Bulletin N° 739




Subject : Idealists vs. Materialists: a Dialogue of the Deaf.



15 February 2017
Grenoble, France



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


It is an ancient observation that society, like fish, decays from the head down. Perhaps untrue in the case of fish, but we can generally concede that we have been misgoverned over the years and that kleptocracies are now operating in broad daylight, as if to challenge our very sense of reality. This ‘bad dream’ is not yet over, and the real cost is yet to be paid . . . .


This is the fruit of ‘THE BIG LIE’ !


Dialectical materialism and idealist psychologism are two distinctly different approaches for understanding the past, as well as our present life on this planet. The historian Fernand Braudel, one of the co-founders of the famous Annales School of historical analysis, warns his readers in the second volume of “Civilization and Capitalism,” The Wheels of Commerce, that the idea of “the capitalist mentality” perhaps conceals more than it reveals :


   Does this mean that we must attribute to our capitalists a ‘mentality’, to be identified as the source of their superiority, characterizing them once and for all: a mentality made up of calculation, reason, cold logic, a lack of normal feelings, all subordinated to an unbridled appetite for gain? This explanation, once passionately held by Sombart, has lost much of its credibility, as have Schumpeter’s widely-held views on the crucial role played by innovation and the spirit of enterprise. Could the capitalist really have united in his person so many attributes and qualities? In the explanation I prefer, the choice itself and the opportunity to choose, did not automatically confer an unerring perception of the right path or the wise decision. Our capitalist, we should not forget, stood at a certain level in social life and usually had before him the decisions, advice and wisdom of his peers. He judged things through this screen. His effectiveness depended not only on his innate qualities but also on the position in which he found himself, whether at the intersection or on the margins of the vital currents of trade, near to or far from the centers of decision-making –which had very precise locations in every period.  . . .  [D]id one really need to be a genius to succeed in business, if one had had the good fortune to be born a Dutchman in the seventeenth century and to have been placed among those who controlled the mighty machine of  Oost Indische Compagnie? ‘There are  . . . stupid men and I dare even say imbeciles’, writes La Bruyère, ‘who find themselves good places and are able to die rich without one having any reason to suspect that they have contributed to this by their labour or the slightest industry; someone simply took them to the source of a river, or perhaps mere chance put them in its way; they were asked “Do you want water? Take it”. And they took it.’

   Nor should we believe that the profit maximization so frequently denounced entirely explains the behavior of capitalist merchants.  . . .  Capitalists were human, and like other human beings, they behaved in various ways. Some were calculating, others ready to take risks, some were mean, others prodigal, some had a touch of genius, others were ‘lucky’ at best.  . . . 

   The ‘idealist’, single-factor explanation, seeing capitalism as the incarnation of a certain mentality was simply the way out adopted in desperation by Werner Sombart and Max Weber to escape the conclusion of Marx. We are in no sense obliged to follow them. Not that I believe that capitalism can, on the contrary, be entirely explained by material or social factors or by social relationships. But one thing seems to me to be beyond doubt: capitalism cannot have emerged from a single confined source: economics played a part, politics played a part, society played a part, and culture and civilization played a part. So too did history, which often decided in the last analysis who will win a trial of strength.

   Long-distance trade undoubtedly played a leading role in the genesis of merchant capitalism and was for a long time its backbone. This may seem a banal statement, but it has to be reaffirmed in the face of much opposition nowadays ….(pp.401-403)


Later, in his conclusion of this volume, Braudel reemphasizes the importance of historical context, for understanding human behavior. He takes an example from 18th-century British colonialism in India :


The only class of powerful families which had existed in India –that of the merchants, manufacturers and bankers which had traditionally, father and son, controlled both the economy and the administration of the trading cities, whether sea-ports or a thriving textile centre like Ahmedabad—was to defend itself more effectively and for longer, with the weapon it knew best –money. This class would corrupt the invader, while allowing itself to be corrupted in return.

