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“Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children” - (2020) | Part 1



produced for HBO by Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller


Series premiere: Beginning in the summer of 1979, tragedy and panic strike Atlanta, where a series of horrific, unsolved child murders terrorize black families across the city. Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children,




Subject :  Songs of Innocence, Crimes, and 'High Treason'.




April 11, 2020

Grenoble, France


Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


In his book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1954, 2018), Eustace Mullins (1923-2010) recounts how as a young man still in his twenties, and an aspiring writer, he was encouaged by the incarcerated poet Ezra Pound (1885-1972) to embark upon research into the sordid machinations of an international banking elite who successfully removed democratic control over the production of U.S. currency and created a private monopoly over the printing of money and the fixing of interest rates - all in the service of their private profit motive.


The opportunities for a World War had long been on the horizon in Europe, and as the presidential election of 1912 approached, the unholy alliance of bankers and politicians began to strategize the final stages of this development. Mullins discovered that,


The Presidential campaign of 1912 records one of the more interesting political upsets in American history. The incumbent, William Howard Taft, was a popular president, and the Republicans, in a period of general prosperity, were firmly in control of the government through a Republican majority in both houses. The Democratic challenger, Woodrow Wilson, governor of New Jersey, had no national recognition, and was a stiff, austere man who excited little public support. Both parties included a monetary reform bill in their platforms: The Republicans were committed to the Aldrich Plan, which had been denounced as a Wall Street plan, and the Democrats had the Federal Reserve Act. Neither party bothered to inform the public that the bills were almost identical except for the names. In retrospect, it seems obvious that the money creator’s decided to dump Taft and go with Wilson. How do we know this? Taft seemed certain of reelection, and Wilson would return to obscurity. Suddenly, Theodore Roosevelt ‘threw his hat into the ring.’ He announced that he was running as a third party candidate, the ‘Bull Moose’. His candidacy would have been ludicrous had it not been for the fact that he was exceptionally well-financed. Moreover, he was given unlimited press coverage, more than Taft and Wilson combined. As a Republican ex-president, it was obvious that Roosevelt would cut deeply into Taft’s vote. This proved the case, and Wilson won the election. To this day, no one can say what Theodore Roosevelt’s program was, or why he would sabotage his own party. Since the bankers were financing all three candidates, they would win regardless of the outcome. Later Congressional testimony showed that in the firm of Kuhn Loeb Company, Felix Warburg was supporting Taft, Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff were supporting Wilson, and Otto Kahn was supporting Roosevelt. The result was that a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President were elected in 1912 to get the central bank legislation passed. It seems probable that the identification of the Aldrich Plan as a Wall Street operation predicted that it would have a difficult passage through Congress, as the Democrats would solidly oppose it, whereas a successful Democratic candidate, supported by a Democratic Congress, would be able to pass the central bank plan. Taft was thrown overboard because the bankers doubted he could deliver on the Aldrich Plan, and Roosevelt was the instrument of this demise. The final electoral vote in 1912 was Wilson – 409; Roosevelt – 167; and Taft – 15.


‘ To further confuse the American people and blind them to the real purpose of the proposed Federal Reserve Act, the architects of the Aldrich Plan; powerful Nelson Aldrich, although no longer a senator, and Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank, set up a hue and cry against the bill. They gave interviews whenever they could find an audience denouncing the proposed Federal Reserve Act as inimical to banking and to good government. The bugaboo of inflation was raised because of the Act’s provision for printing Federal Reserve notes. The Nation [magazine], on October 23, 1913, pointed out: ‘Mr. Aldrich himself raised a hue and cry over the issue of government ‘fiat money’, that is, money issued without gold or bullion back of it, although a bill to do precisely that had been passed in 1908 with his own name as author, and he knew besides, that the ‘government had nothing to do with it, that the Federal Reserve Board would have full charge of the issuing of such moneys.’


Frank Vanderlip’s claims were so bizarre that Senator Robert L. Owen, chairman of the newly formed Senate Banking and Currency Committee, which had been formed on March 18, 1913, accused him of openly carrying on a campaign of misrepresentation about the bill. The interests of the public, so Carter Glass claimed in a speech on September 10, 1913 to Congress, could be protected by an advisory council of bankers. ‘There can be nothing sinister about its transactions. Meeting with it at least four times a year will be a bankers’ advisory council representing every regional reserve district in the system. How could we have exercised greater caution in safeguarding the public interest?’


Glass claimed that the proposed Federal Advisory Council would force the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to act in the best interest of the people.


Senator Root raised the problem of inflation, claiming that under the Federal Reserve Act, note circulation would always expand indefinitely, causing great inflation. However, the later history of the Federal Reserve System showed that it not only caused inflation, but that the issue of notes could also be restricted, causing deflation, as occurred from 1929 to 1939.


One of the critics of the proposed ‘decentralized’ system was a lawyer from Cleveland, Ohio, Alfred Crozier. Crozier was called to testify for the Senate Committee because he had written a provocative book in 1912, U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency. He attacked the Aldrich-Vreeland Act of 1908 as a Wall Street instrument, and he pointed out that when our government had to issue money based on privately owned securities, we were no longer a free nation.


Crozier testified before the Senate Committee that, ‘It should be prohibit the granting or calling in of loans for the purpose of influencing quotation prices of securities and the contracting of loans or increasing interest rates in concert by the banks to influence public opinion or the action of any legislative body. Within recent months, William McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury of the United State was reported in the open press as charging specifically that there was a conspiracy among certain of the large banking interests to put a contraction upon the currency and to raise interest rates for the sake of making the public force Congress into passing currency legislation desired by those interest. The so-called administration currency grants just what Wall Street and the big banks for twenty-five years have been striving for, that is PRIVATE INSTEAD OF PUBLIC CONTORL OF CURRFENCY. It does this as completely as the Aldrich Bill. Both measures rob the government and the people of all effective control over the public’s money, and vest in the banks exclusively the dangerous power to make money among the people scarce or plenty. The Aldrich Bill puts this power in one central bank. The administration Bill puts it is twelve regional central banks, all owned exclusively by the identical private interests that would have owned and operated the Aldrich Bank. President Garfield shortly before his assassination declared that whoever control the supply of currency would control the business and activities of the people. Thomas Jefferson warned us a hundred years ago that ‘a private central bank issuing the public currency was a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.’

It is interesting to note how many assassinations of Presidents of the United States follow their concern with the issuing of public currency; Lincoln withhis Greenback, non-interest-bearing notes, and Garfield, making a pronouncement on currency problems just before he was assassinated. [Later authors have suggested that the attempted murder of President Andrew Jackson by Richard Lawrence on January 30, 1835, and the killing of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963, should be included on such a list.]

We now begin to understand why such a lengthy campaign of planned deception was necessary, from the secret conference at Jekyll Island [November 20-30, 1910] to the identical ‘reform’ plans proposed by the Democratic and Republican parties under different names. The bankers could not wrest control of the issuance of money from the citizens of the United States, to whom it had been designated through its *congress by the Constitution, until the Congress grants them their monopoly for a central bank. Therefore, much of the influence exerted to get the Federal Reserve Act passed was done behind the scenes, principally y two shadowy, non-elected persons: The German immigrant, Paul Warburg, and Colonel Edward Mandell House of Texas.

Paul Warburg made an appearance before the House Banking and Currency Committee in 1913, in which he briefly stated his background: ‘I am a member of the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb Company. I came over to this country in 1902, having been born and educated in the banking business in Hamburg, Germany, and studied banking in London and Paris? And have gone all around the world. In the Panic of 1907, the first suggestion I made was: ‘Let us get a national clearing house.’ The Aldrich Plan contains some things which are simply fundamental rules of banking. Your aim in this plan (the Owen-Glass bill) must be the same-centralizing of reserves, mobilizing commercial credit, and getting an elastic note issue.’

Warburg’s phrase, ‘mobilizing of credit’ was an important one, because the First World War was due to begin shortly, and the first task of the Federal Reserve System would be to finance the World War. The European nations were already bankrupt, because they had maintained large standing armies for almost forty years, a situation created by their own central banks, and therefore they could not finance a war. A central bank always imposes a tremendous burden on the nation for ‘rearmament’ and ‘defense’, in order to create inextinguishable debt, simultaneously creating a military dictatorship and enslaving the people to pay the ‘interest’ on the debt which the bankers have artificially created.(pp.31-34)

. . .

Colonel Edward Mandell House was referred to by Rabbi Stephen Wise in his autobiography, Challenging Years, as ‘the unofficial Secretary of State’. House noted that he and Wilson knew that in passing the Federal Reserve Act, they had created an instrument more powerful than the Supreme Court. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors actually comprised a Supreme Court of Finance, and there was no appeal from any of their rulings.

