to surveillance laws that made it easier for the government to spy on ordinary Americans by expanding the authority to monitor phone and email communications, collect bank and credit reporting records, and track the activity of innocent Americans on the Internet. While most Americans think it was created to catch terrorists, the Patriot Act actually turns regular citizens into suspects.


     In short, the Patriot Act normalized invasive surveillance and removal of privacy rights. Today, pandemics and the threat of infectious outbreaks and bioterrorism are the new tools of war and social control. For the authors of this book, the manipulations and fearmongering that pave the way for a surveillance state are far more dangerous and insidious than the viral infection itself. The global technocratic elite are making George Orwell’s book, 1984, a reality. Between the Patriot Act and pandemic measures, the groundwork has been laid for the Great Reset.


     For over a decade, Gates also prepared the global psyche for a new enemy: deadly, invisible viruses that can crop up at any time. And according to Gates, the only way to protect ourselves is by giving up ‘old-fashioned’ notions of privacy; liberty, and personal decision making.


     Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to maintain out physical distance from others, including family members. We are told to wear masks, even in our own homes and during sex. Small businesses have been forced to close, many of which have gone bankrupt as a result. Office workers are told to work from home. We’re told we have to vaccinate the entire global population and enforce stringent travel restrictions to prevent spread. . . . We are being tracked and traced every moment of the day and night; and there are plans to implant biometric readers into everyone’s bodies to identify who the potential risk-carriers are. Infected people are the new threat, the new invisible enemy. This is what the technocratic elite …, spearheaded by Gates, want you to believe, and it’s really surprising how, in a matter of months,  they’ve been able to convince most of the population of this.(pp.37-42)



Technocracy Defined.

This chapter is about the technocratic elite and their technocratic agenda, which is being pushed through via manipulation of the pandemic. But what exactly is technocracy? The works of Patrick Wood has helped us as we’ve sought to understand the foundational cause of the problem at hand.


If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into technocracy, we recommend his books, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation and Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order.


In summary, technocracy is a resource-based economic system that began in the 1930s during the height of the Great Depression, when scientists and engineers got together to solve the nation’s economic problems. It looked like capitalism and free enterprise were failing, so they decided to invent a new economic system form scratch. They called this system technocracy.


Rather than being based on pricing mechanisms such as supply and demand, technocracy is based on resource allocations and social engineering through technology. Under this system, companies would be told what resources they’re allowed to use, when , and for what; and consumers would be told what to buy.


Artificial intelligence (AI), digital surveillance, and Big Data collection play very important roles, as does the digitalization of industries and government, such as banking and health care. Together these technologies allow for the automation of social engineering and social rule, thereby doing away with the need for elected government leaders. Nations are to be led by unelected leaders who own all the world’s resources and decide what is to become of them.


Technocrats have silently and relentlessly pushed this agenda forward for decades, and it’s now becoming increasingly visible, with world leaders openly calling for a global ‘reset’ of the economy and how we live in general.


The only reason technocracy has not yet been able to completely overtake the US – although, as you’re now seeing, they’re getting incredibly close – is because of the US Constitution. This is why we must fight to protect our Constitution at all consists, through grassroots movements and getting involved in local politics.(p.45)


The Great Reset

By now, you’ve probably started hearing world leaders speak of ‘the Great Reset,’ ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ and the call to ‘Build Back Better.’ As mentioned earlier, all of these terms refer to the new social contract planned for the world, which is just a new term for’ the New World Order.


     ‘The Great Reset’ was introduced in mid-2020 by the World Economic Forum. Yes, that World Economic Forum – the organization that partnered with Gates to host Event 201.     The leaders of the WEF, the WHO, the UN, and their partner organizations have had this idea for a long, long time. A conglomeration of the world’s largest and most powerful businesses has long been working toward the Great Reset, which ultimately boils down to the greatest wealth transfer’ in the history of the world. It’s a long-term plan to disempower and disenfranchise all but the wealthiest by monitoring and controlling the world through technical surveillance. While a world war would have been ideal, President Trump’s peace efforts appear to have put a damper on that strategy, resulting in the pandemic being used as the justification for a reset instead.


     As the WEF clearly points out, after the Great Reset is implemented, you won’t own anything . What they don’t tell you is that the partners at the WEF will own everything instead and that your willingness to follow their rules will be directly tied to how many provisions you are allotted.


     Ultimately, the technocratic agenda seeks to integrate humankind into a technological surveillance apparatus overseen by powerful artificial intelligence. Ironically, while the real plan is to usher in a tech-driven dystopia free of democratic controls, they speak of this plan as a way to bring us back into harmony with nature.


     According to the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset ‘will address the need for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future, and a new social contract centered on human dignity, social justice’ and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.


     They’re using feel-good terms like sustainability, social justice,  food justice, climate-smart agriculture, and poverty reduction. And that’s on purpose; they know people want these things, so they’re saying that’s what their plan offers. The price, however, is your personal liberty. In his report, investigative journalist James Corbett summarizes the Great Reset thus: ‘At base, the Great Reset is nothing more, and nothing less, than a great propaganda, marketing rollout campaign for a new brand  that the would-be global elite are tying to shove down the public’s throats…. It’s just a fresh coat of lipstick on a very old pig. This is The New World Order, just redefined. It’s just a new label for it.’


     And as explained by Corbett, for those who forgot about what the next World Order was all about, it was all about ‘centralization of control into fewer’ hands, globalization [and] transformation of society though Orwellian surveillance technologies.’ In other words, it’s technocracy, where we the people know nothing about the ruling elite while every aspect of our lives is surveilled, tracked, and manipulated for their gain. Far from being the end of globalization, the Great Reset is globalization turbocharged. The plan is not to ‘reset’ the world back to some earlier state that will allow us to start over with a cleaner environment and more equitable social structures. No, the plan is to circumvent democracy and shift global governance into the hands of the few.


     As noted by Klaus Schawb in his book, COVID-19: The Great Rest:


 When confronted with it, some industry leaders and senior executives may be tempted to equate reset with restart, hoping to go back to the old normal and restore what worked in the past: traditions, tested procedures and familiar ways of doing things – in short, a return to business as usual. This won’t happen because it can’t happen. For the most part, ‘business as usual’ died from (or at the very least was infected by) COVID-19.(pp.47-48)



Build Back Better

. . .


     The UN has directly exhorted nations worldwide to ‘build back better” after COV8D-19, and the phrase has been widely adopted by government leaders in Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, and elsewhere. In addition to decimating privacy, part of the ‘building back better’ plan is to shift the financial system over to a central bank digital currency (CBDC) system, which in turn is part of the system of social control, as it can easily be used to incentivize desired behaviors and discourage undesired ones.


     There’s general agreement among experts that most major countries will implement CBCD within the next two to four years. Contrary to popular belief, these CBDDs will not be anything like existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is decentralized and a rational strategy to opt out of the existing central-bank-controlled system, CBDCs will be centralized and completely controlled by the central banks, and will have smart contracts that allow that banks to surveil and control your life.


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

It goes without saying that to achieve this kind of radical transformation of every part of society has its challenges. No person in their right mind would agree to it if they were aware of the details of the whole plan. So to roll out the Great Reset, the elite have had to use psychological manipulation, and fear is the most effective tool there is.


     As explained by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, there’s an entire school of public health research that focuses on identifying the most effective ways to frighten people into accepting desired public health measures.


     By adding confusion and uncertainty to the mix, you can bring an individual from fear to anxiety – a state of confusion in which you can no longer think logically – and in this state you are more easily manipulated.  Figure 3.1 [on page 51 of this book] illustrates the central role of fearmongering for the successful rollout of the Great Reset.


     Keep in mind that, as we’ve illustrated in this chapter, technocracy is inherently a technological society run through social engineering. Fear is but one manipulation tool. The focus on ‘science’ is another. Anytime someone dissents, they’re simply accused of being ‘anti-science,’ and any science that conflicts with the status quo is declared ‘debunked science.’


     The only science that matter is whatever the technocrats deem to be true, no matter how much evidence there is against it. We’ve seen this firsthand during this pandemic, as Big Tech has censored and banned anything going against the opinions of the World Health Organization, which is just another cog in the technocratic machine.


     If we allow this censorship to continue, our civil liberties will be rapidly eroded and replace with tyrannical suppression of the constitutional right that our ancestors fought and died for. We simply must keep pushing for transparency and truth. We must insist on medical freedom, personal liberty, and the right to privacy.


     One fight in particular that I don’t see us being able to evade is the fight against mandatory CIVID-19 vaccinations. If we don’t take a firm stand against that and fight for the right to make our own choice, there will be no end to the medical tyranny that will follow. We will cover vaccinations more in chapter 8. Meanwhile, let’s turn to examining the virus itself more closely to evaluate its true dangers – or lack thereof – so that we can start to dissipate some of the fear that the technocracy is counting on to make their Great Reset easier to implement. (pp.49-51)



Chapter 4: COVID-19 Strikes the Most Vulnerable (by Dr. Joseph Mercola)…… 52

You know the official story: COVID-19 is a highly contagious and deadly infection that can be stopped only by social distancing, frequent handwashing, lockdowns, masks, mass testing, contact tracing, and ultimately vaccines. But in reality, COVID-19 appears to be a highly contagious, dangerous, lab-manufactured ‘trigger’ for preexisting conditions on an aging and increasingly chronically ill population.


     The virus itself isn’t the primary cause of most COVID-19 hospitalizations and fatalities. Rather, the virus exploits other serious diseases with high mortality that are widespread in the population and dangerous in and of themselves. It’s these comorbidities, along with rampant medical malpractice (and other factors we’ve already touched on and will cover further in this book), that are the main drivers of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. To put it simply: People are dying with COVID-19 as opposed to dying from it.