   To illustrate this point, let me quote from the dramatic speech made on 30 March 1772 in the House of Commons by Lord Clive, who was defending his honour and his life against accusations of corruption which had piled up against him and which were to drive him to suicide not long after. He describes the case of the young Englishman who arrived in Bengal as a ‘writer’ or clerk :


Let us now take a view of one of these writes [clerks] arrived in Bengal and not worth a groat. As soon as he lands, a Banyan, worth perhaps one hundred thousand pounds, desires he may have the honour of serving this young gentleman, at four shillings and sixpence a month . . . . The young man takes a walk about the town, he observes that other writes, arrived only a year before him, live in splendid apartments or have houses of their own, ride upon fine prancing Arabian Horses, and in Palanqueens and Chaises, that they keep Seraglios, make Entertainments, and treat with Champagne and Claret. When he returns, he tells the Banyan what he has observed. The Banyan assures him he may soon arrive at the same good fortune; he furnishes him with money; he is then at his mercy. The advantages of the Banyan advance with the rank of his master, who in acquiring one fortune generally spends three. But this is not the worst of it: he is in a state of dependence under the Banyan, who commits such acts of violence and oppression, as his interest promotes him to, under the pretended sanction and authority of the Company’s servant. Hence, Sir, arises the clamour against the English gentlemen in India .  . . .  [Clive asserts that] flesh and blood cannot bear [the temptations which are put in the way of the newly arrived Englishman. The Banyan] lays his bags of silver before him today; Gold tomorrow; Jewels the next day; and if these fail, he then tempts him in the way of his profession which is Trade. He assures him that Goods may be had cheap and sold to great advantage up the Country.


This was special pleading of course, but the general picture revealed is not inaccurate. An ancient but lively Indian capitalism was struggling against its ‘subordination’ to the new masters, piercing through the new fabric of English rule.

   Can we not say that examples like these . . . come near the truth . . . ? Europe’s high society was divided into at least two classes which, despite the ups and downs of history, were able to develop dynasties without insuperable difficulties, since they were facing neither a totalitarian tyranny not the tyranny of an arbitrary despot. Europe thus encouraged the patient accumulation of wealth and the development within its diversified society of various forces and hierarchies whose rivalry could produce a variety of results. As far as European capitalism is concerned, the social order based on economic power no doubt benefited from lying in second place: by contrast with the social order based merely on privileged birth, it was able to gain acceptance as standing for moderation, prudence, hard work and a degree of justification. The politically dominant class attracted hostile attention as church steeples attract lightening. And in this way the privilege of the seigneur one more made people forget about the privilege of the merchant.(598-599)

The history of capital accumulation tells a different story than individual psychology tries to explain. The hardly visible tectonic shifts in societies around the world have produced contradictions that are resolved often in unexpected ways. We live in a period of such contradictions, and as the familiar ground moves out from under us we are challenged to regain our footing and observe scientifically the changes that are occurring around us. This requires a measure of energy and alertness, and above all it demands intellectual honesty and the courage to challenge official lies. No discipline is better suited to nurture these human qualities than the study of history --well researched history, rich in full descriptions of sentient reality, unscarred by cross sections of inflicted superficial problematics. One reviewer of Braudel’s historic research wrote that,


Most of the usual matter of history –politics, wars, dynastic rivalries, the conflict of religious beliefs and secular

ideologies—is left out. What is rendered, and that with the eye and the brush of a master, is the human activity that

underlay, as it still underlies, the whole business of life: ‘Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.’ The bustle

of the market, the calm of the great manipulators of capital, the labour of the slave, the peasant and the factory worker

of the early industrial age; the fashions of the rich, the rise of the great cities and financial centers . . ; the character

and development of the trade routes that nourish them, the movements of population, the ebb and flow of wealth,

the slide into poverty and decay: these are the stuff of the book.(from inside front jacket of Vol. 3 of “Civilization & Capitalism)


The 16 items below will offer readers an experience in connecting ‘the particular’ with ‘the general’. By closely examining specific events and carefully placing them in their larger context, a deeper appreciation is discovered. It seems to be an accepted truism today that all politics is local and, thus, we are constantly encouraged to think globally and to act locally, to find the patterns that bring meaning to our lives by looking behind the labels, at the actual activities which words so often serve to conceal.


Francis Feeley



Professor emeritus of American Studies

University Grenoble-Alpes

Director of Research

University of Paris-Nanterre

Center for the Advanced Study of American Institutions and Social Movements

The University of California-San Diego






Freedom & Democracy Conference– Global Issues in Context


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January 15, 2017




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Western foreign policy and Germany’s role

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The Elites Won’t Save Us



by Chris Hedges





ICE Arrests 600 in US Raids After Trump Order Expands

Criminalization of Immigrants





California vs. Trump:

Lawmakers Push to Become "Sanctuary State" Despite Threats from Washington






50 Years Later, Film on Algerian War of Independence

Continues to Inspire Freedom Struggles


Sohail Daulatzai, author of "Fifty Years of The Battle of Algiers: Past as Prologue," sits down with former Black Panther Eddie Conway to discuss why the 1966 movie remains highly influential in the age of the war on terrorism and authoritarian capitalism






Investigators Must Consider Video Evidence


Published on Jan 20, 2017

At approximately 11:30 AM local time yesterday in Tehran, an iconic 17-story high-rise known as the Plasco Building tragically collapsed after being on fire for some 3 ½ hours. It is not yet known how many firefighters and civilians were killed, but early reports say that anywhere from 20 to 50 are feared dead.

