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21 October 2017

Grenoble, France




Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Donald Trump is a showman and with Netanyahu they are performing “the best vaudeville routine on earth,” interpreting a postmodern version of King Lear in collaboration with Sancho Panza (and with Fundamentalist Christian V-P Michael Richard Pence as The Wizard of OZ, standing behind a curtain, waiting in the wings with his hands on the control levers). This “smoke and mirrors” show is bound to end badly for them, as well as for the rest of us.


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Zion's Christian soldiers - part 1

with Bob Simon on “60 Minutes”






The ideological battles ahead and the power struggles to come seem to be the necessary path toward any possible recovery of our humanity and fulfillment of its potential against the psychotic episodes of capital accumulation that have retarded our development for too long, and at many levels.




In the 15 items below we inspect some of the ideas which have emerged from the changing economic relationships in this period of crisis capitalism, bristling with class struggles.






Francis Feeley


Professor emeritus of American Studies

University Grenoble-Alpes

Director of Research

University of Paris-Nanterre

Center for the Advanced Study of American Institutions and Social Movements

The University of California-San Diego






Mel White: Evangelicals Are Doing 'Terrible Damage' to America






Who profits from the opioid crisis? Meet the secretive Sackler family

making billions from OxyContin

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This week, President Donald Trump’s nominee for drug czar, Republican Congressmember Tom Marino, had to withdraw from consideration after a Washington Post ”60 Minutes” investigation found he led a drug industry-backed effort to pass a law that weakened the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to crack down on addictive opioids. Meanwhile, calls are growing to look at the major pharmaceutical companies that have fueled the opioid crisis. A new investigation by Esquire magazine reveals how the secretive Sackler family, owners of the company that invented OxyContin, downplayed the risks of addiction and exploited doctors’ confusion over the drug’s strength. We speak with Christopher Glazek, the Esquire reporter behind the story.





The Deep State's Bogus 'Iranian Threat'



by David Stockman


Yesterday we identified a permanent fiscal crisis as one of the quadruple witching forces arising in October 2017 which will shatter the global financial bubble. Today the Donald is on the cusp of making the crisis dramatically worse by decertifying the Iranian nuke deal, thereby reinforcing another false narrative that enables the $1 trillion Warfare State to continue bleeding the nation's fiscal solvency.





Is Trump’s “Friend” Kissinger Steering Him

From Calm To Storm?



by Whitney Webb

Henry Kissinger, seemingly returned from oblivion, has been in the ear of “old friend” Trump since mid-primary season, just after Trump declared himself open to negotiation with North Korea. Since that moment, Trump’s stance and rhetoric have veered inexorably toward war.


President Donald Trump met with top defense officials Tuesday morning — including Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Joseph Dunford — in the White House Situation Room, to discuss potential options for responding to any North Korean “aggression” as well as how to prevent North Korea from threatening the United States with nuclear weapons. The meeting, which was later confirmed by the State Department and a White House press release, came a day after Mattis instructed the U.S. Army to stand ready if North Korea diplomacy fails, and less than a week after Trump’s cryptic “calm before the storm” comments about a previous meeting with top military commanders. Some have noted that the decision to have the meeting in the Situation Room, sometimes called the War Room, was significant, as it is often used to hold secure meetings regarding disasters, military conflicts, and other major crises both domestic and global.





Is it Just a Matter of Time? The Lessons Learned From Nixon About When Presidents Unravel



Nixon schemed and spewed dangerous vitriol behind closed doors, Trump is doing the same in full view of the public.





How Gore, Kerry and Clinton Put Trump in Office






How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings


It turns out that Hillary Clinton was partly correct: President Trump is a “puppet,” but his puppet master isn’t Russian President Putin but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, reports Robert Parry.





