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(A docudrama on the career of Dick Cheney)



“Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson”

(The Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell in the Bush Administration)







15 January 2019

Grenoble, France



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


A friend visiting over the holidays recounted one evening a conversation that he had had with his young niece a few months back. It was an event straight out of the pages of Capitalist Realism.


He had asked her: “Would you kill a 21-year-old nurse because she was saving the life of a young man who had been shot while protesting against soldiers who had stolen his home from him? Would you kill a 44-year-old woman because she protested against being imprisoned in her own house and left without clean water and enough food to eat? Would you kill a journalist because he took photos of murders being committed in broad daylight?”


His 10-year-old niece looked at him with disgust: “Of course not!” she replied. “Did this really happen? Who did it? When? Where?”


“Well, you’re too young now,” he answered; “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” And she went outside to play with her friends.


Marxist humanism is one of the ideologies which opposes Fascism by addressing the "moorings" of the spider web network that seems to have captured many of us. The Marxist tradition includes Antonio Gramsci’s very useful notion of cultural hegemony, which might be seen as “the housing” that surrounds the spider’s trap. This analogy has been used by many to describe the debilitating effect of bourgeois hypocracy on those of us who aspire to a humanist shift away from “normal” capitalist alienation. Among the non-Marxist voices of systemic criticism are David Icke (Who built the Matrix?) and the informative 1971 debate between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky (On Creativity and Science).


We live in a period of uncertainty; and creative thinking coupled with scientific method might rescue us from the cynical clutches of capitalist clichés and dogmatic practices found in the corporate media and embraced by other capitalist institutions.



The 18 + items below offer readers a wakeup call to the unacceptable “normality” that we have been asked to passively accept, under threat of sanctions. The mass movements of today allow all of us to open our eyes and see more clearly the class struggle before us and what we have been able to do with our lives. This ongoing collective evaluation, if uninterrupted, can only lead to a new empowerment and nothing less than a restructuring of society to better accommodate our human needs and aspirations and to foil the preditory aims of our would-be masters.





Francis Feeley

Professor emeritus of American Studies

University Grenoble-Alpes

Director of Research

University of Paris-Nanterre

Center for the Advanced Study of American Institutions and Social Movements

The University of California-San Diego






The Silver Bullet to Stop the Corporate State Pillage

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“Nothing is more frightening for our endless war machine than a military grunt who thinks for him or herself.”


by Lee Camp


Every year a certain number of our soldiers decide they’d rather not be involved in shooting people they don’t know so that ExxonMobil can have more oil or Lockheed Martin can make more cash or MSNBC / Fox News can give their hosts topics for their upcoming poetry books. Basically, these soldiers do something horrifying, something terrible, something often called “treasonous” … They — wait for it — think for themselves!

(Glass shatters. Woman screams. Baby cries.)

Nothing is more frightening for our endless war machine than a military grunt who thinks for him or herself. They’re supposed to do nothing more than follow orders. They’re supposed to ask a superior officer for permission to wear a different color pair of socks. That’s right — the biggest, toughest gladiators in our society have to get authorization to switch from boxers to briefs.

I’ll get to what this has to do with our inverted totalitarian corporate pillaging in a moment.

One of the more notable soldiers who stood up this year was Spenser Rapone — a second lieutenant discharged on June 18, 2018, for disparaging the U.S. war machine online and promoting a socialist revolution. (Clearly our enormous globe-spanning military complex can obliterate any possible enemies except independent thought, which promptly turns it to a mush akin to pea soup.) Apparently reading about the true story of Pat Tillman pushed Rapone toward the realization that he was a pawn in the middle of a massive lie.

“Pat Tillman showed me I could resist the indoctrination,” Rapone said. “I did not have to let the military dehumanize me and turn me into something monstrous. When I learned how his death was covered up to sell the war, it was shocking.”





Americans Need a Congress that Represents Americans
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by Paul Craig Roberts

US Senator Marco Rubio poses as a representative of Florida Republicans, but in truth he represents the interests of Israel. He is sponsor of legislation that punishes Americans who boycott Israel as their way of protesting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. That Rubio is doing his best to dismantle what little is left of the First Amendment doesn’t seem to bother Florida voters or the presstitute media, who are no longer protective of the First Amendment.
Yesterday (January 9, 2019) the legislation failed to pass the Senate, because Democrats blocked it. But not really. The Democrats are not opposed to the bill. Indeed, the senators of both parties are too well paid in campaign contributions by the Israel Lobby to vote against anything that Israel wants. Moreover, they know that if they do, the money and the media support in their next election will flow to their opponent. The reason the Democrats blocked the passage of the bill is that they are making a point that no legislation will pass until President Trump gives in on the issue of The Wall and signs the necessary money bill to reopen the government.





A New Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media



by Caitlin Johnstone


The frenzied, hysterical Russia narrative being promoted day in and day out by western mass media has had two of its major stories ripped to shreds in the last three days.

A report seeded throughout the mainstream media by anonymous intelligence officials back in September claimed that US government workers in Cuba had suffered concussion-like brain damage after hearing strange noises in homes and hotels with the most likely culprit being “sophisticated microwaves or another type of electromagnetic weapon” from Russia. A recording of one such highly sophisticated attack was analyzed by scientists and turned out to be the mating call of the male indies short-tailed cricket. Neurologists and other brain specialists have challenged the claim that any US government workers suffered any neurological damage of any kind, saying test results on the alleged victims were misinterpreted. The actual story, when stripped of hyperventilating Russia panic, is that some government workers heard some crickets in Cuba.

Another report which dominated news headlines all of yesterday claimed that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (the same Paul Manafort who the Guardian falsely claimed met with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy) had shared polling data with a Russian associate and asked him to pass it along to Oleg Deripaska, who is often labeled a “Russian oligarch” by western media. The polling data was mostly public already, and the rest was just more polling information shared in the spring of 2016, but Deripaska’s involvement had Russiagaters burning the midnight oil with breathless excitement. Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall went so far as to publish an article titled “The ‘Collusion’ Debate Ended Last Night”, substantiating his click-generating headline with the claim that “What’s crystal clear is that the transfer to Kilimnik came with explicit instructions to give the information to Deripaska. And that’s enough.”

Except Manafort didn’t give any explicit instructions to share the polling data with Deripaska, but with two Ukrainian oligarchs (who are denying it). The New York Times was forced to print this embarrassing correction to the story it broke, adding in the process that Manafort’s motivation was likely not collusion, but money.


Aw, shucks. Well at least the new names are also complicated and Slavic, so readers can still draw their preferred sinister inferences https://t.co/1NPNC5EN4m

 — @mtracey

These are just the latest in a long, ongoing pattern of terrible mass media debacles as reporters eager to demonstrate their unquestioning fealty to the US-centralized empire fall all over themselves to report any story that makes Russia look bad without practicing due diligence. The only voices who have been questioning the establishment Russia narrative that is being fed to mass media outlets by secretive government agencies have been those which the mass media refuses to platform. Alternative media outlets are the only major platforms for dissent from the authorized narratives of the plutocrat-owned political/media class.

