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Subject : When Political Will crowds out Reason, Memory & Sentiment.




« Le Roi et l'Oiseau »



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Le roi Charles V et de trois à huit et huit sont seize tyrans à gouverner le royaume Takicardie. Seul un oiseau, joyeux et bavard à leur nid un immense manoir, construit à proximité d'un des appartements secrets pour Votre Majesté, osez ridicule. Le roi est en amour avec une belle et modeste Bergère qu'il veut se marier sous la contrainte. Mais il peut être un petit ramoneur de cheminée. Les deux ont fui pour échapper le roi et les réfugiés au sommet de la plus haute tour du château, ainsi que un oiseau peu négligente dans le cas du tyran capturé. Le père reconnaissant Oiseau promet en échange d'aide. La police a fouillé les réfugiés. Course folle a lieu. Machines entraînées par la police moustachus Voler, mur mystérieuse créatures coloré que la ville, tritons motorisés et le roi sur son pouvoir flottante du Trône ou de son géant tout robot Chase ....





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 Riley Andersen is born in Minnesota and within her mind, five personifications of her basic emotions—Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger—gradually come to life and influence her actions via a console in her mind's Headquarters. As she grows up and moves to San Francisco, Califonria, her experiences become memories, stored in colored orbs, which are sent into long-term memory each night. Her five most important "core memories" (all of which are happy ones) are housed in a hub that each power an aspect of her personality which take the form of floating islands. In Headquarters, Joy acts as a de facto leader to maintain Riley's cheerful childhood, but since she and the other emotions do not understand Sadness' purpose, she frequently tries to keep Sadness away from the console.


10 February 2017
Grenoble, France



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Edward RMurrow (1908-1965) is best known as the CBS broadcaster whose contribution to US political culture was his March 1954 anti-McCarthy broadcast, which precipitated the demise of the infamous demagogue, Senator Joseph McCarthy. Murrow first came to prominence with a series of radio news broadcasts during World War II, which were followed by millions of listeners in the United States and Canada. He later became a pioneer in television journalism.


In one of his broadcasts, he warned the American public :


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."


However, by this time the devolution of  post-war US political culture was already underway, secured as it was by the surveillance apparatus of J. Edgar Hoover, as the anti-fascist ideology of millions of US servicemen and women from WW II was subverted by the new consumer society that engulfed them, as well as the growing US military-industrial complex and the constant red-baiting in the mass media.



Below are a few insights into the mass psychology from this experience, reported by firsthand observers who lived through this early transformation of US political culture :


"Our leaders are cruel because only those willing to be inordinately cruel and remorseless can hold positions of leadership in the foreign policy establishment. People capable of expressing a full human measure of compassion and empathy toward faraway powerless strangers do not become president of the United States, or vice president, or secretary of state, or national security adviser or secretary of the treasury. Nor do they want to." - William Blum


"From 1945 to 2003, the United States attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist-nationalist movements fighting against intolerable regimes. In the process, the US bombed some 25 countries, caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair." - William Blum


"Some of the character traits exhibited by serial killers or criminals may be observed in many within the political arena... [They] share the traits of psychopaths who are not sensitive to altruistic appeals, such as sympathy for their victims or remorse or guilt over their crimes. They possess the personality traits of lying, narcissism, selfishness, and vanity. These are the people to whom we have entrusted our fate. Is it any wonder that America is failing at home and world-wide?" - Jim Kouri


Any president engaged in lying and empire-building must have some of the traits of a psychopath ... To murder innocent people in order to aggrandize the American Empire would be extremely difficult if not impossible for someone who feels empathy, remorse and guilt and who is incapable of lying. It might even be suggested that having at least some psychopathic traits is a qualification for the job."

David Model, "Lying for Empire"


"This focus on money and power may do wonders in the marketplace, but it creates a tremendous crisis in our society. People who have spent all day learning how to sell themselves and to manipulate others are in no position to form lasting friendships or intimate relationships... Many Americans hunger for a different kind of society - one based on principles of caring, ethical and spiritual sensitivity, and communal solidarity. Their need for meaning is just as intense as their need for economic security." - Michael Lerner, journalist




The 12 items will provide readers with a socio-political context for this morbid psychology that has ruled us for too long, by default . . . .


Francis Feeley


Professor emeritus of American Studies

University Grenoble-Alpes

Director of Research

University of Paris-Nanterre

Center for the Advanced Study of American Institutions and Social Movements

The University of California-San Diego






The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Bannon and Trump's Presidency



When all seemed to be falling apart for Trump this summer, one shadowy billionaire offered up his own massive political infrastructure, which included Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and saved Trump's campaign from demise





"A Century of War"


Sean Stone, co-host of “Watching the Hawks”, debuts his new documentary, "A Century of War"
Stone links America’s petrodollar economy with its global military predominance, often to secure corporate access to natural resources. “We’ve seen America fulfill its mission as the ‘city upon the hill’ but at the expense of the homeland. Physical infrastructure is decaying, and the population is being weighed down by debt.”




