Bulletin N° 1054

"To Kill a Mockingbird," an audio book


by Harper Lee, read by Sally Darling



“To Kill a Mocking Bird,” the film version


with Gregory Peck





Subject: The BIG LIE and the fear it entails . . . . LIVE NOW: The Nuremberg Code, 75th Anniversary Commemoration





August 21, 2022


Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


I just finished reading Harper Lee’s classic book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which I first read more than fifty years ago. It contains stunning descriptions of mass psychosis and successful non-violent encounters with mob rule. This book has been censored today by some libraries in the US, which is a remarkable perversion by "democracy from above."


Worker self-management is a central goal of any socialist agenda, and as we can plainly see, management operating from ruling-class interests produces violence against society that is almost irreparable.


The 21+ items below offer readers material for careful consideration in public discussions about our future and the task which lies before us. “Reform” in any centralized class-dominated society remains suspect, and to take democratic control of the institutions which govern our thinking stands as a colosal conundrum. The information and discussions below are offered to help us sift through the debris and find new meaning in our lives, which have been fragmented beyond recognition while looking for leadership in all the wrong places.




Francis McCollum Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego




Black August Builds on Our Black Radical Traditions


by Charles Brooks



I Stole to Feed My Family and Was Incarcerated. We Need Resources, Not Prisons.


by Colette Payne

The story of poverty in the Black community is directly related to the history of slavery, Jim Crow and redlining laws.



New Research Finds CIA Used Black Americans as Drugs Experiment Guinea Pigs


by Kit Klarenberg

By now, many will be familiar with Project MKULTRA. For decades, the CIA conducted highly unethical experiments on humans in order to perfect brainwashing, mind control and torture techniques.

Perhaps the program’s most notorious aspect was the administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs to targets, particularly LSD. These substances were brought to Langley’s attention in 1948 by Richard Kuhn, one of 1,600 Nazi scientists covertly spirited to the U.S. via Operation Paperclip following World War II. When MKULTRA was formally established five years later, some individuals consulted directly on the project.

The unwitting dosing of U.S. citizens with LSD is infamous; among those spiked were CIA operatives themselves. That the Agency exploited mental patients, prisoners, and drug addicts for the purpose – “people who could not fight back,” in the words of an unnamed Agency operative – is less well-known.

A study by academics at the University of Ottawa’s Culture and Mental Health Disparities Lab sheds significant new light on this underexplored component of MKULTRA and illuminates a hitherto wholly unknown dimension of the program; people of color, overwhelmingly Black Americans, were disproportionately targeted by the CIA in its service.



Baynard Woods: 'An Autobiography of Whiteness'


by Marc Steiner and Baynard Woods

(audio, 49:31)



Covering Up Slavery in the Birth of the US


by Raphael E. Rogers


Empowering the Vote: Countering Race, Class, Caste Propaganda


with Chris Hedges




Reparations for African People


with Margaret Kimberley and Kamm Howard

(audio, 27:49)



US Threatens Ethiopia and Eritrea with “Genocide Designation”


by Ann Garrison



ESSAY AND PETITION: Massacre at Attica, The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service, 1971


by Editors of Black Agenda Review

To commemorate Black August and in memory of the forty-two men massacred during the September 13, 1971 Attica Prison uprising we reproduce below an essay and petition from The Black Panther Intercommunal New Service. Initially published on September 18, 1971, it was reprinted with a short preface in the January 18, 1972 issue of The Black Panther. It needs no further introduction.





“A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals”


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Ottawa police detective faces charges of "discreditable conduct" for investigating whether child deaths have been caused by "vaccination"
by Mark Crispin Miller
She may be fired, or demoted, for obstructing Canada's pursuit of 'Operation Herod.'



Law and Disorder


by Mr. Fish



Working in Prison Fields Didn’t “Correct” Me, It Revealed the System’s Brutality


by Kwaneta Harris

If one was paid to design a system that exacerbates trauma for vulnerable women, this would be the ideal model.



Wealthy Donors Bankroll Christian Nationalists to Sustain Unregulated Capitalism


by Nicholas Powers,



Patrick Lawrence: So Far As I Can Make Out


by Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence explores how the truth about Ukraine has turned into a recipe for anger and contempt from the Western media.