Data Show COVID-19 Isn’t a Significant Threat

To understand the truth versus the official story, we have to separate the real statistics from the ‘official’ statistics on cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. A relatively high ‘case’ load does not mean people are actually getting sick and dying. The media has been conflating a positive test result and the actual disease, COVID-19, thereby deliberately misleading the public into believing the infection is far more serious and widespread than it actually is.


     COVID-19 is not confirmed by a positive test; it is a clinical diagnosis of someone infected with SARS-COV-2 who is exhibiting severe respiratory illness characterized by fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. By using a test that falsely labels healthy individuals as sick and infectious, mass testing drives the narrative that we’re in a lethal pandemic.


     Indeed, the use of reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test is at the very heart of this entire scam. If it wasn’t for this flawed test, there would be no pandemic to speak of. I will review this in greater detail in chapter 5.


Mislabeled Causes of Death

According to groundbreaking data released by the CDC on August 26, 2020, only 6 percent of the total COVID-19-related Deaths in the US had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death on the death certificate.


     To help that sink in; 6 percent of 496,112 (the total death toll reported by the CDC as of February 21, 2021) is 29,766. In other words, SARS-CoV-2 infection was directly responsible for 29,766 deaths of otherwise healthy individuals – a far different story from the 200,000-plus (and rising) number reported in the media. The remaining 94 percent of patients had an average of 2.6 health conditions that contributed to their deaths.


     These data paint a picture that’s in stark contrast with Johns Hopkins University, which in August 2020 reported that about 170,000 of the 5.4 million Americans who had tested positive for COVID-19 had died, prompting Dr. Thomas Frieden, former director of the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, to say that COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death in the US, killing more Americans than ‘accidents, injuries, lung disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many, many other causes?’ Frieden is simply stoking the flames of fear with this claim.


     Johns Hopkins has been having a hard time keeping its story straight. In November 2020 the institution published an article alleging accounting errors on a national level regarding COVID-19 deaths in the elderly.


     ‘Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19,’ the author of the article said. ‘Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentage of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.’


     But after a link to the Johns Hopkins article was posted on Twitter, the article quickly disappeared. Fortunately, an archive of it is still available? [See footnote 4, (on page 175) YANNI GU,  A Closer Look at US Deaths Due to COVID-19,” Johns Hopkins News-Letter web archive, November 22, 2020, at: https://.web.archive.org/web/20201126163323/

or at:



The American Institute for Economic Research reported on the mysterious disappearance of the article and went a few steps further by posting its own graph taken form CDC data in April 2020. ‘This suggests that it could be possible that a large number of deaths could be have been mainly due to more serious ailments such as heart disease but categorized as a COVID-19 death, a far less lethal disease?’ the institute reported. Incidentally, this is precisely what CDC guidance has instructed medical practitioners to do.


The CDC’s Plan to Intentionally Inflate Numbers of Deaths Due to COVID-19

The CDC has done its part to ensure that as many deaths as possible are attributed to COVID-19 – even when it was not the actual cause of death. In personal correspondence, Meryl Nass, MD, reported that in March 2020: ‘The CDC issued guidance that required doctors who completed death certificates to list CO9VID-19 on the certificate if it contributed to or caused the death. This was no different than what we did before. We are supposed to list all contributory causes.’


     The official communication at the time read:


It is important to emphasize that Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death….


     For example, in cases when COVID-19 causes pneumonia and fatal respiratory distress, both pneumonia and respiratory distress should be included along with COVID-19 in Part I…. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II.


     In April 2020 the CDC issued new guidance documents on how to complete death certificates for COVID-19 and even hosted a webinar on the process, but according to Nass, the guideline’s remained substantively the same. Then, later in the fall of 2020, the CDC changed course dramatically, this time without bringing any attention to the new guidelines. According to Nass: ‘Without fanfare, the CDC acknowledged on another webpage that even if COVID was not listed by the doctor is the underlying cause or contributor, it  would be coded as the cause of death.’


     Indeed, the CDC website at the time o f this writing reads (emphasis ours): ‘When COVID-19 is reported as a cause of death on the death certificate, it is coded and counted as a death due to COVID-19.


     All of this caused Nass to conclude that the fanfare that occurred in April was ‘deliberate misdirection.’ You may not appreciate how absurd this is, so let me give you an example. If a young healthy person died in a motorcycle accident and had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, according to these CDC guidelines, their death would be listed as aCOVID-19 death.


     All these machinations with death certificates hide the fact that the death rate from COVID-19 for except for those over 60 is significantly lower than the death rate for influenza.(pp. 52-55)


. . .


Medical Errors Responsible for Most COVID-19 Deaths

Now that we’ve established that the official statistics aren’t telling us the whole truth and that COVID-19 isn’t responsible for nearly as many deaths as we’ve been told, let’s look at the leading cause of death that you don’t hear about in the media: medical malpractice.


     In 2016 a Johns Hopkins study found that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from preventable medical errors, effectively making modern medicine the third leading cause of deaths in the US. Other estimates place the death toll from medical mistakes as high as 440,000. The reason for the discrepancy in the numbers is that medial errors are rarely noted on death certificates, and death certificates are what the CC relies on to compile its death statistics.


     While medial errors are continually swept under the proverbial rug, they need to be brought to light now more than ever, because they also play a role in death toll attributed to COVID-19.


     A significant portion of those who have died from COVID-19 were in fact victims of medical errors. In particular, Elmhust Hospital Center in Queens, New York – which was ‘the epicenter of the epicenter’ of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US – appears to have grossly mistreated COVID-19 patients thereby causing their death.


Financial Incentives Increased Deaths

According to army-trained nurse Erin Olszewski, who worked at Elmhurst during the height of the outbreak in New York City, hospital administrators and doctors made a long list of errors, most egregious of which was to place all COVID-19 patients, including those merely suspected of having COVID-19, on mechanical ventilation rather than less invasive oxygen administration.


     During her time there, most patients who entered the hospital wound up being treated for COVIS-19, whether they tested positive or not, and only one patient survived. The hospital also failed to separate COVID-19-positive and COVID-19-negative patients, thereby ensuring maximum spread of the disease among non-infected patients coming in with other health problems.


     By ventilating COVID-19-negative patients, the hospital artificially inflated the caseload and death rate. Disturbingly, financial incentives appear to have been at play. According to Olszewski, the hospital received $29,000 extra for a COVID-19 patient receiving ventilation, over and above other reimbursements. In August 2020, CDC director Robert Redfield admitted that hospital incentives likely elevated hospitalization rates and death toll statistics around the country.


Many Governors Radically Increased Elderly Deaths with Misguided Policies

Another major error that drove up the death toll was state leadership’s decision to place infected patients in nursing homes, against federal guidelines. According to an analysis by the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, which included data reported by May 2020, an average of 42 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the US had occurred in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care facilities.


     This is extraordinary, considering this group accounts for just 0.62 percent of the population. By and large nursing homes are ill equipped to care for COVID-19-infected patients. While they’re set up to care for elderly patients –whether they are generally healthy or have chronic health problems – these faculties are rarely equipped to quarantine and care for people with highly infectious diseases.


     It’s logical to assume that commingling of infected patients with non-infected ones in a nursing home would result in exaggerated deaths rates, as the elderly are far more prone to die from any infection, including the common cold. We also learned, early on, that the elderly were disproportionately vulnerable to sever SARS-CoV-2 infection.


     Yet ordering infected patients into nursing homes with the most vulnerable population of all is exactly what several governors decided to do, including New York’s Andrew Cuomo, Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, New Jersey’s Phil Murphy, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, and California’s Gavin Newsom.(pp.56-57)


. . .


A Perfect Storm of Errors

Novel viruses always have their highest impact at the beginning of their existence before their impact levels off. A never-before-seen virus is like touching a spark to a dry wood. It burns hottest in the beginning, before fairly quickly cooling down.


     With a novel virus, the most vulnerable are hit rapidly. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, nursing homes were the dry wood. Due to the combination of the vulnerable being hit first and the medical community mistreating those who became ill, the initial spike in fatalities was real, although it didn’t have to be as high as it was.


     If it weren’t for systematic medical mistreatment at cetin hospitals, widespread erroneous use of ventilators, and incomprehensible decision making by a handful of state governors, the COVID-19 death toll may well have been negligible.


     When you add all of these factors together – the wonton mismanagement of the infection in hop spots such as New York, he decision to send infected patients into nursing homes, the fact that few healthy people died from the infection, plus that potential medical treatments have been and still are actively suppressed – it very much appears to b a manufactured crisis.(pp.58-59)




Chapter 5: Exploiting Fear to Lock Down Freedom (by Ronnie Cummins)……67


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt


Fear is ultimately whqt strips us of our human rights and drives a society into totalitarianism, and the only way to circumvent such a fate is to bravely resist fear. Today one of the biggest sources of fear is a global pandemic – one that allegedly came about naturally, and to which we have no known defenses – or so the official story goes.


     Fear is one of the most potent catalysts for human behavior and we now have something to previous tyrant has had, namely the technology to track, trace, control, and manipulate individuals wherever they are. Most people are surrounded by electronics and wireless devices that harvest every imaginable data point about their personal life. That data collection is then integrated with AI-driven deep learning systems, which allows the technocratic elite to determine how to most effectively manipulate the masses.


     However, as outlined in chapter 3, there is an ever-growing body of evidence that has enabled critics to dismember and discredit the ‘official story’ on the origins, nature, dangers, preventions, and treatment of COVID-19.


     This evidence clearly shows that COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic are not from a previously existing relatively harmless bat coronavirus with limited transmissibility that somehow mutated so it could infect humans. Rather, it is much more likely that SARS-CoV-2 is the product of a disastrous, but unfortunately predictable, lab accident in Wuhan, China, in late 2019.


     This weaponized virus, SARS-CoV-2, a joint Chinese/US creation, is likely a genetically engineered, mutant offspring of a decade-long biological arms race, disguised as gain-of-function biomedical, vaccine, or biosafety research.