Based on preliminary analysis of many videos of the collapse, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth)—a nonprofit that represents more than 2,750 architects and engineers who are calling for a new investigation of the 2001 World Trade Center disaster—strongly urges President Rouhani, Iranian authorities, and the people of Iran to thoroughly investigate the possible use of explosives in the Plasco Building’s shocking demise, and to act swiftly and decisively to preserve the physical evidence.

Let us be clear: It is impossible to know at this early stage what caused the structure to suddenly come crashing down. But, as with any proper forensic investigation, no plausible scenario should be ruled out—especially when the available data seem to support that scenario.

Here, six separate videos we have compiled (https://youtu.be/_MgJTa7SDaY) show what appear to be—and in some cases sound like—explosions emanating from the tower in sequential patterns as it began to crumble. The building’s tumultuous fall is then accompanied by thick, energetic, rapidly forming plumes that are reminiscent of what we see in controlled demolitions.

Further, the BBC reported that the fires were nearly extinguished—and that emergency personnel and occupants had begun reentering the building—when the collapse unexpectedly occurred. Indeed, videos display very few flames and a thick black smoke—signs of a low-temperature, oxygen-starved fire. Moreover, the inferno was limited to the upper floors, yet the entire 17 stories came down in just a few seconds.

We at AE911Truth are all too familiar with events in which a prematurely formed narrative makes it harder to subsequently ascertain what truly happened. We therefore adamantly caution against rushing to any conclusions as investigators work to uncover the truth surrounding this national tragedy in Iran.

Should the Plasco Building collapse be found to have been caused by pre-placed explosives, sadly it will not be the first time that explosives were used to bring down a burning high-rise while people were still inside.




Iran Hawks Take the White House

by Philip Giraldi


Inspired by fringe theories about Islamic civilization, Michael Flynn is leading Trump down a dangerous path.




US-Russia Relations in "Most Dangerous Moment"


Dr. Stephen Cohen tells host Abby Martin that the real alarming danger today is "a new, multi-front Cuban missile crisis."





Economic Update: Solving Old Economic Problems

(audio recording)

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With promises to "drain the swamp!" still ringing in our ears, we have watched Trump appoint nothing but Goldman banksters, Soros stooges, neocon war hawks and police state zealots to head his cabinet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine the swamp-dwellers with which Trump has filled his swamp.




Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta


In this episode, Abby Martin explores John Podesta's political rise, his vast network of corporate connections, the think tank Center for American Progress, and why the Podestas and the Clintons are a match made in ruling-class heaven. Watch more on teleSUR



Trump’s Ties to the Past and the Resurrection

of the Left



by James Petras

‘De Omnibus Dubitandum


Everything is to be Doubted

President Trump is deeply embedded in the politics of the deep state structure of American imperialism. Contrary to occasional references to non-intervention in overseas wars, Trump has followed in the footsteps of his predecessors. While neoconservatives and liberals have raised a hue and cry about Trump’s ties to Russia, his ‘heresies’ over NATO and his overtures to peace in the Middle East, in practice, he has discarded his market humanitarian’ imperialism and engaged in the same bellicose policies of his Democratic Party presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.





When the Fire Comes


Paul Krugman FEB. 10, 2017





Secretary of Labor Violations? Opposition Grows to the Nomination of Fast-Food CEO

Andy Puzder






The Trump Administration’s Lies About Voter Fraud Will Lead to

Massive Voter Suppression



by Ari Berman


Twenty-one states are now considering new laws to make it harder to vote.




From: Groucho Marx

Subject: Weekly Progressive Calendar for San Diego: February 10-22, 2017

Weekly Progressive Calendar for San Diego: February 10-22, 2017

February 10, 2017 by Doug Porter Leave a Comment


Over Two Dozen Ways to Get Involved and Make Your Voice Heard

ProgressiveBy Doug Porter

Congratulations, resistees! We have survived 1.4% of Donald Trump’s (only) four-year term. It’s more important than ever to remember we’re involved in a marathon, not a sprint.