CBS deletes documentary promo on corrupt Ukraine military aid after US gov't pressure





The Psychological Warfare Apparatus Creates False Beliefs





Soldiers speak out against America's misguided wars


With Chris Hedges






Giant Satirical Billboards—Mounted on Trucks Driven All Over the Nation’s Capital—Are Publicly Shaming Democratic Party Leaders for Their Illegal Persecution of Julian Assange


by Steve Brown



CIA 'Blatantly Violated' Rights of Journalists and Lawyers Visiting Assange: Lawsuit


by Brett Wilkins



While Claiming to Defend Freedom Around the World, the U.S. Has Dozens of Political Prisoners—and the Majority are People of Color


by James Patrick Jordan



“This is a war of propaganda”: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange


with John Pilger




Former CIA Officer Joshua Schulte Faces as Many as 80 Years in Prison After Being Convicted For Providing Information to WikiLeaks


by John Kiriakou



Intelligence Services Interference in British Democracy, with Kit Klarenberg


by Lowkey





We Don't Need No Stinkin' Harvard: Why the Crew, and not the Captain, Will Save America


by Jon Jeter



“The Decline and Fall of Everything (Including Me)”


by Tom Engelhardt



Nicaragua's top health advisor on confronting Covid: ‘the way to face this was to keep working’


by Max Blumenthal





The Horrendous Damage of Censorship


by Todd Hayen

There has always been a hunger for new discoveries and revelations of the truth, but often, in the past, it took great effort to get past the “agenda”—there has always been one.

Think of the Daniel Ellsberg exposure of The Pentagon Papers as well as many pieces coming out of Viet Nam during the ‘60s by a group of idealist journalists covering the war there. None of these were popular publications with the editors (or the powers that be), and had their difficulty getting published, but they were not altogether censored.

Then jump a few decades ahead and think of Julian Assange, still being held against his will for his revealing publications in WikiLeaks on war crimes committed by the United States. And we certainly must not forget the courageous work of Edward Snowden who exposed illegal CIA surveillance in the summer of 2013 having The Guardian, in the UK, and The Washington Post, in the US, publish his story.

Again, although unusual considering today’s climate that his story was published in two particularly prominent instruments of the state, Snowden himself was declared an alleged traitor by the US and has dodged extradition to this day. The screws tightened as the years rolled by—now so tight practically nothing gets through.

There is a lot more than this, of course. And today the censoring of highly qualified professionals and journalists who have pertinent and quite important information to share with the public has become so blatant it brings to mind the Nazi book burnings of the 1930’s and Soviet censorship during Stalin’s reign as General Secretary of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1953.

It is impossible to know how devastating to a culture this sort of censorship is. One can only imagine what it would be like to live in a country where not a speck of information came to you that was not controlled by the state. The state could literally tell you anything and you would have to believe it. Or would you?

I believe one of the distinct differences between now and then is that people did not buy everything that was thrown at them by official word in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia (or the dozens of other such totalitarian regimes spread throughout the world before and since.) Today, although censorship is rampant in the Western world, stuff does get through.

The Internet is not so clamped shut that nothing of contrarian content gets to the eyes and ears of the masses. Actually, very little is stopped cold in its tracks. If you look hard enough, you can find just about anything. Why is this so? —probably because there is no real need to shut it out completely, the people are trained to ignore it.

In Germany or Russia during the height of their censorship efforts, a person could be shot for holding alternative news (truth). And if it did get out, it most definitely was listened to or read and was fervently consumed, but maybe not by everyone. There were always staunch Soviets, Leninists, Stalinists, and in Germany, Nazis who were loyal to the cause. I would venture to say that most of these people under the psychological thumb of their handlers.