9/11 And The Transporter Jihad


by Bonnie Faulkner - Guns And Butter


Three presentations from the Justice In Focus 9/11 Conference at Cooper Union in New York City on September 10th, hosted by New York University Professor of Media, Culture and Communication, Mark Crispin Miller. Trial Attorney, Lionel, on 9/11 and Conspiracy Theory; Former Foreign Services Officer and Whistleblower, J. Michael Springmann, and Investigative Journalist and Syndicated Columnist, Wayne Madsen, on "Creating Our Enemies: From the Mujahadeen to ISIS".





“NATO Blues”



by One Earth

"You come screaming through the skies
The look of Satin In your eyes"


One Earth is an Los Angeles based musical project which features a diverse group of players ranging in age from 13-85. Some are up and coming in the industry and others are industry veterans. Our music is theme-based around the universal ideals of peace, social justice and environmental preservation. In short, we are a musical and creative revolt, as well as a spear-tip leading the charge toward profound social, economic, artistic and environmental change.





Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the U.S.A. 
Empire Files Video

The hidden story of Boris Yeltsin’s presidency explains how deeply the US government, along with Western capitalist institutions, cheered, shaped and exploited the country after the fall of the Soviet Union, paving the way for the political system they all condemn today. 
Abby Martin interviews Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Yeltsin’ and Putin’s Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to it’s “number one threat.”





Snowden Full Yahoo! Interview With Katie Couric






Lots of Shouting, Tiny Stick
by Pepe Escobar


Donald Trump won't be winning any wars against Islamist terror if he imagines dismantling the Russia-China-Iran alliance is possible. His saber-rattling against Iran is pointless




Has The American Establishment Opted for Thermo-Nuclear War?


by Paul Craig Roberts


If you want to be an American TV talking head or a Western presstitute, you are required to be braindead and integrity-challenged like Bill O’Reilly, CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and all the rest.

In an interview with President Donald Trump, O’Reilly said: “Putin is a killer.”

O’Reilly is indifferent to the fact that thermo-nuclear war is a killer of planet Earth. For O’Reilly, President Trump’s desire to normalize relations with Russia is an indication that the President of the US is comfortable making deals with killers, as if America’s last three presidents have not been mass killers comfortable with their destruction in whole or part of many countries and millions of peoples.

President Trump’s response to O’Reilly’s was: “We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think – our country’s so innocent?.





Army Approves Final Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline Without Assessing Environmental Impact



Nick Tilson of the Indigenous People's Power Project says the decision reflects the long history of the U.S. government ignoring treaties and environmental protections





Water Protectors Call for Global Mass Mobilizations as Army Plans to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline






Israeli Land Law is Final Nail in the Two-state Solution Coffin


by Jonathan Cook


The Israeli parliament passed the legalisation law on Monday night – a piece of legislation every bit as suspect as its title suggests. The law widens the powers of Israeli officials to seize the last fragments of Palestinian land in the West Bank that were supposed to be off-limits. Now, almost nowhere will be out of the settlers’ reach.





From: "c.sham"
Sent: Thursday, 9 February, 2017
Subject:  L’arnaque des colonies sauvages en Cisjordanie



Un bref mais lumineux article ci-dessous et en pièce jointe,


L’arnaque des colonies sauvages en Cisjordanie
Denis Sieffert et Adrien Monnanni, Politis, 08/02/2017

Israël a adopté une loi légalisant les colonies « sauvages » installées 
en Palestine, pour mieux masquer sa politique « officielle » de 

La Knesset israélienne a adopté lundi soir une loi autorisant la 
confiscation de terres appartenant à des propriétaires palestiniens en 
Cisjordanie. Emmenée par Naftali Bennet, ministre de l’Éducation et chef 
du parti d’extrême droite Foyer juif, cette « loi de régularisation » 
vise officiellement à trouver des « compromis » avec les propriétaires 
volés. Contre une compensation financière ou un autre terrain, ceux-ci 
devront s’engager à renoncer à toute poursuite judiciaire. Faisant écho 
à l’évacuation de la colonie d’Amona, la loi prévoit également la 
suspension, pendant un an, de tout ordre d’expulsion et de démolition 
des habitations construites illégalement sur des territoires 
palestiniens. Cinquante-cinq colonies sauvages, s’étalant sur 800 
hectares, pourraient ainsi être « régularisées ».


La loi, avec laquelle le Premier ministre Benyamin Netanyahou a pris ses 
distances, apparaît cependant comme un leurre. Le texte a en effet 
suscité une réprobation internationale, mais le risque est évidemment 
que cette condamnation légitime la colonisation qu’Israël juge « légale 
». Car, il faut le rappeler, ce sont toutes les colonies qui sont 
illégales au regard du droit international. On peut imaginer que la Cour 
suprême israélienne invalide la loi de lundi et que la décision sera 
saluée par la communauté internationale, non sans hypocrisie. On aura 
ainsi minimisé l’intensification de la colonisation officielle menée par 
l’État hébreu. Galvanisé par l’entrée de Donald Trump à la Maison 
Blanche, Israël a annoncé la construction de 2 500 logements en 
Cisjordanie ainsi qu’un autre projet de 3 000 constructions. Un vaste 
plan auquel s’ajoutent les « milliers de logements » prévus à 
Jérusalem-Est, dont la construction aboutirait à l’enterrement de la 
solution à deux États. L’affaire des colonies sauvages aura alors agi 
comme un écran de fumée.