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Subject : Challenging the System that Threatens to Destroy Us . . . .





“Gaza footage shows protester shot in the back while running away from Israeli border wall”




“As soldiers, we too were told to open fire at protesters in Gaza”


I was on the border with Gaza six years ago. The same marchers, the same protest. Even the orders to open fire at crowds of people remained the same.




4 April 2018

Grenoble, France



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Some years ago a former undergraduate student of mine sent me a book he had just published. It was a science fiction piece of considerable length and in quite decent English. I claim no credit for his accomplishment, and a busy teaching and writing schedule kept me from this book of fiction for several years. In fact, it was only after my retirement that I got the chance to pick it up, and I couldn’t put it down. Francis André is indeed a skilled writer, and in English, too. His book, Mr A, The Fall is a 300+ page self-published sci-fi work at ANDRE FEAR Publisher (2011); it is a Manichean story of cosmic dimensions, of the forces of good and evil and the threat of massive destruction of our planet. This well-written tomb certainly serves as a reflection of the thoughts of an intelligent young student who aspires to be a cultural technician in today's world. My failure as his history teacher was my inability to communicate to him an alternative understanding to the elitist theories and conspiracy plots that echo in this science fiction book. Here, the supernatural evils can only be overcome by coordinated supernatural good, and this requires the redemption of some really "bad" characters and an extraordinary will for self-sacrifice in the name of "common decency". In place of class struggle we find cosmic battles between elite forces, organized in an exceedingly subservient political hierarchy, with access to extraordinary technology that can evaporate everything in their way.


Returning to our one and only earth, where we read about Trump’s new National Security Advisor, John Bolton; his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis; his head of the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions; his recently appointed Secretary of State, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, etc., etc., etc…, it is easy to see why there might be some attraction to a Manichean world view. It is an illusion, of course, created for science fiction writing, but it has gained traction in some of the social sciences, and in academic literary and cultural studies departments, as well.  The undisguised delight derived from careful analysis of authentic material relationships and the deep satisfaction of effective interventions have become rare in the field of social movements. Too often we are plagued with the passive apprehension of "evil" overwhelming us and our entire planet, eliminating this "experiment" we call life. The fight for justice and equality, in this state of mind, yields to a desperate struggle for survival under any conditions. Thus, yesterday becomes the ideal model for tomorrow.


I believe that the talents of young people deserve better objectives.


The multiple news items below reflect the cacophony of fast-moving events in the vortex of crisis capitalism and expanding imperialist wars. We offer CEIMSA readers this critical information and the alternative interpretations as an antidote to the poisonous propaganda that corporate media feeds us continually to stupefy us and keep us in a submissive state of hopeless distraction. This information will hopefully serve to inform and inspire readers to discard escapist fantasies of omnipotent elite machinations and to prepare for more effective collective action at the grassroots level in our richly diverse society where we live and work every day. The world is at once more horrid and more beautiful than we can imagine.


All this remains to be discovered . . . .



Francis Feeley


Professor emeritus of American Studies

University Grenoble-Alpes

Director of Research

University of Paris-Nanterre

Center for the Advanced Study of American Institutions and Social Movements

The University of California-San Diego





“We Cannot Wait for Change”—Freed Whistleblower Chelsea Manning on Iraq, Prison & Running for Senate

S1 chelsea manning

Part I



Part II






Prosecutorial Misconduct Reaches

Epidemic Proportions



by Bill Blum


In February 2010, the Justice Department published a long-awaited report prepared by its Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) that found former Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) attorneys John Yoo and Jay Bybee had engaged in professional misconduct by authoring two memorandums in 2002 and 2003 justifying the use of torture in the crackdown on suspected terrorists in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

A full 260 pages long, the OPR report is formally titled the “Investigation into the Office of Legal Counsel’s Memoranda Concerning Issues Relating to the Central Intelligence Agency’s Use of ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ on Suspected Terrorists.” Completed in July 2009, it concluded that Yoo and Bybee had failed to provide the George W. Bush administration, for which the torture memos had been written, with the “thorough, candid, and objective” legal analysis that is incumbent upon all lawyers working in the OLC. The report recommended that Yoo and Bybee be referred to their respective state bar associations to face disciplinary actions against their licenses to practice law. At the time, Bybee was a member of the District of Columbia bar, while Yoo was licensed in Pennsylvania.

Neither man, however, was ever referred for sanctions





From: "CODEPINK" <info@codepink.org>
Sent: Wednesday, 28 March, 2018
Subject: A war mongering lunatic



A vote for Pompeo is a vote for Bolton and a vote for war.

Dear Francis,

Let’s not mince words: John Bolton is a war-mongering lunatic and his appointment to be Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor is the greatest military threat we face as a nation.

John Bolton still thinks the Iraq war was a good idea. He attacks the UN and advocates for war with North Korea and Iran. He has even written such articles as “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First” and “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

Bolton’s appointment doesn’t require Senate confirmation, so there is nothing we can do to prevent him from starting the job on April 9. But we can stop the other Iran Deal hater, Mike Pompeo, who Trump has nominated for Secretary of State. Help us counter John Bolton by telling your senators not to confirm Mike Pompeo. Tell them that a vote for Pompeo is a vote for Bolton and a vote for war.

Trump is trying to bring in a trifecta of war hawks. In addition to Bolton and Pompeo, he has appointed torture supporter Gina Haspel to head the CIA. Haspel will require confirmation. After Pompeo’s hearing, we will focus on opposing Haspel’s appointment as well.