US and Israel Show UNESCO their Anti-Palestinian Bias



The U.S. and Israel are pulling out of UNESCO over what they call an 'anti-Israel bias,' but the move may actually underscore their bias towards basic Palestinian rights. Meanwhile, Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have reached a new unity deal





The Unraveling of American/Russian Relations


by Paul Craig Roberts


Dear Readers: I agree that the official Las Vegas story seems to be unraveling. A public mass shooting should be transparent, not opaque. I think we explored the story long enough to discover that without knowing the facts, we cannot arrive at an explanation with confidence.

It is time to move on to another unraveling—that of US/Russian relations. This unraveling is far more serious as it threatens life on earth. I have warned of the consequences of Washington threatening Russia’s security by breaking agreement after agreement, by placing missile bases on Russia’s borders, by orchestrating anti-Russian coups in former Soviet provinces, and by a continuing volley of false accusations against Russia. There is no act more reckless and irresponsible than to make one nuclear power fear nuclear attack from another.





Iran President Hassan Rouhani On Trump's Decision

Not To Certify Nuclear Deal



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says US President Donald Trump’s speech against the Islamic Republic was nothing more than insults and delirious talk.

“Mr. Trump’s remarks on Iran…contained nothing but expletives and a pile of delusional allegations against the Iranian nation,” Rouhani said in a televised speech on Friday moments after Trump delivered a speech outlining US strategy on the Islamic Republic.





How the Nazis Used Racist U.S. Jim Crow Laws as Model for the Making of Nazi Race Law



Bill Moyers in conversation with author James Whitman about his new book that uncovers how the Nazis used Jim Crow laws

as the model for their own race laws.





Does the Western Left Have an African Problem?

A young boy looks on from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), as smoke rises from an ongoing attack, allegedly carried out by the Seleka Militia on the village of Mobaye in Central African Republic (CAR) on September 21, 2017 in Mobayi-Mbongo. (Photo: JOHN WESSELS / AFP / Getty Images)


by Devyn Springer


A young boy looks on from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as smoke rises from an ongoing attack, allegedly carried out by the Seleka Militia on the village of Mobaye in Central African Republic on September 21, 2017, in Mobayi-Mbongo. (Photo: JOHN WESSELS / AFP / Getty Images)


Most Western leftists who espouse anti-imperialist, antiwar, anti-colonial politics agree that there can be no hierarchies of oppression, but that rhetoric does not hold up when it comes to African countries, their revolutionaries and self-determination struggles. In fact, African countries and their politics are almost never discussed in leftist circles except to make points about imperialism or China.





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For a Libertarian Communism    



Daniel Guérin

Edited by David Berry

Translated by Mitchell Abidor  





Only Nonviolent Resistance Will Destroy Corporate State








From: Jim O'Brien
Sent: Friday, 20 October, 2017
Subject: Notes 10/20/17: Links to recent articles of interest; Call for Papers for conference on antiwar opposition in the military




To members and friends of Historians for Peace and Democracy (H-PAD),


In addition to our occasional set of links to recent articles relevant to H-PAD's concerns, this mailing includes a call for papers sent by David Cortright for a May 22-24 historical conference on antiwar opposition in the military, sponsored by the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Links to Recent Articles of Interest


“No, US Didn’t ‘Stand By' Indonesian Genocide – It Actively Participated”

By Jim NaureckasFAIR [Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting], posted October 18


“The Cuban Missile Crisis at 55: U.S. Planned for Military Occupation of Cuba”

Documents edited by William Burr and Peter KornbluhNational Security Archives, posted October 16


“Nixon, Trump, and the Strange Career of the Madman Theory”

By Jeff Kimball, History News Network, posted October 15

The author is a professor emeritus of history at Miami University.


“Documenting U.S. Role in Democracy’s Fall and Dictator’s Rise in Chile”

By Pascale BonnefoyNew York Times, posted October 14


“The Myth of the Spitting Antiwar Protester”

By Jerry LembckeNew York Times, posted October 13

The author is an emeritus professor at Holy Cross and author of The Spitting Image among other books on the Vietnam War.


