Bulletin N° 1069


“The Idiot”


by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

(audio book, 15:42:39)

Translated by Eva M. Martin and read by Martin Geeson




 Subject: Negations of Negations, Negotiations,& Nihilism.




November 6, 2022



 Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


In this period of intense contradictions, when class struggle has ascended to a higher and more complex level, we are asked to defer our lived perspectives to the external viewpoints of our would-be rulers, who have taken the notion of cultural hegemony to another level, with the help of technology and sophisticated social engineering. We are made to feel abandoned, when in fact we are simply stripped of traditional delusions and faced with a fundamental truth, i.e. that we have more power over our lives and the institutions that shape us than we think we have, if only we start moving in that direction, guided by good will, dialogue and above all class consciousness.



The 23+ items below will bring to your attention some of the more critical discussions found this week in the Anglophone social media, including what might be described as “false consciousness,” the self-deceptions which serve to disempower people who would benefit from taking more control over their lives at work and at home by discussing matters frankly with others whom they trust and who are experiencing similar relationships.




Francis McCollum Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego




Media Omissions, Distortions, and Exaggerations Feeds the Fuel for War Against Russia


by Michael Welch, George Eliason, and Glenn Michalchuk

(audio, 59:00)

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) held its twenty-seventh Triennial Congress in downtown Winnipeg from October 28-30. [1]

Two of the star speakers on hand were Canadian federal government ministers Chrystia Freeland and Anita Anand. These politicians were particularly active on the Russia-Ukraine war and in answering and addressing the question of how Canada can support Ukraine.

The Ministers in question, apparently in solidarity with just about every politician in the House of Commons, favoured more military aid.

Canada announced in February that it was providing $600 million in military assistance to the troubled country. There was also talk about Canadian Armed Forces supplying training and capacity building under Operation UNIFIER, which was launched in 2015 and was recently expanded until 2025. [2]

Continual bantering in major media coverage about the “illegal” and “unprovoked” attack by Russia has some individuals comparing Putin to Adolf Hitler!

Rarely if ever do they mention NATO moving closer to the Russian border – a direct breach of the contract between Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. Secretary of State James Baker in 1990.

They ignore the evidence of a coup orchestrated by the U.S. in February of 2014 and the previous talks between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt indicating they (not the people) would choose the next Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Also ignored is the rise in Neo-Nazis including inside the military under the changed government, the killings of as many as 14,000 people in the Donbass region over the previous eight years, and the announcement by President Zelenskiy that Ukraine may pursue nuclear weapons to counter Russia.

While this program and Global Research does not approve of the methods taken by Russia in Ukraine (just as we did not approve of the actions by the United States in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc) the Global Research News Hour finds it necessary to present more of the facts and context of the fight before the bloody conflict escalates into the horrific.

In our first half hour, we hear from George Eliason, an American journalist resident in Luhansk, who relays to us his observations of what has happened there on the ground for the last eight years, the projections of the referenda on rejoining the Russian Federation being a sham, and the hidden history of the fascist like formations taking charge of power in Kyiv.

In our second half hour, we hear speaking clips from Ministers Freeland and Anand at the recent Ukrainian Canadian Congress. We also hear from Glenn Michalchuk, a peace activist in Winnipeg, who was protesting alongside others against the government’s championing war in Ukraine instead of aiding in the brokering of a peace agreement to end the war.



The Ever Widening War



by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

American soldiers are now in Ukraine. Allegedly, they are there only to monitor what is happening to the arms deliveries from the US and NATO countries.

As previously reported, not all of the vast amount of heavy weapons sent by the West end up on the battlefield. Instead, some find their way into the weapons market where they are sold to who for who’s profit? The same with the money, much of which ends up in unintended pockets.

The US State Department’s explanation is that the US troops are in Ukraine, not to fight, but to “assist the government of Ukraine with handling US security assistance.” In other words, to identify and stop the theft of resources meant for war against Russia.

But why is this the job of uniformed troops?

Is this a way to sneak US uniformed soldiers into Ukraine and maneuver them into combat?