The latest polling results  are out as I write this, and they offer encouragement for those of us involved in this movement. Support for impeaching the president has risen from 40% to 46% in the past week. NBC’s Saturday Night Live comedy now has more credibility than the man in the oval office.

Congress-critters from around the country, even those in so-called safe districts are seeing angry voters whenever they appear in public. And when they won’t appear in public –we’re talking about you, Darrell Issa– congressional town halls sans congress-critters are being organized.

In the coming week pushback against cabinet confirmations will be winding down, administration scandals will be winding up, and –most importantly– attempts will be made to implement reactionary policy decisions.

Officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are gearing up for a crackdown, thanks to an executive order the Marshall Project believes  will deport 3 million people. Protests in Los Angeles and Phoenix indicate these roundups will be opposed at every turn.

The mainstream media is acknowledging that something is going on. When Politico does a profile on Indivisible, you know the movement has arrived.

That alignment of protesters galvanized by many different issues is a linchpin of Indivisible’s early success. The group doesn’t have a core policy mission: some chapters protest in defense of Obamacare; others embrace criminal justice reform or rally against Trump’s controversial travel ban.

Chapters don’t even have to call themselves Indivisible. Levin estimated that no more than 40 percent of the 6,200 local affiliates registered on the group’s website use the name.

Along with the acknowledgment of the resistance’s existence will come the inevitable pushback. Right now it’s limited to ‘concerned’ establishment (mostly Democratic) types pontificating on how they think things need to be done. Check their history on Google and if they’re part of what got us here, ignore them, please. 

So what can you do? There’s plenty of local activism to support. Check out this week’s Progressive Calendar listings below. Following those listings are upcoming events of national importance.

Get your event listed:  I try to list the next 10 days or so of mostly non-commercial events I think our readers might find of interest. I source my material from social media listings and press releases.

Events on Facebook as ‘private’ or sold out are not listed.  In cases where there are competing but similar events or campaigns of the progressive persuasion, I do my best to list everything.

Local and Regional Events


Ban the Border Wall

Friday, February 10, 5pm
San Ysidro (US-Mexico Border Crossing)

For More Information

This is a Peaceful Protest in solidarity for both sides: USA-Mexico. Let our voices and message be heard. Bring candles, flashlights…anything to send a message of hope. We will be at the bridge over I5 on Camino De La Plaza so cars going by can see us.

For More Information


Come on out and join the San Diego Resistance!

The San Diego Progressive Democratic Club is pushing back against this ridiculous POTUS and The incompetence of the Republican Party! Please join us and show your support ! Join us this Friday as we launch the Resist Light Bergade.


This is a Peaceful Protest in solidarity for both sides: USA-Mexico. Let our voices and message be heard. Bring candles, flashlights…anything to send a message of hope. We will be at the bridge over I5 on Camino De La Plaza so cars going by can see us.


Join the Resist Light Brigade

Friday, February 10, 6pm

Clairemont Drive – Mission Bay Overpass

ch the Resist Light Brigade for motorists on I-5. We will meet at the Mission Bay Visitor Center parking lot and take the lights to the Clairemont overpass. Help us spread the word!


Sierra Club Film Night

“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”


Friday, February 10, 6:30pm
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

More info:  Jean Costa 619-463-0721 or ellenshively@sbcglobal.net


Greg Palast and his associates expose the darkest plans of the uber-rich to steal America’s democracy.  Come learn the appalling details of voter suppression in the United States. Free. 


People Over Profits Presents

“They Call Us Monsters”


Friday, February 10. 7:30pm
Digital Gym Cinema
2921 El Cajon Blvd

For More Information


This film poses difficult questions about our juvenile justice system: What is our responsibility to our youth who are incarcerated? Do they have the ability to change when provided with quality rehabilitation? Do our youth deserve a second chance? 


George Mann Benefit Dinner Show


Friday, February 10

Dinner $10 6-7 PM •Concert $10 7-9 PM

Church of the Brethren, 3850 Westgate Place


Troubadour George Mann has been producing labor and protest music for more than 20 years and has worked with such folk music legends as Utah Phillips, Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton. George brings his experience as a union organizer and educator to his concerts–stories and songs about real events and the struggle for a better life. At the February 10 dinner concert he will focus on songs of struggle that yielded some of our best-known “protest”/”labor” songs, inspiring action and justice movements and bonding people together.  This benefit concert will be for KNSJ 89.1 FM and Activist San Diego, networking for social justice.  Purchase advance tickets at knsj.org or activistsandiego.org


El Cajon Planned Parenthood Clinic Defense


Saturday, February 11, 8am

Planned Parenthood El Cajon

1685 East Main Street, El Cajon


Organized by San Diego Reproductive Rights Defenders

For More Information


Anti-abortion protesters plan on protesting outside of Planned Parenthood Feb. 11 from 8 a.m. on. This is part of a national day of action to defund Planned Parenthood. We can’t let these bigots get away with harassing women, or worse, keeping them from accessing the vital services they need. If we don’t show them that we are the majority, they will only grow more emboldened.




