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Subject : In reply to elitist tyranny.



All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
Then, the whining school-boy with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then, a soldier,
Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden, and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon's mouth. And then, the justice,
In fair round belly, with a good capon lined,
With eyes severe, and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws, and modern instances,
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.
(Jaques, in As You Like It, Act 2 Scene 7, by William Shakespeare, 1564-1616)




October 22, 2022


Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Below please find 26+ items selected from Anglophone discussions in the social media which represent critical views on official policies and current events, that are having a direct effect on our lives. We have been encouraged by Mark Ames’s book to reflect on the slave/master relationship which some have argued, following the works of Aristotle, originates in human nature. The issues discussed below should serve to clarify this question and help us come to terms with the social hierarchy of which we are a part, that we may learn to act to transform our historical reality in a way that better meets our human needs and the beneficial requirements of our environment.


The monopoly capitalist system is a man-made historical construct, which implies a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our study of current world events should provide us with perspective and enable us to transcend our immediate limitations and envision something else, something better of which we wish to be a part.


Such transformational understanding of where we are in time and of how we behave is essential if we are to interact with the practico-inert around us and achieve an authentic fulfillment as creative beings, as opposed to living in hot pursuit, to quote the American philosopher William James (1842-1910), of “that bitch goddess SUCCESS.”




Francis McCollum Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego




News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller

“A US and a Russian officer explain what they see REALLY happening in Ukraine (as opposed to what we're hearing from the nuts in Washington and "our free press")”



Study what both these men have to say, and share it far and wide, while it's still legal



An Objective Look at U.S. Foreign Policy


by Cynthia McKinney



Deescalation and Diplomacy with Russia Now!” 


with Clare Daly


I’m here again with Clare Daly, who anyone interested in peace should know by now. She is a very outspoken pro-peace and pro-diplomacy member of the European Parliament. She is Irish, she was a member of the Irish Parliament, too, but is now in Brussels and she generously agreed to talk again.



“On Ukraine and the Military Industrial Complex"


with Joe Rogan and Tulsi Gabbard




Timing is everything w/Robert Barnes (Live)


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Jeremy Corbyn DESTROYS The Establishment


with Jeremy Corbyn









Moving Target with Ryan Cristian: Richard Willet Interview - How Your Rulers Are Actually Selected & Their Technocratic Prophecies


Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli Ask Me Anything


Outburst With Paul Joseph Watson Episode #5 Featuring Father Spyridon Bailey


FULL Interview | Whitney Webb with Richard Grove|One Nation Under Blackmail Pt. 1






"Germany says it knows who sabotaged Nord Stream, but..."


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Sweden Finally REVEALS Who DESTROYED the Nord Stream Pipelines!!!


with Kim Dotcom







How Covert British Information Wars Target Russia, Threatening Civilians and Journalists


by Kit Klarenberg



“We don’t need the CIA”


with Chris Hedges and John Kiriakou




The Gaslighting of the Masses


by CJ Hopkins



Adopting the Mindset of the Oppressor


by Eduardo Carreon






Israel Adopted British Mandatory Forces’ Repressive Measures to Contain, Tame Palestinians


by Michael Jansen

Palestinian businessman Munib Al Masri has drawn up a 300-page dossier of Britain’s abuses of Palestinians during the post-World War II mandate, which lasted until 1948. His objective is to extract from Britain an apology for harsh treatment and atrocities against Palestinians in order to secure belated accountability for Britain’s behaviour during its 31-year rule. Masri plans to submit the dossier to the British authorities in coming months. The British Ministry of Defence has told the BBC it is aware of charges against UK armed forces and evidence presented would be “reviewed thoroughly”. Since much of the evidence has been in the archives of the Imperial War Museum in London, it should have been reviewed long ago.

Two distinguished international lawyers, Luis Moreno Ocampo, former prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, and Ben Emmerson, former UN special rapporteur on human rights and terrorism, have carried out an independent review of the evidence collected by Masri, 88, and his team. This includes descriptions of arbitrary killings, beatings, torture, home demolitions, detention without trial, and the use of human shields. These practices were carried out within the British army’s rules of engagement, which define the limits of actions against civilians or under orders from senior officers.

In an interview with the BBC, Emmerson said there is evidence of “shocking crimes committed by certain elements of the British Mandatory forces systematically on the Palestinian population”. He said that some of them are of such enormous gravity that they would have been regarded even then as breaches of customary international law. These days, they could be classified as crimes against humanity and war crimes.

One example cited by the BBC took place during the summer of 1939, when soldiers of the Black Watch regiment rounded up 150 men in the village of Halhoul near Khalil (Hebron) where they were imprisoned in wire cages. Although the men were farmers rather than partisans, they were crowded together for two weeks during the hottest season of the year. Thirteen died of dehydration and one was shot dead while trying to escape.



Irish MEPs Tell Truth to Power. The USG, EU, and Israel Are the Real Terrorists


by Kurt Nimmo



Documents Reveal Israeli Army Poisoned Water Wells in Palestinian Towns During 1948 War


by Arab World



Is Palestine on the brink of a full-scale revolt?


by Ali Abunimah and Maureen Clare Murphy



Investigating Israel's Role in Hollywood


with Lowkey, Ramzy Baroud, Jessica Buxbaum and Alan MacLeod




Forgetting Journalism: MSNBC, Fox News And Bill Maher Interview Netanyahu


by Robert Inlakesh

Mainstream US media outlets have given favorable interviews to former Israeli Prime Minister and candidate at the new Israeli elections next month, Benjamin Netanyahu, refusing to do their jobs and ask the Israeli far-Right politician any meaningful followup questions. What does this say about the state of US media?

As the Israeli Likud Party leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, prepares to take on his top rivals Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid, for the position of Prime Minister in around two weeks time, a series of interviews have been granted to the former Israeli Prime Minister by US media. The interviews are not serious in anyway, rather presenting as a campaign ad platform for Netanyahu and his new book. What is interesting about the interviews, however, is that despite their complete lack of journalistic professionalism, they provide a perfect case study for the state of US mainstream media at this time.