Russian Official Says NATO Risking Direct Conflict with Russia and ‘Full-Fledged’ Nuclear War



Do You Want to Play A Game?


with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

US Says Russia Nuclear Drills Interfering With NATO Nuclear Exercises



NATO Had Plans for a Preemptive Strike on Russia Using the Cover of a French-Led Naval Exercise in the Mediterranean


by Sonja van den Ende

Revelations further underscore mendacity behind Biden administration claim that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked.





Video: His Wife’s Plea: The Case for Julian Assange



with Freddie Sayers and Stella Moris


The case of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who published huge troves of sensitive government documents and classified military logs, has been going on for over a decade. Assange has been under house arrest, hidden from extradition inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London and since 2019 has been held in Belmarsh prison. 

During that time, he has married and had two children with a lawyer called Stella Moris. Moris first met Assange as a researcher on his case and they were forced to conduct their relationship under close surveillance. Moris’ fears for her husband are not only personal but philosophical, she wonders what precedent Assange’s case will set for press freedom.

Will Assange be remembered as a pioneer of the free internet or as one of its victims?

With his extradition case looming, UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers met Stella Moris to hear her case for her husband, Julian Assange.



Chelsea Manning on being a whistleblower, prison, and her new memoir





What In the Hell Was Washington Thinking?


by David Stockman



Mass Casualties Necessary To Depose Putin Says U.K. Financier


with Arron Mate and Scott Ritter




Biden's boilerplate defense strategy: it's all about China - Responsible Statecraft


by Michael D. Swaine

The long-awaited unclassified U.S. 2022 National Defense Strategy has finally appeared. As expected, much of it is devoted to describing how to counter the dire threats to U.S. interests posed by China’s military (the People’s Liberation Army).

While avoiding the kind of shrill, inflated rhetoric so common in Trump-era security documents, the 2022 NDS unsurprisingly continues past broad-brush characterizations of China as an aggressive nation working hard on all fronts to weaken the U.S. and refashion both the Indo-Pacific and the (undefined) international system to suit its authoritarian interests.  

There is arguably a greater emphasis in this NDS on the threats to homeland defense, thus reinforcing the existing narrative of China as a comprehensive security challenge to the United States. And this, of course, is seen to require a comprehensive, heightened effort not only to prevent Chinese aggression but to counter Chinese influence virtually everywhere.



Long history of China's CCP and Biowarfare


Guest Essay by Clare M. Lopez, Founder/President of Lopez Liberty LLC

from Robert Malone MD, MS

(audio, 12:44)





The Wolfowitz Doctrine Led to the Disastrous War in Iraq: Now it is Leading to a Potentially Even More Cataclysmic War in Asia

| Source voltairenetorg | MR Online


by Aidan O’Brien

The Project for a New American Racist Century is omnipresent in the capitals of Europe today. From Dublin to Berlin—Ukrainian colors are on flagpoles, bus stops and buildings. The subtext is blonde hair and blue eyes.

America and its European clients (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—NATO) now see Ukraine much like Israel sees the West Bank—a frontier beyond which are subhuman Asians.

While Israel has built an apartheid wall—708 kilometers long and up to 8 meters high—that separates itself from Palestinians, NATO has just built an apartheid regime that separates itself from Russians.

By sanctioning, canceling, blockading and demonizing Russia, NATO is declaring that Russia (and by extension Asia) is beyond the pale, is untouchable, inferior, uncivilized, barbaric—in a word, “not like us.” 

The liberal capitalist mask has suddenly been replaced by a Ukrainian flag. Ethnicity and extreme nationalism—the Nazi kind—have been weaponized in Europe again. And NATO did it. Why? 



US War Propaganda and Billionaire Control of US Politics


with Margaret Kimberley and Danny Haiphong




A Valid Argument



by Todd Hayen



The US-Nazi Connection Since World War II: From Inspiring the Third Reich to Supporting the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine


by Timothy Alexander Guzman






Post-WWII Ukrainian Immigration to Britain. The "Waffen-SS GB / Ukraine"


by Konrad Rękas



UK Think Tank Behind Truss’ Program Lives On



by Adam Bychawski



Rishi Sunak: A Thatcherite in Downing Street


by Dr. Binoy Kampmark



Liberal Democracy: The Bedfellow of Fascism


by Erica Caines



Britain's Chaos, America's Future?"


with Prof. Richard Wolff




Thomas Sankara to the United Nations General Assembly, 4th October, 1984 Speech


Delivered: In French, at the United Nations General Assembly, in New York City, on 4 October 1984.
Source of the translation into English: United Nations (1984), United Nations General Assembly Official Records, 20th Plenary Meeting, Thursday, 4 October 1984, at 10.40 a.m., New York, (A/39/PV.20), pp. 405-410.
This edition: Marxists Internet Archive, January 2019.