Imagine, then, how disastrous it would be if these last strongholds of skepticism and holding power to account were removed from the media landscape. Well, that’s exactly what a shady organization called NewsGuard is trying to do, with some success already.





From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, 11 January, 2019
Subject: [MCM] "Newsguard" is going after Mint Press News—and coming after all the rest of us




NeoCons Test Drive Newest Weapon to Crush Indie Media, Put MintPress in Their Crosshairs



by Mnar Muhawesh


The website [MintPress] does not disclose its liberal bent. For example, a January 2019 story was titled, “New Senate anti-BDS Bill Unconstitutional and Ineffective at Curbing Boycotts.” … Would you like to comment about making any political leanings transparent to online readers? — Question submitted by Newsguard to MintPress News

MINNEAPOLIS —  A recently founded venture claiming to be “a news rating agency” is making its big breakout in 2019 by claiming to be an authority at the forefront in the fight against “fake news.” Newsguard — which describes itself as an organization dedicated to “restoring trust and accountability” and using “journalism to fight false news, misinformation, and disinformation” — has begun targeting independent and alternative media organizations, including MintPress News, with a questionnaire developed to frame its victims as being on the political fringe and lacking professionalism and journalistic integrity in order to rank them as “unreliable” news sites.

Jennie Kamin, a reporter for Newsguard as well as an associate producer at CBS News, contacted me on Monday with a list of eight loaded questions that were crafted to put me on the defensive and undermine MintPress’ credibility from the get-go. Not only that, but the questions also frame MintPress as having a secret agenda aimed at hiding its ownership and funding.

Since Ms. Kamin had begun her work by failing to go to our website to find the obvious answers to her questions, it seemed clear that she was less interested in finding facts than in casting aspersions. As a consequence, it seemed that my answers wouldn’t really matter — except perhaps as they might play into her prejudgments. For example, one of her questions asked about MintPress’ funding, which is actually explained on each page and article on our website. Ironically, the questions regarding our funding came just as MintPress is concluding its semi-annual fundraising campaign to raise $25,000. Another question from Kamin referred to photos on our website not being properly attributed, even though each and every photo on our site is clearly captioned and attributed to its source.


Below, we have provided Newsguard’s questions in full (bolded) and my complete responses:


Dear Mnar,

I am doing a site review of MintPressNews.com for NewsGuard, a news rating agency. I have a few questions about the website’s editorial practices and policies. I appreciate your help in meeting my Wednesday deadline. For your reference, our website is www.newsguardtechnologies.com.

How does the website generate revenue?

MintPress News is reader supported journalism. We receive donations through our website, Paypal and Bitcoin. We hold semi-annual fundraising drives as well as bi-annual membership drives to sustain our main operation expenses. You can find our current major fundraising campaign here. In addition, we accrue some revenue from selling advertising. This is made clear on each page of our website. We receive no funding from any government or former government officials, from any member or former member of another media organization, such as the Wall Street Journal, or any organization involved in lobbying for against any particular legislation, unlike NewsGuard.

Would you like to comment regarding BuzzFeed News‘ reporting that Odeh Muhawesh could be involved with the financing, along with the claim that Muhawesh has demonstrated pro-Iran and pro-Assad beliefs?

The BuzzFeed article you are referencing is a clear example of unprofessional journalism that fails to report on the issue at hand and rather create an Islamophobic character assassination of myself and my family to discredit our in-depth reporting on the war in Syria. During this time, our journalists were receiving threats for conducting interviews with average Syrians, doctors and even rebels on the ground in Ghoutha where the 2013 chemical weapons attack took place that nearly led the US in a direct military confrontation with the Syrian government.

These interviews showcased an alternative to the corporate mainstream media’s narrative that it was indeed Assad gassing his own people. Our interviews, in which we make clear that their assertions were “claims”, allege that perhaps the chemical weapons attack could have taken place at the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorists. Because this chemical attack was being used as a push for war and was allegedly the “red line” that Assad had crossed to initiate a US intervention, MintPress’ reporting on these interviews attracted mass media attention. Our coverage about al-Qaeda rebels using chemical weapons was later validated by former UN inspectors, MIT rocket scientists, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh and WikiLeaks diplomatic cables.

Instead of reporting on who could be behind this chemical weapons attack, Buzzfeed unprofessionally targeted myself and my family to discredit our reporting. They created a profile of Mr. Muhawesh based on little more than assumptions and hearsay in an attempt to paint us as Pro-Assad or Pro-Iran. Mr. Muhawesh has never put a cent into MintPress News. He has a very limited role relegated 100% to business advising on dealing with human resources related issues and vendors. In terms of his personal political beliefs, they are completely irrelevant to MintPress News as he is not editorially involved in our work. In fact, all articles produced by MintPress are pitched and chosen by writers not editors which gives them full editorial control over their reporting.

We do not wish to speak on behalf of Mr. Muhawesh regarding his political views; however, he is a registered Republican and does not read our content as he claims it has too much a liberal bent and he has consistently voted for issues that MintPress News has opposed.

Some stories omit references to reliable sources for information. An article from January 2019 was titled, “Iran Offers an Alternative to US Occupation In Afghanistan,” quoted Iranian rear admiral and secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, several times throughout the article and did not provide a source for the quotations. Another article from the same month titled, “How War Propaganda in the Film Industry Really Works” claimed the Department of Defense and the Pentagon were seeking involvement in pro-war, Hollywood productions. The article provides no evidence for the assertion. Would you like to comment?

Both articles you reference were not written or produced by MintPress News. If you would have viewed the articles in their entirety, you would have seen that the articles include a disclaimer stating that they were not produced by MintPress News. MintPress News sometimes republishes articles from other websites. We have no editorial control over their content and are not accountable for their claims. If you would like further information about the article you referenced, we suggest contacting the author and publication that produced it, not one of the many websites that republished it.


We include a disclaimer in these articles stating as much along with a link to the source.

Stories published in our Daily Digests section are chosen based on the interest of our readers. They are republished from a number of sources, and are not produced by MintPress News. The views expressed in these articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect MintPress News editorial policy.

In November 2016, the website published a story run from American Herald Tribune titled, “Media Blackout As Millions Of Muslims March Against ISIS In Iraq.” Snopes found the article to be false, claiming the story was based on a pilgrimage in Karbala, Iraq that was not a direct protest to the Islamic State. Would you like to comment?


Both articles you reference were not written or produced by MintPress News. If you would have viewed the articles in their entirety, you would have seen that the articles include a disclaimer stating that they were not produced by MintPress News. MintPress News sometimes republishes articles from other websites. We have no editorial control over their content and are not accountable for their claims. If you would like further information about the article you referenced, we suggest contacting the author and publication that produced it, not one of the many websites that republished it.

We include a disclaimer in these articles stating as much along with a link to the source.