“Trump Is Signaling an Unprecedented Right Turn on Foreign Policy”

By John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus, posted October 11


“The Pentagon Has Its Commemoration of the Vietnam War. So Do Former Anti – Vietnam War Activists”

By Jeremy Kuzmarov and Roger Peace, History News Network, posted October 8

Jeremy Kuzmarov teaches history at the University of Tulsa; Roger Peace is an independent scholar who coordinates the foreign-policy history website http://peacehistory-usfp.org.


“Should Limiting North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions Be the Responsibility of the U.S. Government?”

By Lawrence S. WittnerHistory News Network, posted October 8, 2017

The author is a professor of history emeritus at SUNY Albany.


“Autopilot Wars:Sixteen Years But Who’s Counting?”

By Andrew J. BacevichTomDispatch.com, posted October 5.

The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.


“What Ken Burns and Lynn Novick Want Us to Believe Is that Americans Were Innocents in Vietnam”

By Ron BrileyHistory News Network, posted October 1

The author is the senior book editor of the History News Network.


Thanks to an anonymous reader for suggesting some of the articles included in the above list. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.

Call for Papers 

“Voices of Conscience” Conference on Antiwar Opposition in the Military


This is a call for papers and participation in the conference “Voices of Conscience,” which will take place at the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies May 22-24, 2018.


Scholars and students are encouraged to submit proposals for papers to present at the conference and for consideration in a published volume. Graduate students, PhD candidates and post-docs are particularly encouraged to apply. The conference will be of interest to students of history, social change, peace studies, security studies, social movement analysis, the Vietnam and Iraq wars, and class, race and gender studies. Scholars selected to present at the conference will receive a stipend and travel costs for participation in the conference.


 “Voices of Conscience” will draw attention to the newly created digital archive of ‘underground’ antiwar newspapers published by and for active duty GIs during the Vietnam War, the GI Press Project. The conference will feature panels on the following topics:


·         Historical perspectives and new research findings on the extent and impact of antiwar opposition within the military during the Vietnam War,

·         Assessments of the extent and impact of antiwar opposition within the military during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,

·         Issues or class, race and gender in military resistance movements,

·         The role of VVAW, IVAW and other veterans’ and military support organizations in building opposition to war, and

·         Lessons from the history of resistance within the military for antiwar strategy now and in the future.

The purposes of the conference and planned volume are to encourage greater understanding and scholarship on resistance within the military and provide encouragement and support for young scholars to study this topic. A short bibliography of published works on antiwar resistance in the military is provided below.


Scholars and students interested in applying should submit a one-page letter of application, a CV and a 150-word proposal/abstract of the proposed paper and research topic. The deadline for submission of proposals is December 15, 2017. Stipends and travel support will be available to approved applicants. Send proposals to:


David Cortrightdcortrig@nd.edu

“Antiwar Opposition in the Military”

Short Bibliography

Christian AppyWorking-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam (Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1993)

David CortrightSoldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance during the Vietnam War (Chicago: Haymarket Books, 1975, 2005). 

Andrew E. Hunt, The Turning: A History of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (New York University Press, 1999).

Jonathan HuttoAnti-War Soldier: How to Dissent Within the Ranks of the Military (New York: Nation Books, 2008).

 Lisa LeitzFighting for Peace: Veterans and Military Families in the Anti-Iraq War Movement (University of Minnesota Press, 2014). 

James Lewes, Protest and Survive: Underground GI Newspapers during the Vietnam War (Westport, CT: Praeger Press, 2003).

Nan Levinson, The New Antiwar Soldiers and the Movement They Built (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2014).

Camilo MeijaRoad from Ar Ramadi (New York: The New Press, 2007). 

Richard Moser, The New Winter Soldiers: G.I. and Veteran Dissent during the Vietnam Era (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1996).

John Darrell Sherwood, Black Sailor, White Navy: Racial Unrest in the Fleet During the Vietnam War Era (New York: New York University Press, 2007).