FLASHBACK: “Meet Smedley Butler”


with James Corbett






“Let’s Get Out of NATO”: Discontent Soars Across Europe as Russian Sanctions Backfire



by Zero Hedge



CovertAction Bulletin: The U.S. State Department in the Metaverse: How the CIA Infiltrated Facebook


by Rachel Hu and Chris Garaffa

(audio, 46:10)

Why is Facebook so desperate to make the Metaverse happen? Are the techno feudalists right when they say Facebook is too big to fail? With the decline of Meta, it seems a new era may be dawning in Silicon Valley as Facebook’s failed projects continue to pile up.

New reporting in The Intercept outlines how the Department of Homeland Security is looking to increase the U.S. government’s influence on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and more. We examine Meta’s expansion strategy and the role that U.S. intelligence has played in the last few years within the social media giant’s ranks.

To talk about all of this and in particular how the U.S. state inserts itself into these networks, we’re joined by Alan MacLeod, Senior Staff Writer/Podcast Producer, @MintPressNews. Alan has written about the many ex-CIA employees who now work at Facebook, and overall the government’s efforts to influence social media.



The Former Israeli Spies Working in Top Jobs at Google, Facebook and Microsoft


by Alan Macleod

A MintPress study has found that hundreds of former agents of the notorious Israeli spying organization, Unit 8200, have attained positions of influence in many of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

The Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) Unit 8200 is infamous for surveilling the indigenous Palestinian population, amassing kompromat on individuals for the purposes of blackmail and extortion. Spying on the world’s rich and famous, Unit 8200 hit the headlines last year, after the Pegasus scandal broke. Former Unit 8200 officers designed and implemented software that spied on tens of thousands of politicians and likely aided in the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.





James Corbett on “Deep State Consciousness”


(audio, 56:28)



“False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda” – in 3 Parts


with James Corbett

(5 hours)



Schrödinger's Bomb: False Flags Over Ukraine


by James Corbett



“Unknown Unknowns”


with James Corbett




U.S. Act of War against the European Union: President Biden Ordered the Terror Attack against Nord Stream. High Treason against the People of Europe



by Prof Michel Chossudovsky





Covid-19: A Universe of Questions In a Time of Universal Deceit


by Michael Bryant



Dr. Peter McCullough Is Being Progressively Stripped of His Medical Credentials



by Steve Kirsch

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most respected doctors in the world, has been a beacon of light throughout this pandemic. His reward for speaking the truth? He’s being stripped of his credentials.

Peter McCullough is an author of 677 articles published in the scientific peer-reviewed journals. He’s one of the most respected cardiologists in the world. He’s been right about everything throughout the pandemic. He has an encyclopedic memory of every paper he’s ever read. And he’s just a wonderful, nice person to boot. You really never met a nicer guy.

He’s sacrificed everything so he can speak the truth about the COVID policies. If there was one COVID advisor that the government should be listening to, Dr. Peter McCullough would be at the top of every list.

So how is he being rewarded for having the courage to speak the truth?

I got this message from him this morning:

I was terminated as the Editor-In-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine after years of service and rising impact factors.  There was no phone call, no board meeting, no due process.  Just e-mails or certified letters.  Powerful dark forces are working in academic medicine to expunge any resistance to the vax.

Yesterday I was stripped of my board certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiology after decades of perfect clinical performance, board scores, and hundreds of peer reviewed publications.

None of this will stop until there is a “needle in every arm.”

Want to see what the medical journal said about his termination? Here it is:



COVID-19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi


by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Greg Hunter

World renowned microbiologist and virologist professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD has won many medical and scientific awards and has more than 300 peer reviewed research papers. Dr. Bhakdi was one of the first top global doctors to warn about the deadly and debilitating effects of the CV19 vax. He was right. Dr. Bhakdi says there is proof that if the injections reach the heart or the brain, they will be damaged beyond repair.