Who Is Behind the Trusted News Initiative?


by Joseph Mercola

Story at-a-glance

·         The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was founded by the BBC in July 2019. While TNI claims to promote democracy and freedom, its purpose for being is global information control

·         Partners in the initiative include global media outlets such as The Washington Post, Reuters, The Associated Press, AFP, the Financial Times and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and Big Tech partners such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft

·         TNI was formed mere weeks after a Reuters Institute report revealed trust in U.S. media had slipped to an all-time low of just 29% — the lowest of the 46 countries included. Clearly, people were going elsewhere for the facts, and that probably had everything to do with the creation of TNI. They have no control over alternative media, so they needed a comprehensive way to shut them all down

·         By suppressing information about early treatment and the adverse effects suffered from the COVID shots, TNI partners have played a direct role in the destruction of lives. In short, TNI is the converse of “trusted news.” It is the very “fake news” it claims to combat

·         In addition to TNI, Google also has a similar program going on, called the Google News Initiative, which includes a $300 million funding commitment to the future of the news industry. The Google News Initiative is partnered with advertising agencies in a program called Trusted News for Trusted Advertising (TNTA), to ensure advertisers don’t have their ads associated with “false or misleading news,” thereby allowing them to “regain control of the media on which they publish the advertising”



At the Lost and Found


by Edward Curtin



Repression, Terror, Fear: The Government Wants to Silence the Opposition


by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead



Conspiratainment Bingo !


with James Corbett and James Evan Pialto




“One Nation Under Blackmail”


with Whitney Webb

(audio, 1:31:04)



“The News-Benders”


by Desmond Lowden




New Polls Show Almost No One Trusts Our Media Anymore


with Lee Camp




Delete Your Social Media


with James Corbett




Mass Media, Q&A


with James Corbett




"Our free press" and the Democratic Party are just one big, lethal mass of PROPAGANDA BOTS


by Mark Crispin Miller



Kim Iversen: What I Would Have Asked Fauci If I’d Been Allowed to Interview Him


by Suzanne Burdick

In a recent interview with Russell Brand, Kim Iversen said she’s no longer co-host of The Hill’s “Rising” because she wasn’t allowed to interview Dr. Anthony Fauci.



Just as the CDC pretends to have backed off, the NHS reveals (to just a few) what's really coming at us in the fall: "The biggest vaccination drive in history"


by Mark Crispin Miller

Those who think the worst is over better think again—because it really won't be over til WE end it





Sounding the Alarm: Normalizing the Jab with Lies


by Robert W Malone MD

Endless mRNA vaccines are in the works, as the CDC and FDA play "hide the data"



Moderna CEO Compares New COVID-19 Vaccines to IPhones


by  Rebecca Cohen



Documents Reveal Collusion Between CDC, Big Tech During Pandemic


by Douglas Blair



Spike Genes Have Patented DNA Sequences. “This is Dangerous.”


with Drbeen Medical Lectures




SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein Expression in Mice Causes Damage via Innate Immune System (Update 158)


with Roger Seheult, MD from  MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY




CDC Quietly Removes ‘Claim’ That Spike Protein Doesn’t ‘Last Long’ in Body After COVID Vaccine


by Madhava Setty, M.D.

Between July 2021 and July 23, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a series of changes to its “Facts about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines,” including adding — and then removing — a statement assuring readers the mRNA and spike protein “do not last long in the body.”





The BBC’s “Unvaccinated”: The Pandemic Dataset – Part 3


by Iain Davis


CDC Has Lost The Plot (And Any Credibility) With COVID, As The True Damage Of The Jab Comes To Light


with Ryan Cristián




In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, August 8-August 15


by Mark Crispin Miller

Musicians in the US, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Italy, Israel and Russia; athletes (and coaches) in the US, Canada, French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, UK, Germany, Romania and Australia; and more



Rochelle Walensky gets an intervention


by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Senior Executive Service steps into the CDC leadership vacuum, BARDA grows up


CoronaVax safety in the Netherlands
by Robert W Malone MD, MS
Dr. Theo Schetters' survey of public data from the NL and Ontario, Canada




CNN Allows The TRUTH About Ukraine On Air! CDC Abandons COVID Restrictions!


by Max Blumenthal



Watch ‘Another brick in the wall,’ Roger Waters destroys CNN Ukraine propaganda


with Roger Waters




Zelensky Calls on West to Ban Russian Travelers, Says ‘Whole Population’ of Russia Is Responsible for the War


by Dave DeCamp



The Ukrainian Boondoggle as a Black Hole


by W.J. Astore



The Most Bloated Military Budget in U.S. History Is Being Specially Named to Honor an 87-Year-Old Disciple of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan


by Jeremy Kuzmarov



Interrogating Cold War 2.0


with Whitney Webb, Patrick Wood, Iain Davis, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Kit Knightly




