Bulletin N°473


Subject: On North Korea: A December Surprise from Obama's Corporate America?

23 December 2010
Grenoble, France

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,
We have seen the corporate beast, hungry for profits, wage its massive wars of human sacrifice in the last century and the beginning of our own, as once again fear and indoctrination capture the minds of millions of would-be citizens, who now find themselves stupefied by life within the empire, poisoned by the degenerate culture that it reproduces, stinking of death and of terror. In this our western Christmas Season, fascist paranoia has emerged full bloom, crushing alternative life styles. Gorged with billions of US dollars and fantastic capital investments, the owners and their obsequious army of minions will not rest. They must seek order now, a stasis that only death can satisfy. As they cover the earth with their sinister blanket of mass psychosis, we can be grateful for the occasional lights that still shine, such as the illuminating articles below on the Dismantling of yet another nation, first lacerated by US foreign policy; then "saved" in the name of "Humanity" . . . .

Crisis in Korea: the Roots of Conflict
by Richard Greeman


CONTENTS: 1.Who's Provoking Whom? - 2. Give Peace a Chance - 3. New U.S. Provocations - 4. A New Korean War? - 5. A Home-made Nuclear Umbrella - 6. Possible Consequences of Miscalculation - 7. Does Washington have a Strategy? - 8. The China Factor - 9. Back to Gunboat Diplomacy - 10. The Hidden History of the Korean War - 11. Truman’s U.N. Figleaf - 12. An Unfinished Asian Revolution - 13. The Brutal U.S. Occupation - 14. The North Korean Communists Consolidate - 15. The Party Degenerates - 16. The Smoldering Korean Civil War Bursts into Flame - 17. The U.S. Rearms - 18. The Chinese Enter the Fray - 19. U.S. Defeat - 20. The ‘Korea Syndrome’ - 21. The Truman Doctrine Revived - 22.  Realpolitik or Imperial Madness? - 23. The March of Folly - 24. Possible Sane Solutions - 25. Building International Solidarity

Richard Greeman[1]
Dec. 16, 2010
Montpellier France,
P.S. URGENT APPEAL: Korea remains a tinderbox which could blow up again at any minute. We must inform people and raise a protest, beginning with the peace movement and Left who seem clueless on this issue. Please contact http://www.endthekoreanwar.org/

[1] Longtime socialist and internationalist activist, Richard Greeman is best known for his translations of Victor Serge, the Franco-Russian novelist and revolutionary.



South Korea: Seeking Reunification by Live Fire?

by John Feffer

John Feffer is the author several books including the recently published North Korea, South Korea: U.S. Policy at a Time of Crisis (Seven Stories). For more information about his books and articles, visit www.johnfeffer.com

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