The appointments of Bolton, Pompeo and Haspel come just before Trump’s meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong-Un in May and the May 12 certification of the Iran nuclear deal. A US pullout from the nuclear deal would trigger a major international crisis, as would a military attack on North Korea.

A vote for Pompeo is a vote for Bolton and a vote for war. Tell the Senate Foreign Relations Committee not to confirm Mike Pompeo.

Bolton doesn’t hide his war agenda. So we’re going to have to escalate our peaceful protests. From opposing Pompeo’s confirmation to actions on the streets, we need your help in building a movement to stop these dangerous men. Let’s protect the world from another US war. 

Towards peace,
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Jodie, Kelly, Kirsten, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Rita, Sarah, Sophia and Tighe




From: Alison Weir
Sent: Friday, 30 March, 2018
Subject: Israeli forces kill 7, injure hundreds as thousands of Gazans march near border


Troop deployment and our responses to biased AP reporting.  View this email in your browser


What every American needs to know about Israel-Palestine

Dear Francis,

Israeli forces have so far killed 6 unarmed marchers and a farmer in Gaza as thousands of men, women, and children participate in the "Great March of Return" organized by civil society organizations and all political factions in the besieged enclave.

Men, women, and children began gathering in five tent cities over the past few days to participate in this massive and courageous nonviolent event; the official march was scheduled to start at 10 am this morning. March 30th is Land Day, which commemorates the 1976 killing of six Palestinians participating in a nonviolent demonstration to oppose the confiscation of their land. International law allows all refugees the right to return to their homes. Today's gathering is to continue until May 15th, Nakba Day.

In response, Israel deployed thousands of combat armed troops, including 100 sharpshooters, and issued shoot-to-kill orders for any demonstrators who approach the fence that cages them in. 

We've written three articles that we hope you'll read and share. And then we hope you'll tell others what's going on in Gaza – call your elected representatives, the media, and go out and demonstrate!

Our first article covers Israel's troop deployment and the conditions which led to the protests, the second provides an analysis of the misleading report on the march from the Associated Press, which replicates Israeli talking points, and the third tells the news this morning

We also have a Facebook infographic that we hope you'll share.

IAK Reports on Great March of Return



It is crucial that this massive, incredibly courageous march be watched by as much of the world as possible. Please keep your eyes on Gaza, tell others what is happening as the situation unfolds, and organize marches here in support.

The more people who watch and protest against Israel's ruthless suppression, the fewer people who will be killed in Palestine.

In grief, solidarity, and hope,

Alison Weir



To invite Alison Weir to give a presentation, write here.
Order educational materials about Israel-Palestine on our 
website (or write here).

MAILING ADDRESS If Americans Knew, 5694 Mission Center Rd, Ste 602-710, San Diego, CA 92108 
PHONE 202-631-4060 EMAIL contact@ifamericansknew.org






On the Verge of Nuclear War


by Paul Craig Roberts


One wonders if this latest extremely provocative and hostile accusation against Russia, supported by Washington’s empire, is the prelude to war. There is no basis whatsoever for the statement of the US Department of State that “on March 4, Russia used a military-grade nerve agent to attempt to murder a British citizen and his daughter in Salisbury.”





Two Failures In One Day - Missile Defense Is An Embaressment

It Won't Work


by Moon Of Alabama


Within the new $700 billion defense budget the U.S. Congress allocated more money for missile defense:

The Pentagon would spend an additional $1 billion on two of Lockheed’s missile defense systems, bringing total appropriations for the Missile Defense Agency to $11.5 billion.

Two incidents last night provide again that missile defense is a waste fo money. It hardly ever works. Strategic missile defense, which the U.S. builds to take down intercontinental missiles, will not protect against the new weapons Russia is now pursuing. The U.S. military acknowledges this. After Putin announced the new weapon systems the Trump administration raised the white flag and suddenly asked for new arms control talks.

Last night the Yemeni army launched (vid) seven ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia. Three of those targeted the capital Riyadh, four were aimed ar military and infrastructure targets. In Riyadh the Saudi forces fired a a number of Patriot surface-to-air missiles and claimed that those successfully intercepted the Yemeni missiles. The Saudis Patriot Advanced Capabilities-2 system (PAC-2) are made by the U.S. company Raytheon which is also hiring former U.S. soldiers as 'Patriot Battery Systems Technician Field Engineers' to man and maintain the Saudi systems.

Earlier Saudi claims of successful intercepts turned out to be false. The small warheads of the Yemeni missiles separate from the larger missile body and are difficult to detect. The U.S. provided systems inevitably aims at the bigger empty missile body.

This time various videos from Riyadh show that at least seven interceptors were fired against the three incoming missiles. At least two of the interceptors failed catastrophically. The other five seem to have simply self destructed at height. There is no sign of any real interception.

One of the Patriot interceptors prematurely exploded during its boost phase. Its burning debris showered the ground with hot parts.





UAV Crash In Lebanon Reveals Secret Israeli Weapon



On March 31, an Israeli drone crashed in southern Lebanon as a result of a “technical failure”, according to the Israeli Army. Experts were able to identify the drone as the Hermes 450 medium size multi-payload Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufactured by the Israeli Elbit Systems company.





More on guns . . . .