Dr. Bhakdi brings up one autopsy that found this and explains,

“In multiple parts of the brain in this deceased man, the doctor found the same thing. . . . He found the damned spike proteins in the smallest capillaries of the brain. . . There is no repair because what the doctor found was these small vessels were attacked by the immune system and destroyed.  The doctor found irrefutable evidence of brain cell damage of cells that are dead and dying. This poor fellow died because his brain cells were dying. . . . The same patient that died . . . . had this multifocal, meaning at many different locations, necrotizing, meaning dying, encephalitis. . . . He had typical things being seen now in people post vax.  They lose their personality.  They lose their minds.  They lose their capacity to think.  They become demented.  They can’t hear.  They can’t speak.  They can’t see.  They are no longer the humans that they were.  They are destroyed human beings.  Their brains are destroyed.  The doctor found something so terrible he had to publish right away.  This was published October 1, 2022, in “Vaccine,” which is a leading scientific journal.  It’s peer reviewed, and it was accepted right away. . . . It can be read by anyone.  I beseech you to read it for yourself.  The doctor doing the autopsy found apart from these terrible things happening to the brain, the same things were happening in the heart.  It was happening in the heart of the same patient.  He saw these same damned devil designed spike proteins.  This means the gene that the perpetrators injected into billions of people reach the vessels of the brain and the heart.  They are killing people.  They are killing people in the most terrible, terrifying and tormenting way.”

Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Mike Yeadon and I always sing the same thing.  You have to realize we did not know each other until Covid came, and there are so many others.  They are not stupid, and they are wonderful and intelligent people, and if everyone is saying the same thing, you have to start thinking we may be right.  If we are right, and I say it’s not me, I am one of thousands, and these thousands are right maybe, you are killing yourself and your children and your loved ones.  Why do you do this?  Why?”

Dr. Bhakdi contends that the world should stop the injections now. . . . and Covid is a “criminal hoax.”



What Is in the So-called COVID-19 “Vaccines”?


by David Hughes


Between July 2021 and August 2022, evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was published by at least 26 researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents using spectroscopic and microscopic analysis. Despite operating largely independently of one another, their findings are remarkably similar and highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. This raises grave questions about the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have so far been shot into 5.33 billion people (over two thirds of the human race), including children, apparently without their informed consent regarding the contents. Surprise findings include sharp-edged geometric structures, fibrous or tube-like structures, crystalline formations, “microbubbles”, and possible self-assembling nanotechnology. The blood of people who have received one or more COVID-19 “vaccines” appears, in case after case, to contain foreign bodies and to be seriously degraded, with red blood cells typically in Rouleaux formation. Taken together, these 26 studies make a powerful case for the full force of scientific investigation to be brought to bear on the COVID-19 “vaccine” contents. If the findings of these 26 studies are confirmed, then the political implications are nothing short of revolutionary: a global crime against humanity has been committed, in which every government, every regulator, every establishment media organization, and all the professions have been complicit.

Click here to read the full report.



“Experts” now admit you will NEVER be “fully vaccinated”



by Kit Knghtly



Watch "Excess deaths continue"


with Dr. John Campbell




Child Excess Death In Europe Up 755% In 2022 & WHO Calls Mask-Induced Infection 'Worldwide Threat'

The Daily Wrap Up


with Ryan Cristián




Arterial Shower of Blood Clots for “Neon Deion”


by Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake

COVID-19 Vaccine Creates Life Altering Surgical Emergencies





“Taking on the Deep State candidate w/Diane Sare


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




“Q & A: Taking on the Deep State candidate”


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris






“Putin's Valdai Speech, warns Western elites"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Xi Jinping's mandate to prepare for smash with collective west"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Biden quietly moves world closer towards armageddon. Finland ready to host nukes


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Video: U.S. Strategic Nuclear Policy, an Oral History


by  Sandia National Labs




Dirty Bomb Accusations Fly Between Russia and Ukraine w/ Scott Ritter & Aaron Maté


with Scott Ritter and Aaron Maté






News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller

“What judge? What mandate? What decision? Google wants us NOT TO KNOW that New York's "vaccine" mandate has gone down in flames”