NPR Distorts History of US Invasion of Afghanistan


by Bryce Greene





Israel’s True Target Is Not Islamic Jihad


by  Ahmed Abu Artema



J-Street, Andy Levin, and Liberal Zionism


by Miko Peled



Washington’s Assassination Bureau


by Philip Giraldi

I often complain that Washington’s heavily lopsided relationship with Israel is an arrangement that brings absolutely no benefit to the American people, and even less to our national security as it has involved the US in an endless series of completely avoidable conflicts. But there is one exception to that generalization, though one hesitates to call it a benefit, consisting of the White House’s adoption of the Israel practice of referring to opponents as “terrorists.” Israel uses it as a generic cover designation to denigrate and humiliate the Palestinians while also delegitimizing their resistance, permitting them to torture and kill Arabs at will, destroy their homes, and bomb them mercilessly. Washington, which claims to be the font of a “rules based international order” as well as the defender of global “democracy” and “freedom,” has developed since 9/11 an unfortunate tendency to do the same thing as the Israelis to justify its attacks on civilians and its brutal assassination policies.

In fact, the US and Israel are generally speaking the only two countries that openly use “targeted assassination” as a political tool without even bothering to fall back on “plausible denial” to conceal their actions. Israel only last week, initiated a politically motivated bombing attack on Gaza, which killed 45 civilians, including seventeen children and destroyed numerous homes. No Israelis were killed or even injured when the Gazans struck back with their home-made rockets. Both the White House and leaders in the US Congress congratulated the Israelis for “exercising their right to defend themselves.”



Global Solidarity of the Oppressed is the Kryptonite of Zionism and Imperialism


by Mark P. Fancher



Lynched by Israeli soldiers: father from Gaza killed in the West Bank


by  Tareq S. Hajjaj



Advocates demand Israel end solitary confinement of Ahmad Manasra, imprisoned at 13


by Mansa Musa



A dangerous message': How the West is enabling Israel's orgy of violence against Palestinians


by David Hearst



“Under a Virtual Siege” - Activists Demand PayPal Offer its Services to Palestinians


by Jessica Buxbaum



Why Israel hates the Palestinians so much


by Marwan Bishara





NATO-backed network of Syria dirty war propagandists identified


by Aaron Maté



Former NATO assistant secretary general says US wasted billions on wrong type of army in Afghanistan


by Rob Crilly



U.S. steals 89 tankers of oil from Syria: state media-Xinhua


by Xinhua



Ship carrying first Ukraine grain cargo nears Syria: Sources


by Reuters



How Britain fueled Ukraine's war machine and invited direct conflict with Russia


by T J Coles



UK Foreign Aid Payments Paused Until Autumn Due to Overspending Concerns


by Alberto Nardelli



IAEA should visit Zaporozhye NPP as soon as possible — Russian diplomat - Russian Politics & Diplomacy



Moscow believes that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should not delay its visit to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and send a mission to the facility in late August or early September, Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov told TASS in an interview.

"We believe that the IAEA should not delay the visit. It would be good if it is held in late August or early September, but not all things depend on us," he said.

The diplomat went on to say that Russia has repeatedly expressed its official stance on the visit publicly and officially, including in front of the UN Security Council.

"It would be a very delicate, a very sensitive event. We need to once again coordinate the route, security issues, approximate schedule and the duration of the mission’s stay at the NPP. All those matters have already been coordinated in May-June, but now we have to start over again with this work," Ulyanov said.





A quarter of America's 400 wars have been in the Middle East and Africa, study finds
by Elis Gjevori

Authors conclude end of Cold War unchained America's global military ambitions, with the MENA and Sahel regions 'increasingly' targeted.


A major new study has concluded that US military interventions "increasingly" target the Middle East and Africa, making up more than a quarter of the country's campaigns throughout its history. 

From its founding in 1776 to 2019, the US has undertaken almost 400 military interventions, with more than a quarter occurring in the post-Cold War period, the report also found.