Israel Authorizes Military to Kill Palestinians With Drones in the West Bank


by Marjorie Cohn



Difficult Months Ahead: Why Israel is Afraid of the Lions' Den


by Ramzy Baroud



Celebrated Palestinian resistance fighter killed in combat


by Tamara Nassar



Waving a pistol, Israeli official urges settlers to kill Palestinians


by The Cradle News Desk



‘24 hours of hell’: Israeli settler gangs terrorize Palestinian town under army protection


by Yumna Patel



A Palestinian Boy Went Out With Friends. An Israeli Soldier Shot Him in the Head - Twilight Zone


by Gideon Levy and Alex Levac



Israeli forces kill two Palestinians during raid on Jenin refugee camp


by Middle East Eye Staff



Marvel Heads Revealed to be Closely Connected to Israeli Intelligence


by Jessica Buxbaum

“By glorifying the Israeli army & police, Marvel is promoting Israel’s violence against Palestinians & enabling the continued oppression of millions of Palestinians living under Israel’s authoritarian military rule,” the Institute for Middle East Understanding wrote in a tweet.

Following the backlash, Marvel said in a statement to Variety that it will take a “new approach” to the character, in a perceived attempt to placate criticisms.

Yet vows to reimagine the Sabra character, a former spy for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, may come across as disingenuous, especially when, upon closer examination, Marvel appears closely connected to the Israeli government and its main intelligence agency Mossad.



Hunger Strikes and the Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders


with Lowkey

(audio, 1:08:17)

“We will continue with our struggle, knowing what awaits us of repression, abuse, isolation, confiscation of our clothes and pictures of our children, thrown into concrete cells devoid of everything, except for our bodies and our pain,” the prisoners said in a statement.

The most high profile of the hunger strikers is Salah Al-Hamouri, a French-Palestinian human rights defender. Detained without charge or trial for six months, Al-Hamouri has refused all food since September 25. In response, Israeli authorities unleashed a series of punitive measures, including transferring him to solitary confinement. He is now isolated in a 2×2 meter cell with little to no ventilation.

This, according to Milena Ansari, is par for the course for Palestinians who object to Israeli domination. “I don’t think there is any violation that hasn’t taken place on Salah,” she told Lowkey today, noting that he was detained while still a schoolboy, shot at, and arrested six times. Milena Ansari is the international advocacy officer for Addameer, a prisoner support and human rights association. Addameer monitors the treatment of people arrested in the West Bank and Gaza by both the Israeli police and by the Palestinian Authority.

Also joining us on the Watchdog podcast today is Rula Jamal LLM, head of monitoring and documentation at al-Haq, an independent Palestinian human rights organization based in Ramallah. Al-Haq was established by a collective of human rights lawyers in 1979.

Last year, the Israeli government designated both Addameer and al-Haq as terrorist groups, a move that was condemned by Amnesty International and other leading organizations.

Jamal explained that Al-Hamouri’s case was far from unusual, except in the worldwide attention it was receiving, telling Lowkey that,

“…The Israeli occupation detains Palestinians solely upon ‘secret evidence’ that is neither disclosed to the detainees themselves, nor their lawyers. Palestinians under administrative detention can be held for an indefinite time, without ever receiving any charges or evidence against them for their detention, or ever standing a fair trial.”




Why can't US students accuse Israel of genocide?


by Layal Khreis, Ashley Hudson and R.E. McGowan



Israel lobby fabricates anti-Semitism crisis at Berkeley


by Nora Barrows-Friedman



Case against Palestine Action collapses again


by Kit Klarenberg



Palestine Action activists walk free after another case bites the dust


by Kit Klarenberg



A New Israel-Gaza War Possible - Is May 2021 Repeating Itself?


by Robert Inlakesh

Jerusalem has again become a battleground in the past week, with Israeli extremist settlers and police forces attacking Palestinian demonstrators throughout occupied East Jerusalem. With armed attacks against Israeli forces on the rise and protesters taking to the streets across all territories in occupied Palestine, will this drag the armed movements based in the Gaza Strip into a new confrontation with the Israeli military?



What is happening in the West Bank right now: a full breakdown


with Mariam Barghouti and Yumna Patel





The US-Nazi Connection Since World War II: From Inspiring the Third Reich to Supporting the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine


by Timothy Alexander Guzman



The New York Times Has Been Friendly To Nazis For 80 Years


with Lee Camp






They Crush Our Song for a Reason


by Chris Hedges

The powerful keep those they exploit from knowing who they are, where they came from and the crimes of the ruling class. As social inequality mounts, so does the campaign to keep us in darkness.





A Letter to a Relative on 27 June 2021" About COVID in the Thick of the Corona War


by Dr. Emanuel Garcia



New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently


by Steve Kirsch

The vaccines are making it more likely you'll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated. To keep vaccine effectiveness high against omicron, vaccination every 30 days is needed.


Vaccine damaged in Australia
by Robert Mahone MD, MS
Guest essay by Internationally renowned DJ, composer, and songwriter Tyson Illingworth.

Record excess deaths in Europe
with Dr. John Campbell


Invalid Covid Data Drives Catastrophic Public Policies Globally


by Mark Taliano

The COVID database is invalid.

First, the tests are not fit for purpose. Dr. Michael Yeadon describes the PCR tests as the “central operational deceit.” The CDC itself withdrew its support for these tests as of January 2022 . Similarly, rapid antigen test data is invalid.  The test insert states specifically under Intended Use Advisory that

“Positive results indicate the presence of viral antigens, but clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine infection status. Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.” (emphasis mine)

As for the WHO which is the fountainhead of the global plandemic, even this institution of corruption, funded in large part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has admitted to the failings of the PCR tests.

So the basis for determining the existence of “confirmed cases” is flawed on multiple levels.

The data for COVID mortality rates is also flawed and invalid.

The CDC changed coding to death certificates for COVID in March 2020, prior to the declared pandemic. CODING changes falsely elevate COVID as cause of death by a factor of about 17 times. How? So-called “COVID deaths” would have been deemed due to other causes using the long-standing, peer-reviewed system of data collection and reporting established in 2003.