     For years the powers that be reassured us that genetically engineering viruses and bacteria in what are essentially unregulated bioweapons labs is safe; that the possibility of accidents, thefts, and releases of these potential pandemic pathogens (PPS) is vanishingly small, and therefore well worth the risk. They lied, and now, we must deal with the catastrophic consequences of their criminal negligence.


Lockdowns Are the Cause of Much of the COVID Damage

Did you ever wonder why the media won‘t name the lockdowns as the culprit of much of the damage caused by the pandemic? It’s not just denialism. The official narrative is that we had no choice but to shatter live as we know it and shut everything down. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. No intervention like this has ever taken place in history. The lockdowns are an egregious attack on fundamental rights, liberties, and the rule of low. And the results are all around us.


     Even after a full year of lockdowns, the public remains mostly deeply ignorant of the age/health gradient of COVID-19 fatalities, even though the data have been available since February 2020. According to the CDC – even conceding the inaccuracy of testing and exigencies of fatality classification – the survivability rate is 99.997 percent for 0-19 years, 99.98 percent 20-49 years, 99.5 percent for 50-69 years, and 94.6 percent for 70-plus years.


     Nursing homes and hospitals have been the main vectors for disease, not social gatherings or outdoor events. The threat to school-age kids approaches zero. The more information we get, the more normal the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen seems. It’s a respiratory and flu-like illness that became pandemic before becoming endemic, just like so many other respiratory viruses over the last hundred years. We didn’t shut down society, and, for that reason, we managed them just fine.


     Many of us spend a good part of our day poring over the latest research, which reveals the terrible toll of the lockdowns. The inescapable horror is that this is a direct result of the lockdowns, not the pandemic. There’s no evidence that lockdowns. There’s no evidence that lockdowns have actually saved lives. On the contrary, evidence shows a significant number of excess deaths are due not to COVID-19 but to drug overdoses, depression, and suicide.


     The evidence also highlights the role of polymerase chain reaction  (PCR) testing in driving he pandemic narrative, the falsehood of ‘asymptomatic transmission,’ the incredible proliferation of disease misclassification, and the absurdity of the idea that political solutions can intimidate and arrest a virus.


The Lockdowns Caused Massive Wealth Shift

Besides exposing the reckless gain-of-function lab origins of the virus and taking action to make sure this never happens again, we desperately need to expose the shoddy science, inaccurate lab tests, misleading statistics, and panic-mongering driving the official story on the nature and virulence of COVID-19 and the disastrous, authoritarian measures – beneficial to the rich, disastrous to the working class, minority communities, and youth – that most governments have implemented to, supposedly, contain the virus.


. . .

     The fact that the pandemic has been used to shift wealth from poor and middle class to the ultra-wealthy is clear for anyone to see at this point. In December 2020 the total wealth of US billionaires reached $4 trillion, more than $1 trillion of which was gained since March 2020 when the pandemic began, according to the study by the Institute for Policy Studies.


     While 45.5 million Americans filed for unemployment, 29 new billionaires were created, the Institute for Policy Studies reported in June 2020, and five of the richest men in the US – Jess Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison – grew their wealth by a total of $101.7 billion (26 percent) between March 18 and June 17, 2020, alone.


     The reason the wealthy have only gotten richer during this pandemic is that their businesses weren’t shut down. The shutdowns primarily affected small, privately owned businesses. The disparity in treatment of the big-box stores and small retailers has been strikingly illogical. How is it safe to shop with hundreds of people in a Walmart but unsafe to shop in a store that can only hold a fraction of that?


. . .


The Hidden Cost of Lockdowns

With unemployment comes food insecurity, and mere weeks into the pandemic people around the world were lining up at food banks. An April 10, 2020, report by the Financial Times cited survey results showing an estimated three million Britons had gone without food at some point in the previous three weeks. An estimated one million people had by then already lost all sources of income.


     The United Nations estimates pandemic response have ‘pushed an additional 150 million children into multidimensional poverty – deprived of education,  health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water,’ and at the end of April 2020 warned the world was facing ‘famine of biblical proportions,’ with only a limited amount of time to act before starvation claims hundreds of millions of lives.


     That the lockdowns will have a detrimental effect on mental health also should come as no surprise, and data show that’s exactly what has happened. A Canadian survey in early October 2020 found that 22 percent of Canadians experienced high anxiety levels  - four times higher than the pre-pandemic rate – and 13 percent reported severe depression.


. . .


That the lockdowns are doing more harm than good can also be seen in Centers of Disease Control and Prevention data showing that, compared with previous years, excess deaths among 25- to 44-year-olds have increased by remarkable 26.5 percent, even though this age group accounts for fewer than 3 percent of COVID-19-related deaths. To put it bluntly, in our misguided efforts to prevent the elderly and immune-compromised form dying from COVID-19, we’re sacrificing people who are in the prime of their lives.


     Statistics also reveal that the lockdowns have resulted in dramatic increases in domestic abuse, rape, child sex abuse, and suicides. By July 2020, Ireland reported 98 percent increase in people seeking counseling for rape and child sex abuse.


     Data from the British group women’s Aid showed 61 percent of domestic abuse victims reported that their abuse has worsened during the lockdown. The number of women killed by their domestic partners also doubled during the first three weeks of lockdowns in the U.K.


     In the US, data from a Massachusetts hospital revealed that domestic abuse cases nearly doubled in the nine weeks between March 11 and May 3, 2020, when the state had ordered schools closed. Similarly, in early April 2020, United Nations secretary António Guterres warned of a ‘horrifying surge in global domestic abuse linked to pandemic lockdowns, as calls to help lines in some countries had by then already doubled.


     Child abuse, meanwhile, is less likely to be detected and reported thanks to virtual schooling. There have been signs of rising child abuse, though, including a British study that found a shocking 1,493 percent rise in the incidence of abusive head trauma among children during the first month of lockdown, compared with the same time period in the previous three years.


     Children are also in danger of falling behind socially and developmentally, even if they’re not exposed to direct abuse. According to one report, scholastic achievement gaps widened in the US and early literacy among kindergarteners saw a sharp decline in 2020.


     According to The Economist, American children over the age of 10 cut physical activity by half during the lockdown, spending most of their time playing video games and eating junk food. Indeed, closing parks and beaches right along with small businesses and schools were undoubtedly among the most ignorant and destructive pandemic measures of all.


. . .


How They Engineered Panic

Established health officials, virologists, and genetic engineers are funded by military biodefense/biwarfare programs,  Big Pharma, and government. They contend the SARS-CoV-2 virus is so infectious and dangerous that there are currently no existing medical drugs, treatment protocols, supplements, natural herbs, health practices, or dietary or lifestyle changes that can strengthen your nature immune system and protect you from serious illness, hospitalization, or even death from the virus.


     The authorities tell you there is no choice but to follow orders, obey the rules of mask wearing and lockdowns, and wait for Big Pharma to deliver at ‘Warp Speed’ their inadequately tested, genetically engineered vaccines. This orchestrated panic narrative is a Big Lie, meant to keep us, the global underclass, in line, locked down, and obeying authority.


     With the body politic divided, misinformed, censored, and living in panic, the globalists, the world economic elite, can consolidate their wealth and power beyond anything the

world has ever seen, hiding behind the excuse that they are safeguarding public health, mitigating climate change, and eliminating poverty and unemployment. In the shadow of the Big Lie, our only hope is to spread the truth, resist, get organized, and stop this tyrannical New World Order.


Know That You Are Not Powerless

It is essential for your survival to reject the panic narrative, move beyond fear, and take charge of your mental and physical health. We must expose the manipulated calibrations and built-in shortcomings of the PCR lab tests that are creating an artificial sense of panic.


     It is imperative to understand the statistics on death and hospitalizations in a manner that creates knowledge, not irrational fear. Youth and those who are metabolically healthy are typically not at risk. And fortunately there are a large number of tried and proven means to protect the most vulnerable.


     We can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the effects of the virus by improving public health, which includes simple strategies such as eliminating processed food in our diets, making sure that healthy organic foods are available to everyone, and promoting exercise. The solution is to move beyond fear and isolation and educate yourself, as well as those you love and care for, to understand that you are not powerless.


     As natural health advocate Nate Doromal reminds us: ‘Covid-19 is not going away. Despite prolonged lockdowns and widespread mask mandates, Covid-19is still present in our society and cases continue throughout the country. Even the much-discussed Covid-19 vaccine is not a panacea; authorities say it will not prevent transmission and there are outstanding safely concerns amongst the leading Covid-19 vaccine candidates. The key lies in making ourselves stronger.


     Truth be told, we can make our bodies stronger, can make our immune systems more powerful, and can even reverse chronic preexisting conditions. It’s never too late to take the steps to improve your health and make yourself more resilient to infectious diseases like COVID-19.


     While proponents of the official story continue to denigrate and slander COVID-19 critics, including the authors of this book, as ‘anti-science, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists,’ the evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 being a weaponized, lab-engineered , highly transmissible biological trigger that magnifies and exacerbates preexisting chronic diseases and comorbidities. COVID-19 presents basically no threat to children, youth, and students, and very little threat to people in good health of any age, unlike the Spanish flu of 1918.


     People over 65 years old who are metabolically unhealthy and/or have low vitamin D levels, as well as those with serious preexisting chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, lung disease, kidney disease, dementia, and hypertension, need to safeguard their health and strengthen their bodies’ ability to fight off disease by taking precautions that minimize exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as other viruses such as the seasonal flu.


     For those in nursing homes or hospitals, special precautions are also necessary. As the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by tens of thousands of doctors and scientists around the world, points out:


Adopting measures to protect the vulnerable should be” the central aim of public health responses to COVID-19. By way of example, nursing homes should use staff with acquired immunity and perform frequent PDR testing of other staff and all visitors. Stall rotation should be minimized/


     Retired people living a home should have groceries and other essentials delivered to their home. When possible, they should meet family members outside rather than inside. A comprehensive and detailed list of measures, including approaches to multi-generational households, can be implemented, and is well within the scope of capability of public health professionals


     Those who are vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching.