From: "War Resisters League" <wrl@warresisters.org>
To: "FRANCIS FEELEY" <francis.feeley@u-grenoble3.fr>
Sent: Thursday, 29 March, 2018 9:13:58 PM
Subject: On Mass Shootings: Disarm the Police + Military




War Resisters League


No Arms, No Armies: Addressing the Roots of Militarism and Gun Violence in the US


As energy built around March for Our Lives last weekend, WRL calls on pushing the narrative of gun control to the full disarmament of the police and military. Read an excerpt from our recently published Truth Out article below, or in full here




How do we understand the terrifying and tragic reality of mass shootings in the United States as organizers and activists committed to ending war and militarism by confronting its root causes? That's the question we're asking at War Resisters League as headlines are once again ensnared in the debate around gun control - this time with the lens focused on the incredible work and ferocity of young people who survived the Parkland massacre.



Parkland students join the voices of young people and students of color, disproportionately affected by gun violence, who are turning the spotlight not just on guns, but on the root causes of gun violence. As the country poured into the streets to demand change at March For Our Lives, in Washington, DC, 11-year-old Naomi Wadler of Virginia took to the stage to lift up the invisibilized deaths of Black girls and women: "I am here to acknowledge and represent the African American girls whose stories don’t make the front page of every national newspaper, whose stories don't lead on the evening news. I represent the African American women who are victims of gun violence, who are simply statistics instead of vibrant, beautiful girls full of potential." For communities of color, the terror of gun violence isn’t contained to mass shootings, it also comes in the form of beat cops, SWAT teams, and the processes of erasure Naomi spoke about.


Militarism is deeply entrenched in U.S. society, and the phenomenon of mass shootings and gun violence in the U.S. must be understood in the context of settler colonial histories of slavery, genocide, and white supremacy sustained by centuries of warfare. This month in particular, we stand with the family and friends of Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old Black father who was shot 20 times in his backyard by the Sacramento police. Let us expand our imaginations for a vision of disarmament that not only includes weapons of mass violence on the streets but a full disarming of the systems of state violence that drive it: the police and military. When demands for disarmament do not extend to policing and militaries, or simply focus on stricter sentencing and enforcement, they play into the criminalization of Black and Latinx communities and erase Black struggle to end gun violence.

As the debate continues around gun control we cannot afford to allow the voices of young people in communities of color to be erased and replaced by over-simplified narratives of inherent violence. We know that increased policing, surveillance and enforcement don't prevent violence. Let's focus on what does: investment in widespread, accessible and quality community resources alongside transformative approaches to justice. We need community safety that transforms conditions and root causes of violence rather than expanding policing and war.


What can you do?



Follow youth + POC leadership!

Unlike the Parkland students, when folks of color demand an end to mass violence, they're demonized. Follow + lift up Black and Brown led groups like Hearing Youth Voices and Assata's Daughters.


Petition: No more JROTCs!

Sign this petition! Nearly 2,000 high schools across the US have military training programs, JROTCs, where students as young as 14 are taught how to shoot guns in their school cafeterias by military recruiters.


Circulate our Resources!

 Circulate our full statement!

Get broken rifle swag, like our hat or pin.

 Print out these flyers calling to disarm the police and military.




War Resisters League works daily toward building a future free from war and militarism through education, organizing, and movement building. To help us carry our work forward, please consider making a generous one-time donation or become a monthly sustainer at $15.




Top graphic made by Micah Bazant


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7 Reasons Your Economic Insecurity

Isn’t Your Fault


Above Photo: Clay Bennett


by Matt Stannard, Cowboysonthecommons.org


The sobering assessment at the end of 2017 by Philip Alston, the UN’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, concerning the 40+ million Americans living in poverty, left a question unasked: Why have there been so few effective grassroots political revolts against inequality and material deprivation in the United States?

The seeming lack of class consciousness is even more surprising when we consider that economic insecurity doesn’t just affect those below the poverty level: over 215 million Americans–which I count as 66 percent of the population–couldn’t cover a $1000 emergency with the money in their savings account. That’s over five times as many of us who technically live in poverty, and it suggests that economic insecurity is now an intrinsic feature of the American identity.





The New York Times, March 26, 2018

The Post-World War II Order Is Under Assault

From the Powers That Built It


by Peter S. Goodman







Integrity Has Vanished From The West


by Paul Craig Roberts


Among Western political leaders there is not an ounce of integrity or morality. The Western print and TV media is dishonest and corrupt beyond repair. Yet the Russian government persists in its fantasy of “working with Russia’s Western partners.” The only way Russia can work with crooks is to become a crook. Is that what the Russian government wants?

Finian Cunningham notes the absurdity in the political and media uproar over Trump (belatedly) telephoning Putin to congratulate him on his reelection with 77 percent of the vote, a show of public approval that no Western political leader could possibly attain. The crazed US senator from Arizona called the person with the largest majority vote of our time “a dictator.” Yet a real blood-soaked dictator from Saudi Arabia is feted at the White House and fawned over by the president of the United States.

The Western politicians and presstitutes are morally outraged over an alleged poisoning, unsupported by any evidence, of a former spy of no consequence on orders by the president of Russia himself. These kind of insane insults thrown at the leader of the world’s most powerful military nation—and Russia is a nation, unlike the mongrel Western countries—raise the chances of nuclear Armageddon beyond the risks during the 20th century’s Cold War. The insane fools making these unsupported accusations show total disregard for all life on earth. Yet they regard themselves as the salt of the earth and as “exceptional, indispensable” people.






Welcome to the Dick Cheney Administration



by Stephen M. Walt

The problem with John Bolton isn’t that he’s an extremist. It's that he’s mainstream.

The other shoe dropped. On the heels of his cowardly fire-by-tweet dismissal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump has dismissed National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and replaced him with John Bolton, the hard-line former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Uber-hawk Mike Pompeo is headed from the CIA to the State Department, and Gina Haspel, a CIA loyalist who ran a torture site for George W. Bush and authorized the destruction of videotapes documenting what the CIA was doing, has been picked to replace him. Just how scared should you be?