Excess baby deaths investigation


with John Campbell




CDC Adds COVID Jab To Child Schedule As The Coverup Continues & Ukraine Extremism


with Ryan Cristián




Jeffrey Sachs: US biotech cartel behind Covid origins and cover-up


with Max Blumenthal




UK Documentary Exposes Lies Behind ‘Safe and Effective’ COVID Vaccine Narrative


by Dr. Suzanne Burdick



Well Being: Dangers of 5G


by Robert Malone MD, MS

More evidence of regulatory and corporate media capture

Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the FCC and ICNIRP exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiation: implications for 5G,





Dr. Gabor Maté on Trauma, Addiction and Illness Under Capitalism


with Chris Hedges and Gabor Maté




Biden Frees All Marijuana Prisoners - Except Not At All


with Lee Camp




Don't Expect Mass Prison Releases From Biden's Marijuana Clemency




Antidepressants Rarely Outperform Sugar Pills


by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Story at-a-glance

·         The serotonin hypothesis posits that low serotonin levels in your brain are responsible for symptoms of depression. However, there’s little to no evidence for this. A number of studies have debunked the serotonin hypothesis, which is the basis upon which drug makers market SSRI antidepressants like Prozac, Lexapro and Zoloft

·         According to recent research, “The main areas of serotonin research provide no consistent evidence of there being an association between serotonin and depression, and no support for the hypothesis that depression is caused by lowered serotonin activity or concentrations”

·         The primary effect of SSRIs is to superimpose an abnormal drug state over your symptoms, much like recreational drugs and alcohol would. The small benefits seen in some drug trials are due to emotional numbing

·         This numbing effect comes at a steep price, as it also prevents you from experiencing emotional highs and does little to counteract the loss of energy, interest and motivation that are so characteristic of depression

·         Researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently published the most comprehensive analysis of antidepressant clinical trial data submitted to the FDA, including unpublished trials. The evidence showed antidepressants outperformed placebo in only 15% of patients, and almost exclusively in those with the most severe depression



The Truth About ‘Trans’ - Neutralising the Powers of Creation


by Julian Rose





U.S. forces steal 92 tankers of oil, wheat from Syria to Iraq-Xinhua


by huaxia



Lafarge Cement pleads guilty to paying ISIS as terror group killed Westerners


by Dan Mangan and Eamon Javers



U.S. Troops in Dispute With Their Terrorist Mercenaries in Syria


by Steven Sahiounie



UAE president holds talks with 'friendly' Putin in Russia as two leaders forge closer ties | Middle East Eye


by Elis Gjevori





Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn Talk About Kanye and the Banks, the Saudi-US Dispute and the Midterms


by Matt Taibbi



What Is Programmable Money?


by James Cµorbett





Identifying the Enemy Is the First Step in Winning the War


by Rita Jacobs





Art Exhibit Delves Into WikiLeaks’ World


by Consortiumnews.com 



WATCH: ‘Don’t Know How Long He Will Last’: Assange Lawyer


by Consortiumnews.com 



Kevin Gosztola and the State of Support for Julian Assange





rassemblant une centaine d'organisations et de collectivités territoriales

mail : contact@mumiabujamal.com

web : www.mumiabujamal.com


Après 40 ans d'incarcération, MUMIA aura-t-il enfin un nouveau procès en révision de sa condamnation ? Tel est l'enjeu de l'APPEL qui sera examiné par la justice de Pennsylvanie mercredi prochain 26 octobre.


Initialement prévu le 19 octobre, l'audience a été reportée d'une semaine.


A cette occasion, les soutiens américains à Mumia se rassembleront devant le palais de justice de Philadelphie et dans plusieurs grandes villes.


En France, nous vous proposons d'interpeler à nouveau le Gouverneur de Pennsylvanie afin qu'il use de son droit constitutionnel pour libérer cet homme innocent et dont l'état de santé reste préoccupant. Pour ce faire, nous vous invitons à signer la lettre en pièce jointe et à lui faire parvenir par internet ou par courrier postal (modalités également en pièce jointe).

Soyez acteurs de cette mobilisation internationale en relayant largement cette campagne auprès de vos amis, des adhérents et sympathisants de vos organisations.



The Scandal of Congressional Stock Trading


by Eve Ottenberg

Multimillionaires pack the halls of congress. That’s because the only people who can afford congressional campaigns are rich. But what you might not know is that once these very wealthy individuals arrive in Washington, they use their committee assignments, and often the insider info those assignments provide, to make even more money – trading stocks.

On September 29, Insider named 72 national legislators who violated the law to prevent insider trading and conflicts of interest. But that was not the only recent eye-opening news on lawmakers’ tribulations with er, the law. In the years between 2019 and 2021, the New York Times reported September 13, “more than 3700 trades reported by lawmakers from both parties posed potential conflicts between their public responsibilities and private finances.” That’s a lot of questionable trades. You might even say there should be a law against this.





What Really Just Happened In The UK...


by Tyler Durden

Jeremy Hunt, the new 'de facto Prime Minister', is a 'Zero-COVID' loon who lobbied for children to be taken from their parents and put in quarantine camps.



DISCUSS: Bye Bye Liz


by The Off Guardian



Hiding Behind A Mask of "Gentle Humanism", Canada’s Prime Minister Sells Out His People to Corporate Interests and Eagerly Participates in U.S. Imperialistic Wars Around the Globe


by Jeremy Kuzmarov



Richard Willet Interview - How Your Rulers Are Actually Selected & Their Technocratic Prophecies


with Ryan Cristián





Joe Biden's Broken Promise To Avoid War With Russia Could Lead To Armageddon




SCOTT RITTER: Nuclear High Noon in Europe


by Corinna Barnard



No Matter How Long the Ukraine War Lasts, Weapons Makers Plan to Cash In


by Connor Echols



The Arms-Swapper


by John Kiriakou

Foreign policy is complicated.  There are a lot of moving parts and because human beings are making the policy, and feelings and egos are at stake, it’s that much more difficult.

Some policymakers take a long-term view, others are myopic. Couple all that with the problem that I witnessed countless times over the course of my career at the C.I.A. and at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — the insistence of American diplomats, intelligence professionals and White House staff members that they are literally the smartest people in the world and that they know best. 

Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser once famously said,

“The genius of you Americans is that you never make a clear-cut stupid move.  You always make complicated stupid moves, which make the rest of us wonder at the possibility that we might be missing something.” 

He was right.  But rest assured that most of the time, the moves are just plain stupid ones.



Biden’s Gamble to Take Control of Europe's Destiny. LNG Corporations and Washington "Work Hand in Glove" to Destabilize Europe's Energy Market


by Azhar Azam



Europe Under Control of the U.S. Mafia


by Margaret Kimberley



US-NATO vs. Russia: The Weaponization of Western "Freedom and Democracy"


by Dragan Filipovic





The Non-West Coalesces


by Patrick Lawrence

Nations representing more than 80 percent of the global population and a like percentage of global gross domestic product are perfectly capable of seeing the Biden administration’s pointed provocations and do not approve. 