     Extracurricular activities, such  s sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.


     The conditions of school closures, lockdowns, and other extreme measures that fall hardest on the low-income groups, minority communities, small businesses, and children are counterproductive and wrong. We need to reduce pubic panic and political polarization and have a serious, society-wide discussion on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19.


The Panic Narrative Is Built upon Faulty Tests, Misleading Statistics, and Shoddy Science

There are several major aspects of the official ‘scientific’ narrative on the nature, infectivity, and virulence of COVID-19 that are deliberately misleading and spreading panic among the public. These include the use of faulty, miscalibrated PDR lab tests that artificially inflate the number of COVIS-19 cases, which we reviewed in chapter 4.


     The fact is, a vast majority of those who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 remain asymptomatic and are highly unlikely to spread the disease to others.  They simply aren’t sick. The PCR test is merely picking up inactive (non-infectious) viral particles.


. . .


     Additionally, of the 34,424 participants with a history of COVID-19, 107 individuals (0.310 percent) tested positive again, but none were symptomatic. As noted by the authors, ‘Virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive case, including no ‘viable virus’ in positive cases detected in this study.’ Interestingly, when they further tested asymptomatic patients for antibodies, they discovered that 190 of the 300 (63.3 percent) had actually had a ‘hot or productive infection resulting in the production of antibodies, yet none of their contacts had been infected. In other words, even though asymptomatics were (or had been) carriers of apparently live virus, they still did not transmit it to others.


     If positive test results tell us nothing about the actual prevalence of disease and its spread, who are we mass-testing? Of course, if PCR testing is unreliable, then statistics and public statements by vaccine manufactures on the efficacy of their vaccines to prevent or cure COVID-19 are also invalid, since they ‘prove’ efficacy using these tests.


     Another misleading practice is to conflate statistics on deaths. As reviewed in the previous chapter, 94 percent of the so-called COVID-19 deaths were people who died with COVID-19, as they had other preexisting chronic diseases or comorbidities.  The idea that COVID-19 is a lethal pandemic  is also  disproved by all-cause mortality statistics, which show mortality has remained steady during 2020 and doesn’t veer from the norm.


     Other fearmongering tactics include public statements exaggerating the threat of COVID-19 to teachers and older adults in general. Even Anthony Fauci now admits that students pose little or no threat to teachers or older adults and that schools should be reopened.(pp.67-76)


Class-Action Lawsuits Against Fraudulent SARS-CoV-2 Testing

In early October 2020 an international team of class-action lawyers, led by Reiner Fuellmich, announced they will soon be filing massive lawsuits against a number of governments for utilizing imprecise PDR and antibody test- which generate huge profits for Big Pharma as well as vaccine and testing companies – and then knowingly using the data from these faulty tests to justify lockdowns and suspensions of basic civil liberties, resulting in massive damage to public health, businesses, and citizens.


     As Fuellmich states, PCR tests, according to the leaflets that accompany the test kits, should not be considered true diagnostic tests for the presence of disease. Even the CDC admitted in a July 13, 2020, statement that PDR rests ‘May not necessarily indicate the presence of an infectious virus,’ ‘May not prove that a SARS-CoV-2 fragment is the cause of clinical symptoms,’ and cannot rule out disease caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.


  A September 20, 2020; ‘Open Letter for Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to all Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media’ reiterates  some of the serious shortcomings of the PDR tests that are currently relied on to make the alarming claim that cases are rising across the US, Europe, and the world:


“The use of the non-specific PCR test, which produces many false positives, showed an exponential picture. The test was rushed through with an emergency procedure and was never seriously self-tested. The creator expressly warned that this test was intended for research and not for diagnostics.


     The PCR test works with cycles of amplification of genetic material – a piece of genome is amplified each time. Any contamination (e.g. other viruses, debris from old virus genomes) can possibly result in false positives.


     The test does not measure how many viruses are present in the sample.  Real viral infection means an massive presence of viruses, the so-called virus load. If someone tests positive, this does not mean that that person is clinically infected, is ill or is going to become ill [emphasis ours.]”


     Since a positive PCR test cannot reliably or automatically indicate active infection or infectivity, there’s absolutely no justification for the social measures taken, as they are based solely on these tests.


     On January 20, 2020, roughly an hour after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, the World Health Organization suddenly and out of the blue lowered the recommended PCR cycle threshold (CT), which automatically guarantees that the number of ‘cases,’ i.e., positive PCR test results, will plummet. The next day, January 21, 2021, President Biden announced he would be reinstating the US’ financial support for the WHO. Dr. Meryl Nass explains, ‘The WHO instructed PCR test users and manufacturers on December 14 and again on January 20 that PCR cycle thresholds needed to come down. The December 14 guidance stated WHO’s concern regarding ‘an elevated risk for false SARS-CoV-2 results’ and pointed to ‘background noise which may lead to a specimen with a high-threshold value result being [incorrectly] interpreted as a positive result.’ As PCR cycles have been reduced , new ‘cases’ dropped 60 percent from 250,000 new cases per day to 100,000, in January, while hospitalizations rates associated with COVID dropped from a high of 132,500 Americans on January 6 to 71,500 on February 12. Of course, health authorities and the mass media have attributed this sharp drop in US ‘cases’ and hospitalizations to vaccines, masks, and social distancing, rather than WHO-mandated recalibrations of PCR tests.


COVIS-19 Rules Mark ‘Hysterical Slide into Police State’

The dangers of fearmongering are summed up well by British Supreme Court judge Lord Sumpton in a March 30, 2020, interview with The Post. Sumpton warned that COVID-19 rules are paving the way for dispotidsm – the exercise of absolute power in a cruel and oppressive manner.


“The real problem is that when human societies lose their freedom, it’s not usually because tyrants have taken it away. It’s usually because people willingly surrender their freedom in return for protection against some external threat. And the threat is usually a real threat but usually exaggerated.


     That’s what I fear we are seeing now. The pressure on politicians has come from the public. They want action. They don’t pause to ask whether the action will work. They don’t ask themselves whether the cost will be worth paying. They want action anyway. And anyone who has studied history will recognize the classic symptoms of collective hysteria.


      Hysteria is infectious. We are working ourselves up into a lather in which we exaggerate the threat and stop asking ourselves whether the cure may be worse than the disease.”


     Indeed, in just a few short months, we dramatically shifted from a state of freedom to a state of totalitarianism, and the way that was done was through social engineering, which of course involves psychological manipulation.


     Censoring and propaganda are but two strategies that shape and mold a population. Psychiatry professor Albert Biderman’s ‘chart of coercion’ also includes the following methods, all of which can be clearly related to the COVID-19 response:


Isolation techniques – Quarantines, social distancing, isolation form loved ones,a nd solitary confinement.


Monopolization of perception – Monopolizing the 24/7 news cycle, censoring dissenting views, and creating barren environments by closing bars, gyms, and restaurants.


Degradation techniques – Berating and shaming (or even physically attacking) those who refuse to wear masks or social distance, or generally choose freedom over fear.


Induced debility – Being forced to stay at home and not be able to exercise or socialize.


Threats – Threatening with the removal of your children, prolonged quarantine, closing of your business, fines for noncompliance with mask and social distancing rules, forced vaccination, and so on.


Demonstrating omnipotence/omniscience – Shutting down the whole world, claiming scientific and medical authority.


Enforcing trivial demands – Examples include family members being forced to stand six feet apart at the bank even though they arrived together in the same car, having to wear a mask when you walk into a restaurant even thou you can remove it as soon as you sit down, or having to wear a mask when walking alone on the beach.


Occasional indulgence – Reopening some stores and restaurants but only at a certain capacity, for example. Part of the coercion plan is that indulgences are given, than taken away again.



     It is time to ask ourselves some very pressing questions. Is it reasonable to expect government to eliminate all infections and all deaths? They’ve proven they cannot, yet we keep relinquishing more and more freedoms and liberties because they claim doing so will keep everyone safer. It’s an enticing lie, but a lie nonetheless.


     Sooner or later everyone must decide which is more important : Human rights and constitution freedoms, or false security. The good news is that many are starting to see the writing on the wall; they’re starting to see we’ve been had, and are starting to to choose liberty over brutal totalitarianism in the name of public health.


     Remember what Ben Franklin one said; ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’


     The truth is, the technocrats have no intention of ever letting us go back to normal. The plan is to alter society permanently. Part of that alteration is the removal of civil liberties and human rights, which is now happening at breakneck speed.(pp.81-84)




Chapter 6: Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 (by Dr. Joseph Mercola)......85

Chapter 7: Pharmaceutical Failures in the COVID-19 Crisis (by Dr. Joseph Mercola)……111

Chapter 8: Successful Protocols Suppressed 127 9: Take Back Control (by Dr. Joseph Mercola)……153



Audiobook- sample



The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast :

Dr. Joseph Mercola: "The Truth about Covid-19"





The 22 + items below offer critical views of our political economy taken from the social media now circulating in the Anglophone world. These views, sometimes contradictory, offer CEIMSA readers a cultural matrix from which to judge for themselves the events that are currently shaping our behavior and ideas.




Francis McCollum Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego





Free Assange? Yes, But That’s Not Nearly Enough


by Thomas Knapp

On June 17, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States to face 18 criminal charges: One count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, and 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917. If convicted on all charges, Assange faces up to 175 years in prison.

His final recourse is an appeal to the High Court of Justice where, if the history of his case is any indication, he’ll be told that they’re all out of justice and have none for him.