It’s up to us to show that Planned Parenthood has the support of hundreds, thousands, and millions of people in the US. Please prepare to spend the day peacefully and nonviolently making it clear that the people want Planned Parenthood, and that hate will not go unchecked.


We understand that PP has not endorsed this event and that they do not like counter-protests. (Ed. – Emphasis added) We are in solidarity with PP and we respect anyone’s decision to not attend. However, history teaches us that the only way to guarantee access is to confront the Antis.


Defend Planned Parenthood March

Saturday, February 11, 10am

1060 S. Coast Hwy, Encinitas

For More Information


Now more than ever, Planned Parenthood needs our help. Join us on February 11th to show our community the importance of reproductive choice and health care access! We will convene in the parking lot of the aforementioned address and march north towards Moonlight Beach. Bring your friends, family, and of course your peaceful protest signs!


Divest for Standing Rock Sidewalk Parade

Saturday, February 11, 12:15pm

Bank of America

655 West Broadway, Downtown

For More Information

For More Information


Divest for Standing Rock Sidewalk Parade


Saturday, February 11, 12:15pm

Bank of America

655 West Broadway, Downtown

For More Information

San Diego Water Protectors presents the Divest for Standing Rock Sidewalk Parade featuring live performances in support of Divestment for Standing Rock and clean water. Bring good vibes, love, and noise makers. All ages welcome!

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and encourage the world to divest from the big banks and their unethical financial investments (NDAP and other fossil fuel projects). Money Speaks and we DO have a voice especially with our dollar! Let’s encourage our brothers and sisters to shift their financial investments into banks that have the people’s best interest in mind (Credit Unions, Green Banks, etc)

What a better way to ignite the world in a time where arts are being cut from our current government in America and create a new paradigm, a paradigm where we can come together as a community and shine through collaboration and expression.


Postcard Making Picnic

Sunday, February 12, 1pm

Balboa Park (Pepper Grove Park)

For More Information

National’s effort begins with 10 actions in 100 days. First up… send a postcard to your representative. https://www.womensmarch.com/100?source=direct_link Let’s enjoy the afternoon making postcards, sharing stories, and finding ways to stand up together. Bring food or beverages to share! In addition to staying active, we hope this helps you make connections.

This is an informal gathering and limited. We’ll be on the grassy area (bring a picnic blanket) next to Pepper Grove Park at Balboa Park. It’s near a playgound so children can play while we share our cards and information. We can only provide a couple hundred postcards, please bring extras, stamps and a pen. We will help with finding your rep and addresses. We’ll also collect and mail them off for you!

Meet the Valve Turners

Monday, February 13, 6:30pm

San Diego First Church of the Brethren

3850 Westgate Pl

For More Information (RSVP)

Meet the 5 Valve Turners — who “pulled off the most expansive, coordinated takeover of fossil fuel infrastructure ever attempted in the U.S.” Hear their story and donate to support their legal defense fund.

October 11th 2016, 5 brave climate organizers turned emergency shut-off valves on the 5 pipelines that carry oil from the Canadian tar sands into the United States. It was an unprecedented act of nonviolent direct action that shut down 15% of US crude oil imports for nearly a day. To ensure that the pipelines would be safely shut down, a call was placed to each company fifteen minutes before valve turners entered the sites, giving them ample time to shut each pipeline down.

The five valve-turners say their actions are not only necessary, but morally and legally justified, to avoid the catastrophic harm caused to humanity by unprecedented climactic disruption.

Now, the “Valve Turners” face Felony charges with sentences of up to 95 years in prison. Hear Emily, Michael, Annette, Leonard, and Ken discuss why they felt morally compelled to take this action.