Xi Jinping's Full Speech From 20th Communist Party Congress






by Robert W Malone MD, MS

The goal is world domination



Diplomacy Dismembered


by Mark Fiore

President Joe Biden was caught off guard when Saudi Arabia and Russia joined together to lead OPEC to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day. After Biden’s fist-bump visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia over the summer, he thought he had a deal with Mohammed bin Salman to increase production. 

It is just shocking that a Saudi prince with a fondness for head-lopping, dismemberment and war crimes would go back on his word, no? The production cut is suspiciously timed to occur right before the midterm elections here in the United States. It makes sense — if I was an oil-producing strongman waging battles in Yemen or Ukraine, I’d be rooting for the Republicans, too.



China's Shenzhou 14 astronauts snap stunning photos




Biden's Tech-War Goes Nuclear


by Mike Whitney

“Lots of people don’t know what happened yesterday. To put it simply, Biden has forced all Americans working in China to pick between quitting their jobs and losing American citizenship. Every American executive and engineer working in China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry resigned yesterday, paralyzing Chinese manufacturing overnight. One round of sanctions from Biden did more damage than all four years of performative sanctioning under Trump. Although American semiconductor exporters had to apply for licenses during the Trump years, licenses were approved within a month.

With the new Biden sanctions, all American suppliers of IP blocks, components, and services departed overnight – thus cutting off all service [to China]. Long story short, every advanced node semiconductor company is currently facing comprehensive supply cut-off, resignations from all American staff, and immediate operations paralysis. This is what annihilation looks like: China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry was reduced to zero overnight. Complete collapse. No chance of survival.”



What Would a Nuclear War Look Like?


by Jeff Thomas

For eight years, NATO has backed puppet rulers in Ukraine, funded attacks on Donbass, repeatedly violated the Minsk Treaties, outlawed the speaking of Russian in the Luhansk and Donetsk Republics, and has destroyed democratic opposition and free media in Ukraine, leaving it a one-party government, essentially owned and financed by the US and administrated by US operatives.

Not much subtlety there.

Yet, somehow, the US has managed to convince the people of the US and other Western countries that Russia is the bad boy, is out of control and must be stopped.

In spite of all the above, Russia remained stoic and sought continually to keep a lid on the situation. It did, however, state firmly that the “red line” would be if Ukraine were to go nuclear, becoming a direct threat to Moscow. That would not be tolerated.

Surely, this was a sober heads-up to any sensible country that the one thing that must not happen would be for Ukraine to go nuclear. After all, once that Pandora’s Box was opened, the last barrier to possible nuclear war would be crossed.

For eight years, Russia had been goaded again and again by the West, yet they did not take the bait. Then, in February of 2022, at the annual Munich Security Conference, the President of Ukraine announced his intent to make Ukraine a nuclear country.

Five days later, Russia invaded Ukraine. Immediately, the US propaganda arm went into operation, and for months, even as Ukraine was consistently losing the war, at every turn, the Western media renewed its claims that the war was turning; that Russia was faltering, and the heroes of Ukraine were beating back the Great Bear.

But all the above is old news. Why, at this juncture, should we be reviewing it?

Well, its continued significance is that NATO (or the US – they are virtually interchangeable at this point) has, from the beginning, behaved recklessly with the prospect of nuclear conflict.

Are they mad? Or are they so foolish as to think that they have some sort of “edge” in a nuclear conflict? Or do they see this as a game of one-upmanship in which the only important concern is which antagonist has the greater bluster?

We can only speculate as to the answer to this quandary. But, setting this aside, we should be questioning, a) what is the likelihood that the West would be so foolhardy as to actually push the button and, b) what would the outcome look like?

As to the first question, considering that it’s now becoming increasingly evident that the West have been misrepresenting the progress of the war; that the trained Azov forces are spent and replacements cannot be trained fast enough to go against the experienced Russian forces, the US is going to have to come up with another plan… and it will need to be something dramatic.

At this point, the one card they have not played is the nuke card.

They’ve claimed that the Russians have been either firing on or causing explosions in the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant that they have held for some time. In essence, they’re being accused of bombing themselves in a facility that has long-since been taken.

At this point, not many listeners are buying this explanation. So, what do they have left in their toolbox?

I’ve long felt that, as an end-run, what the West might do would rely on an old favourite technique – a false flag attack. Create a narrative and videos of an attack on, say, Kiev by Russia with a small nuclear warhead. Then announce that the warhead had been fired, killing hundreds of thousands. Then let loose the pre-prepared media blitz and invoke Article 5, justifying nuclear warfare.






World Awakens to Globalist Gaslighting, Panicking NWO Sycophants!!


with Alex Jones




Meet Elon Musk, Technocractic Huckster


with James Corbett


Elon Musk is back in the headlines again (not that he ever really went away). He's going to save free speech on Twitter (honest)! He's going to end the war on Ukraine (that he supported with Starlink)! He's going to give Taiwan to the Chinese (and not just because of Tesla's Shanghai factory)! Yes, Elon Musk is a WEF Young Global Leader and a self-promoting charlatan who would have amounted to absolutely nothing without unrelenting support from government and his globalist pals, and he is the next white hat saviour that is being set up to mislead the masses with their next hopium fix. But as James peels back the layers of this technocratic huckster, you'll find that it's even worse than that . . .





Russia's romance with "sustainable development" is getting freaky

Is it sustainable, though?


by Edward Slavsquat



A war Russia set to win
by MK Bhadrakumar
The Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans.

" Two massive terrorist strikes misfired spectacularly and a terrible beauty is born in the Ukraine war. These two carefully planned attacks in quick succession — on Nord Stream gas pipelines and Crimean Bridge — were intended as a knockout blow to Russia. According to President Vladimir Putin, people ‘who want to finally sever ties between Russia and the EU, weaken Europe’ are behind the Nord Stream blasts. He named the US, Ukraine and Poland as ‘beneficiaries’.

India should expect the defeat of the US and NATO, which completes the transition to a multipolar world order.

Last Wednesday, Russia’s domestic intelligence service FSB identified Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, as the mastermind behind the Crimean attack. The New York Times and Washington Post also pointed fingers at Kiev, quoting ‘sources’. While Nord Stream-1 has been crippled, one of the strings of Nord Stream-2 remains intact. Putin said last week that the pipeline could be restored and Russia could deliver about 27 billion cubic metres of gas. ‘The ball is on the side of the European Union, if they want — let’s turn on the tap,’ he said.