Stories published in our Daily Digests section are chosen based on the interest of our readers. They are republished from a number of sources, and are not produced by MintPress News. The views expressed in these articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect MintPress News editorial policy.

In November 2016, the website published a story run from American Herald Tribune titled, “Media Blackout As Millions Of Muslims March Against ISIS In Iraq.” Snopes found the article to be false, claiming the story was based on a pilgrimage in Karbala, Iraq that was not a direct protest to the Islamic State. Would you like to comment?


I did create a video response to the critique of this article and Snopes removed its reference to MintPress. In addition, Buzzfeed refused to comment when I reached out to them on their critique. https://www.mintpressnews.com/islam-isis-buzzfeed-what-youre-not-being-told/223426/

However, this article was not written by MintPress News. As with many other smaller news outlets, and indeed, larger ones, MintPress sometimes republishes articles from other websites. We have no editorial control over their content and are not accountable for their claims. We include a disclaimer in these articles stating as much:

Stories published in our Daily Digests section are chosen based on the interest of our readers. They are republished from a number of sources, and are not produced by MintPress News. The views expressed in these articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect MintPress News editorial policy.

We also include a link to the original source of the article. If you would like further information about the article you referenced, we suggest contacting the author and publication that produced it, not one of the many websites that republished it.

Some articles do not distinguish between news and opinion. For example, a January 2019 article titled “Amos Oz Remembered: The Sharp Talons of a Zionist ‘Dove,’” referred to the subject of the article, a writer, as Under this disguise, however, “…a Zionist, who for decades whitewashed horrific crimes committed by Israel against the people of Palestine.” Another article from September 2018 titled, “As Twitter Purges Real Iranians, US-Backed MEK Cult Revealed to Run Anti-Iran Troll Farm,” said that Iran is frequently “subject to double standards.” Would you like to comment about distinguishing between news and opinion content?


Articles do indeed distinguish between news and opinion. Much clearer in fact than many other websites. We most often label opinion articles with an “Opinion” label featured directly above the article headline. Had you bothered to scroll to the bottom of the article, you’d have also seen that Opinion pieces also feature the following disclaimer:

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect MintPress News editorial policy.

The website does not disclose its liberal bent. For example, a January 2019 story was titled, “New Senate anti-BDS Bill Unconstitutional and Ineffective at Curbing Boycotts.” Another story from the same month titled, “Elizabeth Warren and the Military Industrial Complex,” characterized Senator Warren’s recent foreign policy platform as “a last-minute propaganda blitzkrieg to paint herself as a dove.” Would you like to comment about making any political leanings transparent to online readers?

MintPress News is non-partisan. Our staff and readers come from an array of political backgrounds from Democrat, Libertarian and progressive. Our journalism brings all political walks of life together by reporting on issues relating to the infringement of our civil liberties and foreign policy that contributes to the exploitation of people and their resources abroad. These are not “liberal” issues but the kind of journalism that our First Amendment was meant to protect as they promote the interest of ‘we the people’ not the oligarchy.

We strongly advocate for an uncensored, unfettered and uncontrolled free marketplace of ideas. Readers are intelligent enough to engage the multitude of information readily available on the internet, and no individual, organization or government entity should have the right to restrict access to information; it is a fundamental and intrinsic aspect of freedom, democracy, and the First Amendment.

The website does not attribute sources for images. Would you like to comment?

MintPress News hosts over 25,000 images on our website and all are in fact attributed to their source. If you look at each page, the feature photos are attributed at the bottom of the article.

As some of your previous questions have shown, you failed to actually look at our web pages and apparently did not even scroll to the bottom of articles. If you had, you would have seen that all photos are attributed. 

The website does not disclose ownership details. Would you like to comment about making this information transparent to online readers?

I am the sole founder and owner of MintPress News, as MintPress is a registered LLC. There have never been any co-owners in MintPress News.  This information is public and has never been concealed.

In addition, MintPress is reader-supported journalism. We receive donations through our website, Paypal and Bitcoin. We hold semi-annual fundraising drives as well as semi-annual membership drives to sustain our main operation expenses. You can find our current major fundraising campaign here.

Thank you.

This tactic of framing questions to put the interviewee on the defensive is commonly used as the springboard to launch an attack on certain individuals or organizations based on character or lack of evidence rather than fairly hearing them out. It was clear this was no ordinary fact-gathering interview. This is further supported by the fact that some of the allegations for which Kamin sought comment were clearly untrue, such as her claim that there are no photo attributions even though all photos used on MintPress are clearly attributed on the site.

As it was obvious the questions were poised to frame MintPress as a fringe “fake news” organization that has a hidden agenda and is concealing information about its ownership and agenda. Yet, upon a quick review of its background, it soon became clear that Newsguard’s commitment to being a fair watchdog of legitimate journalism was highly suspect. Indeed, upon further investigation, Newsguard was found to be funded by, advised by and partnered with some of the nation’s most influential billionaires, neoconservative think tanks, war profiteers and tech giants.

Perhaps it is also ironic that this organization claiming to be independent chose the reporter who contacted me, Jennie Kamin, to conduct the page’s review of MintPress. Kamin is an associate producer for CBS News and was formerly a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Texas State Democratic Convention. Notably, MintPress has long been critical of Hillary Clinton, her political corruption, and her support for regime change abroad and perpetual war.

Furthermore, one of the two co-founders of Newsguard — Louis Gordon Crovitz — is tied to Wall Street, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the upper echelons of the corporate media. As such, Crovitz is the last person one would expect to find promoting any legitimate effort to “restore trust and accountability” in journalism.

So what is a former Wall Street executive, and a member of neoconservative think tanks that draft war policies with war hawks like John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz, doing in founding a purported journalism organization that is “restoring trust and accountability?

Based on our findings released in an exclusive report, it is clear that Newsguard’s agenda is to do the exact opposite of what they publicly claim and to instead control the free flow of information that poses a threat to the war establishment and the corporations that fund them. Indeed, as MintPressnew report on Newsguard shows, its advisory board boasts several several characters directly or indirectly threatened by Mint Press‘ watchdog journalism, including a former CIA and NSA director and a former director of Homeland Security and its lead investor is one of the most powerful and controversial advertising and PR agencies that regularly works for the government of Saudi Arabia and powerful corporations like Bayer/Monsanto. Are we supposed to believe that a group being advised by former intelligence agency directors and funded by such powerful monied interests is really interested in “restoring trust and accountability” in journalism?

Apart from this clear cynical agenda and conflict of interest, the timing of Newsguard’s targeting of independent journalism couldn’t be more telling as independent media is facing a new wave of censorship by tech giants like Facebook and Google who have partnered up with the very neoconservative think tanks Crovitz is part of to suppressive alternative voices. It is thus unsurprising that Newsguard — as MintPress uncovered — recently announced plans to team up with Silicon Valley giants and social media sites to make their rankings a compulsory component of internet use throughout the entire country that is already targeting public libraries, schools, universities and all future Microsoft products.

Perhaps Kamin, Crovitz and other Newsguard employees would like to comment on their own glaring credibility problems and conflicts of interest?