Donation collection, 100% goes to Valve Turners’ legal fund. Suggested donation $20. No one turned away for lack of funds. If you can’t be there, please donate online. Cosponsored by San Diego Greenpeace and the Peace Resource Centhttp://sandiegofreepress.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/the-Islam-Effect-232x300.jpg


The Islam Effect: UCSD Islam Awareness Week 2017

February 13-17

Hosted by: Muslim Student Association at UCSD

For More Information


UCSD MSA invites you to join us for a week of increasing understanding about Islam and building support towards the Muslim community during trying political times. Each day from 9am to 3pm on library walk we will have interactive activities and free Coffee and Donuts! Stop by!!


Sometimes All You Need is Love

Tuesday, February 14, 6:30pm

Grassroots Oasis

3130 Moore Street

For More Information


For Valentines Day, take a break from the real world and give yourself and a special someone (or 2, or 3 …) some gentle time. Jeeni Criscenzo and friends will be performing poems that celebrate love in its many manifestations, including a new duet with Jeeni & Juan recounting their great train adventure (Doin it on the Train!).


In the true spirit of love, we will be serving up a light vegan dinner and yummy Valentine dessert — no creatures harmed in the making.  It’s OK if you don’t bring someone to share this wonderful evening – there will be many like-minded people to enjoy it with.


Suggested donation: $10 for one, $15 for two. Profits donated to Amikas, which advocates for homeless women and children and for safe, truly affordable housing. (www.Amikas.org) Be sure to get your tickets soon so we know how much food to prepare! Wine, beer and soft drinks with a Donation basket.


Proposition 215 Party

Wednesday, February 15, 2:15-9pm

Benefit for San Diego Americans for Safe Access


2229 Bacon St, OB

For More Information


Food, raffle, live music

Community Call

Wednesday, February 15, 5:30/6:30pm

Alliance San Diego

For More Information


Time: Spanish 5:30 p.m. / English 6:30 p.m. RSVP now to reserve your space on the call

Now, more than ever, we need to stand up for the society we want to create. We must be the change we want to see. Join us for our weekly calls to Ignite Change. Find out what decision-makers are doing, how it will affect you, and learn what you can do to advance your community.



San Diego: Don’t Just Learn About Zapata, Be Like Zapata!

Wednesday, February 15, 6pm

Unión del Barrio

Chicano Park

For More Information


With a new president in office, now more than ever there is a necessity to build People Power and a Political Party amongst all sectors of our community. With the recent victory of Ethnic Studies in the SDUSD, we understand the value and necessity of having an education that is not poison for our jovenes in  which they are taught to hate themselves, their communities and to admire the oppressor. Although Ethnic Studies is a victory, we understand that building our own institutions, our own curriculum, telling our own stories and preserving the history of struggle while actively working to build future organizers is the only way we will achieve liberation. Escuelita Aztlan is amongst these independent schools that are actively working to build people power amongst youth across San Diego. Join us for a Dialogue on what Escuelita is and how we can move away from the oppressive institutions that continue to limit and dictate what our youth should learn.


General Strike

Friday, February 17, All Day


For More Information


This event is a SAN DIEGO edition in solidarity with events across the United States. Please also click attending to the national parent event, so that we have a rough total count: https://www.facebook.com/events/1756631744665376/



March in Solidarity with Immigrants, San Diego/

Immigrants Make America Great San Diego

 http://sandiegofreepress.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/immigration-rally-300x225.jpgSaturday, February 18, 11am
County Building
1600 Pacific Highway

Solidarity Info
America Great Info

There were originally two events scheduled for February 18 (more are occurring nationally). Each had over a thousand RSVPs on Facebook. Wisely, they have now merged.


The organizers of the ‘Solidarity’ event still intend to march to the Federal Building at some point after noon.


I have included a snip below from each of their Facebook pages. There will likely be further revisions to the programs, so be sure to check the links.

From Solidarity: We are calling on all people to unite and march in support of Immigrants and Refugees.



We are demanding that the republican San Diego Mayor Faulconer declares San Diego a Sanctuary City. While SD has the busiest border crossing in the world, Mayor Faulconer has taken no action to protect immigrants against Trump’s policies.


From America Great: Please join us at Waterfront Park in San Diego. We will be standing in solidarity at the same date as our brothers and sisters in Los Angeles and hopefully in many other places across our beautiful nation!


The time is NOW. We will stand with those who are afraid and those who have been marginalized by Trump’s executive orders.Immigration shapes how the world views America.


General Meeting of Women Occupy San Diego

Sunday, February 19, 1pm

Art Academy of San Diego

3784 30th St (North Park)

For More Information


Women Occupy San Diego is hosting a general meeting. If you are an active member or just interested come by to hear about our work and discuss future work and actions.