But mum’s the word from Brussels. It is a profoundly embarrassing moment for the EU. The triumphalism has vanished as Europe is threatened by years of recession caused by the blowback from sanctions against Russia, where the US insisted on the cut off of energy ties with Moscow. The EU has now become a captive market for Big Oil and is left to buy LNG from the US at the asking price, which is six to seven times higher than the domestic price in the US. (Contracted price for long-term Russian supply for Germany used to be about $280 per 1,000 cubic metres as against the current market price hovering around $2,000.)

Plainly put, the Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans. India should take note of the US’ sense of entitlement. Basically, the Biden administration created a contrived energy crisis whose real aim is war profiteering.

The Crimean Bridge attack of October 8 is much more serious. Zelenskyy has crossed a red line that Moscow had repeatedly warned him against. Putin has disclosed that there have also been three terrorist attacks against the Kursk NPP. Russians will settle for nothing less than the ouster of the Zelenskyy regime.

Russia’s retaliation against Ukraine’s ‘critical infrastructure’, something Moscow refrained from so far, has serious implications. Since October 9, Russia has begun systematically targeting Ukraine’s power system and railways. Noted Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin told Izvestia that if this tempo was kept up for a week or so, it ‘will disrupt the entire logistics of the Ukrainian military — system for transporting personnel, military equipment, ammunition, related cargo, as well as the functioning of military and repair plants.’



Martial Law in Russia’s Newly Reunified Novorossiya Region


by Andrew Korybko



Westerners live in denial, convinced they’re the good guys


by Jonathan Cook

No one took responsibility for the explosion over the weekend that ripped through a section of the Kerch Bridge that links Russia to Crimea and was built by Moscow after it annexed the peninsula back in 2014. 

But it was not just Kyiv’s gleeful celebrations that indicated the main suspect. Within hours, the Ukrainian authorities had released a set of commemorative stamps depicting the destruction. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin was under no illusions either. On Monday, he struck out with a torrent of missiles that hit major Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv and Lviv. It was a pale, Slavic echo of Israel’s intermittent bombardments of Gaza, which are expressly intended to send the Palestinian enclave "back to the Stone Age"

If the scenes looked familiar – an attack by one party, followed by a massive retaliatory strike from the other – the mood and language that greeted the Ukrainian attack and the Russian counter-attack felt noticeably different from what passes for normal western commentary about Israel and Palestine. 

The blast on the Kerch Bridge was welcomed with barely concealed excitement from western journalists, politicians and analysts, while Moscow’s strikes on Kyiv were uniformly denounced as Russian brutality and state terrorism. That is not the way things work when Israel and Palestinian factions engage in their own rounds of fighting.

Had the Palestinians openly celebrated blowing up a bridge in East Jerusalem, a territory illegally annexed by Israel in the 1960s, and killed Israeli civilians as collateral damage in the process, who can really imagine western media reports being similarly supportive? 

Nor would western academics have lined up, as they did for Ukraine, to explain in detail why destroying a bridge was a proportionate act and fully in accordance with the rights in international law of a people under belligerent occupation to resist. 

Instead, there would have been thunderous denunciations of Palestinian savagery and "terrorism".

In reality, Palestinian resistance nowadays is far more modest – and yet still receives western censure. Palestinians need only to fire a home-made rocket, or launch an "incendiary balloon", usually ineffectually out of their cage in Gaza – where they have been besieged for years by their Israeli persecutors – to incur the wrath of Israel and the western powers that claim to constitute the "international community". 

Even more perversely, when Palestinians solely target Israeli soldiers, as they are unambiguously entitled to do under international law, they are similarly reviled as criminals.  


Ukraine's "Neo-Nazi Summer Camp". Military Training for Young Children


by Prof Michel Chossudovsky



Blood in the Archives


by Corinna Barnard

Newly declassified files from the National Archives of Australia show how the Department of Foreign Affairs provided PR cover for Indonesia’s genocidal scorched-earth campaign in East Timor, Peter Job reports.



Ukraine War Evolves: Slouching Toward Armageddon


by Richard Falk



Where US and Ukrainian War Aims Collide


by Patrick J. Buchanan

o President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine, Crimea and the Donbas are national territories whose retrieval justifies all-out war to expel the invading armies of Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Yet, who controls Crimea and the Donbas has, in the history of U.S.-Russian relations, never been an issue to justify a war between us.

America has never had a vital interest in who rules in Kyiv.

Through the 19th and almost all of the 20th century, Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire or the USSR, ruled from Moscow. And that condition presented no issue of concern to the USA, 5,000 miles away.

For us, the crucial concern in this Ukraine-Russia war is not who ends up in control of Crimea and the Donbas, but that the U.S. not be sucked into a war with Russia that could escalate into a world war and a nuclear war.

That is America's paramount interest in this crisis.

Nothing in Eastern Europe would justify an all-out U.S. war with Russia. After all, Moscow's control of Eastern and Central Europe was the situation that existed throughout the Cold War from 1945 to 1989.

And the U.S. never militarily challenged that result of World War II.

We lived with it. When Hungarians rose up in 1956 for freedom and independence, the U.S. refused to intervene. Rather than risk war with Russia, the Hungarian patriots were left to their fate by President Dwight Eisenhower.

How the world has changed in the 21st century.

Today, while the U.S. is under no obligation to go to war for Ukraine, we are obliged, under the NATO treaty, to go to war if Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia are attacked.

And, though Kyiv is not a member of NATO, the U.S. finds itself the financier and principal armorer of Ukraine in a war with Russia over Crimea and the Donbas, which could involve the use of nuclear weapons for the first time since Nagasaki.

In short, our vital interest — avoidance of a U.S. war with a nuclear-armed Russia — may soon clash with the strategic war goals of Ukraine — i.e., full retrieval of Crimea and the Donbas.

If Putin is serious about an indefinite war to hold Crimea and the Donbas as Russian territory, how far are we willing to go to aid Ukraine in driving the Russians out and taking these lands back?

What appears to be emerging is a situation something like this:

As U.S. weapons help drive Russian soldiers out of the occupied regions of Ukraine, Russia and Putin are being driven into a corner, where the alternatives left to them shrink to two: accept defeat, humiliation and all its consequences, or escalate to hold onto what they have.

At some point, escalation to prevent defeat can require crossing the nuclear threshold. And Putin and his retinue have said as much.

Bottom line: At some point in this conflict, achieving the war aims of Ukraine must force Moscow to consider escalation or accept defeat.

For Russia, the worse the war situation is, the sooner comes the day when Putin must either play his ace of spades to avoid defeat, or accept defeat, humiliation and his potential overthrow in Moscow.