In 1911, prior to Wilson’s taking office as President, House had returned to his home in Texas and completed a book called Philip Dru, Administrator. Ostensibly, a novel, it was actually a detailed plan for the future government of the United States, ‘which would establish Socialism as dreamed by Karl Marx’, according to House. The ‘novel’ predicted the enactment of the graduated income tax, excess profits tax, unemployment insurance, social security, and a flexible currency system. In short, it was the blueprint which was later followed by the Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt administrations. I was published ‘anonymously’ by B.W. Huebsch of New York, and widely circulated among government officials, who were left in no doubt as to its authorship. George Sylvester Viereck, who knew House for years, later wrote an account of the Wilson-House relationship, The Strangest Friendship in History. In 1955, Westbrook Pegler, the Hearst columnist from 1932 to 1956, heard of the Philip Dru book and called Viereck to ask if he had a copy. Viereck sent Pegler his copy of the book, and Pegler wrote a column about it, stating:

‘One of the institutions outlined in Philip Dru is the Federal Reserve System. The Schiff, the Warburgs, the Kahns, the Rockefellers and Morgans put their faith in House. The Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller and Morgan interests were personally represented in the mysterious conference at Jekyll Island. Frankfurter landed on the Harvard law faculty, thanks to a financial contribution to Harvard by Felix Warburg and Paul Warburg . . . . (pp.35-36)

Mullins mentions that he was with Viereck, interviewing him in his suit at the Hotel Belleclaire when Pegler called. He recalled that Pegler was excited to have the scoop, but when his article mentioning the Warburg’s involvement with the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting was published, his career as a journalist was destroyed.

Viereck wrote in The Strangest Friendship about the passage of the rushed passage of the Federal Reserve Act in Congress, before Christmas 1913.


The Glass Bill (the House version of the final Federal Reserve Act) had passed the house on September 18, 1913 by 287 to 85. On December 19,1913, the Senate passed their version by a vote of 54-34. More than forty important differences in the House and Senate versions remained to be settled, and the opponents of the bill in both houses of Congress were let to believe that many weeks would yet elapse before the Conference bill would be ready for consideration. The Congressmen prepared to leave Washington for the annual Christmas recess, assured that the Conference bill would not be brought up until the following year. Now the money creators prepared and executed the most brilliant stroke of their plan; In a single day, they ironed out all of it. On Monday, December 22, 1913, the bill was passed by the House 282-60 and the Senate 43-23. On December 21, 1913, The New York Times commented editorially on the act:

‘New York will be on a firmer basis of financial growth, and we shall soon see her the money center of the world.’(NYT, cited on p.39)

Mullins continues his report on the history of this unusual passage of the Federal Reserve Act by U.S. Congress:

The New York Times reported on the front page, Monday, December 22, 1913 in headlines:


‘With almost unprecedented speed, the conference to adjust the House and Senate differences on the Currency Bill practically completed its labours early this morning. On Sunday the Conferees did little more than dispose of the preliminaries, leaving forty essential differences to be thrashed out Sunday. .. No other legislation of importance will be taken up in either House of %Congress this week. Members of both houses are already preparing to leave Washington.’

‘Unprecedented speed’, says The New York Times. One sees the fine hand of Paul Warburg in this final strategy. Some of the bill’s most vocal critics had already left Washington. It was a long-standing political courtesy that important legislation would not be acted upon during the week before Christmas, but this tradition as rudely shattered in order to perpetrate the Federal Reserve Act on the American people.

The times buried a brief quote for Congressman Lindbergh that ‘the bill would establish the most gigantic trust on earth ‘, and quoted Representative Guernsey of Maine, a Republican on the House Banking and Currency Committee, that ‘This is an inflation bill, the only question being the extent of the inflation.’(p.40)

Congressman Lindbergh said on that historic day, to the House:

‘This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. The trusts will make a declaration of independence to relieve themselves from the Monetary Power. This they will be able to do by taking control of Congress. Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and Representatives did not make a humbug of Congress…. If we had a peoples’ congress, there would be stability.

‘The greatest crime of Congress is its currency system. µthe worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill. The caucus and the party bosses have again operated and prevented the people from getting the benefit of their own government.’(Congressional Record, cited on p.40)

. . .

The ‘unprecedented speed’ with which the Federal Reserve Act had been passed by Congress during what became known at ‘the Christmas massacre’ had one unforeseen aspect. Woodrow Wilson was taken unaware, as he, like many others, had been assured the bill would not come up for a vote until after Christmas; Now he refused to sign it, because he objected to the provisions for the selection of Class B. Directors. William L. White relates in his biography of Bernard Baruch that Baruch, a principal contributor to Wilson’s campaign fund, was stunned when he was informed that Wilson refused to sign the bill. He hurried to the White House and assured Wilson that this was a minor matter, which could be fixed up later through ‘administrative processes’. The important thing was to get the Federal Reserve Act signed into law at once. With this reassurance, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913. History proved that on that day, the Constitution ceased to be the governing  covenant of the American people, and our liberties were handed over to a small group of international bankers.

The December 24, 1913 New York Times carried a front page headline ‘WILSON SIGNS THE CURRENCY BILL§4 Below it, also lin capital letters, were two further headlines, “PROSPERITY TO BE FREE’ and ‘WILL HELP EVERY CLASS’. Who could object to any polaw which provided benefits to everyone? The Times described the festive atmosphere while Wilson’s family and government officials watched him sign the bill. ‘The Crhismas spirit pervaded the gathering,’ exulted The Times.(p.41)

. . .

While Col. House, Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg basked in the glow of a job well done, the other actors in this drama were subject to later afterthoughts. Woodrow Wilson wrote in 1916,  . . .  ‘Our system of credit is concentrated (in the Federal Reserve System). The growth of the nation therefore, and all our activities, are in the hands of a few men.’(Wilson, cited on p.42)

When he was asked by Clarence W. Barron whether he approved of the bill as it was finally passed, Warburg remarked, ‘Well, it hasn’t got quite everything we want, but the lack can be adjusted later by administrative processes.’(Warburg, cited on p.42)

Woodrow Wilson and Carter Glass are given credit for the Act by most contemporary historians, but of all those concerned, Wilson had least to do with Congressional action on the bill. George Creel, a veteran Washington correspondent, wrote in Harper’s Weekly, June 26, 1915:

‘As far as the Democratic Party was concerned, Woodrow Wilson was without influence, save for the patronage he possessed. It was Bryan who whipped Congress into line on the tariff bill, on the Panama Canal tolls repeal,  and on the currency bill.’ Mr. Bryan later wrote, ‘That is the one thing in my public career that I regret – my work to secure the enactment of the Federal Reserve Law.’(William Jennings Brian, cited on p.42)

. . .

Senator Aldrich also decided that he no longer had misgivings about the Federal Reserve Act. In a magazine which he owned and which he called The Independent, he wrote in July, 1914: ‘Before the passage of this Act, the New York bankers could only dominate the reserves of New York. Now we are able to dominate the bank reserves of the entire country.’(Senator Nelson Aldrich, cited on p.42)


Mullins concludes this chapter on the origins of the Federal Reserve Act with the following observation:

The stock in the original twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks was purchased by national banks in those twelve regions. Because the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was to set the interest rates and direct open market operations, thus controlling the daily supply and price of money throughout the United States, it is the stockholders of that bank who are the real directors of the entire system.

He goes on to explain that the Federal reserve Bank of New York issued 203,053 shares in May 1914 and that the large New York City banks took “more than half” of these shares: Rockefeller Kuhn took 30,000 shares; J.P. Morgan First National bank took 15,000 shares (When these two banks merges in 1955, they took control of almost 25% of the shares of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which controlled the entire system. Chase National Bank took 6,000 shares; The Main National Bank of Buffalo, owned by the Schoellkopf family, took 6,000 shares; and the National Bank of Commerce of New York City took 21,000 shares.

The shareholders of these banks which own the stock of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are the people who have controlled our political and economic destinies since 1914.(p.46)

. . .

With the setting up of the twelve ‘financial districts’ through the Federal Reserve Banks, the traditional division of the United States into forty-eight states was overthrown, and we entered the era of ‘regionalism’, or twelve regions which had no relation to the traditional state boundaries.(p.47)

The New York bankers had won an unmitigated success, according to Mullins. They were posed for a vast accumulation of capital, and more importantly on the eve of the First World War, in a safe position to dominate the entire industrial world about to embark on an unprecedented conflagration – which after all represented an historic investment opportunity, without competition or any other form of resistance .

When the Federal Reserve Banks were opened for business on November 16, 1914, Paul Warburg said, ‘This date may be considered as the Fourth of July in the economic history of the United States.’(p.50)


The 23 + items below include essays and articles produced for the social media by citizens who wish to contribute to our understanding of what actually is going on in our class-divided society. The fake “debates” and false information is confusing enough, but add to this the psychological warfare and the threats of artificially induced scarcity, then we are facing collectively a most dangerous period in our history. The wrong people are in power and the epistemological errors of those seeking to represent the interests of the dominated classes are palpable. As my high school football coach once famously said: “You play with shit; you get shit on your hands!”