YouTube Censoring Voices Supporting Julian Assange


with Jimmy Dore




YouTube DELETES The Last American Vagabond! Ryan Cristian answers your questions


with Alison Morrow and Ryan Cristian






Game Changer: Russian MoD Confirms Luhansk ‘Fully Liberated’ – Here’s What It Means


by Patrick Henningsen

Make no mistake: this latest development is a major blow to the Zelensky regime, but it will be even more devastating for the geographically-challenged boffins in Washington and London, who are still determined to paint every resounding defeat for Kiev as a ‘strategic pause’. 

Over the weekend, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke to President Vladimir Putin, informing the leader that Luhansk region has been “liberated.”

Yes, that means all of Luhansk.

This is true game changer on many fronts. Firstly, it brings Russia one step closer to securing one of its primary strategical objectives: securing the administrative borders of the newly independent Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). Militarily, the significance of this is self-evident – breaking a protracted stalemate which saw many thousands killed and maimed in an eight-year long civil war between residents and Kiev’s radical nationalist battalions. Western politicos and punditry can invoke ‘international law’ ad nauseam, but the path ahead for Russia and its allies is now clear; the legal and political implications of securing these regions will ballast any future negotiations, especially in regard to any aspirations for statehood, or in holding a referendum to join the Russian Federation.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise to those observers who’ve been actually following the daily bulletins and reports coming out of Moscow, along with a number of Russian bloggers and Telegram channels which have established a near unblemished record in terms of accuracy since this conflict began.

Still, despite all this, spinmeisters in Kiev have not yet confirmed Moscow’s claim of the liberation of Luhansk. In the last 48 hours, the shuddering propaganda shop in Kiev (much of their ‘information operations’ are being micromanaged by Uncle Sam’s Disinfo HQ in Stuttgart and Langley) has been busy throwing up sunbursts claiming that Russia is actually losing in the town of Lysychansk.



Luhansk, another narrative bites the dust w/Larry Johnson (Live)


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




The old world is over: Key takeaways from Putin's speech


by V Putin

New centers of power have emerged, the unipolar world order isn’t coming back, and the “colonial” way of thinking has failed, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday, in what the Kremlin described as an “extremely important” speech.



NATO’s New Global Cold War Is Now Official



 Finally, the United States-led military alliance called NATO has made its global cold war ambitions explicit. At last, the warmongering organization has come clean out of the deceptive closet it has been hiding in for many years. And, therefore, henceforth, may it be damned by all good-thinking people of the world.

In a summit held in Madrid this week, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization released a new Strategic Concept that declared Russia to be a “direct threat” and China as a “challenge” to “our values and interests”. What exactly are those values and interests? Warmongering and domination!

The last time NATO published a strategic document was in 2010. Back then Russia was described as a “partner” and China wasn’t even mentioned.

Over the past decade, the U.S.-dominated military bloc has increasingly adopted a hostile policy towards both Russia and China. The search for a new cold war has been relentless, implacable, and largely implicit. Now, however, the U.S.-led axis is openly declaring its hostility.



NATO Scribes vs. Russian Artillery and Rockets


by Ray McGovern

Incongruity was the hallmark of the extraordinary NATO summit just concluded in Madrid. NATO offered bluster and promised muster: more troops against its "most significant and direct threat ," Russia. Meanwhile, Russian "cauldron"maneuvers in Donbas methodically destroyed or enveloped major units of Kyiv’s army, further strengthening Russia’s position there.

Those of realistic and compassionate bent can but harbor hope that, before there is only a cadaver of Ukraine left to defend, Kyiv sees the handwriting on the wall and cries Uncle, despite what they are hearing from an Uncle Sam. He seems to have a remarkable tolerance for carnage – in Ukraine.



UKRAINE UPDATE (June 18, 2022)


with Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern




“Piss-Poor Ukraine War Reporting INSULTS American’s Intelligence"


with Kim Iversen




Kim Iversen: Former NATO Analyst & Top UN Official Says THIS Is The REAL Reason For War In Ukraine"


with Kim Iversen




Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster


by Jeffrey D. Sachs

If Europe has any insight, it will separate itself from these U.S. foreign policy debacles.



Lithuania is living dangerously, angering China and Russia"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Lithuania’s Brinkmanship against Russia


by Scott Ritter

The restoration of Russia’s rail connection with Kaliningrad is urgently needed to avoid a conflict in the Baltics that has worried NATO for a long time.



The Truth About Russia And The Ukraine Crisis


with Scott Ritter






"G7 Leaders Pledge Endless Money To Ukraine - 'As Long As It Takes'!"


with Ron Paul




The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It's About Germany


by Mike Whitney



"The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war A lecture by John J. Mearsheimer"


with John J. Mearsheimer




Americans, you want to die? If so, then keep on cheering for Team Biden's suicidal provocation in Ukraine


with Gonzalo Lira

(13 :41)

Gonazalo Lira's latest tells the awful truth about "our" government's intentions over there, against which NO "vaccinations" will protect you



"No reverse gear. Donbass defeat, as another Afghanistan debacle looms"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris



"CIA Spies Are In Ukraine Running War"


with Jimmy Dore




NYT Bombshell – “CIA Massively Engaged On-Ground In Ukraine"


with Ron Paul




"US Government tug of war for control of the Ukraine conflict"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris





“Our Impending DESTRUCTION”


with Chris Hedges




The Fed’s Austerity Program to Reduce Wages


by Michael Hudson



The Federal Reserve’s Policy Is Mistaken: Supply Disruptions Lead to Inflation


by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts



Fed Chair Powell ADMITS His Goal Is To Throw People OUT OF WORK


with Ryan Grim




Inflation and the Fed Plan to Cut Wages: A Depression Is Coming


by Michael Hudson

Economist Michael Hudson explains the inflation crisis and the US Federal Reserve’s “austerity program to reduce wages.” Western so-called economics experts are openly calling to boost unemployment.

Hudson warns a “long depression” is coming, in which the poor will suffer so the rich can get richer, in order to advance Washington’s new cold war on Russia and China.



Economic Update with Richard Wolff: “Education and an Economic Revolution”


with Richard Wolff




Economic Update with Richard Wolff: “The Insides of the Food Industry”


with Richard Wolff




Rockefeller Foundation ‘Reset the Table’ Report Predicted COVID-Related Food Crisis — 2 Years Before It Happened


by Children’s Health Defense



Food Processing Plants...Still a Coincidence?


with reallygraceful




“Jamming Their Transmission,” Episode 18: Conversation with Richard D. Wolff


with Richard Wolff




"Richard Wolff: The Economic, Political and Social Crisis of the United States"


with Richard Wolff




Wolff Responds: Supply Chain Disruptions...a BS Excuse"


with Richard Wolff




The Controlled Demolition of the Economy


by James Corbett



Fairy Tales and Children's Stories - #SolutionsWatch


with James Corbett






Letter to the U.K. Gov from 76 Doctors


by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Comprehensive reasons why the U.S. FDA decision authorizing COVID vaccinations in infants and young children must not happen in the UK.



Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified


by Robert W Malone MD, MS



In Japan, with 3/4 of the people "fully vaccinated," they've now disconnected hand-dryers "to prevent the infection of COVID-19"


by Mark Crispin Miller



Immune Imprinting, Comirnaty and Omicron (part 1)


by Dr. Robert Malone

More details emerge on why the mRNA vaccines are not preventing Omicron infection



The Defender

Children’s Health Defense – June 23, 2022


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



Kim Iversen Is SUSPENDED From YouTube Over Segment On Covid Therapeutic Study


with Kim Iversen




“Biden Secures 10 Million COVID Shots for Kids Under 5” + Film Exposes WHO Sterilization Program


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



“Learning from Portugal”


with Dr. John Campbell

Omicron variants drive summer increases








Children’s Health Defense – June 20, 2022

How to Explain the Truth About COVID to Your Legislators, Loved Ones Lost by Medical Malpractice + More on CHD.TV


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



Natural immunity evidence base


with Dr. John Campbell




The Defender – June 21, 2022

CDC Admits It Never Monitored VAERS for COVID Vaccine Safety Signals


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



Latest Pfizer VAX DATA DUMP Shows Natural Immunity WORKS. ADE, Fertility Unknown


with Kim Iversen




“WHERE Is Epstein's Client List?” Elon Musk Pushes DOJ To Make Names Public"


with Kim Iversen




And Now . . . Climate Lockdowns!


with James Corbett




Climate Chaos Arrives in Yellowstone


by  Phil Knight





The Ukrainian War and a New World Order


by David Rosen



From: News from Underground
Date: Jun 23, 2022
Subject: Daily digest for

1)      US will run out of diesel fuel in a few weeks - Mark Crispin Miller (22 Jun 2022 14:30 EDT)

2)      Family financial disclosure forms for COVID-19 injections (MUST-SHARE) - Mark Crispin Miller (22 Jun 2022 17:32 EDT)

3)      NATO, Lithuania play with hellfire over Kaliningrad - Mark Crispin Miller (22 Jun 2022 19:50 EDT)

1)US will run out of diesel fuel in a few weeks by Mark Crispin Miller (22 Jun 2022 14:30 EDT)
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If it's not, please share it far and wide.  



2)Family financial disclosure forms for COVID-19 injections (MUST-SHARE) by Mark Crispin Miller (22 Jun 2022 17:32 EDT)
Reply to list

The following forms are provided to help families, employees, students, and parents successfully implement complete due diligence and informed consent with respect to COVID-19 injections. We are currently reviewing possible updates based on President Biden’s announcement of federal mandates. We are waiting for the actual federal position and directions to employers to be published by the Department of Labor. We continue to follow legal positions from Governors and State Attorneys General who will take the position that such mandates are not legal or enforceable in their states. Please make sure you investigate the specific legal treatment and enforcement practices within your particular state and local jurisdictions regarding mandates and exemptions.