There seem to be two general reactions to the latest upheaval in Trump’s topsy-turvy. One interpretation is that this latest reshuffle amounts to Trump getting rid of the “grown-ups” who have been trying to manage the tweeter-in-chief for the past year and replacing them with advisors who see the world as he does and will let “Trump be Trump.” In this view, the new team will enable him instead of trying to rein him in, and he’ll become the Trump of 2016, who called U.S. foreign policy a “complete and total disaster” and promised “America First.” Trump himself has encouraged this view by suggesting that he is finally assembling the sort of team he has always wanted. (Which raises an obvious question: Who was the idiot who picked his first team? Or his second? Oh, right.)

The second interpretation is more alarmist and basically tells you to start digging that backyard bomb shelter. In this view, the departures of Tillerson and McMaster and the arrivals of Bolton, Pompeo, and Haspel herald the ascendance of a hawkish contingent that will tear up the Iran deal, reinstate the torture regime, and eventually start a war with North Korea that goes way beyond a simple “bloody nose.” And with Bolton in the White House, Trump is going to be advised by a guy who never saw a war he didn’t like (when observed from a safe distance, of course).





From: Jim O'Brien
Sent: Thursday, 29 March, 2018
Subject: [H-Pad] H-PAD Notes 3/29/18: Links to recent articles of interest





Links to Recent Articles of Interest

“What Was the Vietnam War About?

By Christian Appy, New York Times, posted March 26

The author teaches history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has written extensively on the Vietnam War.


“Renaming the 1948 War: Partition, Dispossession, and Fragmentation”

By Richard Falk, ZNet, posted March 25

The author is a professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University.


“Welcome to the Dick Cheney Adnministration

By Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy, posted March 23

The author teaches international relations at Harvard University.


“The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War with Iran”

By Gareth Porter, The American Conservative, posted March 22


“Lessons from the Iraq War after Fifteen Years”

By Javier Solana, Project Syndicate, posted March 22

The author is a former Secretary-General of NATO and Foreign Minister of Spain.


“The Iraq Reckoning Still to Come”

By Andrew J. Bacevich, New York Daily News, posted March 19

The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.


“15 Years in Iraq: A Shameful Anniversary”

By Daniel R. DePetris, The American Conservative, posted March 19


“A Forgotten Hero Stopped the My Lai Massacre 50 Years Ago Today”

By Jon Wiener, Los Angeles Times, posted March 16

The author is a professor emeritus of history at the University of California Irvine.


“The Massacre That Was Dismissed as Fake News”

By Scott Laderman, History News Network, posted March 15

On widespread disbelief of media reports of the My Lai massacre. The author teaches history at the University of Minnesota Duluth.


“When the Leader of the Free World Is an Ugly American”

By Thomas Meaney and Stephen Wertheim, New York Times Sunday Review, posted March 9

Stephen Wertheim is a lecturer in history at Birkbeck, University of London. This piece argues that Trump"does not so much break with tradition as bring forward some of its most retrograde but persistent elements."



Thanks to Chad Pearson and an anonymous reader for suggesting articles included in the above list. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com. 





What Happened To The West I Was Born In?!


by The Saker


Frankly, I am awed, amazed and even embarrassed.  I was born in Switzerland, lived most of my life there, I also visited most of Europe, and I lived in the USA for over 20 years.  Yet in my worst nightmares I could not have imagined the West sinking as low as it does now.  I mean, yes, I know about the false flags, the corruption, the colonial wars, the NATO lies, the abject subservience of East Europeans, etc.  I wrote about all that many times.  But imperfect as they were, and that is putting it mildly, I remember Helmut Schmidt, Maggie Thatcher, Reagan, Mitterrand, even Chirac!  And I remember what the Canard Enchaîné used to be, or even the BBC.  During the Cold War the West was hardly a knight in white shining armor, but still – rule of law did matter, as did at least some degree of critical thinking.

I am now deeply embarrassed for the West.  And very, very afraid.

All I see today is a submissive herd lead by true, bona fide, psychopaths (in a clinical sense of the word)

And that is not the worst thing.





James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965)



Historic debate between James Baldwin v. William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University on the question: "Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?"





Democracy Now

Stephon Clark Murder by Police in Sacremento






Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you


by Dylan Curran





Mapped: The breathtaking global reach of

Cambridge Analytica’s parent company






Think Facebook knows a lot about you? Google is WORSE! From deleted files to location history, IT expert reveals the extent of the personal data the search giant holds on you


by Tim Collins For Mailonline





From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Thursday, 29 March, 2018
Subject: [MCM] We the People weren't supposed to be a captive audience (MCM on US propaganda/censorship today)




Progressive Commentary Hour with Professor Mark Crispin Miller

An in-depth look at propaganda, censorship of the Internet/alternative press, and the history of the US government’s use of the media as a weapon against the American people and democracy itself.


The Progressive Radio Network

Radio Station

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

DOWNLOAD AND LISTENhttps://bit.ly/2GgEJvP https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f54/1/16/1f925.png\uD83E\uDD25






The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won’t fix it


John Vidal





From: mkroopkin
Sent: Friday, 30 March, 2018
Subject: Call for J20 trial solidarity, April 2, 3, & 10


please share this call with your fellow workers, comrades and family.

