Bulletin N°546



Subject: An Invitation to our November 12 Conference at Nanterre on "The Art and Science of Community Organizing."

28 October 2012
Grenoble, France

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,

In preparation for our second conference on “Community Organizing” (for more details please see item D. below, including the Nov. 12 Program), we invite CEIMSA readers to join us in watching Charlie Chaplin’s famous film, “City Lights.” Even if you have seen this silent movie classic already, the radical humanist spirit that is expressed in this film promises to be the guiding spirit of the November 12 Conference at Nanterre. We invite you to experience this film; look at the Nov. 12 Program below; and come to Nanterre to join in conversations with creative organizers who are committed to sharing their valuable experiences from around the world and their visions for a better future.

City Lights
Click here for the entire film, by popular demand
(1h 22min)

The October 11-14 conference, « Festival pour repenser la société » was an unqualified success, with a large and diverse attendance. We hope to attract an even larger group of scholars and activists to our Conference #2, on November 12 at Nanterre.


Series of Three International Conferences : October, November & May 2012-2013 in Grenoble and in the Paris Region :

 The Art and Science of Community Organizing


A. Statement of Motivation for the Conference Series on "Community Organizing."
B. Invitation to the Conference Series, 2012-2013.
C. Conference #1 : (11-14 octobre 2012) « Festival pour repenser la société », Université de Grenoble, Salle Berlioz.
D. Conference #2 : (12 novembre 2012) « La résistance aux Etats-Unis : d’où viennent les stratégies et tactiques  pour mobiliser des communautés ? », Université de Paris 10-Nanterre, Bât. B-2.

E. Conference #3 : (2-3 mai 2013) « Thinking Globally and Acting Locally: the Art and Science of Community Organizing, from the Intifada and the Indignados to the Arab Spring, the Greek Resistance and Occupy Wall Street in New York City and beyond . . . . », Université Stendhal, Grande Salle des Colloques.
F. Publications & Films :