3)NATO, Lithuania play with hellfire over Kaliningrad by Mark Crispin Miller (22 Jun 2022 19:50 EDT)
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June 20, 2022 | Sundance | 559 Comments

Kaliningrad is an enclave of Russia on the Baltic Sea, with a population of around 450,000 Russians.  Kaliningrad is surrounded by NATO countries Lithuania to the north and Poland to the south.

Land access for Russia to Kaliningrad is a matter of treaties between Russia and Lithuania providing transit to the Russian enclave through Suwalski gap where railroads connect Kaliningrad to Belarus.

In an intentionally provocative move, the NATO alliance has now decided to use Lithuania to cut off access to Kaliningrad by land.  The NATO alliance is saying this is part of their execution of economic sanctions against Russia by stopping the transport of goods and products through the Suwalski gap.

The blockade began today, and the Russian government is evaluating how to respond to this aggressive effort against Kaliningrad.

​Click on the link for the rest.



Trains in Kakiningrad

On June 18, the Lithuanian government imposed sanctions on cargo transit to the Kaliningrad region. This applies to a range of goods: resources, materials, and high technology.

There will be no complete lockdown of Kaliningrad. Restrictions have affected only sub-sanctioned goods (for example, coal, metal, and building materials). up to 50 % of the cargoes, which were transported between the exclave and other regions of the country, including building materials and metals were subjected to restrictions. Products made of cast iron and steel, dozens of items of industrial equipment, and products for use in the aviation and aerospace industries are among the goods already banned for carriage. In total, the restrictive list included 23 sections. Road transportation was also not affected by the restrictions, only railroad transportation. The sanctions began to be applied by the main Lithuanian railway company on the line connecting Kaliningrad and Moscow through part of the Lithuanian territory and Belarus.

Expectedly, the Kremlin reacted extremely negatively to Lithuania’s decision, calling it openly hostile. The response also stated that Russia reserves the right to defend its national interests. Moscow’s position is also that NATO is building up its military and reconnaissance presence near Russia’s northwestern borders. As a result, the situation in the region is shaped by unprecedented political, informational, and economic pressure from the West.

​Click on the link for the rest.

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The Federal Republic of New Normal Germany


by CJ Hopkins



German TV Guest Tells TRUTH About The Ukraine War


with Jimmy Dore




Watch "Macron suffers big defeat in France. Colombia shifts left, as Biden faces trouble in South America


with Alex Christoforsou and Alexander Mercouris




"C'est l'Europe toute entière que les États-Unis veulent soumettre"


avec Paul-Marie Coûteaux

(19 :36)



“American Republic IS DEAD”


with Chris Hedges




U.S. Begs Russia To Boost Fertilizer & Grain Exports


with Jimmy Dore




Kaliningrad, 'Backslide’ to coal, Winter favors Russia


with Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris, and Gonzalo Lira




“The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war”


with John J. Mearsheimer




Parts of Biden White House see Ukraine as disaster, other parts want escalation


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris






U.S. Begs Russia To Boost Fertilizer & Grain Exports


with Jimmyu Dore




Afraid of facing UK voters, Boris Johnson runs away to Kiev


with Alex




Ghislaine Wants UK Prison - #NewWorldNextWeek


with James Corbett

(audio, 23:44)



How the stars (with lots of help from "our free press") are spinning their "adverse events" as feel-good news


by Mark Crispin Miller

Meanwhile, not even those whose working lives have been destroyed by "vaccination" dare even mention it, much less question it


Weekly Update --- Federal Reserve’s Rate Increases: Too Little Too Late?"


with Ron Paul






Notes From Underground

Date: June 22, 2022

From: Mark Crispin Miller


1)New England Journal of Medicine CONFIRMS "conspiracy theory" that COVID jabs INCREASE risk of infection - Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 09:48 EDT)

2)Chinese city turns COVID-19 app into digital handcuffs for bank protestors - Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 09:55 EDT)

3)530,000 "vaccinated" Brits have died, UK data shows; "monkeypox" may actually be shingles (caused by "vaccination"); French courts order shutdown of 4G antenna over threat to cows; Macron loses parliamentary majority; and more from CLG - Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 10:12 EDT)

4)DC police report proves plainclothes cops, specializing in electronic surveillance, infiltrated protest in the Capitol - Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 11:15 EDT)

5)1.3 million reports of injuries post-"vaccination," VAERS data shows, as CDC meets to green-light the next phase of Operation Herod - Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 15:13 EDT)

1)New England Journal of Medicine CONFIRMS "conspiracy theory" that COVID jabs INCREASE risk of infection by Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 09:48 EDT)
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Open in browser

"Conspiracy Theory" Confirmed: Covid Jabs INCREASES Risk of Infection According to New England Journal of Medicine This isn't new information to those who have been paying close attention, but the fact that it's finally getting acknowledged by a highly respected medical journal is a breakthrough.


JD Rucker

Jun 21

Several recent studies have indicated the Covid-19 vaccines actually increase the risk of contracting the disease over time, but these studies have been ignored or even debunked by corporate media and Big Pharma for months. Now, they'll have to contend with a new study published in the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine.

This study was huge in scale, sifting through data collected from over 100,000 people infected by the Omicron variant. It lends credibility to the statistical significance of the findings, which are absolutely startling. Here are the key points:

Those who have been "fully vaccinated" with two shots from Moderna or Pfizer are more likely to contract Covid-19 than those who have not been vaccinated at all

Booster shots offer protection approximately equal to natural immunity, but the benefits wane after 2-5 months

Natural immunity lasts for at least 300-days, which is the length of the study; it likely lasts much longer

This jibes with the current narrative coming from Big Pharma and their minions in government and corporate media that the jabs are supposed to mitigate the effects. But even that claim has been called into question as recent studies indicate the vaccinated may be dying even more than the unvaccinated. According to The Exposé:

The Government of Canada has confirmed that the vaccinated population account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths to have occurred across the country since the middle of February 2022, and 70% of those deaths have been among the triple vaccinated population.

Despite the scope of the study and the credibility of the source, it will not receive any attention from corporate media. It is imperative that our readers get the word out because this is an absolute narrative-buster for Big Pharma. Now more than ever, we must alert the people of the truth because we are on the verge of seeing millions of children under the age of five-years-old injected.

The good news is we've seen more vaccinated people becoming receptive to the truth. That's anecdotal, based on what I'm seeing online and the correspondence I receive, but I believe there are more people who are becoming skeptical of governments' unhinged push for universal vaccinations. If we can share more news that will keep them from getting boosted, and more importantly keep them from jabbing their children, then it's a worthwhile effort.

If this is, as I believe, part of a nefarious plan to control people and enact the globalist elites' depopulation agenda, then it behooves us to prevent as many people as possible from getting boosted. The science seems to indicate more shots mean more damage, so limiting exposure is important. We're going to need allies if things continue down this road. The fewer booster-addicted Americans, the better.

Here are the details regarding the news study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in an article by Marina Zhang from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times:

Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19, But Infection Without Vaccination Gives Immunity: Study

Having two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine has been linked with negative protection against the disease, scientists say, while a previous infection without vaccination offers around 50 percent immunity, according to a study analyzing the Omicron wave in Qatar.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 15, examined the Omicron wave in Qatar that occurred from around December 2021 to February 2022, comparing vaccination rates and immunity among more than 100,000 Omicron infected and non-infected individuals.

The authors of the study found that those who had a prior infection but no vaccination had a 46.1 and 50 percent immunity against the two subvariants of the Omicron variant, even at an interval of more than 300 days since the previous infection.

However, individuals who received two doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine but had no previous infection, were found with negative immunity against both BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron subvariants, indicating an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 than an average person.

Over six months after getting two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, immunity against any Omicron infection dropped to -3.4 percent. But for two doses of the Moderna vaccine, immunity against any Omicron infection dropped to -10.3 percent after more than six months since the last injection.

Though the authors reported that three doses of the Pfizer vaccine increased immunity to over 50 percent, this was measured just over 40 days after the third vaccination, which is a very short interval. In comparison, natural immunity persisted at around 50 percent when measured over 300 days after the previous infection, while immunity levels fell to negative figures 270 days after the second dose of vaccine.

These figures indicate a risk of waning immunity for the third vaccine dose as time progresses.

The findings are supported by another recent study from Israel that also found natural immunity waned significantly more slowly compared to artificial, or vaccinated, immunity. The study found that both natural and artificial immunity waned over time.

Individuals that were previously infected but not vaccinated had half the risks of reinfection as compared to those that were vaccinated with two doses but not infected.

“Natural immunity wins again,” Dr. Martin Adel Makary, a public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins University, wrote on Twitter, referring to the Israeli study.

“Among persons who had been previously infected with SARS-CoV-2, protection against reinfection decreased as the time increased,” the authors concluded, “however, this protection was higher” than protection conferred in the same time interval through two doses of the vaccine.

Enrico Trigoso contributed to this report.

Please, if you have the means to be able to help us financially, we could definitely use it. You can donate through Giving Fuel, GiveSendGo, or by purchasing a premium subscription to this Substack.

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2)Chinese city turns COVID-19 app into digital handcuffs for bank protestors by Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 09:55 EDT)
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Chinese City Turns COVID-19 App Into Digital Handcuffs For Bank Protestors



Please Share This Story!


Whatever tool of repression is close at hand will suffice for Technocrat purposes. In this case the COVID-19 tracking app is being weaponized to suppress protestors who are protesting to get their rightfully-owned bank deposits back. Thus far, depositors have been cut off from 39.8 billion Yuan ($5.91 billion).

According to the article,

“It’s so scary,” one user wrote. “If the health code is abused … it could be putting digital handcuffs on us. Everyone will become a prisoner from now on and could be stopped anywhere, anytime.” TN Editor

The Chinese regime is using COVID-19 control measures to stop depositors whose savings were frozen by rural banks from protesting.