---------- Original Message ----------
From: Feral Dobbs <notification+ogopozif@facebookmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 11:11 AM
To: Red Card Holders
Subject: [Red Card Holders] Fellow workers, we need your help. Our union is...



d in Red Card Holders .       Feral Dobbs March 28 at 11:11am   Fellow workers, we need your help. Our union is under attack by the state. April 17th is the next J20 trial. This one is unique because it's the only trial block where every single defendant is an IWW member. They are blatantly singling people out for being members of our union. We are organizing a series of actions to support these IWW defendants. On April 2nd and 3rd, we're holding another phone zap on the prosecutor's office. A phone script can be found at defendj20resistance.org/dropj20 If you or your branch would like to sign up to call during a specific time slot, please go to usattorneyliu.org In addition, we're calling for a worldwide Day of Solidarity with the J20 defendants on Tuesday, April 10th. If your branch (or your GDC) is interested in holding a local action, please email AprilJ20Solidarity@protonmail.com, and let us know. The DC IWW will also be picketing the courthouse on April 17th, the first day of trial This is not the first time our union has faced government repression in its history. Let's show then how wobblies fight. It's fucking go time. DropJ20: End the Repression, Drop All #J20 Charges   Like Comment    



Call for J20 trial solidarity,

April 2, 3, & 10




Feral Dobbs posted in Red Card Holders.



Feral Dobbs

March 28 at 11:11am


Fellow workers, we need your help. Our union is under attack by the state. 

April 17th is the next J20 trial. This one is unique because it's the only trial block where every single defendant is an IWW member. They are blatantly singling people out for being members of our union. 

We are organizing a series of actions to support these IWW defendants. On April 2nd and 3rd, we're holding another phone zap on the prosecutor's office. A phone script can be found at defendj20resistance.org/dropj20 

If you or your branch would like to sign up to call during a specific time slot, please go to usattorneyliu.org 

In addition, we're calling for a worldwide Day of Solidarity with the J20 defendants on Tuesday, April 10th. If your branch (or your GDC) is interested in holding a local action, please email AprilJ20Solidarity@protonmail.com, and let us know. The DC IWW will also be picketing the courthouse on April 17th, the first day of trial 

This is not the first time our union has faced government repression in its history. Let's show then how wobblies fight. It's fucking go time.

DropJ20: End the Repression, Drop All #J20 Charges







Is a New War Against Russia in Ukraine Unfolding Before Our Eyes?


by John McMurtry





Thousands of Palestinians swarm Gaza border, at least 10 killed by IDF fire



The 'Great March of Return,' orchestrated by Hamas, draws thousands of Palestinians to the Gaza-Israel border; riots ensue, prompting IDF snipers to shoot at main instigators; Defense Minister Lieberman warns anyone who approaches security fence is putting his life in jeopardy; Hamas leader Haniyeh: 'Israel's threats do not scare us.'





Palestinians die in clashes with Israeli forces during major border protest



Israel says thousands of Palestinians ‘rioting’ on first day of planned six-week demonstration over right of return for refugees





The Class Struggle in the Old West


by Louis Proyect


Against the overall political pall cast by the Trump administration, there are hopeful signs. Despite the problems I have with the DSA’s failure to make a clean break with the Democratic Party, my spirits remain lifted by their rapid growth. I also take heart in the ability of filmmakers to produce outstanding critiques of our social system in defiance of the commercial diktats of Hollywood. Finally, there is a bounty of radical historiography that through the examination of our past sheds light on our present malaise.





Big Brother Isn’t Watching You, You’re Watching Him



by Tom Engelhardt


A record? Come on! Don’t minimize what’s happening. It’s far too unique, too unprecedented even to be classified as “historic.” Call it mega-historic, if you wish. Never from Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar to Soviet despot Joseph Stalin, from the Sun King Louis the XIV to President Ronald Reagan, from George Washington to Barack Obama, has anyone — star, icon, personality, president, autocrat, emperor — been covered in anything like this fashion.





Two minutes to midnight: did the US miss its chance to stop North Korea’s nuclear programme?


by Julian Borger


An unprecedented US mission to Pyongyang in 1999 promised to defuse Kim’s nuclear threat. But it all came to nothing – and then the hawks took power.


Pyongyang International is one of the world’s quieter airports. The country’s chronic isolation means that there are not many places to fly, and few foreigners keen on visiting. At least until a new terminal was built in 2012, many of the flights on the departure boards were just for show, giving the appearance of connection with the outside world. They never actually took off.





M.A.D. -  "Mutually Assured Destruction"


·         Israel Deploys 100 Snipers On Gaza Border Before Planned Palestinian Protest by Tens of Thousands of Palestinians.



·         UN Security Council holds emergency meeting over deadly Israel-Palestine border clash.



·         Israeli Troops Kill Seven Palestinians, Wound 500 Amid Massive Border Protests.



·         Israeli army kills 17 Palestinians in Gaza protests and more than 1,400 others wounded by Israeli forces during march calling for return of Palestinian refugees to their lands.



·         17 dead, over a thousand injured after Palestinians clash with IDF on Gaza border.



·         "We're Entering A New And Dangerous Phase": US Soldier Killed In Syria.



·         Warning to the West: Vladimir Putin test launches terrifying 4,000mph "invincible" Satan missile.



·         Mattis tells Bolton 'I heard you're the devil incarnate'.







"Like shooting fish in a barrel."



And other symptoms of moral decay . . . .