Sharyl Attkisson Previews Her Case Against Eric Holder's DOJ


by Cortney O'Brien


Former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson is preparing for her oral arguments in her case against the Department of Justice and the FBI. Attkisson claims her computer was compromised by DOJ agents in late 2012 while she was reporting on the Benghazi attacks, Fast and Furious and Obamacare. She first sued the Obama administration over the unwanted surveillance in January 2015. 

She gave her "layperson’s explanation" of the upcoming case in a recent video, first by identifying her team's targets. Attkisson noted they are suing specific government officials like former Attorney General Eric Holder. The government, she explained, is arguing they enjoy "broad immunity" for their supervisory actions while in office. Her team will push back on that notion and argue that Holder "would have had to do more than just supervise these intrusions into my computer based on forensics" and therefore "immunity does not apply in this case."





Dr. Richard Wolff Schools Jordan Peterson



Dr. Richard Wolff gave a crash course on what every responsible citizen should know about capitalism.





Guarded warehouse near airport and mysterious cargos from Baghdad; what is the US embassy in Helsinki up to?

US Embassy warehouse near Malmi Airport


Why does the US Embassy in Helsinki need a big warehouse near Malmi Airport and what are the contents of thousands of kilograms of cargo sent to Helsinki from Baghdad? 

A dilapidated warehouse in Malmi is being used by the US Embassy for unknown operations after a Wikileaks release revealed its location.

The anonymous looking building on Takoraudantie is notable only for the new 427 meter perimeter fence that according to the Wikileaks' database was ordered by the US Embassy in April 2018.

Situated across the street from the main entrance of Malmi Airport, the warehouse with its 3 meter high security fence appears an unlikely location for official embassy business. Neighbouring companies include a car yard and a tyre warehouse.

Helsinki Times visited the perimeters this weekend. Security personnel, young Finns in uniforms with American flags on their arms, appeared nervous and suspicious when asked to comment on the warehouse and refused to even confirm the order of the new fence structure which now surrounds the compound. At one point a security guard appeared in a second floor window to carefully monitor this reporter's movements along Takoraudantie.



New Poll: US Military Occupations Supported By Far More Democrats Than Republicans






Fall of Empires: London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse


by George Galloway

Despite the thrashing around of the NATO disinformation apparat, the imperial heartland has entered 2019 in a state of complete chaos.

Washington, London, and Paris – the three capitals of the Empire – are today effectively ungoverned, shutdown, tottering on the brink of collapse or under siege by their own people.

Their self-chosen Nemeses – Moscow and Beijing – meanwhile toast the New Year in a state of considerable optimism and self-confidence. These are the facts, this is the news.

We should start at the top of the Empire. The United States government has closed down amid stasis and a barrage of inter-governmental howitzers.

The defense secretary, 'Mad Dog' Mattis, has resigned as have other uniformed subalterns angry at the president's re-found determination to withdraw from costly and losing foreign wars. The actual "mad dog" – John Bolton – openly defies President Trump over Syria, Mueller closes in, and the new Democratic majority in the House gears up to "impeach the mother***er."

Nobody knows if President Trump will be around for much longer, and the merest glance at the views of his putative successor – Vice President Mike Pence – recalls the famous picture of President Nixon with his vice president, Spiro Agnew, standing behind him. The satirical speech bubble had Nixon pointing over his shoulder and saying "nobody is going to shoot me with this guy next in line."

In London, British Prime Minister Theresa May is a dead woman walking; Britain's exit from the European Union is still a matter of total uncertainty, yet a mere 80 days away. Violence outside the Parliament has begun to erupt, no faction can command a majority, an election cannot be held because its most likely result would be the election of veteran anti-imperialist Jeremy Corbyn whom the 'deep state' would sooner see under arrest (alongside this writer, according to the coup-apparatus Integrity Initiative).

A no-deal Brexit will see the south of England grind to a halt given the lack of preparation for it, as trucks headed to and from the continent turn Kent, the 'Garden of England', into a car-park.


Smithsonian Magazine -- US Military In 80 Nations, 6 Continents

by Cat McGuire


Graphic title:This Map Shows Where in the World the U.S. Military Is Combatting Terrorism.



In America At War, Smithsonian Magazine reports the U.S. is now operating in 40% of the world’s nations.

Yeah right, Smithsonian, I see right through your hamfisted mainstream media propaganda-speak.  More like "Manufacturing Terrorism" to justify theft of other people's resources and a bloated military budget.  That's a ton of free healthcare and free education we could be having.

democracy will come to you.jpg

Bonus Factoid

Overseas military bases:  US versus Russia


New York Times Company


Donald Trump Just Cannot Help It



by Roger Cohen


The Reichstag fire was at least a fire. Here, there is smoke and mirrors.





From: Moshé Machover
Sent: Thursday, 10 January, 2019
Subject: Fwd: Christianity, Colonialism, Zionism.

Begin forwarded message:



Un cas particulier de colonialisme qui n'est pas toujours reconnu comme tel. 


Jacques Pous.


Jacques Pous, L’invention chrétienne du sionisme. De Calvin à Balfour.

Postface de Michel Warschawski.

Le projet de restaurer le peuple juif  en Palestine a d’abord été un projet religieux porté par une fraction du monde chrétien qui voyait dans la Bible les fondements de sa vision de l’histoire et de l’avenir du Peuple élu. Dès les années 1840, le projet religieux nourrira les visées coloniales des grandes puissances européennes. En 1917, la Déclaration Balfour portée par David Lloyd George et Arthur Balfour ne sera que l’épilogue d’un processus complexe dans lequel le religieux et le culturel auront alimenté le politique, le stratégique et le colonial. 

La lecture et l’analyse d’une littérature essentiellement anglo-saxone, particulièrement riche, ont permis à Jacques Pous d’établir que le sionisme a été, comme, dès 1946, l’avait suggéré Kurt Blumenfeld à Hannah Arendt, un don de l’Europe chrétienne et coloniale au peuple juif. Or, pour un « peuple sans terre », l’État-nation à édifier ne pouvait être que colonial. Tel a été le drame du sionisme qui a voulu croire que la Palestine était une « terre sans peuple » et le péché originel d’un État d’Israël qui, comme le souligne Michel Warschawski dans sa postface, « n’est pas seulement le résultat d’un processus colonial, mais est lui-même, dans son code génétique, dans la structure de son régime et dans ses stratégies, un État colonial ».


Religieux au Sri Lanka, réfractaire à la guerre d’Algérie en France, enseignant au service du GPRA en exil en Tunisie, professeur en Algérie libérée et trop peu de temps en 

Palestine occupée, Jacques Pous peut témoigner des conséquences du colonialisme et des sentiments de révolte, parfois de haine, que suscitent les crimes contre les 

humanités que nous avons rencontrées.

Professeur d’Histoire et de Philosophie dans son pays d’accueil, la Suisse, il a partagé son temps entre activités professionnelle, académique et militante.