As Russia's use of nuclear weapons could lead to a war that could involve the United States, Kyiv's relentless pursuit of its vital interests — retrieval of all the lands taken by Russia, including the Donbas and Crimea — will eventually imperil vital U.S. interests.

If Kyiv, with U.S. weapons and support, pushes the Russians out of Crimea and the Donbas, Kyiv pushes its war with Russia closer and closer to a nuclear war.

As Kyiv seeks to reconquer all its territory lost to Russia since 2014, it pushes Russia closer and closer toward consideration of the only way to avert defeat and national humiliation, use of tactical nuclear weapons, which means moving closer to war with the United States.

The higher the casualty rates for Putin's Russia, the worse the defeats inflicted on Russia by U.S.-armed and -equipped Ukrainians, the greater the likelihood Russia plays its ace of spades, nuclear weapons, to stave off defeat and humiliation and ensure the survival of the regime.

In short, the closer Putin comes to defeat, the closer we come to nuclear war, for that increasingly appears to be the only way Putin can prevent a Russian defeat, disgrace and humiliation.

Americans had best begin to consider what is the outcome to this war that can end the bloodshed, restore much of Ukraine to Kyiv, but not be seen as a historic humiliation for Russia.

Some Americans see this war as an opportunity to inflict a defeat and disgrace on Putin's regime and Russia. Those seeking such goals should recognize that the closer they come to achieving their goals, the closer we come to Russia's use of nuclear weapons.

Recall: President John F. Kennedy sought to provide an honorable way out of the Cuban missile crisis for the Soviet dictator and nation who precipitated it.



We’re Being Pushed Toward Nuclear War On A Fiction


by Caitlin Johnstone

We’re being driven toward nuclear war on the completely fictional claim that Putin is a Hitler-like megalomaniac who’s just invading countries completely unprovoked, solely because he is evil and hates freedom, and won’t stop invading and conquering until he’s stopped by force.

The news media aren’t telling people about the western aggressions which led to this war. They’re not telling people the US is keeping this war going with the stated goal of weakening Russia and is rejecting peace talks and refusing to push for peace. All people are being told is that Putin is another Hitler who won’t listen to reason and only understands violence. The world’s two nuclear superpowers are being pushed closer and closer to direct military confrontation based on a complete fiction which omits mountains of facts.

To participate in this madness is indefensible. It is indefensibly immoral to foist a fictional version of events upon a trusting populace in order to manufacture consent for more and more aggressive acts of brinkmanship with a nuclear superpower. These people are depraved.

“No no you don’t understand, if we weren’t being told constantly by the media that this proxy war needs our full support and censoring the voices who dispute this and using giant troll armies to swarm and silence anyone who questions this, we might fall victim to propaganda.”

“You’re not anti-war, you’re just anti-AMERICAN wars,” said the person who is loudly cheerleading America’s proxy war in Ukraine.

Warmongers don’t like being called warmongers when they support a US proxy war that was deliberately provoked by the US and is being sustained by the funding and facilitation of the US with the explicit goal of weakening a longtime geopolitical rival of the US. They get very upset when you point out the fact that they are doing this, and when people’s opposition to their warmongering is described as “anti-war”:



Soros and the Kiev Regime… Supping With the Devil


by Finian Cunningham

"Strategic Culture Foundation" A Jewish-born billionaire funding a Nazi regime in Ukraine to do his bidding is not beyond cynical calculation. It’s what capitalism is all about.

The NATO-backed Kiev regime is enacting new draconian laws that will banish all dissenting free speech. Any views not aligned with the regime are to be deemed treasonous and outlawed, even subject to persecution and violent repression.

The new legal powers enshrine a vicious campaign against independent media in Ukraine that has been raging over the past four years under President Vladimir Zelensky. Opposition political parties and news organizations have been shuttered, and dissenting journalists targeted with violence or forced into exile. The toxic trend against free speech can be traced back to the CIA-sponsored Maidan coup d’état which toppled the elected government in Ukraine in February 2014.

That coup brought to power a far-right regime in Kiev that glories in past collaboration with Nazi Germany. Over one million Jews were exterminated by Ukrainian fascists on behalf of the Third Reich.

The contradictions of the Kiev regime are head-spinning. The incumbent president, Zelensky, is reportedly of Jewish heritage. Yet his regime is propped up by Nazi-toting paramilitaries such as the Azov and Aidar Battalions that form the backbone of the Ukrainian armed forces. Zelensky’s financial patron is Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky who is also Jewish, yet Kolomoisky bankrolls Neo-Nazi paramilitaries.

Western governments who claim to be custodians of “democracy” and “freedom” have been pumping billions of dollars of weaponry to the fascist regime in Kiev headed up by a Jewish president. The Western governments and media try to square that contradiction by asserting that Zelensky’s regime is a “democracy” and by covering up the facts of its Nazi conduct. The arming of Ukraine since 2014 by the United States and other NATO members is recklessly pushing a world war with Russia. Western so-called democracies are aligned with fascism in an incipient war against Russia that could end in a nuclear catastrophe. For those paying historical attention to the real causes and geopolitics of the Second World War – the interplay of Western powers and Nazi Germany – and the subsequent Cold War, the present confrontation may come as no surprise.

The relations of one Western public figure with Ukraine are particularly awing in their incongruity. George Soros, the American billionaire philanthropist, was an early supporter of political change in Ukraine following its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Through his Open Society Foundation, Soros funneled millions of dollars to promote the Maidan “revolution” takeover in Kiev. Soros worked hand-in-hand with the U.S. government and its CIA regime-change agencies, such as National Endowment for Democracy and USAID, to create “civic society groups” and a litany of media organizations that pushed anti-Russia views.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation to this day proclaims to “stand with Ukraine” and accuses Russia of waging an “assault on democracy”. The OSF has a fundraising target of $45 million which it says will be used to “protect Ukrainian civic society”.

The reality behind Soros’ virtue-signaling rhetoric is that the Kiev regime is dominated by Nazi forces that are intent on smashing any dissent and free speech, as the repressive new media laws demonstrate.

Even Soros-funded Western non-governmental organizations such as Reporters Without Borders and the U.S.-based Committee for the Protection of Journalists have condemned the shocking assault on free speech by the Zelensky regime.

This is not just an unfortunate matter of keeping bad company. Soros and the U.S. State Department, along with then Vice President Joe Biden, were instrumental in bringing the Kiev regime to power in 2014. They were instrumental in building it up as a rabid anti-Russia spearhead that repudiated the 2014-2015 Minsk Peace accords and fomented the present war with Russia.

