Bulletin N°516

Subject: The May 19 Conference at Nanaterre Published Online.

22 January 2012
Grenoble, France

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,
We are happy to inform you that at last our May 19 Conference on “Ethics and US Foreign Policy” is accessible on the Internet. This series of films was published several months ago on the CEIMSA site at the University of California, but the public domain on You Tube is much superior and access is immediate.

We wish you an enjoyable experience listening to these discussions by concerned scholars and artists on the question of US foreign policy manipulations and public opinion.

Francis McCollum Feeley
Professor of American Studies
Université Stendhal Grenoble 3
Director of Research
Université de Paris Ouest-La Défense-Nanterre


Conférence internationale
l'Université de Paris 10-Nanterre
l'Amphi B-2
à partir de 9h
le 19 mai 2011
Ethics and US Foreign Policy
(entire conference filmed by Christain Bailly)

            May 18, in Paris at the Luxembourg Garden.
                May 19, with Susan George and William Blum.
                May 19, with Asma Jedidi and Marwen Rahif.

9h00 Coffee and registration (gratis/no fee).
9h30 Welcome : M. Francis Feeley, Directeur de recherches en les études américaines.
10h00 Panel 1 : « Does Nationalist Ethics Play a Role in US Foreign Policy? : An Historical Perspective ». Moderator : M. Francis Feeley.
1. Yuri Stulov : « US Foreign Policy and Nationalist Ideologies in Belarus ».
2. Mme. Nataliya Narochnitzkaya : « Democracy in the Twenty- First Century: The Degeneration of Meaning and Values ».
3. M. Peterson Nnajiofor : « Ethics and Capitalism: The Case of Indigenous Capitalists in the Emerging Markets ».
4. Mme. Susan George : « On Financial Capital and the Nation State ».
Open Discussion.
12h30 Lunch.
14h00 Panel 2 : « The Role Played by Transnational Corporations in US Foreign Policy ». Moderator : M. Pierre Guerlain.
5. M. Stefan Karganovich : « Depleted uranium as an instrument of terror and its long-term impact on the biological and ecological systems ».
6. Mlle. Asma Jedidi : « The ‘NGO-ization’ of the Peace Struggle in the 21st Century ».
7. M. Ahmed El Aidi : « Globalization and its impact in Mexico and Morocco,a comparative study ».
Open Discussion.
16h30 Coffee Break.
17h00 Panel 3 : « U.S. Militarism and Strategies for Survival ». Moderator : M. Yuri Stulov.
8. Mme. Diana Johnstone : « The Moral Bankruptcy of NATO ».
9. M. John Laughland : « Who guards the guardians themselves? US foreign policy and international criminal law ».
10. M. William Blum : « The Myths of US Foreign Policy ».
Open Discussion.
19h00 Francis Feeley : Concluding Statement.


“Beyond Words”
In loving memory of
Rozlyn Zinn (1922-2008)
Howard Zinn (1922 – 2010)
Beethoven :
 Sonate ‘Clair de lune’
interpreted by
Tatiana Baklanova Feeley
au Restaurant “Le Coin Tranquille” 8/10 Rue du Docteur Foucault 92000 Nanterre vieux centre
20h Collective Dinner at the Restaurant: « Le Coin Tranquille »