The lack of political leadership today is essentially a product of the fear of democratic rule; this chronic lack of nerve now threatens to bring about our collective demise, “not with a bang, but a whimper….”




Francis Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur de Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego







The Corbett Report

This IS The Global Reset: Prepare Accordingly.


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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way . . .”

—Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities


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News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2020
Subject: [MCM] What do we believe about those hospitals? What "our free press" is telling us, or our own eyes?


Let me preface this email by saying that I do believe that COVID-19, whatever that may be, is really killing people, as I've lost one friend to it, and nearly lost another one who managed to pull through, and is now back home (here in my 

building). Moreover, my wife, a therapist, has several clients who've lost loved ones to this illness; and a colleague at NYU, who lives in Brooklyn, has lost several neighbors to it. 


So I am certainly not one who thinks the deaths here in New York, the epicenter of the national crisis, are all a fiction, because I know from my own personal experience, and the personal experience of others close to me, that people are succumbing to whatever COVID-19 is. 


And yet I also know from my own personal experience, and that of many others who have documented what they've seen with their own eyes, that the many harrowing press "reports" of hospitals overwhelmed by desperate people seeking COVID-19 tests and treatment, of makeshift morgues filled up with corpses, and so on, are fiction—or, to put it bluntly, and more accurately, variants of the same Big Lie. 


Take Elmhurst Hospital. First, do a Google search on "New York Times Elmhurst Hospital COVID-19," and you will find over a dozen links to pieces on the "apocalyptic" scene there, and/or that are illustrated with searing photos of the terrifying traffic. 


Then watch this video, which includes some startling footage of what regular New Yorkers—rather than professional reporters on the job— discovered when they visited that hospital themselves; and there are several other on-the-ground reports by intrepid citizens on similarly still and empty hospitals all over the US:



YouTube has reportedly started taking down these videos, so watch this one ASAP. There's also this hashtag on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/filmyourhospital


While the amateur investigators featured in that compilation video aren't medical professionals, below you'll find a similar account from one who is, about Seattle's main ER. This email comes from my friend Darwin Hoop, who also sent me his friend's photos, which I'm not sending as attachments here because they tend to complicate transmission via Googlegroups


What all this startling evidence suggests is that "our free press" has been pumping out a lot of terroristic propaganda, no doubt to soften up their audience for a drastic program of universal mandatory vaccination, among other changes that will prove a lot more lethal than COVID-19.





From Darwin Hoop:


A former colleague and long-time friend with whom I spent a lot of time in Seattle's only level one ER sent me some interesting pictures today. As seems to be happening all over New York and Washington, people are slowly building up the courage to see if 

anything is going on down at their local hospitals. Without fail, they are finding NOTHING. Nobody is getting tested. Nobody is getting triaged. Parking lots are nearly empty. Those who are bold enough to approach the ER entrances with their phones in hand are charged and ordered to put their phones away. They are told they are violating federal HIPAA laws.

This is what happened to my friend today in Seattle. An angry person in disposable infection control garb ran across the street with her hand out to block his lens. She wore no mask and did not hesitate to try to touch him. He had to put his foot out to keep her from accosting him and order her to "GIVE ME SIX FEET! GIVE ME SIX FEET!" She was apoplectic and he filmed the incident. Given she was not masked and thought nothing of accosting a stranger, the transmission of deadly pathogens seems not to have been a concern for her. It was clear to my friend that her only job was to chase citizens armed with cameras. This is the major public hospital in Seattle, THE place to go with any emergency and no one came close to entering the ER who was not obviously an employee. He works across the street and reports the place is "dead" and "eerily quiet." We would see serious accidents and gunshot patients all day and night every day and night. 

Living in Seattle and working in public health, he gets daily reports from various state agencies that tell him the hospitals are at capacity, the staff overworked and breaking under the pressure. Yet, after a month of this BS, he has heard of no actual patients—though the head of his program "tested positive" and is "working from home." None of his colleagues—and they deal with the very 

businesses that are supposed to be loaded with dying elderly—have firsthand knowledge of a single actual COVID-19 patient. Today was supposed to be a crisis day, the day when the largest wave of  victims hit the health care system and broke it. Nothing of the sort happened. He also got a nurse at the testing facility across the street to acknowledge that NOBODY is coming in to be tested and things are "very slow." She knew she wasn't supposed to say anything but she was eager to leak the truth without breaking what are surely national security laws she is bound to as a participant.

I have participated in drills at that facility and took my hygiene training there. I promise you that nurse doesn't approach my friend unmasked during an actual crisis. This is a drill and this is what that hospital looks like during drills. 

How long can they protect this illusion? What happens when the people stop believing? 


Coronavirus Dashboard



The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Exposing the Plague of Neoliberalism


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“The deliberate crashing of the world economy”: Ernst Wolff on COVID-19 as a grand financial scheme (MUST-WATCH)


March 30, 2020, with English subtitles

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Bernanke Doesn’t See V-Shaped U.S. Recovery After Steep Fall


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News From Underground

From: newsfromunderground@googlegroups.com [mailto:newsfromunderground@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2020
Subject: [MCM] On Bill Gates' eugenic zeal, and the "free press" that reveres him anyway



"In plain English, one of the most powerful men in the world states clearly that he expects vaccines 

to be used to reduce population growth."

                         —F. William Engdahl, "Bill Gates and Neo-Eugenics: Vaccines to Reduce Population,"

                         Financial Sense (a version that's been scrubbed online), March 5, 2010 




Tracking the eugenic efforts of the almighty Gates Foundation isn't easy, as Bill Gates ownsthe Internet, figuratively speaking, and has largely cleansed it of disquieting information on on himself, his parents, Bill and Mary (both zealous eugenicists), and his "philanthropic" doings across the planet. 


Look for anything concerning his notorious speech about the need to whittle down the global population to a "Golden Billion"—a long-term project that would mean somehow exterminating well over six billion peopleand you will come up empty. (I have, anyway.) Similarly, do a Google search for something on the polio vaccine that the foundation sent to India in 2012, and that caused the paralysis of over 47,000 children there, and you'll find just two pieces, buried in an avalanche of paeans to the multi-billionaire's miraculous benevolence. (You'll have better luck on DuckDuckGo.)



With that in mind, let's turn to some news that (barely) broke six years ago: the claim by several Kenyan doctors that a seeming tetanus vaccine provided by the WHO was actually a means of involuntary birth control. Having sent six samples of the vaccine to laboratories in South Africa, the doctors learned that the vaccine was "laced with HCG," an antigen that causes miscarriages. "This proved right our worst fears: that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated, forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility-regulating vaccine."



Thus Dr. Muhame Ngare, of the Mercy Medical Center in Nairobi, told LifeSiteNews— one of several Christian outlets that appear to be the only ones that ran that news without "debunking" it. A Google search on "Muhame Ngare Nairobi tetanus vaccine 2014" brings up "A Resurrected Vaccine Fear Puts Kenyan Infants At Risk" (Forbes), "Kenya Catholic Church vaccine fears 'unfounded'" (BBC), and—at the very top— Snopes' take: "Is Tetanus Vaccine Spiked with Sterilization Chemicals?" The answer to that troubling question is, Snopes tells us, "False." Click on the red icon next to that "rating," and you find it means the "claim" is "demonstrably false"—although Snopes' David Mikkelson fails to "demonstrate" exactly how.



The reason for Snopes' failure to explain how that disturbing claim was "false" is that the claim—like countless others Snopes has groundlessly "debunked" over the years—was true, as a quartet of academic researchers noted three years later, having carefully reviewed the episode: "Given that hCG was found in at least half of the WHO vaccine samples known by the doctors involved in administering the vaccines to have been used in Kenya, our opinion is that the Kenya 'anti-tetanus' campaign was reasonably called into question by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association as a front for population growth reduction."



What ties Bill Gates to that appalling—and, no doubt, successful—stab at "population growth reduction" by the World Health Organization is that his foundation had become one of WHO's major funders: "It provides 10 percent of the World Health Organization's overall budget," notes Linsey McGoey in her incisive study of Bill Gates' philanthropy. "In 2013, it emerged as as the largest single donor to the UN health agency, donating more than the US government" (emphasis added).

https://www.versobooks.com/books/2344-no-such-thing-as-a-free-gift (That quote in on p. 8.)


That Gates, an avid—some might say obsessive—champion of vaccination as a means of "population control," became WHO's "largest single donor" just the year before WHO granted Kenya what appeared to be a generous supply of tetanus vaccine that was covertly "laced with hCG"—an antigen that, in combination with tetanus toxoid, "causes pregnancy hormones to be attacked by the immune system," as those four researchers noted—is, to say the least, suggestive, and, on its face, newsworthy enough to move "our free press" to look into it, especially now that Gates is out there hollering for a new vaccine to save us all from COVID-19.