They will do ANYTHING to black out ALL the truth about the "vaccination" drive: not only the horrendous harm it's doing, but all the pushback that it's caused—and that WILL finally set us free



“Whatever happened with that crowd in Michigan, Obama really couldn't handle it”


by Mark Crispin Miller

"Our free press" is struggling to present the moment as a moral victory for Obama and "civility," answering a heckler (or two hecklers) with Sweet Reason; but it did not quite look that way



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, October 17-October 24, 2022


by Mark Crispin Miller

Politicians in the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Italy (3), Malta, Nigeria & Malaysia; 12 babies in indigenous Quebec; 160 Filipino children post-injection; 63,000 Brits post-booster; & more



“See how six dropped dead (in India, Honduras, China & elsewhere), how a 7th just keeled over (in Argentina)—and how Ariana Grande and James Corden are accomplices to murder”


by Marl Crispin Miller

Eight MORE videos, for our vast, ever-growing trove of evidence, to be adduced throughout the coming trials for this unprecedented crime against humanity



Covid endemic update


by Dr. John Campbell






Shocking Details of Zionist Biological Warfare Against Palestinians Exposed


by Kit Klarenberg

Academics Benny Morris of Ben-Gurion University and Benjamin Z. Kedar of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have produced an extraordinary paper based on a welter of archival material, exposing in disturbing detail the hitherto obfuscated dimensions of an operation by Zionist forces to use chemical and biological weapons against both invading Arab armies and local civilians during the 1948 war.

That brutal conflict created the state of Israel, and led to permanent displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, known as the “Nakba” – Arabic for disaster, catastrophe, or cataclysm.

Morris and Kedar offer a highly granular timeline of events, starting in the initial months of that year, as Britain prepared to evacuate Mandatory Palestine on May 15. In the lead up to that date, Zionist settlers were very much on the defensive, with militias “continuously” attacking their enclaves and convoys, with the support of neighboring armies, due to their joint rejection of UN Resolution 181, passed in November 1947, which proposed partitioning Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish states.

With Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Transjordan all having expressed an intention to invade Palestine when Britain left – and having been actively encouraged in this regard by British intelligence – Zionist guerrillas began mounting an offensive, not merely to neutralize Arab fighters, but capture territory, destroying houses and civilian infrastructure along the way, to prevent displaced residents from returning.

In order to augment the latter component of this effort, ensure Zionist seizure of Arab villages and towns was permanent, facilitate easier conquest of further areas, and hinder the progress of advancing Arab armies, these militias began poisoning wells with bacteria to create local epidemics of typhoid, dysentery, malaria and other diseases, in direct violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which strictly prohibits “the use of bacteriological methods of warfare.”

As we shall see, the Zionists were suitably emboldened by the clandestine operation’s success that they eventually attempted to expand their poisoning campaign to invading Arab armies’ home soil.



UN General Assembly says Israel must get rid of its nuclear arsena


by i24 News



Extreme Right-wing Bloc Poised to Take Over in Israel’s Knesset



by Hans Stehling



The Rise of Israeli Fascism as the Swing Vote in Parliament, and the Project of Ethnic Cleansing



by Juan Cole



Far-right Ben-Gvir emerges as key player in Israel elections

Israeli far-right legislator Itamar Ben-Gvir, surrounded by security, waves at supporters on a walk around a Jerusalem market.


by Orly Halpern

As Israel faces its fifth poll in less than four years, uncertainty and rising tension are boosting support for the notorious politician.



West Bank: October was deadliest month in 'deadliest year' for Palestinians


by Huthifa Fayyad

United Nations says monthly average of Palestinians killed is highest since global body started counting fatalities in 2005.



After More Than 50 Years of Supporting Israel’s Occupation, What Exactly Did the Israeli Left Think Would Happen?


by Gideon Levy



Israeli army launches massive overnight assault on Nablus, 6 Palestinians killed


by Yumna Patel



Israel's raids on Palestinian NGOs linked to European states' rejection of 'terrorist sponsor' claims


with Marc Steiner




THE ANGRY ARAB: Lebanon & the Deal with Israel on the Maritime Border


by As`ad AbuKhalil

The U.S. managed to announce an agreement last week between Lebanon and Israel regarding the maritime boundary between the two countries, which should really be called the Lebanese-Palestinian maritime boundary as Israel occupies Palestine.
The deal “paves the way for both countries to develop gas fields under the eastern Mediterranean. A consortium led by France’s Total will develop the Qana field for Lebanon, which is in the grip of one of the world’s worst economic crises. Production at Israel’s Karish field began [last] Wednesday,” the Financial Times

The announcement was met with mixed reactions in Israel in an election year.