The first major study of its kind, titled Introducing the Military Intervention Project: A New Dataset on US Military Interventions, 1776–2019, also found the post-9/11 era resulted in "higher hostility levels", with US military adventures becoming "overwhelmingly commonplace".

"The cumulative impact of what we discovered from our data collection effort was indeed surprising," said Sidita Kushi, an assistant professor at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, and one of the study's authors. "We hadn't expected both the quantity and quality of US military interventions to be as large as revealed in the data," Kushi told Middle East Eye.

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US emerged as the dominant military power globally. However, this did not translate into a decrease in military interventions.

"The post-Cold War era has produced fewer great power conflicts and instances in which to defend vital US interests, yet US military interventions continue at high rates and higher hostilities," the report concluded. "This militaristic pattern persists during a time of relative peace, one of arguably fewer direct threats to the US homeland and security."



US-Russia Nuclear War Would Kill 5 Billion From Famine Alone: Study


by Tyler Durden

If tensions between Russia and the United States spark an all-out nuclear war between the two rivals, more than five billion people would die from hunger alone, according to a new study in the journal Nature Food

Scientists at Rutgers University projected the amount of soot that would be thrust into the Earth's atmosphere in a variety of nuclear war scenarios, from smaller exchanges between India and Pakistan to a full-blown war between Russia and the United States.

A relatively modest Indo-Pakistani war would slash the world's average caloric output by 7% within the first five years -- bigger than any disruption humanity has faced thus far. "Even for a regional nuclear war, large parts of the world may suffer famine," say the study's authors. 



VIDEO: The Story of Nuclear Winter


by Future of Life Institute




The Understated Effects of Nuclear War on the World


by Diego Ramos



Nuclear War Will Eliminate More Than 5 Billion People


by Farooque Chowdhury





Making Kissinger Look Sane


by Caitlin Johnstone



Ranked: Top 10 Countries by Military Spending


by Niccolo Conte



Press review: Putin unveils high-potential weapons and Russia, North Korea boost ties - Press Review - TASS





We Are Not the First Civilization to Collapse, but We Will Probably Be the Last


by Chris Hedges



Government Itself is Immoral


by James Corbett



Lawsuit filed: RW Malone vs. WP Company, LLC


by Robert W Malone MD, MS





Will China Mess With US Warships Headed for Taiwan Strait?


by Ray McGovern

The US has thrown down the gauntlet. A showdown may come "in the coming weeks," if sanity does not prevail.

White House and Pentagon spokesmen keep insisting, as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl did on Aug. 14:

"What’s important for us right now is to make sure that Beijing understands that our forces in the region will continue to operate, to fly, to sail wherever international waters allows. That includes the Taiwan Strait.

"I think you should expect that we will continue to do Taiwan Strait transits, as we have in the past, in the coming weeks. …"



A Rational Conversation about China


by Vijay Prashad



Three Lessons From Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan


by Huáyǔ Think Tank (华语智库)



Pelosi, Taiwan, and the American Crisis


with Margaret Kimberley and Dr. Anthony Monteiro

(audio, 25:26)





Meet Henry Kissinger
with James Corbet
(46 :20)



Administrative State: bad training -> bad decisions


by Robert W Malone MD, MS

“Forming, storming, norming and performing” consensus drives towards Groupthink



Spiro Skouras Interview - Alex Jones Trial, The Coming "Red Wave" & The March To Technocracy


with Ryan Cristián and Spiro Skouras

(audio, 1/15:16)






"Mood No Longer Apocalyptic": Wall Street's Most Accurate Strategist Says Start Shorting S&P Now


by Tyler Durden

One month ago, with market pessimism at "dire" all-time highs, the mood on Wall Street was so apocalyptic, and sentiment so capitualitory that when looking at the monthly (July) Fund Manager Survey, even BofA's uber-bearish Chief Investment Strategist, Michael Hartnett turned bullish correctly timing the face-ripping, short-squeezed, stock-buybacked, retail-invested, CTA-chased meltup. This is how we summarized Hartnett's findings,

"the strategist writes that 'H2’22 fundamentals poor but sentiment says stocks/credit rally in coming weeks" and adds that the "contrarian Q3 trade is risk-on if no Lehman, CPI down, Fed pause by Xmas...short cash-long stocks, short US$-long Eurozone, short defensives-long stocks banks & consumer."