But our press is no freer now that it was when those brave Kenyan doctors sounded that quite justified alarm (which Kenya's government pooh-poohed); and since Bill Gates, and Big Pharma, have jointly gagged the Western press as tightly as Xi Jinping's regime has gagged the press in China, about Bill Gates there's nothing—nothing—in our media but sycophantic praise, and rapt attention to his every outburst of misinformation, as if he were some kind of medical authority, and a man of rare benevolence, when he's had no medical training, made his billions through sheer ruthlessness (just as Carnegie and Rockefeller made their fortunes), and—crucially— is "demonstrably" obsessed not with the welfare of the human beings on this planet, but with killing off as many of us as he can. 


That obsession should have moved the watchdogs of the media to some appropriate investigation—and would have, if Gates weren't obscenely rich. Thus there's been no follow-up to the revelation that "Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein many times, despite his [Epstein's] past," as the New York Times reported last October—a revelation highly pertinent to Gates' passion for eugenics, which Epstein shared (nor is that all they shared, apparently). What with the endless war waged by "our free press" on Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, you'd think that Bill Gates' frequent travels on Epstein's "Lolita Express," as well as their combined eugenic interests, would get some press; but since the press is only adulating Gates, they wouldn't touch that doubly ugly subject with a ten-foot pole.




Instead of raising any question about Gates' eugenic mission, or even noting it, they treat his lethal urgings as humanitarian wisdom: i.e., his loud demands for the rushed deployment of a new vaccine for COVID-19, for universal mandatory vaccination, and for ID-chipping the whole human race. While raising no objections to that crackpot program, the press has also merely nodded at Gates' recent call for an even more protracted lockdown of the entire USA–a lockdown for "ten weeks or more." For Bill Gates, with his hundred billion dollars, and his zeal for "population control," that such a move would kill off the US economy, bringing on a second Great Depression that in turn would kill off millions of Americans, are not bad things, but actually a plus.



With "our free press" revering such a man, and nodding in agreement at his lunatic pronouncements, instead of properly investigating him, and properly subjecting them to skeptical analysis, we clearly need to do our own research— but that's not all. Let's face up to what's really happening here.


How are Bill Gates and Big Pharma, among other mighty interests, actually exploiting with this unprecedented crisis? 


They're using COVID-19 as either a pretext or distraction, with the intention of destroying us. We therefore need to (somehow) get together, take all proper steps to save ourselves, then carry out the necessary second revolution that will junk this rotten system for all time, and make one that will finally serve us all. 




‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine

'This WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine.'



Thu Nov 6, 2014 - 2:29 pm EST





by Steve Weatherbe

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UPDATE (Nov. 12): Kenya's government has launched an investigation into the Catholic Church's allegations. See follow up article here.

Kenya’s Catholic bishops are charging two United Nations organizations with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus inoculation program sponsored by the Kenyan government.


According to a statement released Tuesday by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, the organization has found an antigen that causes miscarriages in a vaccine being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Priests throughout Kenya reportedly are advising their congregations to refuse the vaccine.


“We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa. They tested positive for the HCG antigen,” Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi told LifeSiteNews. “They were all laced with HCG.”


Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated in a bulletin released November 4, “This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.”



Bill Gates’s philanthropic giving is a racket





Bill Gates recently announced he’s stepping down from the board of Microsoft, the trillion-dollar software colossus he cofounded, to “dedicate more time to philanthropic priorities including global health and development, education, and my increasing engagement in tackling climate change.” The national papers happily reported the news: “In his post-Microsoft career, Mr. Gates has become better known for his work in fighting infectious diseases and climate change.

This was typical of the affectionate press treatment of Gates, who’s now considered one of the better billionaires, relative to Trump or the Koch brothers.

But Bill Gates and his foundation are the perfect picture of why this model of billionaire philanthropy is so flawed. Gates’s foundation was originally cooked up as a feel-good gloss to cover up his shredded reputation during Microsoft’s antitrust trial, putting him in the long tradition of obscenely rich people using the occasional generous gift to try justifying their enormous wealth and power...


Bill Gates warned we were not ready for the next pandemic, here’s how he says we should respond now



Black Agenda Report

COVID-19: The Capitalist Emperor Has no Clothes


by Ajamu Baraka


Roots of Nazi Ideology


  with Yad Vashem



“Is This Virus Fraud a Killing Experiment for Population Control?”



“Well, maybe not death panels, exactly, but unless we start allocating health-care resources
more prudently – rationing, by its proper name – the exploding cost of Medocare will swamp the federal budget."

~Steven Rattner–“Beyond Obamacare”. www.nytimes.com. - September 16, 2012

    The day has arrived when freedom has ceased to exist in this country. It still remains a state of mind for those in the masses that have little ability to think critically or to see the reality staring them in the face. This is symptomatic of a population in mental turmoil, this brought about by long-term indoctrination leading to mass ignorance and blind nationalism. The tyrants of all past history must be smiling as they look upon the United States today, a perfect totalitarian storm of two classes. One is the political elite and powerful, and the other is the rest of society; weak and dependent on their masters. Once any country’s people succumb to obedience, all that is left is slavery.


A time has come when all are told where they may go, what they are allowed to do, what they may purchase, what medical care they may or may not receive, how long they must remain in home prisons, and soon they will be told they are required to vaccinate with poison delivered by partners of the criminal state. Control over the population is almost complete, as government is stripping all individuality by eliminating or controlling by force our culture, religion, and independent views and thought, in order to bring about a new order. This order will be a top-down controlling governing system, and one that relies on a frightened and obedient populace. Life as we have known it will cease to exist, as total control of every aspect of societal behavior and economy will be executed by the few while all others remain in a cage of oppression.


See Bill Gates’ Chilling Pandemic Warnings To Trump – Before The Coronavirus Outbreak Hit




Economic Update: “Corona and Our Mental Health”


with Dr. Harriet Fraad & Richard Wolff



Not Giving Up on Happiness: Care of the Self and Well-Being in a Plague Year


by Juan Cole


Perspectives on the Pandemic


 videos by Journeyman Pictures


Professor Knut Wittkowski, for twenty years head of The Rockefeller University's Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, says that social distancing and lockdown is the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus.
Further, he offers data to show that China and South Korea had already reached their peak number of cases when they instituted their containment measures. In other words, nature had already achieved, or nearly achieved, herd immunity.





A History Lesson

Millions Died Because Kissinger Prolonged the Vietnam War for Years After Betraying Peace Treaty


by Mark Karlin


COVID-19: The Bigger Picture Hiding Behind the Virus


by Jonathan Cook


Henry Kissinger Calls for a New Post-Covid World Order


by Mike Whitney


Kissinger's post-pandemic world order and the demise

of the Chinese Communist Party


by Joseph Bosco





From: GAZA PALESTINE [mailto:anahona366@gmail.com]

Sent: Saturday, April 04, 2020

Subject: I hope Corona Virus will stay away from you ..... I hope you will support us so that Corona will stay away from us . . . .


COVID-19 Emergency Bulletin

The nurses' group launched the emergency call in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Your support is urgently required to help us save the lives of Gaza.

The nurses' team is already doing everything we can to support local medical services that are already struggling with a shortage of essential medicines and medical consumables. We have already provided emergency hygiene kits to 1,200 vulnerable Palestinians living in Gaza. We expect more emergency medical response will be needed in the coming weeks and months. Please help us be there for the Palestinians during this crisis by making a donation today.


Your donation can help pay for:



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Medicines and medical supplies












Did Trump give Israel 1 million face masks despite coronavirus equipment shortages in the US?


by The New Arab


An Israeli press report claiming the US Department of Defense shipped one million face masks to Israel have angered Americans, causing some to question the Trump administration's priorities.


An Israeli press report claiming the US Department of Defense had shipped one million face masks to Israel to help protect Israeli soldiers has angered Americans, causing some to question the Trump administration's priorities amid the coronavirus pandemic amid reports of shortages of protective equipment for US health workers.

The Pentagon's alleged shipment was initially reported by the Jerusalem Post, however mention of American involvement was later scrubbed, raising suspicions that US public anger may have forced Israeli military censors to act.

Israel's army is notorious for tightly monitoring media output, having barred or redacted over 2,000 stories just last year, according to the Movement for Freedom of Information.


"US Department of Defense give 1 million masks to IDF for coronavirus use," read a headline published by the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, referring to the shipment that had arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday night.

The original article said: "A plane carrying over a million surgical masks for the IDF landed in Ben-Gurion airport Tuesday night, in an operation run by the US Department of Defense’s Delegation of Procurement".


Curiously, the headline was later revised to: "Israel brings 1 million masks from China for IDF soldiers" but traces of the old headline can be seen in the article's URL.


The Real Conspiracy

by Caitlin Johnstone


Some conspiracy-type people say the world is messed up because we’re ruled by illuminati or reptilians, but I’m way more out there than that: I say our entire society is made of imaginary thought stories with little relation to objective reality, and some clever manipulators have figured out how to exploit this.
I say even what we take to be our very self is an ultimately illusory narrative construct made up of a disconnected network of thought, language and memories; look hard for a solid “me” entity and you’ll never find one. Same is true of most things people value in this world.





COVID19: What is Really Going on?