The politics of slow unbinding

A new resistance is emerging in the West Bank. Shadi Jarar’ah APA images


by Abdaljawad Omar

If one were to spend one’s time reading only Israeli analyses of current events in the occupied West Bank, one might come to the conclusion that the resistance we are witnessing there at the moment has no legitimate cause for its eruption.

In the Israeli view, this is not about Israel’s expansionism, its refusal to reach a political compromise, its theft of land or Palestinian tax revenue.

It has nothing to do with trigger-happy soldiers, a military matrix of control over an occupied people or the Israeli state’s tacit and overt support for organized and armed settler militias roaming the West Bank creating havoc.

In Israeli media discourse, none of the above has anything to do with the rebirth of a semi-organized Palestinian armed resistance in the West Bank.

Such wilful blindness is not to say that the genesis of the current political moment is not highly complex. It is. The emerging semi-organized resistance in the West Bank is a multifaceted phenomenon that was spurred by a mixture of factors arising from the reality of Israel’s occupation.



Nonviolence is only one part of a strategy for liberation


by Omar Zahzah



A new spirit of resistance


by Ahmed Abu Artema



Secret document reveals Israel lobby's dominance of Labour


by Asa Winstanley

Secret minutes obtained by The Electronic Intifada show just how strongly the UK’s main opposition party has been captured by the pro-Israel lobby.

Shadow minister Steve Reed gave a series of extraordinary pledges during a 2 December 2020 meeting with prominent Israel lobby donor Trevor Chinn.

Chinn and five other Israel lobby representatives took part in the secret meeting, along with Reed and two of his staff. The minutes conclude that the lobbyists had established “a regular channel of communication” with Reed and his office.

The minutes were written by Reed’s aide Owain Mumford, who emailed them to Ellie Robinson, an aide to Labour leader Keir Starmer, as well as to senior party officials Andrew Whyte and Alex Barros-Curtis.

Neither the Labour Party, Steve Reed nor any of the Israel lobby groups involved responded to requests for comment.

You can read the full document at the end of this article.



Is Israel attempting to influence foreign elections?


by Jessica Buxbaum

0n October 30, Brazilians will again head to the polls as far-right incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro faces off against left-wing former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in a tight run-off election.

As the second round nears — and with tensions between the candidates high — Israeli involvement in Brazil’s elections is coming under scrutiny.

During the election’s first round, Lula won 48% of the vote, while Bolsonaro edged slightly behind at 43%.

The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court announced the elections took place without any credible reports of electoral fraud. Yet that has not stopped Bolsonaro from peddling claims that voting machines are vulnerable to fraud and pushing for public counting of votes.

Echoing Donald Trump’s 2020 election rhetoric, Bolsonaro’s campaign is not the only entity concerned with the country’s electoral process. Brazil’s Army — in coordination with an Israeli cybersecurity firm — are also questioning elections.

In March 2022, Israeli cybersecurity company, CySource, signed a cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Army to train military personnel in cyber defense. However, the contract was called into question by Lucas Rocha Furtado, deputy attorney general of Brazil’s Federal Public Ministry (MPF, the acronym in Portuguese), who considered it a possible threat to the electoral process and requested Brazil’s Court of Auditors (TCU in Portuguese) to investigate the partnership.



Rights group urges ICC to investigate "top-ranking" Israeli military lawyer


by Maureen Clare Murphy

A US-based human rights group filed a complaint on Monday calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate Eyal Toledano, a senior Israeli military leader.

Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), a nonprofit group founded by murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, said that Toledano should be investigated for “war crimes and crime against humanity, including the crime of apartheid.”

The international court in The Hague has received numerous filings detailing serious violations against Palestinians, but DAWN’s intervention is unique in its focus on a specific individual.