Comprendre le Moyen-Orient 

Editions L’Harmattan.

• 28 juin 2018 • 512 pages 

Broché - format : 15,5 x 24 cm
ISBN : 978-2-343-15082-6  
EAN13 : 9782343150826
EAN PDF : 9782140094705              





New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In American Politics
Pay to play


by Max Blumenthal and Mark Ames


The Integrity Initiative has mobilized an international disinformation campaign across Europe. Now, with government and right-wing foundation money, this massive “political smear unit” is infiltrating the US.
  A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain, after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare operation targeting its own citizens and political figures in allied NATO countries under the cover of fighting “Russian disinformation.”

The leaked documents revealed a secret network of spies, prominent journalists and think-tanks colluding under the umbrella of a group called “Integrity Initiative” to shape domestic opinion—and to smear political opponents of the right-wing Tory government, including the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

Until now, this Integrity Initiative domestic spy scandal has been ignored in the American media, perhaps because it has mostly involved British names. But it is clear that the influence operation has already been activated in the US. Hacked documents reveal that the Integrity Initiative is cultivating powerful allies inside the State Department, top DC think tanks, the FBI and the DHS, where it has gained access to Katharine Gorka and her husband, the fascist-linked cable news pundit Sebastian Gorka.

The Integrity Initiative has spelled out plans to expand its network across the US, meddling in American politics and recruiting “a new generation of Russia watchers” behind the false guise of a non-partisan charity. Moreover, the group has hired one of the most notorious American “perception management” specialists, John Rendon, to train its clusters of pundits and cultivate relationships with the media.





From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, 11 January, 2019
Subject: [MCM] With Gaza blacked out by the New York Times et al.,
here's word on what the people there are going through.



Here's the latest from my friend Amal Arafa in the Gaza Strip, including

her new photos. 

Please donate something, to help them raise the (small) amount they need

night now.



From Amal Arafa:

Under Israel's nightly shelling in the Gaza Strip, we have a severe shortage of 

essential medical supplies—especially gauze, iodine and bandages, which we 

use daily to treat dozens of those injured. 

The people here are hurt not only by that violence, but, as well, by Israel's 

suffocating siege. Soon all crossings will be closed (or so we hear), preventing 

anything from entry in the Gaza Strip. 

Our group is now struggling to take care of over 70 people, who need daily care,

including those basic supplies: gauze, iodine and bandages.


Right now we need $270 to make those purchases, so please donate whatever

you can, via this new link: https://fundrazr.com/61Rcbd?ref=ab_27HuG0.

Thank you!


























If you appreciate News From Underground, please consider making a donation—either a one-time gift or a monthly subscription: http://markcrispinmiller.com/donate

Thank you for your support.


Exclusive: Angela Davis Speaks Out on Palestine, BDS & More After Civil Rights Award Is Revoked

Seg angeladavis 4



Source of pro-Israel Guerrilla Warriors on Social Media Exposed


by Nasim Ahmed

A number of prominent Jewish-American leaders are funding covert, anonymous campaigns targeting pro-Palestinian student activists, The Forward has found. The Jewish daily newspaper, which has been publishing valuable information concerning the source of funding for these hyper-aggressive and shadowy groups – which spearhead coordinated hate campaigns against critics of the Zionist state – has uncovered the identities of those behind hidden social media accounts.

Community heads and prominent Jewish organisations with a carefully-crafted, respectable public profile have donated millions to fund secret projects targeting students and lecturers, the report has found. On a number of occasions, their blind support for Israel has seen them bankroll far-right and anti-Muslim hate groups.

The latest pro-Israeli group to be exposed by The Forward is the campaign targeting the pro-Palestinian campus network Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). SJP is said to be the most well-known advocate of the Palestinian cause on US campuses. It has been the target of a pro-Israel group known as SJP Uncovered, which anonymously attacks student activists affiliated with SJP across the country. With more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, SJP Uncovered has gone after pro-Palestinian students by maintaining a veil of anonymity that is said to be all-but impenetrable.


Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman during Gaza protests

In this file photo, Palestinians carry away a protester, injured by Israeli forces along the Gaza Strip's perimeter fence [File: Mahmud Hams/AFP]


Amal al-Taramsi shot dead, 25 Palestinians wounded by Israeli gunfire, Gaza's health ministry said.


Palestinian boat catches fire as Israeli navy fires at fishermen off Gaza

Israeli navy personnel keep watch from boats as Palestinian protesters stage a demonstration in the northern Gaza Strip, on October 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Israeli navy personnel keep watch from boats as Palestinian protesters stage a demonstration in the northern Gaza Strip, on October 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)



A Palestinian fishing boat has caught fire after Israeli naval forces repeatedly opened fire on a group of vessels off the northern coast of the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Palestinian media on Thursday reported that the Israeli navy fired on Gaza fishing boats off the shores of the besieged Palestinian enclave, causing one of them to catch fire.

Head of the Fishermen Committees in the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Zakaria Bakr, told Palestinian Ma'an news agency that the Israeli raid took place as Palestinian boats were located three nautical miles off the northern coast of Gaza.

Sources said at least two fishermen aboard the boat, which was set on fire, were detained by the Tel Aviv regime's forces. The Israeli naval vessels then towed some Palestinian boats to the Port of Ashdod in southern Israel.

Israel imposed a limit of three nautical miles on fishing in the waters off the Gaza until August 2014, when Palestinian fishermen were allowed to go out six miles under a ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and Palestinians following a deadly 50-day Israeli war.

The fishing zone were supposed to extend to 20 nautical miles under the Oslo Accords, which were signed between the Israeli regime and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) during the early-mid 1990s to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Israel fires missiles towards Damascus airport: Syria state media

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were its air defences lighting up the night sky [Handout/SANA/AFP]

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were its air defences lighting up the night sky [Handout/SANA/AFP]



Most of the missiles were shot down, Syrian state media reports, but one hit a warehouse at the Damascus airport.





A few critical Internet links recommended at a New Year’s party :


·         https://www.bing.com/search?q=etienne+chouard&pc=MOZI&form=MOZTSB
·         https://www.bing.com/search?q=marion+sigaut+youtube&qs=SC&pq=marion+si+gaut+you+tube&sc=1-23&cvid=9B31286207904F39AEA6E6C254B10F43&FORM=QBRE&sp=1







“Evacuate the Coffee”: A White Supremacist Classic

“Evacuate the Coffee”: A White Supremacist Classic


by Ann Garrison





Bases, Bases, Everywhere … Except in the Pentagon’s Report




The U.S. military is finally withdrawing (or not) from its base at al-Tanf. You know, the place that the Syrian government long claimed was a training ground for Islamic State (ISIS) fighters; the land corridor just inside Syria, near both the Iraqi and Jordanian borders, that Russia has called a terrorist hotbed (while floating the idea of jointly administering it with the United States); the location of a camp where hundreds of U.S. Marines joined Special Operations forces last year; an outpost that U.S. officials claimed was the key not only to defeating ISIS, but also, according to General Joseph Votel, the commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, to countering “the malign activities that Iran and their various proxies and surrogates would like to pursue.” You know, that al-Tanf.