Soros, who over many years has publicly expressed a deep personal antipathy toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, appears to have deftly used Ukraine as a geopolitical playground to promote his personal and business interests. The billionaire capitalist has his eyes on the privatization of Ukrainian industries in energy and agriculture. Of course, Washington and NATO’s imperialist interests dovetailed neatly with the apparent philanthropy.

Soros has long been accused of promoting “color revolutions” on behalf of Washington to destabilize geopolitical adversaries, Russia and China in particular.

The case of Ukraine is especially persuasive. Soros’ early involvement in promoting the violent Kiev coup led directly to the creation of an extreme, reactionary regime that dutifully served the imperialist interests of Washington against Russia while causing misery for the majority of Ukrainians. The Kiev ruling cabal is rife with corruption, fascist lawlessness and throttling a threadbare civic society under an autocratic Jewish president beloved by Hollywood and Western state intelligence agencies.

Soros’ grandiose claims of supporting “independent journalism” and “civic society” are shown to be rank falsehoods set against the present crackdown in Ukraine against free speech.

This brings us to the ultimate, perhaps most disturbing contradiction: George Soros (92), born in 1930 into a Jewish family, grew up in Hungary during Nazi occupation as an adolescent trying to avoid being sent to a gas chamber. He has admitted concealing his Jewish identity as a Christian. There is an implication of his collaborating as a teenager with the Nazi regime in Budapest by reporting on Jewish property for confiscation. He denies participating in any wrongdoing and says he was merely a hapless youth accompanying a pro-Nazi property agent.

Admittedly, some among the anti-Semite American right have sought to make out Soros to be a “Nazi globalist” in a way that is ridiculous.

Years after the war, Soros immigrated to the West and later made his vast wealth as a vulture capitalist betting against losers. He is known famously as the “man who broke the British pound” and made a $1 billion profit in a single day during a market meltdown in 1992.

Let’s just say George Soros has a preternaturally keen sense of predatory opportunism. A Jewish-born billionaire funding a Nazi regime in Ukraine to do his bidding is not beyond cynical calculation. It’s what capitalism is all about.





Biden’s Broken Promise To Avoid War With Russia May Kill Us All


by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies

On March 11, 2022, President Biden reassured the American public and the world that the United States and its NATO allies were not at war with Russia. "We will not fight a war with Russia in Ukraine," said Biden. "Direct conflict between NATO and Russia is World War III, something we must strive to prevent."

It is widely acknowledged that U.S. and NATO officers are now fully involved in Ukraine’s operational war planning, aided by a broad range of US intelligence gathering and analysis to exploit Russia’s military vulnerabilities, while Ukrainian forces are armed with US and NATO weapons and trained up to the standards of other NATO countries.

On October 5, Nikolay Patrushev, the head of Russia’s Security Council, recognized that Russia is now fighting NATO in Ukraine. Meanwhile, President Putin has reminded the world that Russia has nuclear weapons and is prepared to use them "when the very existence of the state is put under threat," as Russia’s official nuclear weapons doctrine declared in June 2020.



Grave New World


by Patrick Lawrence

Biden’s long-delayed National Security Strategy is the kind of pablum that disguises danger and comes with a price.



War Propaganda About Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin


by Chay Bowes



Biden Is All-In on Taking Out China, Whatever the Consequences


by Jon Bateman, a senior fellow in the Technology and International Affairs Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.





The Defender

Children’s Health Defense – News & Views

“‘Insane’: Boston Researchers Create ‘More Lethal’ Strain of COVID, Prompting Calls to Shut Down Risky Gain-of-Function Research”


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller

"Safe and Free," "Safe and Effective," "Fall on Your Sword, Dr. Fauci," and "Fascism Now!": Some NEW songs for THIS dark moment—and 3 Holy Oldies from the world that was. "Tears in Heaven," "If This Is Goodbye" and "My Sweet Lord"—songs that only human beings could write, or understand, or love—are now more beautiful than ever.


by Mark Crispin Miller





High Gas Prices and Big Oil's Midterm Scheme in One Easy-to-Understand Tweet


by Julia Conley



French Labor Unrest Illustrates Worsening Economic Crisis Within the EU


by Abayomi Azikiwe

Oil workers strike has prompted one of the largest trade union federations to hold a day of action across a key state within NATO



The War on Immigrants Is a War on All Poor and Low-Income Workers


by Shailly Gupta Barnes

If low-income voters stick together, they can stop politicians from turning a humanitarian crisis into political theater.



EU Deliberately Causes Needless Suffering for Refugees in the Mediterranean


by Richard Hardigan





U.S. Act of War against the European Union: President Biden Ordered the Terror Attack against Nord Stream. High Treason against the People of Europe


by Prof Michel Chossudovsky





US Police Kill Twice As Many People Every Year As We've Been Told


with Lee Camp




Homeless in America


by Eve Ottenberg



The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America: An Interview with Joshua Frank


by Karl Grossman




REPORT: Peace Day on the Ann Arbor Commons, September 21, 2022

by Alan Haber


Peace was for a Day on the Center of the City Community Commons,... radiating out, 

(...too many people missed it... )

It was Sponsored by the Ann Arbor Community Commons Initiating Committee.

The day began setting up the solar power, off-the-grid sound system, stage and chairs and tables, and play place.

A woman's voice led a salutation to the directions;

... a man's voice later guided us through the directions to where we have come.

A Native American acknowledgement of the land imprints indigenous presence in our present. 

Land return was discussed,... Ceding back some Ann Arbor Area land to the Potawatomi Nation, 

...inviting resettlement for a new community to return.....How could it be?

The discussion of racism similarly looked at what recognitions, repairs, reparations are needed in righting a wrong long and ongoing., unlearning and undoing racism 

as a mission as Ann Arbor enters our Third Century. 


Ukrainian presence (as video staff) ensured that, along with denunciations of NATO and  contending imperialisms, the Ukrainian people need to be remembered and heard and the desire among Ukranians for self determination recognized.  The call for a "cease fire" and negotiated agreement, "negotiate, don't escalate,"  was the desire of all who spoke...more below.


In conclusion, the Library Lane Commons area  proved very successful as an Ann Arbor Agora for public discussions.  

"In ancient Greek cities, an agora was an open space serving as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities."

