Bulletin 124

 Subject: A call for technical assistance from CEIMSA, at the University of Stendhal, Grenoble3.

18 June 2004

Grenoble, France

Dear Friends of CEIMSA,

When I went to my office this evening I discovered that several hundred addresses on my office computer had been mysteriously deleted. This means that I have sent our call for help to our roughly 20% of the names on our mailing list. "Lost and gone forever, dreadful sorrow Clementine...", unless you have names and addresses of people familiar with our work and interested in helping us maintain this research center.

If you do know of interested people, who might be willing to sent a strongly worded, reasoned argument to University President Patrick Chezaud in support of CEIMSA, please forward to them the text I sent you this afternoon. A flood of mail addressed to the administrative team governing Stendhal University from people who have reasons to want to see our center survive this most recent attack could turn the tide.

All mail should be addressed to all the adsministrative listed, including my address, which were given in the original text which I sent this afternoon. I hope you will forward that text to others, as my university email "address book" has 100% vanished over night.

in solidarity,

Francis McCollum Feeley

Professor of American Studies

Stendhal University


Francis McCollum Feeley

Professor of American Studies/

Director of Research at CEIMSA


Université de Grenoble-3

Grenoble, France