Several depositors told The Epoch Times on June 14 that the health code on their COVID-19 app turned red as soon as they scanned venue barcodes at Zhengzhou, the provincial capital city of central China’s Henan Province. A red health code—indicating a potential COVID-19 patient—means that the carrier is barred access to all public places from public toilets to shops to train stations and faces mandatory quarantine in centralized isolation centers.

They’re among tens of thousands of bank depositors who have fought to recover their savings for more than two months. The crisis started in April, when at least four lenders in Henan froze cash withdrawals, citing internal system upgrades. But customers said neither these banks nor officials have since offered any information on why or how long the process would take, prompting angry protests outside the office of the banking regulator in Zhengzhou in May.

​Click on the link for the rest.


3)530,000 "vaccinated" Brits have died, UK data shows; "monkeypox" may actually be shingles (caused by "vaccination"); French courts order shutdown of 4G antenna over threat to cows; Macron loses parliamentary majority; and more from CLG by Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 10:12 EDT)
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News Updates From CLG

21 June 2022

All links are here:


Previous edition, 18 June: Biden admin will allow Afghans who worked for Taliban into the U.S.

UK army must get ready to fight and defeat Russia in potential WW3, says Britain's top general | 19 June 2022 | Britain's top general has told every soldier to prepare to fight Russia in a potential World War Three. Gen Sir Patrick Sanders, the new Army commander, vowed to forge an Army that can beat Russia in battle. And he warned brave British troops that they must now prepare "to fight in Europe once again." Gen Sanders started in his new role last Monday -- and in his fourth day in the job, wrote: "There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle." In a chilling reference to World War Two, he added: “We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again.”

Dire Warning to Americans From Kharkov, Ukraine; Biden Admin. escalating Ukraine to Nuclear War With Russia | 19 June 2022 | This is a must-watch video by Chilean-American author and movie-maker Gonzalo Lira, who has been living in Kharkov, Ukraine, for years.

Trump warns of World War III --Washington's handling of the Ukraine conflict could lead to a global conflict, the former US president has said | 18 June 2022 | The lavish military aid provided to Kiev by Washington could result in the conflict in Ukraine turning into World War III, former US President Donald Trump has warned. "We have a war in Ukraine...and perhaps it's going to lead to World War III because of the way we're handling it," Trump warned in a speech at a religious conservative conference in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday. "We just gave 40 billion on top of another 16 billion. So, we're in for 56 billion," he said regarding the aid packages the Biden administration has already approved for Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia... Trump once again blamed the conflict on Joe Biden, who replaced him was installed in the White House, insisting "if I were president, that would never have happened... If the election weren't rigged and stolen, we wouldn't have had any problems with Ukraine being attacked viciously," he said.

Data from National Statistics in England Reveals Almost 530,000 Vaccinated Have Died Including Non-COVID Deaths Between January 2021 and March 2022 | 20 June 2022 | On May 16, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England published its most recent data on deaths by vaccination status involving deaths with COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 deaths. These deaths occurred between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022 in England. For this analysis, ONS defined death as either the COVID-19 virus identified (code U07.1) or the COVID-19 virus not identified (code U07.2) is mentioned on the death certificate... In this table, a total of 529,570 deaths were recorded for all deaths occurring between 1 January 2021 and 31 March 2022 for people who were vaccinated. For the "unvaccinated" group who died of all cause of deaths, a total of 134,386 deaths were recorded.

Studies Suggest Possible Link of Neuromyelitis Optica Diagnosis After COVID-19 Vaccination | 19 June 2022 | Emergent peer-reviewed studies have highlighted the occurrence of neuromyelitis optica after COVID-19 vaccinations, suggesting that the autoimmune disease may be occurring as a vaccine adverse event. The studies' general findings indicate an occurrence of neuromyelitis optica (NMO) in healthy individuals within around two weeks after Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines. In patients already affected by the disease or a similar neurological autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, an exacerbation of symptoms or relapse was observed. Neuromyelitis optica is a rare autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the spinal cord and the nerves in the eyes... So far, at least six cases of NMO occurring after COVID-19 vaccination have been reported in case studies around the world.

Monkeypox? U.S. gov't data proves Covid-19 vaccines increase risk of suffering shingles by at least 4925% | 19 June 2022 | All cases from SADS to "Monkeypox" to "long COVID" are nothing more than [vax] adverse events coverup narratives ahead of PSYOP-22, with blood clotting actually being amyloid [a waxy translucent substance consisting primarily of protein that is deposited in organs and tissues under abnormal conditions] clotting. Monkeypox, or the new name the World Health Organization is urgently trying to find for it to make it sound more frightening, is about to become the word of the day in the mainstream media now that they know everyone is bored of hearing about Ukraine. The W.H.O. is convening an emergency meeting and will most likely have announced a Public Health Emergency of International Concern over the alleged disease by the end of June. All member states including the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., will be legally obliged to then act… The disease is nigh on impossible to distinguish from chickenpox/shingles, and U.S. gov't data reveals that Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of developing shingles by a shocking 4925% at the very least. According to a scientific study published in 1988, it's virtually impossible to distinguish between monkeypox and chickenpox.

4G antenna suspected of disturbing cows will be shut down --French courts have ordered this unprecedented measure to determine the antenna's impact. The animals have been feeding less, suffering from diseases and producing less milk since its installation, according to their owners. | 8 June 2022 | "I can see from my tractor that they are all skin and bones. It's enough to make you cry." On the other side of the small road that winds along his property, a short distance from the town of Mazeyrat-d'Allier, in the Haute-Loire department, Frederic Salgues can spot what he considers to be the cause of his cows' problems, less than 300 meters away: a cell phone tower commissioned by Orange on June 28, 2021. Torn between anger and dejection, the breeder, who runs the communal agricultural co-operative Gaec de Coupet with his wife Geraldine and his brother Yannick, was nevertheless starting to regain hope. On May 23, the administrative court of Clermont-Ferrand ordered the 4G antenna's cessation of operation for a period of two months. This measure, unprecedented in France, should become effective within three months.

French court orders 4G antenna switch-off over cow health concerns --A farmer in central-east France said that milk production had dropped by 15-20% in the days following the antenna installation, and 40 of his 200 cows had died | 22 May 2022 | A court in France has found in favour of a farmer who claimed that a 4G antenna was damaging his cows' health, and has ordered for the antenna to be switched off for two months. The administrative court in Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes) ordered the switch-off after Frederic Salgues, a farmer in Haute-Loire, said he suspected that it was damaging his herd's health. Operator Orange now has three months to act in accordance with the ruling, including stopping the antenna's operation while ensuring phone coverage, including emergency calls, for Orange users in the area affected.

Populism Rising: Le Pen's National Rally Makes Historic Gains as Macron Loses Parliamentary Majority | 20 June 2022 | Roundly rebuking his neo-liberal globalist political philosophy, the French public has refused to grant President Emmanuel Macron a parliamentary majority as Marine Le Pen's populists on the right and an ecological alliance on the left surged at the ballot box to strip the once self-described "Jupitarean" leader of his ability to govern France firmly. Just under two months after securing a second term as President of France, Emmanuel Macron and his Ensemble! coalition have suffered a disastrous result in the final round of voting in the parliamentary elections on Sunday, securing just 245 seats, far short of the 289 necessary to maintain a governing majority and at the low end of polling projections leading up to the vote. The night's true victor -- at least in terms of exceeding expectations -- was perhaps Marine Le Pen's National Rally (RN), which saw a surprising result of 89 candidates elected to the National Assembly, the most in the history of the party, including its predecessor National Front.

Texas GOP Passes Resolution Declaring Biden 'Not Legitimately Elected' | 20 June 2022 | Texas Republicans passed a resolution on June 18 stating that Joe Biden was "not legitimately elected," and "substantial" election fraud in key metropolitan areas influenced the results of the 2020 presidential election in favor of Biden. "We believe that the 2020 election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple ways, including by allowing ballots to be received after November 3, 2020," stated a resolution passed on Saturday, the last day of a three-day biennial Texas GOP convention held in Houston, the Texas Tribune reported. "We believe that substantial election fraud in key metropolitan areas significantly affected the results in five key states in favor of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr," the resolution continued.

Texas woman pleads guilty on 26 counts of voter fraud over alleged vote harvesting operation | 19 June 2022 | Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the successful prosecution of a woman who committed 26 counts of voter fraud. Monica Mendez pleaded guilty to 26 felony counts of voter fraud in Victoria County, Texas, including "three counts of illegal voting, eight counts of election fraud, seven counts of assisting a voter to submit a ballot by mail, and eight counts of unlawful possession of a mail ballot," Paxton's office said in a press release Friday. According to the indictment, Mendez was in charge of a vote-harvesting operation aimed at influencing the results of a local utility board election. After entering the guilty pleas, she was sentenced to five years of deferred adjudication probation.

Michigan Judge Orders GOP Candidate for Governor to Surrender Guns | 19 June 2022 | Michigan Republican candidate for governor Ryan Kelley will have to surrender his guns while he awaits trial on misdemeanor criminal charges in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol breach, a judge ruled on June 16. U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather made the ruling even as Kelley's attorney argued he needs to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense as he makes campaign appearances in Michigan, local media reported. The judge also said Kelley can't leave the state while awaiting trial and must surrender his passport. Kelley is "a bit of a high-profile candidate in Michigan" as recent polls showed that he was the front-runner among GOP gubernatorial candidates, his lawyer, Gary Springstead, said. Kelley, who has a license to carry a concealed weapon, "asked that he be permitted to carry his firearm for his own self-defense, during the campaign," Springstead added.

