Bulletin N°61


22 March 2003
Grenoble, France

Subject: Sign the Citizens' Declaration

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I'm writing you to forward this request to join me in signing a Citizens'
Declaration reaffirming our commitment to international cooperation.

The outbreak of war is not the end of the fight for
peace -- only the beginning. Around the globe, people
are joining together in the declaration below.  We will
be announcing it in a press conference on Friday, and
we need your help to make it as big as possible.

Signing up will only take a minute of your time, but it'll
send a message that the momentum built through our opposition
to war in Iraq will only keep growing.

You can sign up at:


Here's the text of the Declaration:



As a US-led invasion of Iraq begins,
we, the undersigned citizens of many countries,
reaffirm our commitment to addressing international
conflicts through the rule of law and the United Nations.

By joining together across countries and continents,
we have emerged as a new force for peace.
As we grieve for the victims of this war,
we pledge to redouble our efforts to put an end to the Bush
Administration's doctrine of pre-emptive attack and
the reckless use of military power.


Thank you.

F. Feeley