Within hours of President Trump’s announcement of a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, equipment at that base was already being inventoried for removal. And just like that, arguably the most important American garrison in Syria was (maybe) being struck from the Pentagon’s books — except, as it happens, al-Tanf was never actually on the Pentagon’s books. Opened in 2015and, until recently, home to hundreds of U.S. troops, it was one of the many military bases that exist somewhere between light and shadow, an acknowledged foreign outpost that somehow never actually made it onto the Pentagon’s official inventory of bases.

Officially, the Department of Defense (DoD) maintains 4,775 “sites,” spread across all 50 states, eight U.S. territories, and 45 foreign countries. A total of 514 of these outposts are located overseas, according to the Pentagon’s worldwide property portfolio. Just to start down a long list, these include bases on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa, as well as in Peru and Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. But the most recent version of that portfolio, issued in early 2018 and known as the Base Structure Report (BSR), doesn’t include any mention of al-Tanf. Or, for that matter, any other base in Syria. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Niger. Or Tunisia. Or Cameroon. Or Somalia. Or any number of locales where such military outposts are known to exist and even, unlike in Syria, to be expanding.

According to David Vine, author of Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World, there could be hundreds of similar off-the-books bases around the world. “The missing sites are a reflection of the lack of transparency involved in the system of what I still estimate to be around 800 U.S. bases outside the 50 states and Washington, D.C., that have been encircling the globe since World War II,” says Vine, who is also a founding member of the recently established Overseas Base Realignment and Closure Coalition, a group of military analysts from across the ideological spectrum who advocate shrinking the U.S. military’s global “footprint.”


The Terrible Forthcoming Destruction of the "Caribbean Basin"



by Thierry Meyssan


President Trump has announced the withdrawal of US combat troops from the « Greater Middle East », but the Pentagon is still pursuing the implementation of the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski plan. This time the aim is to destroy the States of the "Caribbean Basin ". This is nothing like the overthrow of pro-Soviet regimes, as in the 1970’s, but the destruction of all regional State structures, without consideration for friends or political enemies. Thierry Meyssan observes the preparations for this new series of wars.

In a series of previous articles, we presented the SouthCom plan to provoke wars between the Latin-American nations in order to destroy the structures of all the States in the « Caribbean Basin » [1].

Preparations for wars of this magnitude, intended to follow on from the conflicts in the « Greater Middle East » according to the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski strategy, requires a decade [2].

After the period of economic destabilisation [3] and that of military preparation, the actual operation should begin in the years to come by an attack on Venezuela by Brazil (supported by Israël), Colombia (an ally of the United States) and Guyana (in other words, the United Kingdom). It will be followed by others, beginning with Cuba and Nicaragua (the « troïka of tyranny » according to John Bolton).

However, the original plan may be modified, particularly because of the return of the imperial ambitions of the United Kingdom [4] which may influence the Pentagon.





From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, 11 January, 2019
Subject: [MCM] What are we working for "at eternity's gate"?

That's the correct title of Ed Curtin's beautiful meditation on Julian Schnabel's new film about Van Gogh.


JANUARY 10, 2019

What Are We Working For?




Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair

“One also knows from his letters that nothing appeared more sacred to Van Gogh than work.”

– John Berger, “Vincent Van Gogh,” Portraits

Ever since I was a young boy, I have wondered why people do the kinds of work they do.  I sensed early on that the economic system was a labyrinthine trap devised to imprison people in work they hated but needed for survival.  It seemed like common sense to a child when you simply looked and listened to the adults around you. Karl Marx wasn’t necessary for understanding the nature of alienated labor; hearing adults declaim “Thank God It’s Friday” spoke volumes.

In my Bronx working class neighborhood I saw people streaming to the subway in the mornings for their rides “into the city” and their forlorn trundles home in the evenings. It depressed me.  Yet I knew the goal was to “make it” and move away as one moved “up,” something that many did.  I wondered why, when some people had options, they rarely considered the moral nature of the jobs they pursued.  And why did they not also consider the cost in life (time) lost in their occupations?  Were money, status, and security the deciding factors in their choices?  Was living reserved for weekends and vacations?

I gradually realized that some people, by dint of family encouragement and schooling, had opportunities that others never received.  For the unlucky ones, work would remain a life of toil and woe in which the search for meaning in their jobs was often elusive.  Studs Terkel, in the introduction to his wonderful book of interviews, Working: People Talk About What They Do all Day and How They Feel About What They Do, puts it this way:

This book, being about work, is, by its very nature, about violence – to the spirit as well as to the body.  It is about ulcers as well as accidents, about shouting matches as well as fistfights, about nervous breakdowns as well as kicking the dog around.  It is, above all (or beneath all), about daily humiliations. To survive the day is triumph enough for the walking wounded among the great many of us.

Those words were confirmed for me when in the summer between high school and college I got a job through a relative’s auspices as a clerk for General Motors in Manhattan.  I dreaded taking it for the thought of being cooped up for the first time in an office building while a summer of my youth passed me by, but the money was too good to turn down (always the bait), and I wanted to save as much as possible for college spending money.  So I bought a summer suit and joined the long line of trudgers going to and fro, down and up and out of the underground, adjusting our eyes to the darkness and light.

It was a summer from hell. My boredom was so intense it felt like solitary confinement.  How, I kept wondering, can people do this?  Yet for me it was temporary; for the others it was a life sentence.  But if this were life, I thought, it was a living death.  All my co-workers looked forward to the mid-morning coffee wagon and lunch with a desperation so intense it was palpable.  And then, as the minutes ticked away to 5 P.M., the agitated twitching that proceeded the mad rush to the elevators seemed to synchronize with the clock’s movements.  We’re out of here!

On my last day, I was eating my lunch on a park bench in Central Park when a bird shit on my suit jacket.  The stain was apt, for I felt I had spent my days defiling my true self, and so I resolved never to spend another day of my life working in an office building in a suit for a pernicious corporation, a resolution I have kept.



“An angel is not far from someone who is sad,” says Vincent Van Gogh in the new film, At Eternity’s Gate. For somereason, recently hearing these words in the darkened theater where I was almost alone, brought me back to that summer and the sadness that hung around all the people that I worked with.  I hoped Van Gogh was right and an angel visited them from time to time. Most of them had no options.

The painter Julian Schnabel’s moving picture (moving on many levels since the film shakes and moves with its hand-held camera work and draws you into the act of drawing and painting that was Van Gogh’s work) is a meditation on work.  It asks the questions: What is work?  What is work for?  What is life for?  Why paint? What does it mean to live?  Why do you do what you do?  Are you living or are you dead?  What are you seeking through your work?