The Swiss Propaganda Research website has been so good as to compile data and testimonies from leading doctors, scientists and law professors from around the world on Covid19. This video contains some of their findings. Here is the link which contains many important links to studies and data from the experts. Please examine and share. Thank you! https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-c...


The CDC is actually a vaccine company


with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children's Health Defense joins to discuss the much-touted HPV vaccine, which new evidence shows may be ineffective and why it has done tremendous harm. He also explains how legal loopholes exempt vaccine makers from rigorous testing. He goes on to discuss the revolving door between Big Pharma and the bodies that are supposed to oversee it and curtail its abuses. He argues that regulatory capture has turned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into "a vaccine company."


Pass the salt: The minute details that helped Germany build virus defences


by Jörn Poltz, Paul Carrel





10 Signs the U.S. Is Heading for a Depression



by Mike Whitney


1– Unemployment is off-the-charts.

Thursday’s jobless claims leave no doubt that the country is in the grips of another severe recession. More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance in the last week. That number exceeds the gloomiest prediction of more than 40 economists and pushes the two-week total to an eye-watering 10 million claims.

According to CNBC:

“Those at the lower end of the wage scale have been especially hard-hit during a crisis that has seen businesses either cut staff outright or at best freeze any new hiring until there’s more visibility about how efforts to contain the coronavirus will work.

“We’ve lived through the recession and 9/11. What we’re seeing with this decline is actually worse than both of those events,” said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of online jobs marketplace CareerBuilder.” (CNBC)

According to New York Magazine:

“Economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis projected Monday that job losses from the coronavirus recession would reach 47 million and push America’s unemployment rate to 32.1 percent — more than 7 points higher than its Great Depression–era peak.”

2– Service Sector has been walloped by the virus.

Services account for 70% of the US economy, but presently the sector is in meltdown. According to the analysts at Wolf Street: “Employment contracted sharply and hours were reduced for those still employed. “The employment index plunged from +6.1 to -23.8, also the lowest level on record…

Retailers got whacked. The Retail Sales Index of the Texas Retail Outlook Survey collapsed from the already beaten-down level of -2.5 in February to an epic all-time low of -82.6 in March… (Also) the general business activity index collapsed from the beaten down level of -5.0 to a historic low of -84.2….

Comments from retail executives were somber:…Most of our business has gone to zero except for essential locations such as hospitals, military bases and prisons… We are contemplating at this moment sending most employees home while our owners determine whether they can afford to pay reduced salaries and cover benefits for a short period while we see if things improve or worsen” (Wolf Street)

3– Economic carnage extends across sectors . . . .


Iran Pleads For $5BN IMF Loan As Deaths Soar Past 4,000;

US To Block Funds



by Tyler Durden


Iran is desperately pleading for the International Monetary Fund to approve a $5 billion emergency loan to help the outbreak-ravaged country to survive.
“I urge international organizations to fulfill their duties... we are a member of the IMF... There should be no discrimination in giving loans,” President Hassan Rouhani said in televised remarks Wednesday.

He further slammed US sanctions on the Islamic Republic as “economic and medical terrorism” — given the US-led near total economic blockade of the country has severely hampered Tehran's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are currently over 64,500 confirmed cases and as of Wednesday this includes a grim milestone of surpassing 4,000 deaths after months ago Iran became the first epicenter outside China, followed by Italy.

Of course, the U.S. is expected to block the loan:

The U.S. plans to block Iran’s requested $5 billion emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund for funding Tehran says it needs to fight its coronavirus crisis.

Advocates for sanctions relief say that current sanctions will ultimately make the global response to the pandemic worse for populations in other countries as well, given without Iranian hospitals having necessary access to supplies and crucial medicines, the virus will continue to fester there even after the rest of the world pivots toward recovery.

But as the WSJ reports, Tehran is unlikely to see a single penny in IMF relief:
The IMF has said it is in talks with officials in Iran to determine its eligibility for the loan.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that the US - the IMF’s largest shareholder - planned to block the request.

It cited senior Trump administration officials as saying that Iran’s government had billions of dollars in bank accounts still at its disposal, and that the loan might be used to help its economy rather than on combating Covid-19 or fund terrorist operations.

In early March Iran’s Central Bank chief Abdolnaser Hemmati first addressed a letter to the head of the IMF requesting the five billion dollars from the RFI emergency fund “to help our fight against the coronavirus”.





Prof. Richard Wolff On Why the System Failed


with Richard Wolff



World BEYOND War News & Action


Ground Control to Planet Lockdown: This Is Only a Test



by Pepe Escobar


As much as Covid-19 is a circuit breaker, a time bomb and an actual weapon of mass destruction (WMD), a fierce debate is raging worldwide on the wisdom of mass quarantine applied to entire cities, states and nations.

Those against it argue Planet Lockdown not only is not stopping the spread of Covid-19 but also has landed the global economy into a cryogenic state – with unforeseen, dire consequences. Thus quarantine should apply essentially to the population with the greatest risk of death: the elderly.

With Planet Lockdown transfixed by heart-breaking reports from the Covid-19 frontline, there’s no question this is an incendiary assertion.

In parallel, a total corporate media takeover is implying that if the numbers do not substantially go down, Planet Lockdown – an euphemism for house arrest – remains, indefinitely.

Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry and Stanford biophysicist, was spot on when he calculated that China would get through the worst of Covid-19 way before throngs of health experts believed, and that “What we need is to control the panic”.

Let’s cross this over with some facts and dissident opinion, in the interest of fostering an informed debate.

The report Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted was co-authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci – the White House face of the fight –, H. Clifford Lane, and CDC director Robert R. Redfield. So it comes from the heart of the U.S. healthcare establishment.

The report explicitly states, “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.” . . . .  




News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 04, 2020
Subject: [MCM] "Murder Most Foul": Bob Dylan's "trip to truth" (MUST-READ)



I missed this when it came out the other day. 

This song, for all its darkness, is a hopeful sign from Dylan—to recognize hard truths 

is the way forward for us all—and we all need signs of hope right now, so we can fight

our way out of this. 



Bob Dylan’s Midnight Message to JFK’s Ghost



By Edward Curtin

Global Research, March 31, 2020

ThemeHistoryLaw and Justice


“For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak with most miraculous organ.”   – Hamlet


On May 1, 1962, President John Kennedy was meeting in the Oval Office with a group of Quakers who were urging him to do more for peace and disarmament.  As he kept explaining the great political opposition he was facing within his own government, they kept urging him to do more.  He listened very closely to their words and finally said, “You believe in redemption don’t you.”  By the next spring he had turned decisively toward the peacemaking the Quakers had urged upon him, resulting in his murder in the fall by treacherous government forces, led by the CIA, that opposed him all along.

Now that Dylan has burst forth from behind his many masks and gifted the world with his incandescent new song about the assassination, with a title taken from Hamlet, from the mouth of the ghost of the dead King of Denmark –“ Murder Most Foul “– we have entered a new day in an odd way.  For those who have wondered over the years if Dylan had “sold out,” here is their answer. For those who have wondered if he would go to his grave reciting the words of T.S. Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock – “I am no Prince Hamlet nor was meant to be” – here is Hamlet’s booming response. Not only does this song lay bare the truth of the most foundational event in modern American history, but it does so in such a powerfully poetic way and at such an opportune time that it should redeem Dylan in the eyes of those who ever doubted him.


I say “should,” but while the song’s release has garnered massive publicity from the mainstream media, it hasn’t taken long for that media to bury the truth of his words about the assassination under a spectacle of verbiage meant to damn with faint praise.  As the media in a celebrity culture of the spectacle tend to do, the emphasis on the song’s pop cultural references is their focus, with platitudes about the assassination and “conspiracy theories,” as well as various shameful and gratuitous digs at Dylan for being weird, obsessed, or old.  As the song says, “they killed him once and they killed him twice,” so now they can kill him a third time, and then a fourth ad infinitum.  And now the messenger of the very bad news must be dispatched along with the dead president.

The media like their Hamlets impotent and enervated, but Dylan has come out roaring like a bull intent on avenging his dead president.

He has the poet’s touch, of course, a hyperbolic sense of the fantastic that draws you into his magical web in the pursuit of deeper truth.  In many ways he’s like the Latin American magical realist writers who move from fact to dream to the fantastic in a puff of wind.

Dylan is our Emerson.  His artistic philosophy has always been about movement in space and time through song.  Always moving, always restless, always seeking a way back home through song, even when, or perhaps because, there are no directions.  “An artist has got to be careful never to arrive at a place where he thinks he’s at somewhere,” he’s said.  “You always have to realize that you are constantly in a state of becoming and as long as you can stay in that realm, you’ll be alright.”

Hope Moves In Shadowy And Offbeat Places: Bob Dylan, Death, And The Creative Spirit

Sounds like living, right. Sounds like Emerson, also.  “Life only avails, not the having lived.  Power ceases in the instant of repose; it resides in the moment of transition from a past to a new state, in the shooting of the gulf, in the darting to an aim.  Thus one fact the world hates, that the soul becomes.”