Israel Massacres Unarmed Gaza Protresters, shooting 773 with Live Ammunition






From: "Moshé Machover" <ananmoshik@icloud.com>
To: "Moshé Machover" <mmachover@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, 1 April, 2018 6:54:28 PM
Subject: Fwd: Newsletter de l'AURDIP du 1er avril 2018



Begin forwarded message:


From: AURDIP <contact@aurdip.fr>

Subject: Newsletter de l'AURDIP du 1er avril 2018

Date: 1April2018 at 15:53:55 BST

To: moshe.machover@kcl.ac.uk




Newsletter de l’AURDIP du 1er avril 2018

L’AURDIP condamne le massacre israélien à Gaza

L’Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine (AURDIP) condamne le crime perpétré par l’Etat d’Israël à l’occasion de la « Journée de la terre » vendredi dernier (le 30 mars 2018). Le bilan s’élève, dans l’état actuel de nos connaissances, à près de 20 morts et à plus de 1400 blessés palestiniens. On compte nombre de jeunes gens, certains de moins de 20 ans, parmi les victimes.

L’armée israélienne a ouvert le feu sur des milliers de Palestiniens non violents, qui s’étaient rassemblés, après l’avoir annoncé à l’avance, à proximité de la frontière bloquée illégalement par Israël. Le massacre était plus que prémédité, il était annoncé. Les Palestiniens ont stoïquement marché vers leur destin, sachant à quoi ils s’exposaient, montrant une nouvelle fois au monde ce que peuvent signifier les mots de courage et de dignité.

Les crimes du présent répètent jusqu’à la nausée ceux du passé. La Nakba n’a pas cessé un seul jour depuis 1948 : nous assistons, encore et toujours, à la dépossession de tout un peuple de sa terre ancestrale, appuyée sur son nettoyage ethnique.

Les manifestants commémoraient, comme chaque année, la « Journée de la terre ». Celle-ci a été instaurée à l’occasion du meurtre par Israël, le 30 mars 1976, de six Palestiniens citoyens d’Israël, à l’occasion de manifestations contre la confiscation illégale de terres palestiniennes. La « Grande Marche du Retour » (retour dont le droit est garanti par la résolution n° 194 de l’ONU), cette année, visait aussi à protester contre les conditions de vie inhumaines auxquelles sont soumis les Palestiniens dans le ghetto de Gaza et à rappeler qu’ils restent debout derrière leurs barbelés.

Il ne suffit plus, aujourd’hui, de croire le crime assez grand pour qu’enfin « les choses bougent ». Dès le samedi 31 mars, les Etats-Unis semblent avoir adopté une stratégie dilatoire à l’ONU pour éviter une résolution condamnant le massacre. L’ultime tragédie de Gaza rend donc plus hypocrite que jamais l’opposition au mouvement Boycott, Désinvestissement, Sanctions (BDS). Lancé en 2005 par 170 organisations de la société civile palestinienne, BDS s’est développé à grande vitesse depuis lors, au point de devenir le plus important mouvement international pour les droits de l’homme et les droits civiques.

C’est cette lutte qu’il faut intensifier, car elle apparaît aujourd’hui comme la seule réponse pouvant mettre un terme à la politique d’annexion et d’apartheid conduite par l’Etat d’Israël.

Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine (AURDIP)

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/28601d49c8f47a5fc2df5a0c83288b7e.jpg?1522592717#fixedSur une vidéo filmée à Gaza, on voit un manifestant abattu dans le dos pendant qu’il s’éloigne de la frontière avec Israël

1er avril | Jack Khoury et Yaniv Kubovich pour Haaretz |Traduction SM pour l’AURDIP|Actualités version en

Selon le comité d’organisation de la marche, le Palestinien filmé dans cette vidéo est Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, 18 ans, mort à la suite de ces coups de feu Les FDI assurent que le Hamas diffuse de nombreuses vidéos dont certaines sont partielles et falsifiées

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http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/1d21e480264636676bdd366e94befc8b.jpg?1522592717#fixedRassemblement de solidarité avec Gaza Dimanche 1er avril 2018 à 15h, Place de la République, Paris

31 mars |Nos actions

Rassemblement de solidarité avec Gaza 
Dimanche 1er avril 2018 à 15h, 
Place de la République, Paris. « Vendredi 30 mars, Journée de la terre : 16 morts et 1416 blessés, à GAZA » 
Ce vendredi 30 mars, à Gaza, 16 palestiniens ont été tués et plus de 1416 ont été blessés par les tirs des snipers de l’armée d’occupation israélienne, à l’occasion de la « Journée de la terre ». Environ 30 000 palestiniens se sont rendus aux frontières de la bande de Gaza avec Israël. Cette marche pacifique qui s’inscrit dans le (...)

lire en ligne « Rassemblement de solidarité avec Gaza Dimanche 1er avril 2018 à 15h, Place de la République, Paris »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/d510d5d6a604898f09dd52f8bf53bf00.jpg?1522592718#fixedA la frontière de la bande de Gaza, une « grande marche du retour » pacifique mais meurtrière

31 mars | Piotr Smolar (bande de Gaza, envoyé spécial) pour Le Monde |Actualités

Des dizaines de milliers de Palestiniens manifestaient vendredi à quelques mètres de la clôture qui les sépare d’Israël. Au moins seize d’entre eux ont été tués par l’armée israélienne.

lire en ligne « A la frontière de la bande de Gaza, une « grande marche du retour » pacifique mais meurtrière »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/af67d2abd74986e92c6b7b397fb4a137.jpg?1522592718#fixed15 Palestiniens tués, des dizaines de blessés lors du rassemblement de milliers de personnes à la frontière entre Gaza et Israël pour la « Marche du Retour »

31 mars | Jack Khoury, Yaniv Kubovich et Almog Ben Zikri pour Haaretz |Traduction SM pour l’AURDIP |Actualités version en