From: Richard Greeman
Sent: Saturday, 12 January, 2019
Subject: Invitation to international online discussion of Yellow Vest insurgency this Sunday


Montpellier, France


Dear Colleagues, Comrades, Friends,


Today, Saturday Jan. 12, 2019, counts the “Ninth Act” act of the epic struggle between the self-organized Yellow Vests movement and the neo-liberal Macron regime, and a number of us Future Historians will be participant witnesses. We invite you all to join us on line tomorrow at 5 pm Paris time for an international conference call to hear our reports and discuss these exciting developments.


To join, just email Future Historians at: AnotherWorldNYC@gmail.com and identify yourself. You will receive an email from ZOOM a few minutes before the meeting (which spans 10 time zones), and all you will need to do is click on it. For more information, please read attachment below.


Here in Montpellier a non-violent march led by Yellow Vest women is planned for this afternoon, a switch from playing cat and mouse with the riot police all day and getting gassed. Tomorrow, Sunday, there will be a General Assembly, with all invited, to express our greviences (doléances) discuss the future of the movement, which is beginning to federate around the country and to lay the groundwork for a functional direct democracy from below. I will be joining our Future Historians conference call directly after this meeting. Heady times!   


“Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive/But to be young was very heaven.” Wrote Wordsworth. It ain’t bad to be old either and see ones cherished dreams seemingly coming to life. For at last one can look forward to the future with something other than dread.


Fortunately, thanks to a technologically inexplicable process, our Future Historians’ International Study Group[1] has received a New Year’s Greeting from our colleagues in the year 2119. We find it reassuring to learn that there still will be historians practicing their craft a century from now. They inform us that they are preparing a centenary celebration of the year 2019 on the theme:  The Yellow Vests and the origins of today’s egalitarian society.” Here is the introduction to their text, which is addressed “To the Youth.”


“…. How many of you have living grandparents or great grandparents who were active in 2019? Not many left after all struggles the world has been through in the past century. Our elders’ memories of those turbulant times are precious, and their tales should be heard while they are still with us. But to understand their extraordinary times, a little history may be useful.


Growing up today in relatively egalitarian societies based on cooperation and caring it may be difficult for you to conceive how much power over the lives of billions of people was held by a few thousand billionnaires; and it may be hard to believe the lengths of violence, cruelty and wanton destruction to which they were willing to go in order to hold onto and increase their immense wealth by repressing their workers and waring with their rivals.


If the reign of the super-rich had not been broken in time, there would be no air to breathe today. And we are still struggling hard to survive and to build a vibrant culture on the ruins of a planet which a century ago the carbon capitalists willfully ravaged with no regard for their own children, much less future generations of humans and other living creatures.


So let us study and celebrate the daring thoughts and actions of these self-organized mass movements of ordinary people of the last century; “common” people who, beginning in France in November 2018, finally got mad enough to raise their heads, defy their ‘betters,’ think for themselves, dismiss their ‘representatives’ and, gropingly at first, struggle transform the system itself  from below: the so-called Yellow Vests. From France, their initiative soon spread through Europe, opening a breach in the seemingly impregnable capitalist world system through which, after much travail, emerged a new global system – our federation of peaceful, democratic, cooperative, sustainable societies.”


Looking forward to see and hearing you tomorrow across ten time zones.


Most cordially,


Richard Greeman

Convener, Future Historians International Study Group and Collective Writing Project



[1] For more information, go to http://futurehistorians.org/






The “Right to Repair” Movement Is Fighting Planned Obsolescence


by Meadow Clark,

The Organic Prepper


The strange love-in between Michel Houellebecq and Emmanuel Macron



Les gilets jaunes, views and opinions :


Total Media Blackout! Paris Is Far Worse Than They Will Tell You!



France's "Yellow Vest" revolution exposes globalist puppet Macron



'He Totally Deserved This' - Nigel Farage REACTS To Mass Protests In France



The Unspoken Reason Behind The Yellow Vests Protest - Timothé Vorgenss






The War on Populism


by C.J. Hopkins





From: "Mark Crispin Miller" <markcrispinmiller@gmail.com>
To: "francis feeley" <francis.feeley@wanadoo.fr>, "Francis Feeley" <francis.feeley@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr>
Sent: Monday, 14 January, 2019 8:34:12 PM
Subject: Re: The awful truth re: Bill Gates and eugenics

About a month ago, I noted that, if you search "India polio cases Gates" on DuckDuckGo,
you find broad coverage of the Gates' catastrophic polio vaccine campaign in India,
resulting in the deaths or paralysis of 47,500 people; whereas, if you search those 
same terms on Google, you get two pieces on that "mishap," buried in the midst
of many paeans to the program, most of them from Gates himself or his p.r. machine—
"India Records One Year Without Polio Cases" (from the Gates Foundation); "'Ending 
polio in India is the world's greatest health achievement,' says Bill Gates" (from the
Telegraph); "The Secret To Polio Eradication In India" (from Forbes), and on and on 
and on. 

Since propaganda largely works by telling us what we prefer to hear, the probable
effect of that first page of Google search results was to wash away those two 
discordant headlines, casting them as cranky deviations from the happy (fake) 
consensus that the Gates campaign was (a) benign and (b) a great humanitarian 
success. The only readers likely to think otherwise would be those few who know 
enough already not to swallowthat "consensus," presuming that those two  
"eccentric" pieces can't be true.

I called that item, "Google is a propaganda tool for Bill Gates and Big Pharma
(among other evils)," which you may find here:


Thus it was primarily a piece on thought control, and only tacitly about what

Gates had really done in India, and why—as to which, a friend has passed along
Jean Perior's new essay in New Eastern Outlook, on the eugenics program that Bill 
Gates bluntly advocated not so long ago, and that other, larger players have been
pursuing aggressively for decades, all over the world. 


"So, with all these facts being known to the media for a long time," Perier concludes, 

"how much longer will it take for the international community to prosecute the criminal
activities of Western financial elites aimed at the extermination of the population of our


Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, "A whole lot longer," because those 

"facts" are "known to" a "free press" that only buries them, with Google helping
them to hide the awful truth.  




Depopulation Crisis – When Numbers Don’t Add Up, You’ve been Cheated


The population of the Earth today is just over 7.6 billion people. Up until the 1970s, the world’s population would grow in accordance with a hyperbolic formula discovered by the Austrian physicist Heinz von Foerster.

Most recently, as sociologists were bracing for a demographic record, birth rates have suddenly come to a stall. Since the 90s, there’s been a noticeable slowdown in the growth of the population of the planet. Previously, it was predicted that by 2015 the world’s population would exceed 9.3 billion people, but in reality it barely reached 7.5 billion people. The UN would regularly issue forecasts titled World Population Prospects, with the latest of them stating that by 2030 the world’s population may reach 8.6 billion people, closing to 9.8 billion mid-century.

One can observe a noticeable decline in birth rates even in those regions of the world where one couldn’t expect it to occur at all, that is Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean. In turn, the United States, Canada, and all of Europe has been in the negative for decades, facing grim depopulation prospects. Over the past 15 years, in many countries, the traditional large families would be replaced by the so-called statistical average: that is, families that have no more than 6-7 kids per family today would have [had] 12–14 children born two decades ago.