Civil Rights Teach-In: Recognizing Intersectionality

Monday, February 20, 4:30pm

Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

404 Euclid Ave

For More Information


FREE Teach-In Part II: All are welcome!

This special event series was born organically when a small group of RISE Fellows got together to think and dream about what would be needed of us, and FOR us, in the year ahead in order to be prepared for the changes potentially coming to our city and our nation.    

http://sandiegofreepress.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Issa-fight-1024x577.jpgEmergency Townhall – Vista

Tuesday, February 21, 6pm

Jim Porter Recreation Center

1200 Vale Terrace Dr, Vista

For More Information


Congressmember Darrell Issa has been invited to join us for this important event and hasn’t yet responded.


Help crowdsource a full page Union-Tribune ad to invite Issa to this meeting: https://www.youcaring.com/inviteIssa


The event will be to learn and speak out against the reckless plan to repeal healthcare coverage and protections with no serious replacement.


Will you or someone you love lose your healthcare? How will the plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act affect your current healthcare coverage? How will seniors, small businesspeople, and people with pre-existing conditions be affected?


What can you do to STOP the plan to take away healthcare from millions of Americans?


Event Partners: Courageous Resistance Encinitas, Indivisible North San Diego County, Indivisible Ocean Hills, Indivisible San Diego North District 49, Our  Revolution North County San Diego, Preserve Progress, Together We Will North San Diego County, The Wagon Circle, Service Employees International Union California (SEIU CA), Service Employees International Union 221 (SEIU 221), United Domestic Workers of America (UDW), Organizing for Action (OFA), American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP), Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest, San Diego Labor Council (SDLC), San Diegans for Health Care Coverage/CCHI, Health Access.



Climate Change Rally

 http://sandiegofreepress.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/climate-change-effects-us-300x210.pngTuesday, February 21, 6pm
Edward J Schwartz Federal Building
880 Front Street (Downtown)

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San Diegans who believe Climate Change is not a hoax will gather Tuesday, February 21st at 6 p.m. at the Federal Building. We will call upon the President, House and Senate to implement a National World War II-scale Mobilization to transition the U.S. from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


The theme of the rally will be “Climate Change is not a Hoax and Make Your Voice Heard.” The San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition is part of the Climate Mobilization http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/, a nationwide climate advocacy and environmental action organization based in New York City.


Speakers include:

Wesley Clark, Jr., Dakota Access Pipeline Activist and organizer of U.S. military veterans to support the water protectors of Standing Rock, South Dakota.

Diane Takvorian, Executive Director, Environmental Health Coalition

Ruben Arizmendi, Chairman, San Diego Sierra Club

Cody Petterson, Vice President, Impact Assessment


How to Join Your Community Planning Group


Tuesday, February 21, 6pm

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

1100 Island Ave

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Join Circulate San Diego and our partners for a panel and discussion on how residents of the City of San Diego can serve on their local community planning groups.


Community planning groups are an important mechanism for determining how San Diego will grow and develop. Circulate San Diego is encouraging a diverse group of committed San Diegans to participate in the City’s community planning groups.

Please make sure you RSVP. We have a LOT of interest, and we may have to cut off attendance to avoid overflowing the room.

National and Ongoing Events

The Ides of Trump –  Send the President a Postcard (March 15)http://sandiegofreepress.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/donald_trump_pop_art_postcard-rb604bdf685fc46d88d1c9325f1ca5990_vgbaq_8byvr_324-300x300.jpg


On March 15th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our opposition to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his unpopularity and failure. We will show the media and the politicians what standing with him — and against us — means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House post office in pink slips, all informing Donnie that he’s fired.


Each of us — every protester from every march, each congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer — if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 15th, well: you do the math.

No alternative fact or Russian translation will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of fury. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a million pieces in a day, with not a single nice thing to say.

So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest ill-wishes can pierce Donald’s famously thin skin. Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump

Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Take a picture and post it on social media tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump ! Spread the word! Everyone on Earth should let Donnie know how he’s doing. They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.


Then, on March 15th, mail your messages to:

President (for now) Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

It might just be enough to make him crack.

Tax March (April 15)

Via the Guardian:

Since Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns during the campaign, thousands are marching on Tax Day to protest “the absolute unfairness of a man who is a billionaire president who might be not paying taxes while working folks are paying their fair share”, said Gwen Snyder, a community organizer and national organizer of Tax March.