EN DIRECT : Les Forces de défense d’Israël (FDI) tirent à balles réelles lors d’une manifestation de 30 000 Palestiniens dans la bande de Gaza pour la Marche du Retour " Échange de coups de feu entre des soldats et deux Palestiniens à la frontière Les FDI s’attendent à ce que les manifestations durent des semaines 27 Palestiniens blessés lors de manifestations parallèles en Cisjordanie

lire en ligne « 15 Palestiniens tués, des dizaines de blessés lors du rassemblement de milliers de personnes à la frontière entre Gaza et Israël pour la « Marche du Retour » »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/d9d5c2259f4f33b79147af44036d5793.jpg?1522592718#fixedGAZA : l’AFPS demande une intervention immédiate du Président de la République

30 mars AFPS |Tribunes

A Gaza, ce sont des snipers de l’armée israélienne qui tirent sur les habitants palestiniens qui se rassemblent pour célébrer, comme partout ailleurs en Palestine, la journée de la terre. 
L’armée israélienne a elle-même confirmé qu’une centaine de snipers avaient l’ordre de tirer contre quiconque s’approcherait de la frontière. Des snipers suréquipés ont l’ordre de tirer contre des civils sans défense. 
Depuis le début de la journée, on compte 8 morts et des centaines de blessés. 
Depuis 11 ans, les 2 (...)

lire en ligne « GAZA : l’AFPS demande une intervention immédiate du Président de la République »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/d8f386a09db05983e0f239d23996e1d3.jpg?1522592718#fixedSuccès en France de la 14ème semaine contre l’apartheid israélien ! (IAW)

30 mars BDS-France |Actualités version en

Cycle de conférences, actions BDS, soirée musicale, séance d’autoformation … 9 villes en France ont mis en place une série d’événements dans le cadre de deux semaines contre l’apartheid israélien s’étalant du 12 au 23 Mars 2018. 
Lundi 12 : Sciences Po Paris et Mediapart – Lundi 12 : Montpellier Université Paul Valéry – Mercredi 14 : Toulouse Université Jean Jaurès et Maison Blanche – Jeudi 15 : Université Grenoble Alpes – Vendredi 16 : Université Jean Monnet St Étienne – Lundi 19 : Rennes – Mardi 20 : St (...)

lire en ligne « Succès en France de la 14ème semaine contre l’apartheid israélien ! (IAW) »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/5569aa4889125b8fdf52cde211394df1.jpg?1522592718#fixedHebrew University Recruits Future Shin Bet Torturers and Assassins

30 mars Richard Silverstein for Tikun Olam |Tribunes

There are myriad ways in which Israeli academic institutions promote the Occupation and the national security state. From embedding the IDF in technical high schools from which the army recruits its future cyberwar hackers, to hosting glorified job fairs at which the intelligence agencies recruit their future assassins and torturers. 
Ilana Hammerman wrote about one such event hosted by and at the Hebrew University on behalf of the Shin Bet. I’ve posted here about the Shin Bet’s recruitment (...)

lire en ligne « Hebrew University Recruits Future Shin Bet Torturers and Assassins »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/6e0b81c1badc6ee2584b468845af4281.jpg?1522592718#fixed« Abattez toute personne faisant une brèche dans la clôture » : l’armée israélienne se prépare pour la manifestation de masse à Gaza

29 mars Yaniv Kubovich pour Haaretz |Traduction JPP pour l’AURDIP |Actualités version en

L’armée israélienne appelle des tireurs d’élite et des soldats en renfort pour aider les troupes locales à faire face à la manifestation de vendredi Selon certains dirigeants de la Défense, l’armée peut empêcher les Palestiniens de traverser la frontière de Gaza

lire en ligne « « Abattez toute personne faisant une brèche dans la clôture » : l’armée israélienne se prépare pour la manifestation de masse à Gaza »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/f2c81af2eb4c4371157134d1debe6602.jpg?1522592718#fixedOmar Kiswani, le leader étudiant palestinien emprisonné, en grève de la faim pour la liberté

28 mars Samidoun

 |Traduction CG pour l’AURDIP |Actualités version en

Omar Kiswani, le leader étudiant palestinien emprisonné, est en grève de la faim dans une prison israélienne pour protester contre sa détention sans charges et ses interrogatoires. Kiswani est président du Conseil étudiant à l’université de Bir Zeit et a été arrêté le 7 mars lorsque les forces d’occupation israéliennes ont envahi le campus de l’université, sous couverture, en prétendant être des journalistes. Ils portaient des armes dans des sacs à dos, et sont entrés sur le campus pendant les heures de cours, (...)

lire en ligne « Omar Kiswani, le leader étudiant palestinien emprisonné, en grève de la faim pour la liberté »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/7d22b67981b4502b620980e9f3875cd9.jpg?1522592719#fixedDécris-Ravage, un spectacle documentaire sur la Question de Palestine

26 mars Adeline Rosenstein |Autres ressources

Très documenté, nourri de récits cinglants, de témoignages intimes, de pièces du répertoire arabe, ce spectacle prend de la hauteur historique. Partant de la fin du XVIIIe siècle, il parcourt les ravages du colonialisme jusqu’à 1948, date de la création de l’Etat d’Israël. Six épisodes pour tenter de démêler l’énorme nœud de ce conflit, en reclassant les faits, les cartes et les argumentaires. 
Trop d’esprit et d’impertinence pour que s’installe un rythme de pseudo-conférence. Face à la pesanteur des enjeux (...)

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http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/d8ddc1dee50d1e4265db9450c71afd81.jpg?1522592719#fixedNous ne sommes pas libres tant que les Palestiniens ne sont pas libres : boycottez les études à l’étranger en Israël !

