Bulletin N°498

Subject: ON THE 10th ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11.


11 September 2011
Grenoble, France
Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,

On this the anniversary of 9/11 we offer readers four judicious reports on the "cover-up" which followed the attack killing more than 3,000 US citizens, and its after effects within the United States and beyond . . . .

Interviews with UC Berkeley Professor, Peter Dale Scott.
"9/11" and "Continuity of Government" :


An Interview with former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, who was
the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights on 9/11/01.
"The War on Terror Was a Mistake" :



"Combatting Ignorance, Avoiding Arrogance"
by Robert Jensen

Francis McCollum Feeley
Professor of American Studies
Université Stendhal Grenoble 3
Director of Research
Université de Paris 10