DAWN notes that as West Bank legal advisor between 2016 and 2020, Toledano was “the top-ranking legal authority” in the territory, effectively serving as “the attorney general of Israel’s occupation.”

Toledano is currently deputy military advocate general, facilitating the Israeli army’s whitewash self-investigations of its crimes against Palestinians, including the killing of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh earlier this year.

In his previous role, according to DAWN, “Toledano oversaw and was complicit in the commission of a wide range” of violations, including home demolitions, forced displacement, mass restrictions on freedom of movement and advancing Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

During his time as West Bank legal advisor, the Israeli military “conducted 40 punitive home demolitions, which displaced 210 people,” DAWN states. Punitive home demolitions are a form of collective punishment – a war crime.

An additional 2,115 Palestinians were displaced as a result of Israel’s confiscation and demolition of hundreds of residences during Toledano’s tenure.

“Taken together, when carried out to maintain a system of oppression or domination, these and other crimes amount to the crime of apartheid,” according to DAWN.





Left anti-communism: The Unkindest Cut by Michael Parenti



by The Connolly Youth Movement

This essay is from the book ‘Blackshirts and Reds’ and has been republished due to the on-going propaganda war against the People’s Republic of China. You can find the full PDF here if you’re tired of the imperial let anti-communist and racist propaganda.

Click to access michael-parenti-blackshirts-and-reds-rational-fascism-and-the-overthrow-of-communism.pdf



Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism and the roots of fascism


with Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky

(31 :59)



What is Technocracy?


with James Corbett


It seems everyone is talking about technocracy these days, but what is technocracy. You may think you know the answer to this question, but you probably don't. James answers this question once and for all in today's edition of Questions For Corbett. Along the way, you'll discover that being able to answer this question is imperative if we want to be able to identify the technocratic enemy and, ultimately, derail their plans.





The Geopolitics of Inequality


by Vijay Prashad

Chaos reigns in the United Kingdom, where the prime minister’s residence in London – 10 Downing Street – has seen the entry of Rishi Sunak, one of the richest men in the country.

Liz Truss was in office for a mere 45 days, convulsed as her government was by a cycle of workers’ strikes and the mediocrity of her policies. In her mini budget, which doomed her government, Truss opted for a full-scale neoliberal assault on the British public with both tax cuts and unacknowledged cuts to social benefits.

Duilio Pierri, Argentina, “Retorno de los restos” or “Return of the Remains,” 1987.

The policies startled the international financial class, whose political role emerged clearly as wealthy bondholders indicated their loss of faith in the U.K. by junking government bonds, thereby increasing the cost of government borrowing and raising the mortgage payments for homeowners.

It was this wealthy bondholder class that acted as the real opposition to the Truss government. Even the International Monetary Fund weighed in with a strong statement, saying “the nature of the U.K. measures will likely increase inequality.”



Authoritarian Monsters & Dictatorship in Disguise



by John Carpenter





Crossing the Border into Ukraine


by Brad Wolf

Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania — “The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Europe for the first time in almost 80 years amid soaring tension between Russia and the American-led NATO military alliance. The light infantry unit, nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles,” is trained to deploy on any battlefield in the world within hours, ready to fight.” – CBS News, October 21, 2022.



How the Left Became Cheerleaders for US Imperialism


by Jonathan Cook






American Life and Literature in the Shadow of War


by Beverly Gologorsky



Anarchy in America: We’re Being Gunned Down Like Dogs in the Street


by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead



1 In 3 Americans Are Struggling: What If We United?


bwith Lee Camp




American Gulag


by John Kiriakou



Global Digital IDs Are Coming to America and Nobody Is Allowed to Talk About It



by Baxter Dmitry



Truth Cops: Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation


by Ken Klippenstein, Lee Fang

The Department of Homeland Security is quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous, an investigation by The Intercept has found. Years of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents — obtained via leaks and an ongoing lawsuit, as well as public documents — illustrate an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.