Once again, Hartnett - who over the past year emerged as Wall Street's most accurate analyst- was spot on, and more importantly, unlike his JPM peers who tell clients to buy every single week oblivious to being called out for total hacks, Hartnett actually timed the pivot just right.



Prof. Richard Wolff on Invisible Crisis – and ‘Rays of Hope’


with RJ Eskow and Richard Wolff




"Recession hits US and China"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




India dumps US dollar for UAE dirham, Chinese yuan in Russian coal trade: Report


by News Desk

"The Cradel" Indian companies are switching from the US dollar to Asian currencies to pay for Russian coal imports, according to documents reviewed by Reuters.

Steelmakers and cement manufacturers in India have been using the UAE dirham, Hong Kong dollar, Chinese yuan, and euro to pay for Russian coal in recent weeks.

Last month, Russia became India’s third-largest coal supplier after the South Asian giant dumped the greenback to secure deals, with imports surging to a record 2.06 million tons.

In June, Indian buyers paid for at least 742,000 tons of Russian coal using currencies other than the US dollar, equaling 44 percent of the 1.7 million tons of Russian imports that month.

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of India also recently approved payments for commodities in the Indian rupee, a move that could further boost bilateral trade with Russia.

Recent reports revealed that Moscow was calculating the value of oil exports to India in US dollars while requesting payment in dirhams, asking that payments be made to Russia’s Gazprombank via Mashreq Bank, its correspondent bank in Dubai.

India has increased purchases of Russian oil and coal since the start of the war in Ukraine, helping Moscow cushion the effect of western sanctions and allowing New Delhi to secure raw materials at a discount.

In early July, the Russian logistics company, RZD Logistics, announced the completion of the first transportation of goods via container trains from Russia to India through the eastern branch of the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).

The INSTC, which links the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea via Iran, is a 7,200 kilometer-long, major international shipping route for Indo-Russian trade.

In the face of aggressive western sanctions, Russia has bolstered economic cooperation with several friendly nations.

Iran and Turkey are currently working on implementing Russia’s Mir payment system into their economies.

Turkey also recently agreed to to make partial payments for Russian gas in rubles, while European companies have reportedly been inquiring with Ankara about acting as a middle man to supply Russia with metals, as a way to overcome sanctions.



China’s New Green Energy Plan Could Supercharge the Global Fight Against Climate Change


by Mitchell Beer



Is the Bank of Russia buying gold?


by Riley Waggaman



Putin lashes out at West’s 'vanishing' hegemony, outlines Russia’s goals - Russian Politics & Diplomacy







"Hitler above Munich (1937-1945)"





"German economy is sinking. Fast. This video was erased fromThe Duran’ channel by Youtube


with Alexander Mercouris – July 15, 2022




German Consumers Just Learned How Much Extra They Will Have To Pay For Gas This Winter


by Tyler Durden

With millions of German facing a painful freeze in the coming months, a winter gas surcharge, which will come into effect in October for German households and businesses, was set at 2.4 euro cents per kilowatt hour on Monday, DW reported on Monday





FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump, Charles I of England and a nervous “swamp”


with Alex Christoforou and Alexnder Mercouris




Q & A: Trump raid, Biden DOJ crosses the “Rubicon”


with Alex Christoforou and Alexnder Mercouris






A guide to US colleges and universities for those planning to survive their education


by Mark Crispin Miller

This resource notes which schools mandate "vaccines" and boosters, and which ones don't: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11BrDadiUGN-vQBe7Jolcb_-aWhLT7S2AkWOkSX49M40/htmlview?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email&pru=AAABgtUNHPE*zWApIbqp5CEAp4PzmGxFSg#gid=74755237





This Week in the New Normal #42 – Augusts 15, 2022




The Defender – August 16, 2022

“Children’s Health Defense – News and Views”




Global Research: Selected Articles – August 17, 2022




CHD:  “Legal Actions Heat Up as CDC Reverses Course” – August 17, 2022




The Defender – August 18, 2022

Children’s Health Defense – News and Views




Children’s Health Defense, Live, Video, Audio – August 19, 2022

“CHD.TV - Censorship Free. Guaranteed” 