“Murder Most Foul” is Dylan’s soul becoming. 


“Murder Most Foul”: Unpacking Bob Dylan's new epic,

from Dallas 1963 to the pandemic of 2020


by David Masciotra


What is the American bard driving at with a 17-minute song on the JFK assassination? David Talbot thinks he knows





System Update With Glenn Greenwald - Liz Franczak and Kyle Kulinski




Flattening the curve on Capitalism?


by Raymond Nat Turner


U.S. Gunning for Trouble


by Finian Cunningham


The spectre of the coronavirus pandemic in the US has darkened decidedly, with President Trump warning of a harrowing next few weeks from a surging disease death toll. Into the malevolent mix are reports of American citizens buying up firearms as if there is no tomorrow.
In recent weeks, gun sales have hit record highs amid public fears of a breakdown in law and order. Most of the sales were among first-time buyers, according to reports. During March, before the government-ordered shutdown of businesses due to the coronavirus epidemic, mandatory FBI background checks showed a huge spike suggesting gun sales had gone through the roof.

Some 3.7 million checks were carried out in that month alone, corresponding to individuals purchasing firearms.
Bear in mind too that each individual can buy several guns under the same application. Bear in mind too that the US is already the leading nation for citizens owning firearms, with an estimated 390 million pieces in circulation, equivalent to more than one weapon for every citizen. Bear in mind too that the US is the world’s leader in deaths from mass shootings.

That's in "normal" times, never mind the highly anxious present development over COVID-19.

Every year, official figures show some 11,000 Americans are killed in homicides with firearms. Nearly double that figure die in suicides involving guns, putting the annual death toll from gun violence at well over 30,000. The US death toll from the COVID-19 disease is heading towards 10,000 as the number of fatalities escalates. Official estimates are warning of COVID-19 mortality in the US reaching as high as 200,000.

But what could add to the deadly impact of the pandemic is the prevalence of guns and the growing fear of social chaos. This is what Trump may have been hinting at when he said last month that the longer the economic shutdown goes on the more casualties will result. In recent days, the president has voiced concern that the US economy cannot go on indefinitely "paying people not to work".

Trump doesn't want the economy to tank because with that so will his reelection hopes flounder. More than that, however, Trump and the corporate class know that the capitalist economy is like a bicycle. Once it stops moving it will fall over. So, the imperative is to get businesses re-opened and workers back on the job.
What if millions of workers don't want to go back to the front line knowing that their lives may be at risk from a pandemic that has not been contained?    



News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
ent: Sunday, April 05, 2020
Subject: [MCM] The CDC over-counted cases of "swine flu" just as they're doing now with COVID-19 deaths


The CDC's "guidance for certifying COVID-19 deaths": 




From Sharyl Attkisson:

I’m not suggesting this has any relevance to coronavirus [though I am—MCM], but many people are asking 

about CDC’s over-count of H1N1 swine flu in 2009.


I started investigating that topic at CBS after getting tips, including from a government scientist. CDC had just 

issued a directive to stop lab testing for swine flu and just “presume,” for the sake of a count, that everything 

that came into the doctor that looked flu-like, was swine flu. My government source told me: “They’re either 

trying to overcount or undercount; it’s your job to figure out which.” I did that by looking at what the lab results 

said at the time CDC wanted to stop further tests.


Mind you, they had only been testing those most likely to have swine flu based on travel (such as to Mexico) 

and symptoms—so the results should have been heavily positive for swine flu.


CDC declined to give me the lab results in a timely fashion. So I went to each state individually.


In the end, the vast majority of the tests were negative for swine flu. In fact, they were not even regular flu, 

meaning they were some sort of other upper respiratory infection. 


If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu. 


News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Sunday, April 05, 2020
Subject: [MCM] More on the possibility that "we're treating the wrong disease".



Medium has taken this piece down, but it seems worth considering, as it

appears to bolster Dr. Kyle-Sidell's view of COVID-19.


Here's a recent interview with him:






Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.


April 5 -  8 min read




In the last 3–5 days, a mountain of anecdotal evidence has come out of NYC, Italy, Spain, etc. about COVID-19 and characteristics of patients who get seriously ill. It’s not only piling up but now leading to a general field-level consensus backed up by a few previously little-known studies that we’ve had it all wrong the whole time. Well, a few had some things eerily correct (cough Trump cough), especially with Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin, but we’ll get to that in a minute.


There is no ‘pneumonia’ nor ARDS. At least not the ARDS with established treatment protocols and procedures we’re familiar with. Ventilators are not only the wrong solution, but high pressure intubation can actually wind up causing more damage than without, not to mention complications from tracheal scarring and ulcers given the duration of intubation often required… They may still have a use in the immediate future for patients too far to bring back with this newfound knowledge, but moving forward a new treatment protocol needs to be established so we stop treating patients for the wrong disease.


The past 48 hours or so have seen a huge revelation: COVID-19 causes prolonged and progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen) by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells. People are simply desaturating (losing o2 in their blood), and that’s what eventually leads to organ failures that kill them, not any form of ARDS or pneumonia. All the damage to the lungs you see in CT scans are from the release of oxidative iron from the hemes, this overwhelms the natural defenses against pulmonary oxidative stress and causes that nice, always-bilateral ground glass opacity in the lungs. Patients returning for re-hospitalization days or weeks after recovery suffering from apparent delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy strengthen the notion COVID-19 patients are suffering from hypoxia despite no signs of respiratory ‘tire out’ or fatigue.


Here’s the breakdown of the whole process, including some ELI5-level cliff notes. Much has been simplified just to keep it digestible and layman-friendly.

Your red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to all your organs and the rest of your body. Red blood cells can do this thanks to hemoglobin, which is a protein consisting of four “hemes”. Hemes have a special kind of iron ion, which is normally quite toxic in its free form, locked away in its center with a porphyrin acting as it’s ‘container’. In this way, the iron ion can be ‘caged’ and carried around safely by the hemoglobin, but used to bind to oxygen when it gets to your lungs.


When the red blood cell gets to the alveoli, or the little sacs in your lungs where all the gas exchange happens, that special little iron ion can flip between FE2+ and FE3+ states with electron exchange and bond to some oxygen, then it goes off on its little merry way to deliver o2 elsewhere.

Here’s where COVID-19 comes in. Its glycoproteins bond to the heme, and in doing so that special and toxic oxidative iron ion is “disassociated” (released). It’s basically let out of the cage and now freely roaming around on its own.


This is bad for two reasons:

a)     Without the iron ion, hemoglobin can no longer bind to oxygen. Once all the hemoglobin is impaired, the red blood cell is essentially turned into a Freightliner truck cab with no trailer and no ability to store its cargo.. it is useless and just running around with COVID-19 virus attached to its porphyrin. All these useless trucks running around not delivering oxygen is what starts to lead to desaturation, or watching the patient’s spo2 levels drop. It is INCORRECT to assume traditional ARDS and in doing so, you’re treating the WRONG DISEASE. Think of it a lot like carbon monoxide poisoning, in which CO is bound to the hemoglobin, making it unable to carry oxygen. In those cases, ventilators aren’t treating the root cause; the patient’s lungs aren’t ‘tiring out’, they’re pumping just fine. The red blood cells just can’t carry o2, end of story. Only in this case, unlike CO poisoning in which eventually the CO can break off, the affected hemoglobin is permanently stripped of its ability to carry o2 because it has lost its iron ion. The body compensates for this lack of o2 carrying capacity and deliveries by having your kidneys release hormones like erythropoietin, which tell your bone marrow factories to ramp up production on new red blood cells with freshly made and fully functioning hemoglobin. This is the reason you find elevated hemoglobin and decreased blood oxygen saturation as one of the 3 primary indicators of whether the shit is about to hit the fan for a particular patient or not.


b)    That little iron ion, along with millions of its friends released from other hemes, are now floating through your blood freely. As I mentioned before, this type of iron ion is highly reactive and causes oxidative damage. It turns out that this happens to a limited extent naturally in our bodies and we have cleanup & defense mechanisms to keep the balance. The lungs, in particular, have 3 primary defenses to maintain “iron homeostasis”, 2 of which are in the alveoli, those little sacs in your lungs we talked about earlier. The first of the two are little macrophages that roam around and scavenge up any free radicals like this oxidative iron. The second is a lining on the walls (called the epithelial surface) which has a thin layer of fluid packed with high levels of antioxidant molecules.. things like abscorbic acid (AKA Vitamin C) among others. Well, this is usually good enough for naturally occurring rogue iron ions but with COVID-19 running rampant your body is now basically like a progressive state letting out all the prisoners out of the prisons… it’s just too much iron and it begins to overwhelm your lungs’ countermeasures, and thus begins the process of pulmonary oxidative stress. This leads to damage and inflammation, which leads to all that nasty stuff and damage you see in CT scans of COVID-19 patient lungs. Ever noticed how it’s always bilateral? (both lungs at the same time) Pneumonia rarely ever does that, but COVID-19 does… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Once your body is now running out of control, with all your oxygen trucks running around without any freight, and tons of this toxic form of iron floating around in your bloodstream, other defenses kick in. While your lungs are busy with all this oxidative stress they can’t handle, and your organs are being starved of o2 without their constant stream of deliveries from red blood cell’s hemoglobin, and your liver is attempting to do its best to remove the iron and store it in its ‘iron vault’. Only its getting overwhelmed too. It’s starved for oxygen and fighting a losing battle from all your hemoglobin letting its iron free, and starts crying out “help, I’m taking damage!” by releasing an enzyme called alanine aminotransferase (ALT). BOOM, there is your second of 3 primary indicators of whether the shit is about to hit the fan for a particular patient or not.