Disinformation, Absolutely


by Patrick Lawrence



Neo-Colonialism, International Finance Capital and the Necessity of Pan-African Sovereignty


by Abayomi Azikiwe

“THE neo-colonialism of today represents imperialism in its final and perhaps its most dangerous stage. In the past it was possible to convert a country upon which a neo-colonial regime had been imposed — Egypt in the nineteenth century is an example — into a colonial territory. Today this process is no longer feasible. Old-fashioned colonialism is by no means entirely abolished. It still constitutes an African problem, but it is everywhere on the retreat. Once a territory has become nominally independent it is no longer possible, as it was in the last century, to reverse the process. Existing colonies may linger on, but no new colonies will be created. In place of colonialism as the main instrument of imperialism we have today neo-colonialism. The essence of neo-colonialism is that the State which is subject to it is, in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside.” (Taken from the Introduction to “Neo-Colonialism: The Last State of Imperialism”, by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, 1965)



Insurgency and Counterinsurgency: An Interview with Dylan Rodriguez


by Dylan Rodríguez, Roberto Sirvent






Four Ways Lula’s Victory Will Reshape the US-Led World


by Ted Snider



Brazil's Lula Proposes Creating Latin American Currency to 'Be Freed of US Dollar' Dependency


President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva exchanges greetings with the presidents of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and Chile, Michelle Bachelet, at the end of the summit meeting of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). Antônio Cruz/ABr, CC BY 3.0 BR

https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/br/deed.en, via Wikimedia Commons


by Ben Norton





All at Once Mainstream Pundits Push for WW III


by Caitlin Johnstone  


Maps Not To Die For



by David Stockman





Disinformation, Absolutely


by Patrick Lawrence



Watch "Let's talk about the news (Live)"


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris






Censorship in the New Normal Reich


with CJ Hopkins

(available on Nov. 5)



Watch "Russia Kherson Offensive; Putin Rejects Globalism, Fair World System, Warns of Great Dangers Ahead"


with Alexander Mercouris




Putin Skewers US Ineptitude


by Ray McGovern

Speaking on Oct. 27 at the Valdai International Discussion Club, Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned the sanity of those who would "spoil relations with China at the same time they are supplying billions-worth of weapons to Ukraine in a fight against Russia."

In answer to a question on "the growing tensions between China and the United States over Taiwan," Putin labeled visits by top U.S. officials to Taiwan a "provocation." Putin added:

"Frankly, I do not know why they are doing this. … Are they sane? It seems that this runs completely counter to common sense and logic … This is simply crazy.

"It may seem that there is a subtle, profound plot behind this. But I think there is nothing there, no subtle thought. It is just nonsense and arrogance, nothing else. … Such irrational actions are rooted in arrogance and a sense of impunity."

Elite, Exceptional People.

What kind of people are behind what Putin describes? It turns out they come from the same stock of white-privileged, exceptional, ivy-mantled "Best and Brightest" that brought us Vietnam. This time, it is President Joe Biden who brought them in. Giving Biden the benefit of the doubt, I believe he was/is not smart enough to understand that they have made a big mess of things.





Iran sanction CIA, US entities on accusations of 'inciting terrorism'


by The New Arab

Iran has sanctioned US entities, including the CIA, over accusations that they have incited 'terrorist acts' in the country, after the US placed over a dozen Iranian officials on its sanctions blacklist.



An Inconvenient Opinion from Europe


from Robert Malone, MD MS

Belgian Alain Grootaers asks "Where have all negotiations gone?" regarding USA, NATO, Ukraine, and Russia.





James Corbett Separates Climate Fact From Fiction


with James Corbett and Derrick Broze


via The Activation Podcast: On this episode of The Activation podcast Derrick Broze interviews returning guest James Corbett regarding his work on climate change. James has been researching the claims about climate change since 2007 and has produced dozens of reports and podcast dissecting the various claims about anthropogenic climate change. Derrick and James discuss what the climate change propagandists have right and what they have dangerously wrong. They also discuss the agenda behind the climate change movement. You are not going to want to miss this informative and empowering episode!


Friday Funnies - Greta 2065


by Robert W Malone MD


Oil giant Saudi Aramco has $42.4B profit in third quarter


by Jon Gambrell


Epic Drought Hits US, Solutions Ignored


with Lee Camp






The Defender – Oct. 31

Children’ s Health Defense – News & Views:

“Ex-CIA Agents Moderating Facebook Posts + Disappearing Flu Data”




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“War Without End. What Is Wrong with the United States of America?”




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