The Defender – August 19, 2022

“Children’s Health Defense – News and Views”






News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller
TV star "rushed to hospital," Canadian MP "thrilled to be alive," young athletes sidelined by bizarre diseases, and all too many other likely casualties of "vaccination" all around the world
by Mark Crispin Miller
News of (what would seem to be) NON-fatal consequences of the jab, from the US and Canada, the UK, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy (where there have been a LOT of them, as usual) and India





Actualités – 20 août 2022


Le parlement est en vacances

L'actualité en ce moment est surtout tourné vers les incendies de forêts et la canicule. Comme les contraintes sanitaires ne semblent réussir complètement, on prépare l'opinion à des limitations énergétiques.

Question feux de forêts à mon avis une partie non négligeable des départs de feux est faite sur commande d'en haut

Mais on prépare la rentrée et "l'inévitable 8eme vague"

....Nous devons être vigilants.



Pour ceux qui peuvent se permettre un peu de temps de lecture, les ouvrages de Klaus Schwab, cela donne l'idée du monde qu'on prépare "là-haut ..."





Pétitions à signer :

Pétition contre la 5G

Effets secondaires des vaccins : exigeons la transparence !



Un "Comité de veille et d'anticipation des crises sanitaires" a remplacé le feu Conseil scientifique.

Et à sa présidence a été nommée Brigitte Autran


Elle a déjà commencé son narrative de la future 8ème vague de la COVID ...


Cela ne m'étonnerait pas qu'on est en présence de gros conflits d'intérêts (à confirmer)


Vidéos du conseil scientifique indépendant (chaque jeudi) archivés ici


Les synthèses du CSI sont disponibles ici pour les pressés : (mais avec un décalage de 1 à 2 semaines il faut bien les faire ...)

Derniers Conseils Scientifiques Indépendants

CSI n°65 : Laurent MUCCHIELLI du 04/08/2022
" Les libertés et les contre-pouvoirs qui fondent la démocratie sont-ils solubles dans la lutte contre une épidémie ? "
On propose ici un retour sur les graves atteintes à la démocratie et aux libertés que nous avons vécu depuis deux ans et demi. En effet, depuis mars 2020, sous couvert de l’état d’urgence, c’est tout l’édifice institutionnel de garantie des libertés qui a été remis en cause par la politique sanitaire du gouvernement. Cette dernière a consisté avant tout en deux politiques publiques particulièrement autoritaristes et contraignantes : le confinement général puis la vaccination de masse. Et à chaque fois les contre-pouvoirs parlementaires et judiciaires ont été défaillants. Quant à la presse, loin de constituer un "quatrième pouvoir", elle a globalement adhéré pleinement et relayé sans relâche la communication des organisations politiques puis le marketing des industries pharmaceutiques.

CSI n°66 : Pierre Chaillot du 11/08/2022
"données anglaises; mortalité toute cause selon le statut."

Intéressant, à regarder dès que possible. Les statistiques anglaises montrent un effet de correlation claire entre les picss des campagnes de vaccinations, et les pics de mortalité toutes causes.

CSI n°67: Surya Arby - 18/08/2022 FOIA

Ce CSI est en grande partie consacré au droit d'accès aux documents administratifs.



Comment les services secrets ont traqué les résistants sur Internet




600% de décès supplémentaires signalés au cours des 19 derniers mois par rapport aux 32 années d’existence de la base de données VAERS




Affiches sur les effets secondaires des vaccins à Toulouse

Ça dérange certains ...



et on prépare l'interdiction !


Communication de Grelive

Rien mais à suivre le canal telegram (lien plus bas)


Lien vers les publications de l'IHU (1 vidéo de D Raoult (presque) tous les mardi, et d'autres.


Le successeur du Dr Raoult à la tête de l'IHU étant désigné, il ne publiera plus de vidéos sur le site de l'IHU.

La dernier date du 5 juillet


Autres sources d'information :

Canal Telegram de RSA Grenoble


Europeans United Francophones

Solaris 38


Déconfine Ta Santé avec Jérémie Mercier

il y en a certainement d'autres . . . .