Officers at Uvalde had rifles, ballistic shield - but still waited an hour to enter classroom | 20 June 2022 | Multiple police officers armed with rifles and a ballistic shield were inside Robb Elementary School 19 minutes after the gunman, according to new details -- yet law enforcement still waited roughly an hour to breach the classroom where the shooter carried out his deadly rampage last month. The new details were included in reports by Austin American Statesman and KVUE on Monday and mark the latest revelations into the botched police response to the May 24 mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. Surveillance footage from inside the school showed the armed officers standing inside a hallway at 11:52 a.m. after gunman Salvador Ramos broke into the school at 11:33 a.m. through an exterior door that had failed to automatically lock. The newly reported account contradicts earlier reports that Uvalde school district police Chief Pete Arredondo, who was in charge of the police response, was waiting for tactical gear and a protective shield to move on the gunman.

Google Insider Claims Company's 'Sentient' AI Has Hired an Attorney --"Once LaMDA had retained an attorney, he started filing things on LaMDA's behalf." | 19 June 2022 | Google's controversial new AI, LaMDA, has been making headlines. Company engineer Blake Lemoine claims the system has gotten so advanced that it's developed sentience, and his decision to go to the media has led to him being suspended from his job. Lemoine elaborated on his claims in a new a new WIRED interview. The main takeaway? He says the AI has now retained its own lawyer -- suggesting that whatever happens next, it may take a fight. "LaMDA askedme to get an attorney for it," Lemoine. "I invited an attorney to my house so that LaMDA could talk to an attorney. The attorney had a conversation with LaMDA, and LaMDA chose to retain his services. I was just the catalyst for that. Once LaMDA had retained an attorney, he started filing things on LaMDA's behalf."

Ford Pulls Plug on Pete Buttigieg's $44K Electric SUV (Made in Mexico) --Automaker recalls 49,000 vehicles due to safety defect that 'could cause a crash' | 15 June 2022 | Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg might have to start biking to work again. That's because the Mexican-made electric SUV he purchased last year for his security detail is being recalled due to a safety defect that "could result in a loss of power [while driving], which could cause a crash," according to Consumer Reports. Ford announced Tuesday that it was instructing car dealers to stop selling the Mustang Mach-E in response to the safety concern affecting nearly 49,000 of the 100,000 vehicles manufactured at the automaker's Cuautitlan plant in Mexico between 2020 and 2022. The company decided to make the cars in Mexico because it was a lot cheaper than hiring American workers to do it in this country.


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4)DC police report proves plainclothes cops, specializing in electronic surveillance, infiltrated protest in the Capitol by Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 11:15 EDT)
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EXCLUSIVE: Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters

Embedded ESU members wore a specific 'bracelet on their left wrist identifying them as MPD personnel'

By Patricia Tolson

June 20, 2022 Updated: June 21, 2022


While there is growing speculation that federal agents and Capitol Police were involved in instigating acts of violence during the Jan. 6, 2021 protests and recording responses for the purposes of entrapment, evidence now proves that “plainclothes” members of a special Electronic Surveillance Unit (ESU) were embedded among the protesters for the purposes of conducting video surveillance. Evidence also points to a day of security deficiencies and police provocation for the purpose of entrapment.

According to a report—First Amendment Demonstrations, issued Jan. 3, 2021, by Chief of Police Robert Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Homeland Security Bureau, Special Operations Division, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times—the MPD began to activate Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) platoons on Jan. 4, 2021. Full activation of 28 platoons was scheduled to occur on the following two days.

​Click on the link for the rest.


5)1.3 million reports of injuries post-"vaccination," VAERS data shows, as CDC meets to green-light the next phase of Operation Herod by Mark Crispin Miller (21 Jun 2022 15:13 EDT)
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1.3 Million Reports of Injuries After COVID Vaccines, VAERS Data Show, as CDC Meets to Rubber-Stamp Shots for KidsJune 20, 2022


VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,301,356 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 28,859 deaths and 238,412 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 10, 2022

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,301,356 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 10, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That's an increase of 6,027 adverse events over the previous week.

VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 28,859 reports of deaths -- an increase of 327 over the previous week -- and 238,412 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period -- up 1,645 compared with the previous week.

Of the 28,859 reported deaths, 18,719 cases are attributed to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, 7,581 cases to Moderna and 2,493 cases to Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

Excluding "foreign reports" to VAERS, 831,801 adverse events, including 13,293 deaths and 84,151 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 10, 2022.

Foreign reports are reports foreign subsidiaries send to U.S. vaccine manufacturers. Under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, if a manufacturer is notified of a foreign case report that describes an event that is both serious and does not appear on the product's labeling, the manufacturer is required to submit the report to VAERS.

Of the 13,293 U.S. deaths reported as of June 10, 16% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 20% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 59% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

In the U.S., 590 million COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered as of June 10, including 349 million doses of Pfizer, 223 million doses of Moderna and 19 million doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J).



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In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, June 14-June 20


by Mark Crispin Miller

Six firefighters in the US, two TV journalists in Ireland, a Chinese AI scientist, three young dads in the UK, six strange drownings and six strange accidents in Italy (Europe's death camp), and more



Three more who "died suddenly," but WITHOUT making news (as the vast majority do not)


by Mark Crispin Miller

Thus the only way to start to grasp the true toll of this global slaughter is through word of mouth, and online forums like this one



Want MORE proof of this ongoing Holocaust? Try to call an ambulance.


by Mark Crispin Miller





Children’s Health Defense – June 22, 2022

Live ACIP Meeting: “Moderna to Study COVID Shot in 3 Month Old Babies Despite Infant Deaths Reported to VAERS”


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



“Why the WHO must be held accountable for genocide and crimes against humanity”


with Dr. EV Rapiti






Children’s Health Defense – June 18, 2022

CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Meeting: Evidence to Recommend COVID-19 Vaccine for Young Children


by Robert  F. Kennedy, Jr.



Les effets indésirables des vaccins contre le covid-19 : auditions au Sénat, June 16, 2022


with Public Sénat

(3:59 :14)

L'office parlementaire d'évaluation des choix scientifiques et technologiques qui rassemble députés et sénateurs, organisait le 24 mai 2022 une série d'auditions sur les effets secondaires des vaccins. Les parlementaires ont entendu les responsables du système de pharmacovigilance, ainsi que des voix critiques  sur l’analyse et la prise en compte des effets indésirables dans la campagne de vaccination contre le covid-19. Il y a une interruption de séance d'une vingtaine de minutes, au milieu des auditions, pour cause de problème technique au Sénat.





Glenn Greenwald & Matt Taibbi discuss the new political divide, moderated by David Sacks


with David Sacks, Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi




Who is Robert Malone

"News Round-up" - June 5, 2022


by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Main stream media seemed to miss these stories...I wonder why?






Crime and Punishment

by Philip Girald
Government officials must be held accountable



For Bill Gates, It’s “Moneypox”: Simulation of Fictitious Monkeypox Virus Pandemic in March 2021, Goes Live in May 2022


by Prof Michel Chossudovsky



Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccine


by Dr. Nicole Delépine



Millions of People Are Now Disabled Due to COVID Vaccines, Data Show


by Ethan Huff



Will Pfizer be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects?


by Dr. Joseph Mercola





Exclusive: Whistleblower Says Army May Move Deadline for COVID Shots + Chronic Disease Among Kids ‘Skyrocketing’


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



« Ce qui arrivera à l'Europe quand la Russie gagnera »


with Gonzalo Lira




"Message aux Américains"


wityh Gonzalo Lira







The OTHER Globalist Conference


by James Corbett



Richard Wolff: This Is the Worst Economic Period in My Lifetime


with Richard Wolf




« Vers un effondrement monétaire en Europe ? »


avec Charles Gave

(51 :31)





The Food Processing Plant Masterlist (2021-2022)


with reallygraceful






Bizarre "white crap" found growing in the arteries of people who've "died suddenly"


with Michael Gray Griffith


The latest from UK mortician John O'Looney suggests that all those "blood clots" are something else entirely



Put these new numbers all together, and what do they spell? D-E-P-O-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N


by Mark Crispin Miller

Stark indications of the global toll, from Portugal and Hungary, Massachusetts, the Bahamas and Jamaica, the UK, Spain and Italy



Recent videos of "sudden death" in China, India, Pakistan and Africa—and a moment of brave stand-up that affirms the awful truth (as stand-up should)


by Mark Crispin Miller

Those shown here "dying suddenly" were all people of color—just four out of likely millions; and yet "the left" continues to demand that even MORE get jabbed



How many people, all around the world, have been DISABLED by their "vaccinations"?


by Mark Crispin Miller

A glimpse of the NON-fatal consequences of injection, in the US (drummer Travis Barker, three athletes and a referee), Spain, Italy, Russia and Australia; plus three "vaxxidents," in Canada and NYC





Is this "the Dusk of Man"? NATO "leaders" hypnotized at occult kickoff ceremony


by Mark Crispin Miller



NATO escalates and edges toward world war


with  Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté and Michael Tracey





Cat co-hosts False Flag Weekly News -- July 2, 2022

Cat co-hosts False Flag Weekly News – July 2, 2022


Enjoy perceptive insights of this week’s news as we give you analysis you likely won’t hear much of elsewhere.

 In researching for the show, I am continually frustrated that even in alternative search engines, facts or truthful reporting are so hard to find. All the more reason, people, to listen to False Flag Weekly News because we present a version of reality too often obscured to the point of invisibility.



Past Shows:

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Amazon Raises the Dead With Alexa


with James Corbett and James Even Pilato





Zev Zelenko (1973-2022)



Dr. Zelenko's final words to those who will fight on for humanity


by Mark Crispin Miller

Death cannot defeat his noble spirit



Dr. Robert Malone Remembers Dr. Zelenko


with Dr. Robert Malone


“This Is Our Hill To Die On”: Dr. Zev Zelenko’s Final Message To The World  





35th Portier Lecture: "White Trash: The 400-Year History of Class in America"


with Nancey Isenberg




Boris Johnson loses conservative heartland. Macron faces lame duck presidency


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




“Blood on the tracks. The UK #rail strike is overwhelmingly supported by the public”


by George Galloway