These days, one can come across all kinds of articles written by so-called futurologists that explain that the globalization process has come to a close, thus arguing that the planet doesn’t need as many workers as it used to, as one machine would replace ten people. Therefore, they argue, dropping birth rates is nothing but a natural process.

However, such assessments do nothing to encourage Europe, especially against the background of the skyrocketing migration rates that occur against the backdrop of a massive decline in birth rates across the Old World. Thus, the EU is facing an impending identity change in the coming years.

In order to try and increase the birth rates, a country can use a complicated set of tactics and tools. Among them are educational plans and financial benefits that are provided to the growing families. In Northern Europe, for example, governments would try to boost birth rates by allowing erotical content to enter the mass media back in the 80s. Back then it seemed promising that as cold climates are usually associated with lower birth rates, but this tactic failed to produce the expected result.

Today, the problem of fertility has become, perhaps, one of the more important aspects of sociological, political, and military research.

At the congress of the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) that took place in 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, participants highlighted the rising rates of undeveloped pregnancies, while the latest FIGO congress in Rio de Janeiro devoted most of its time to this topic. There’s no answer as to why [the] fetus would stop developing in healthy women. As FIGO states, the rate of undeveloped pregnancies across the globe has increased significantly: in recent years, the number of reported non-developing pregnancies has increased from 20% to 46%. Every year there are more and more such cases registered across the world and physicians are now forced to recognize this phenomenon as an epidemic. But if epidemics of the past had an underlying natural cause, no one seem to be able to spot it here. Nothing seem to affect the growing severity of this problem.

In this situation, one can’t help but recall the US secret service programs on depopulation, the purpose of which was to artificially reduce the population according with the ideas of the 18th century English political economist Thomas Robert Malthus. Involuntarily, one starts thinking about the rhetoric voiced by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who argued that the population of our planet must be reduced to the “golden billion”, thus advocating eugenics. Gates made his remarks to the invitation-only Long Beach, California TED2010 Conference, in a speech titled, “Innovating to Zero!.” Back then he stated that he would expect vaccines to be used to reduce population growth. It’s been humorously noted that when Bill Gates speaks about vaccines, he speaks with authority.

In particular, one could remind the reader that back in 1974, at the request of the Nixon administration, the DoD, the CIA and the National Security Council developed the so-called National Security Study Memorandum 200, that identified ways in which Washington would try to trigger depopulation on a global scale. Among the targets of this approach were the so-called Third World countries and, above all, those states that the US regards as its colonies.

One’s suspicions about the involvement of US intelligence agencies in the deliberate reduction of the world’s population have been confirmed by a great many incidents that have occurred across the globe over recent decades. In particular, such countries as Mexico and the Philippines suffered a terrible fate in the mid-90s, when the US used the WHO channels to ship vaccines to these countries that were allegedly aimed at protecting local population from tetanus. However this so-called assistance led to a drastic increase in the number of registered miscarriage pregnancies. A study of the vaccine showed that it contained human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone that would stop the natural development of the fetus, leading to miscarriage. Back then the US government would quickly adopt a law that would stop any foreign entities from prosecuting the Big Pharma for the shipment of this vaccine.

Yet another example of criminal meddling aimed at the reduction of the world’s population is the recent scandal in Kenya that revealed that Western doctors would sterilize millions of women across Africa under the guise of tetanus vaccination program conducted by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Those accusations were voiced by the Association of Catholic Doctors of Kenya, which found in the same hCG in the vaccines shipped to the Dark Continent.

As noted in the report of the Association of Catholic Doctors of Kenya, African countries have been a test site for the Big Pharma for decades that would test the effects of vaccinations, genetic changes associated with certain drugs, reactions to various infections, viruses, and so on the local population without even notifying it, let alone obtaining informed consent. These “studies” are run by private pharmaceutical companies, the Pentagon’s Infectious Diseases Service, the CIA, the so-called biolabs that American intelligence agencies would scatter all across the world, like the notorious Richard Lugar Center in Georgia, funded by the well-known Bill Gates Foundation.

Recent media reports have also revealed that tobacco plantations across the United States have been artificially infected with an unknown virus that increases the risk of lip, mouth, throat and lung cancer in smokers. Those reports can be confirmed by a simple comparison of the incredibly low number of lung cancer cases in smokers pre-1950 in comparison with today’s figures. There’s also reports that Malathion, a nervous gas developed by the Nazis during the Second World War, would be sprayed from helicopters along the densely populated areas of Arizona and California. The official explanation is that the gas kills pests arriving from the Mediterranean. But the paradox is that gas would sprayed on residential areas instead of fields.

As reported in a publication of The Age magazine, an Australian microbiologist and Nobel laureate Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet urged the Australian government to develop biological weapons against “over-populated countries of Southeast Asia” in 1947. During a secret meeting in 1947 with The New Weapons and Equipment Development Committee microbiologists recommended “to form a research group tasked to create biological weapons that could be unleashed by contaminating foods supplies in order to control the population of Indonesia and other countries.”

Also, a secret program under the codename Project Coast was established in South Africa by US intelligence services to pursue pretty much the same goals back in 1984. Under this program the viruses known as Marburg and Ebola were tested on the black population of South Africa under the direct supervision of the US Centers for Disease Control.

By the way, an abrupt increase in the volumes of GMO modified products being planted and the recent UN forecast predicting a rapid increase in food prices are hardly a coincidence, those are also a part of the program aimed at artificially reducing the world’s population.

So, with all these facts being known to the media for a long time, how much longer will it take for the international community to prosecute the criminal activities of Western financial elites aimed at the extermination of the population of our planet?

Jean Périer is an independent researcher and analyst and a renowned expert on the Near and Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“. 

Good piece on modern eugenics programs. Consistent with my reading and
analysis. Misses the functional significance of autism (i.e., what I
have called "injured soldier syndrome") and all of the obvious sexual
inversion via propaganda saturation. The plutocracy needs to be
unplugged and abolished by law. It makes Gods of the last people in two
galaxies who should be trusted with that kind of power.




The oceans are warming faster than we thought,

and scientists suggest we brace for impact



by Angela Fritz


The oceans are actually warming 40 to 50 percent faster than the most recent IPCC report suggested.

The oceans are warming faster than climate reports have suggested, according to a new synthesis of temperature observations published this week. The most recent report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made what turned out to be a very conservative estimate of rise in ocean temperature, and scientists are advising us to adjust our expectations.

“The numbers are coming in 40 to 50 percent [warmer] than the last IPCC report,” said Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and an author on the report, published in Science Magazine on Thursday.

Furthermore, Trenberth said, “2018 will be the warmest year on record in the oceans" as 2017 was and 2016 before that.

Oceans cover 70 percent of the globe and absorb 93 percent of the planet’s extra heat from climate change. They are responsible for spawning disasters like hurricanes Florence and Maria and generating torrential rainfall via meteorological processes with names like “atmospheric river” and “Pineapple Express.”