Eventually, if the patient’s immune system doesn’t fight off the virus in time before their blood oxygen saturation drops too low, ventilator or no ventilator, organs start shutting down. No fuel, no work. The only way to even try to keep them going is max oxygen, even a hyperbaric chamber if one is available on 100% oxygen at multiple atmospheres of pressure, just to give what’s left of their functioning hemoglobin a chance to carry enough o2 to the organs and keep them alive. Yeah we don’t have nearly enough of those chambers, so some fresh red blood cells with normal hemoglobin in the form of a transfusion will have to do.


The core point being, treating patients with the iron ions stripped from their hemoglobin (rendering it abnormally nonfunctional) with ventilator intubation is futile, unless you’re just hoping the patient’s immune system will work its magic in time. The root of the illness needs to be addressed.


Best case scenario? Treatment regimen early, before symptoms progress too far. Hydroxychloroquine (more on that in a minute, I promise) with Azithromicin has shown fantastic, albeit critics keep mentioning ‘anecdotal’ to describe the mountain, promise and I’ll explain why it does so well next. But forget straight-up plasma with antibodies, that might work early but if the patient is too far gone they’ll need more. They’ll need all the blood: antibodies and red blood cells. No help in sending over a detachment of ammunition to a soldier already unconscious and bleeding out on the battlefield, you need to send that ammo along with some hemoglobin-stimulant-magic so that he can wake up and fire those shots at the enemy.


The story with Hydroxychloroquine

All that hilariously misguided and counterproductive criticism the media piled on chloroquine (purely for political reasons) as a viable treatment will now go down as the biggest Fake News blunder to rule them all. The media actively engaged their activism to fight ‘bad orange man’ at the cost of thousands of lives. Shame on them.


How does chloroquine work? Same way as it does for malaria. You see, malaria is this little parasite that enters the red blood cells and starts eating hemoglobin as its food source. The reason chloroquine works for malaria is the same reason it works for COVID-19 — while not fully understood, it is suspected to bind to DNA and interfere with the ability to work magic on hemoglobin. The same mechanism that stops malaria from getting its hands on hemoglobin and gobbling it up seems to do the same to COVID-19 (essentially little snippets of DNA in an envelope) from binding to it. On top of that, Hydroxychloroquine (an advanced descendant of regular old chloroquine) lowers the pH which can interfere with the replication of the virus. Again, while the full details are not known, the entire premise of this potentially ‘game changing’ treatment is to prevent hemoglobin from being interfered with, whether due to malaria or COVID-19.


No longer can the media and armchair pseudo-physicians sit in their little ivory towers, proclaiming “DUR so stoopid, malaria is bacteria, COVID-19 is virus, anti-bacteria drug no work on virus!”. They never got the memo that a drug doesn’t need to directly act on the pathogen to be effective. Sometimes it’s enough just to stop it from doing what it does to hemoglobin, regardless of the means it uses to do so.


Anyway, enough of the rant. What’s the end result here? First, the ventilator emergency needs to be re-examined. If you’re putting a patient on a ventilator because they’re going into a coma and need mechanical breathing to stay alive, okay we get it. Give ’em time for their immune systems to pull through. But if they’re conscious, alert, compliant — keep them on O2. Max it if you have to. If you HAVE to inevitably ventilate, do it at low pressure but max O2. Don’t tear up their lungs with max PEEP, you’re doing more harm to the patient because you’re treating the wrong disease.

Ideally, some form of treatment needs to happen to:


Inhibit viral growth and replication. Here plays CHQ+ZPAK+ZINC or other retroviral therapies being studies. Less virus, less hemoglobin losing its iron, less severity and damage.


Therapies used for anyone with abnormal hemoglobin or malfunctioning red blood cells. Blood transfusions. Whatever, I don’t know the full breadth and scope because I’m not a physician. But think along those lines, and treat the real disease. If you’re thinking about giving them plasma with antibodies, maybe if they’re already in bad shape think again and give them BLOOD with antibodies, or at least blood followed by plasma with antibodies.

Now that we know more about how this virus works and affects our bodies, a whole range of options should open up.


Don’t trust China. China is ASSHOE. (disclaimer: not talking about the people, just talking about the regime). They covered this up and have caused all kinds of death and carnage, both literal and economic. The ripples of this pandemic will be felt for decades.






Black Plague, Spanish Flu, Smallpox: All Hold Lessons for Coronavirus


by Truthdig Staff


1918 to COVID-19: 100 years of covering pandemics


with John M Barry



Covid-19: A Best Case Scenario


by Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

Now is the time to imagine a better world.


 ‘Nurses fell like ninepins’: death and bravery in the 1918 flu pandemic


by Mark Honigsbaum


How Generals Fueled 1918 Flu Pandemic to Win Their World War


by Gareth Porter

The U.S. military has been forced by the coronavirus pandemic to make some serious changes in their operations. But the Pentagon, and especially the Navy, have also displayed a revealing resistance to moves to stand down that were clearly needed to protect troops from the raging virus from the start. 

The Army and Marine Corps have shifted from in-person to virtual recruitment meetings. But the Pentagon has reversed an initial Army decision to postpone further training and exercises for at least 30 days, and it has decided to continue sending new recruits from all the services to basic training camps, where they would no doubt be unable to sustain social distancing.

On Thursday, the captain of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, on which the virus was reportedly spreading, was relieved of command. He was blamed by his superiors for the leak of a letter he wrote warning the Navy that failure to act rapidly threatened the health of his 5,000 sailors.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper justified his decision to continue many military activities as usual by declaring these activities are “critical to national security.” But does anyone truly believe there is a military threat on the horizon that the Pentagon must prepare for right now? It is widely understood outside the Pentagon that the only real threat to that security is the coronavirus itself. 


Imagining A New World on the Other Side of the Pandemic


by Truthdig Staff





Working People Must Build Solidarity in Resistance



(audio, 16:46)

with Margaret Kimberley and Glen Ford


Jesse Ventura sounds off on “economic fallout from Coronavirus outbreak”


 with Brigida Santos and Richard Wolff



CEOs will not save us


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Israel arrests Palestinian governor of Jerusalem



“Chaos in Israel,” Dr. says lock down elderly only


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Russian coronavirus aid delivery to US prompts confusion and a backlash


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Coronavirus: China promises not to restrict exports of medical supplies


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 “Before the video”: Sweden, Masks & NATO Infighting


 with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris






Incendies près de Tchernobyl

000 1QF007


par Communiqué CRIIRAD

du 8 avril 2020 (16H)

29 cours Manuel de Falla

26000 Valence/ France

Tel : 33 (0)4 75 41 82 50



De nombreux incendies en Ukraine, y compris en zone contaminée.




NYC Free Assange




CN Live! Documentary: ‘The Extradition of Julian Assange




Andrew Cuomo and the Crisis of Liberalism


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Sanders sinks again: The populist Democrat departs the race

just when his message was most relevant


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“Who Profits from the Pandemic?”


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Healthcare Workers Punished

For Challenging 'Profit Over People' Management


with Dr. Michael Pappas



"Richard Eskow on Corporate Looting & the Boeing Bailout"






Brazil's ex-President Lula on Venezuela: Maduro is democratic,

Guaidó should be in prison, US blockade kills civilians

Lula da Silva Brazil Venezuela Maduro


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Abbeville. Le campement des gilets jaunes détruit par un incendie



Les Gilets jaunes vont-ils nous sauver ?

Une manifestation de Gilets jaunes à Saint-Brieuc.


par Guy Lheureux




Fired worker: Amazon hid COVID-19 cases and ignored pleas for protection


with Chris Smalls



A former Amazon employee who was fired after organizing a walkout over unsafe conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.


'We're Not Treated Like We're Essential. We're Treated Like We're Disposable.'


with Chris Smalls



He helped stage a walkout from a New York warehouse to demand its closure so it can be sanitized after employees tested positive. We spoke to Smalls last week.


 Black Agenda Radio

Black Agenda Radio for Week of April 6, 2020


with Margaret Kimberley and Glen Ford

(06 Apr 2020)


COVID-19 Ravages Communities Marginalized By White Supremacy


with Dr. Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and convener of the National African-American Reparations Commission.