At least 30 Tax Marches have been planned in solidarity around the country with several hundred thousand people expected. The Los Angeles event page shows 66,000 people who have expressed interest or attending. The New York march event page has nearly 40,000 interested or attending, and 37,000 people have said they are interested in the DC march, with over 7,000 clicking “attend”.

March For Science (April 22)

The March for Science is a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community. Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists, and the incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are also shared by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The politicization of science, which has given policymakers permission to reject overwhelming evidence, is a critical and urgent matter. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted. On April 22, 2017 hundreds of thousands of people will walk out of their lab coats and into the streets of Washington.

San Diego March for Science facebook page!


National People’s Climate March (April 29)

The Sierra Club and other environmental organizations have announced demonstrations in Washington DC and other cities for April 29, the 99th day of the Trump administration. Sign up for updates here.


Immigrants March (May 6, Washington DC)

From the Guardian:

“I started organizing for the march the day that Trump … signed the executive order on the construction of the wall on the Mexican border,” said Erick Sanchez, whose father is Iranian and great-grandparents are Mexican. That was also the day a draft of Trump’s travel ban was leaked to the press.

The Immigrants March Facebook event page already has 163,000 people interested and 25,000 attending.


National Pride March (June 11)

Drawing inspiration from the Women’s March on Washington, a gay activist in New York City has announced plans for the National Pride March, a “mass” LGBT protest at the nation’s capital.  Join the march’s facebook page here.


Other Things You Can Do

Sign Up For SwingLeft: Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a handful of Swing Districts, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin. Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live. Check out SwingLeft here.

Sign Up for Indivisible. Over 35 groups locally, 6000+ nationally. All the cool kids are doing it. (Really!)

Sign Up for The Town Hall Project . An unfunded, crowdsourced, Facebook-based project that researches “every district and state for public events with Members of Congress,” and makes the info available via a Google spreadsheet in the hope that people will engage their representatives face to face.

Sign Up for #ResistTrumpTuesdays. A joint project of The Working Families Party, MoveOn, and People’s Action. Its goal is to turn large numbers of activists out every Tuesday to fight back against a different element of Trump’s agenda. Go here to find a local action.



Doug Porter was active in the early days of the alternative press in San Diego, contributing to the OB Liberator, the print version of the OB Rag, the San Diego Door, and the San Diego Street Journal. He went on to have a 35-year career in the Hospitality business and decided to go back into raising hell when he retired. He's won numerous awards for his columns from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Doug is a cancer survivor (sans vocal chords) and lives in North Park.




From: "Andrew Friedman, CPD Action" <info@cpdaction.org>

Subject: #DisneyLetHimGo

Dear Francis,

If you were able to join us for the “Ready to Resist” call last night, you know that our movement’s strategy to protect our communities and our democracy involves focusing on the three C’s: Cities, Congress, and Corporations.


I need to emphasize that third C – Corporations – as we head into some important local actions this week that help identify who is truly standing with the people and who isn’t.


With your help, we’ve pressured senators to represent the demands of their constituents and stand up to Trump’s harmful, unconstitutional policies. But big corporations like Disney that employ and serve working families across the country need to hold some responsibility too. That means listening to their workers and customers, and ending any collaboration with this authoritarian administration.


Chip in $10 to boost our organizing efforts to move corporate collaborators over to the side of the people.


While Uber CEO Travis Kalanick heeded the public cry to drop ties with Trump earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Iger has refused to step down from Trump’s economic advisory council.

As we’ve said before, Disney’s continued ties with Trump only enables what has become the most anti-immigrant and un-democratic administration we’ve ever seen in this country. Our communities that are under attack won’t let corporate collaborators off the hook.


Tomorrow, as part of  #ResistTrumpTuesday, Disney workers across the country will be delivering more than 200,000 petitions to their CEO, urging him to stand with his own employees, immigrant families, and people across America by officially quitting Trump’s council. CPD Action partners will also be protesting in New York and Orlando to call out Disney’s collaboration and urge Bob Iger to stand on the right side of history.

Support our efforts to put pressure on Disney to start taking responsibility and stop collaborating with Trump.

Disney calls itself a ‘family friendly’ brand, but its collaboration with Trump is hurting our immigrant and refugee families. It’s time for Disney to join the resistance and let him go. Donate now to keep the pressure on.

In solidarity,

Andrew Friedman

Co-Executive Director


CPD Action is building a rising movement of people fighting for a future of opportunity, equality, and inclusion. We're working on campaigns that promote a pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda and win victories to improve people’s lives. Together, we’ll build a progressive future we can all be proud of.