I grew up being told Ann Arbor was the "Athens of the Midwest." The Commons got a good start, and after the discussions ...the Agora  became a bit of a Woodstock with talented performers handing the stage off to one another. and some dancing and socializing and finally packing up in the dark for a day well done. 


Questions were opened: 

What does Peace look like from the point of view of a Potawatomi person, descendent from ancestors put out of here, generations ago? 

or to an African American  descendent of slavery, living in the racism of now, not ended, ?,

or to a student coming here to study, confronted with the barely limited Lordship of the Landlords and their rental laws.?


The BiCentennial was seen as an opportunity to set aspirations for Ann Arbor's Third Century


 A video recond of the program is being edited for viewing.   I am collecting texts of the salutations to the directions, and some of the serious words spoken, and unspoken, during the day.   I intend to share 


There were several good ideas that we did not develop.

 For the early morning Tai Chi and yoga, grounding and centering, the leadership was not available at the needed time.

The political debates in our Ann Arbor political community and adversarial contentions were set aside.  


We postponed the intended woodworking creation and planting of two "Peace Poles", one for Liberty Plaza and one for the Library Lane Lot, with Ann Arbor residents writing "May Peace Prevail on Earth", in our various native languages.   There were unsolved technical questions of how best to do the writing on the wood posts, so the workbench and posts were left for later. And it seemed well to discuss our plans with the DDA and Parks Department people before we initiated the planting. 


Similarly, the Peace Day Plan  to place a "memorial marker" for people lost and people to be remembered was postponed, needing wider participation in the dedication.

There has long been discussion of a place of grieving and remembrance for those lost by gun violence, Aura Rosser being named first, though echoed in "call out their names" demonstrations since., .., the commons being a place fostering the culture of peace and non-violence it seems a right place. .  

There have been champions of the Center of the City park and green  and the public use of public land, who could be remembered with a little placque or stepping stone place to remember,  like Mary Hathaway and Eppie Potts come immediately to my mind.


There was an excellent presentation and discussion of "Public Art" and "the murals" first for the gardens and then through the commons. There were questions of  how to develop an aesthetic for the commons as a whole that integrates the space and that feels inviting, welcoming, familiar and like home in some way to everyone and all the communities of Ann Arbor..  All ideas were invited. It seemed desirable to begin a "Public Arts Working Group" to consider ongoingly the aesthetics of the commons and what public art next..  .


In my impression, the quality and sincerity of discussion and conversation derived from a shared sense of the dangerous situation of now.

 Whatever our differences, we were and  are all in the same boat with the war raging, to possible nuclear calamity, and slower unfolding of ever more frequent climate emergencies.


About the Ukraine War, I proposed "Cease Fire" wasn't enough to demand.  We should set a date and urgency and  help Mobilize "Civic Society" to manifest itself to intervene to a demand to all warring parties "Cease fire"   by Armistice Day, November 11, if not before, ...until December 10, Human Rights Day, Then, announce their agreements, or go back to the gun. ..Cease fire to the soldiers to put down the gun,  and to the political figures to meet with advisors in their seclusions considering all outstanding questions, and to people of the contending parties, talk with one another across the quieted battle lines.. .

Recall the image of the World War One "Christmas Truce" ...extend it 30 Days to give Peace a chance.


A Leaflet "Draft" for this idea is attached, including a suggestive list of outstanding questions. ..what do you add? 


Many thanks to all the people who did the heavy lifting, deep thinking, honest talking, sweet music  and many little things that made the Day for Peace, even into the evening and looking forward..


To share your good ideas, or ask for more information, please write or call.   


Alan Haber, for Peace Day.

734 657 8083



The 105th Anniversary of the October Revolution


by Eric Mann



Tulsi Gabbard May Have Left the Democratic Party, But She Isn’t Helping the Left


by Danny Haiphong






Colonialism, Compradors & the Militarized Crisis of Capitalism in Africa


with Black Alliance For Peace




The Other Russia-West War: Why Some African Countries are Abandoning Paris, Joining Moscow


by Ramzy Baroud



No to Foreign Military Intervention In Haiti! Yes, to Haitian Self-Determination!


by Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Team



Haiti's White War Lords


by Black Agenda Radio with Margaret Kimberley

(audio, 33:04)



Brazil on Fire: Supporters in Northeastern Brazil hope to lift Lula to victory


with Michael Fox


Tens of thousands joined former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on the streets of Recife last Friday for another packed march in northeastern Brazil. This is the poorest region of Brazil. People here felt the real impact of Lula’s policies during his previous governments in the mid-2000s. They voted overwhelmingly for him in the first round. And they are hoping to carry him to the presidency on Oct. 30.



POEM: There it is, Jayne Cortez, 2009


Jayne Cortez (May 10, 1934–December 28, 2012) was a poet, a performance artist, an activist, a Black Arts Movement blueswoman steeped in free jazz and surrealism, a pan-African feminist and an anti-imperialist whose uncompromised voice and visiom stalked the imperial highways. She released a dozen books of poetry and as many albums, led The Firespitters (with her son, Deanardo Coleman, on drums), founded the Watts Repertory Company and Bola Press, co-founded the Organization of Women Writers of Africa, and was the moving spirit behind the legendary literary gathering Yari Yari : Black Women Writers and the Future, held in New York City in 1997. Born in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Cortez lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Dakar – the place she felt was her home. “Cortez’s life, touched the entire black world,” the poet E. Ethelbert Miller once wrote, while acknowledging that, despite her influence and energy, she has not received the recognition she deserves. To speak of the “power” of her poetry does not convey that very power. Read it. Hear it. And you will understand how much we need Jayne Cortez right now.





News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller

“One way to end the plague of ‘vaccine’ injuries: delete the records—as they're doing in…

Just as Canada's "free press" has largely stopped reporting people "dying suddenly" (unless they're famous), Alberta's "health service" is now erasing ER records of the ‘vaccine’-injured”




Global Research News - Selected Articles – Oct. 20

“U.S. Regime Now Applies Maximum Brutality to the Ukrainian People”




The Off Guardian

Multipolar World Order” – Part 3


by Iain Davis



The Defender • Children's Health Defense – Oct. 20

‘Child Abuse on a Massive Scale’: CDC Advisers Recommend Adding COVID Vaccines to Childhood Schedule


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



Dr. Mercola's Censored Library (Private Membership)

“The Trail of Blood From the COVID Jabs”


by Dr. Joseph Mercola

These two doctors claim they've discovered a way to test for spike protein in human tissue, and they've found spike protein in individuals who were injured or died from the shots.