Anti-Asian hate continues to spread online amid COVID-19 pandemic


by Eoghan Macguire




U.S. Will Cover-up Its Own Coronavirus Death Toll



by Moon Of Alabama


The Trump administration has used the novel coronavirus pandemic to malign its perceived enemies. Now as the U.S. itself is at the center of the pandemic the accusations and lies come back to bite.
On March 21 the Daily Beast reported of an upcoming propaganda campaign the White House was launching against China:
As the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow at a rapid pace in the U.S., the White House is launching a communications plan across multiple federal agencies that focuses on accusing Beijing of orchestrating a “cover-up” and creating a global pandemic, according to two U.S. officials and a government cable obtained by The Daily Beast.
The cable, sent to State Department officials Friday, lays out in detail the circumstances on the ground in China, including data on coronavirus cases and deaths, the local business environment and transportation restrictions. But it also issues guidelines for how U.S. officials should answer questions on, or speak about, the coronavirus and the White House’s response in relation to China.
The talking points appear to have originated in the National Security Council. One section of the cable reads “NSC Top Lines: [People’s Republic of China] Propaganda and Disinformation on the Wuhan Virus Pandemic.”
Soon the mainstream media started to spread the new talking points. A Google News search for the search term "China Cover-up" now finds 449.000 results.
On April 1 Bloomberg was called up by "officials" to reinforce the campaign by attributing the claim of a cover-up of China's case and death numbers to a "secret U.S. intelligence report". That report is unlikely to exist at all because the New York Times reported a day later that the CIA hunt for "authentic numbers" of deaths in China was still ongoing and failing:
So far, to the frustration of both the White House and the intelligence community, the agencies have been unable to glean more accurate numbers through their collection efforts.
We used the Bloomberg report to explain that the case fatality numbers, which China reported correctly, are very different from the total number of fatalities, or excess deaths, an epidemic causes. There was no cover-up by China but naturally incomplete reporting of all deaths. A day later the BBC published a similar explainer piece.
On April 3 the Economist also discussed wrong fatality numbers though it had found those in Italy and Spain: Covid-19’s death toll appears higher than official figures suggest. It also made this snarky cover-up remark:
[W]hen Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, America recorded only 64 deaths. A study later found that the surge in total deaths was close to 3,000. Many occurred in hospitals that lost power.
The excess deaths from Covid-19 in certain areas of Spain and Italy appear to be up to three times higher than the officially reported deaths.


Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Disastrous Coronavirus Response, Bernie Sanders & What Gives Him Hope







Fraud and Financial Regulation


May 8, 2018

with William K. Black



In 1987 Charles Keating asked five U.S. Senators—the Keating Five—to meet with regulators in an effort to convince them to back off Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. One of the regulators present was William K. Black, of whom Keating would later write “get Black—kill him dead.” Lincoln ultimately failed and Keating went to prison for fraud. In the decades since Lincoln’s failure and the savings and loan crisis, frauds continued to plague the financial industry, culminating in the crisis of 2007-08. The government’s response failed to seriously address the problem of financial frauds, and they continue to occur. Currently a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the University of Minnesota, Black is the author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One and developed the concept of “control fraud” to describe the use of a legitimate entity by its executives as a weapon to commit fraud—something that occurs with alarming frequency, particularly in the financial industry. Previously, he was the Executive Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention, the litigation director of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, deputy director of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, senior vice president and general counsel of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and Senior Deputy Chief Counsel at the Office of Thrift Supervision. He has advised leaders from around the world on combating fraud and financial crises. Sponsored by the Harvard Law Forum, the Tax Law and Financial Regulation Students Association, the Modern Money Network, and the DOS Grant Fund.


How the Servant Became a Predator: Finance’s Five Fatal Flaws


March 18, 2010

by Bill Black


What exactly is the function of the financial sector in our society? Simply this: Its sole function is supplying capital efficiently to aid the real economy. The financial sector is a tool to help those that make real tools, not an end in itself. But five fatal flaws in the financial sector’s current structure have created a monster that drains the real economy, promotes fraud and corruption, threatens democracy, and causes recurrent, intensifying crises.

1.     The financial sector harms the real economy.   . . . .


How to rob a bank (from the inside, that is)


September 2013

with William Black


William Black is a former bank regulator who’s seen firsthand how banking systems can be used to commit fraud — and how “liar's loans” and other tricky tactics led to the 2008 US banking crisis that threatened the international economy. In this engaging talk, Black, now an academic, reveals the best way to rob a bank — from the inside

+ .

Capitalism Has Failed in Fighting Coronavirus


by Richard D. Wolff

As economies reel from the meltdown triggered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, governments scramble to build the system back up. But it’s the system that brought about the fall, and if we keep reviving it, will do so again.

The desperate policies of panic-driven governments involve throwing huge amounts of money at collapsed economies in response to the coronavirus threat. Monetary authorities create money and lend it at extremely low interest rates to the major corporations and especially big banks: “to get them through the crisis.” Government treasuries borrow vast sums to spend the collapsed economy back into what they imagine is “the normal, pre-virus economy.” Capitalism’s leaders are rushing into policy failures because of their ideological blinders.

The problem of policies aimed at returning the economy to what it was before the virus hit is this: global capitalism by 2019 was itself a major cause of the collapse in 2020. Capitalism’s scars from the crashes of 2000 and 2008/09 had not healed. Years of low interest rates had enabled corporations and governments to “solve” all their problems by borrowing limitlessly at almost zero interest rate cost. All the new money pumped into economies by central banks had indeed caused the feared inflation but chiefly in stock markets whose prices thus spiraled dangerously far away from underlying economic values and realities. Inequalities of income and wealth reached historic highs.

In short, capitalism had built up vulnerabilities to another crash that any number of possible triggers could unleash. The trigger this time was not the dot.com meltdown of 2000 nor the sub-prime meltdown of 2008/09; it was the virus. And of course, mainstream ideology requires focusing on the trigger, not the vulnerability. Thus mainstream policies aim to re-establish pre-virus capitalism. Even if they ‘succeed’, that will return us to a capitalist system whose accumulated vulnerabilities will soon collapse again from yet another trigger.




Historians for Peace and Democracy (H-PAD)


From: Jim O'Brien via H-PAD
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2020
Subject: [H-PAD] H-PAD Notes 4/9/20: Links to recent articles of interest



Links to Recent Articles of Interest


"Malignant Contagion: Trumpism's Mindlessness on Coronavirus and Albert Camus' 'The Plague'"

By Juan Cole, Informed Comment blog, posted April 6

Likens the Trump administration's responses to the Covid-19 pandemic to  the irresponsibility of city officials in Camus' classic novel. The author teaches Middle Eastern history at the University of Michigan.


"What Can Images of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic Teach Us About COVID-19?"

By Hakim Bishara, Hyperallergic, posted April 6

A very quick read with several striking photographs from the National Archives. The author is a writer, artist, and curator.


"US v. Sineneng-Smith Echoes the Fugitive Slave Act"

By Alan J. Singer, History News Network, posted April 6

This case, now before the Supreme Court, tests a vaguely worded law criminalizing anything that can be construed as encouraging an undocumented immigrant to stay in the US. The author is a historian and professor of social studies education at Hofstra University.  


"CIA Covert Operations: The 1964 Overthrow of Cheddi Jagan in British Guiana"

By John Prados and Arturo Jimenez-Bacardi, National Security Archive, posted April 6

Original documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, with a substantial explanatory essay. John Prados heads the National Security Archive's Intelligence Documentation Project and Arturo Jimenez-Bacardi teaches history and politics at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.


"Historian William McNeill Warned in 1976 That a Mutated Flu Virus Could Cause a Pandemic"

By James Thornton Harris, History News Network, posted April 5

An appreciation of McNeill's book Plagues and Peoples nearly a half-century after its publication. The author is an independent historian and journalist and a contributing editor of the History News Network.


"How Generals Fueled the 1918 Flue Epidemic to Win Their World War"

By Gareth Porter, The American Conservative, posted April 4

On how the US military command ignored medical advice and sent troops from infected training campus to the front. More US soldiers died of influenza in World War I than in battle. The article draws heavily on a detailed and footnoted report in Public Health Reports in 2010, "The U.S. Military and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919."


"Captain Crozier Is a Hero"

By Tweed Roosevelt, New York Times, posted April 3

Responding to the Pentagon's dismissal of Captain Brett Crozier from command of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, a great-grandson of Roosevelt writes that his ancestor acted similarly to Crozier when American troops were threatened with yellow fever and malaria at the end of the Spanish-American War.


"The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming"

By Ken Klippenstein, The Nation, posted April 2

"The Pentagon warned the White House about a shortage of ventilators, face masks, and hospital beds in 2017 - but the Trump administration did nothing."


"In 1918 and 2020, Race Colors America's Response to Epidemics"

By Soraya Nadia McDonald, The Undefeated, posted April 1

Primarily about the 1918 pandemic, with much information on the unequal experiences of African Americans and whites.