24 mars USACBI |Traduction JPP pour l’AURDIP |Tribunes version en

La Campagne américaine pour le boycott académique et culturel d’Israël (USACBI) demande à tous les enseignants, administrateurs, étudiants et personnels des universités des États-Unis à soutenir le boycott académique international d’Israël en refusant de participer en aucune manière à des programmes d’études à l’étranger dans ce pays. Le boycott académique d’Israël a été demandé par les universitaires et étudiants palestiniens qui vivent sous une occupation et un siège militaires ou dans un État d’apartheid qui (...)

lire en ligne « Nous ne sommes pas libres tant que les Palestiniens ne sont pas libres : boycottez les études à l’étranger en Israël ! »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/149cbff566bf886b166adc47714dd2fe.jpg?1522592719#fixedLes étudiants votent en faveur du soutien du Syndicat des Etudiants de Trinity College de Dublin au BDS

23 mars Aisling Grace pour Trinity News

 |Traduction J.Ch. pour l’AURDIP |Actualitésversion en

Les étudiants ont voté pour que le Syndicat des Etudiants de Trinity College de Dublin (SETCU) soutiennent le mouvement Boycott, Désinvestissement et Sanctions contre Israël et agissent en faveur de son installation à Trinity. 
BDS a gagné le soutien de 1.287 étudiants, ce qui représente 64,5 % sur le total de 2.050 votants. Le referendum a vu le plus haut pourcentage de ces dernières années, avec au total 2.316 étudiants qui ont voté au deux referendums. Comme le boycott de l’État d’Israël est une (...)

lire en ligne « Les étudiants votent en faveur du soutien du Syndicat des Etudiants de Trinity College de Dublin au BDS »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/b53a050b1b6060a20f48706db73b5d72.png?1522592719#fixedRoger Waters lit un poème de Darwish pour protester contre la « suprématie » du déplacement vers Jérusalem décidé par Trump

18 mars | Roger Waters, Mahmoud Darwish et Le Trio Joubran pour Mondoweiss |Traduction CG pour l’AURDIP |Autres ressources version en

La décision de Donald Trump de déplacer l’ambassade des États-Unis à Jérusalem continue à susciter des échos. Une réponse est une nouvelle vidéo d’un poème de Mahmoud Darwish lu par Roger Waters, avec une orchestration du Trio Joubran, un groupe de trois frères palestiniens, dont deux jouent de l’oud. Le morceau s’appelle « Suprématie », bien qu’il soit extrait d’un poème de Darwish intitulé « L’avant-dernier discours des Peaux-Rouges à l’Homme blanc (...)

lire en ligne « Roger Waters lit un poème de Darwish pour protester contre la « suprématie » du déplacement vers Jérusalem décidé par Trump »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/1104d81dff14bde166acafc07f958b6b.jpg?1522592719#fixedComment Stephen Hawking soutenait la cause palestinienne

15 mars Al-Jazeera |Traduction LGr pour l’AURDIP |Tribunes version en

On se souviendra du célèbre scientifique, maintenant décédé, non seulement pour son travail mais également pour son soutien à la Palestine.

lire en ligne « Comment Stephen Hawking soutenait la cause palestinienne »

http://www.aurdip.org/IMG/nl/94/2cd9a2083b282caaaf39e5c2315932b6.jpg?1522592720#fixedUn important fonds de pension danois se désinvestit de Motorola à cause de ses liens avec les colonies israéliennes

14 mars Middle East Monitor |Traduction CG pour l’AURDIP |Actualités version en

Le géant danois des fonds de pension Sampension a officiellement exclu Motorola à cause de ses liens avec les colonies illégales d’Israël dans les Territoires palestiniens occupés (TPO). 
Sampension, fonds de pension du marché du travail danois de 290 milliards de couronnes danoises (43.5 milliards de dollars, 39 milliards d’euros), l’a annoncé dans une mise à jour de sa liste d’exclusion, indiquant que la livraison par Motorola de produits aux colonies israéliennes est une violation des principes (...)

lire en ligne « Un important fonds de pension danois se désinvestit de Motorola à cause de ses liens avec les colonies israéliennes »

Un tribunal de l’État de Washington rejette une action en justice vieille de sept ans sur les marchandises israéliennes

13 mars Center for Constitutional Rights |Traduction J.Ch. pour l’AURDIP |Actualitésversion en

9 mars 2018, Olympia, WA – Aujourd’hui, un tribunal de l’État de Washington a mis fin à un contentieux vieux de sept ans contre d’anciens bénévoles de la Coopérative Alimentaire d’Olympia à propos de leur décision de boycotter les marchandises israéliennes. La plainte a d’abord été déposée en 2011 par cinq membres de la coop qui cherchaient à empêcher le boycott de la coop et à recueillir des dommages-intérêts contre les administrateurs. Deux des cinq membres se sont retirés de l’affaire et aucun des accusés (...)

lire en ligne « Un tribunal de l’État de Washington rejette une action en justice vieille de sept ans sur les marchandises israéliennes »



From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, 31 March, 2018
Subject: [MCM] The upside of Trump's ugliness





Trump's is the face of US power without the mask. 

Those pining for Obama want to see the mask put on again.


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The Honduras Coup: Is Obama Innocent?

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Why Haitians Are Chanting ‘Down with Obama’

They’re enraged at American complicity in the Haitian government’s blatant effort to rig the presidential election.

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Obama signs bill overturning Vermont’s GMO labeling law

Anti-GMO activists angered by quiet move



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