Bulletin N° 895




Subject: Death of an Illusion.



Grenoble, 13 April 2020



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Please find below 10 items that reveal, in one way or another, the conditions we have inherited from the relentless Ruling Class greed for maximum profits.




Francis Feeley

Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes Ancien Directeur de Researches Université de Paris-Nanterre Director of The Center for the Advanced Study of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego



(1) "The Last Knit" - an animation directed by Laura Neuvonen, Finland.



August 17, 2006



(2) “A Letter to the Future”


by James Corbett

April 11, 2020



(3) "Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Disastrous Coronavirus Response, Bernie Sanders & What Gives Him Hope" - with Amy Goodman.



April 10, 2020



(4) "Origin of COVID-19: Ecological, Historical and Geopolitical Perspective" - by Romeo F. Quijano, M.D.


April 4, 2020



(5) "Bill & Melinda Gates: An Open Source Investigation" - with James Corbett.



April 12, 2020



(6) "News From Underground" - Mark Crispin Miller.

April 11, 2020

Subject: [MCM] "News from Underground" attacked for "conspiracy theories"



The Times (UK) and Daily Mail have both come out with hit-pieces on me and other academics who have questioned the Official Narrative of COVID-19, both pieces calling us (of course) "conspiracy theorists," putting everyone in mortal danger:


"Your conduct risks undermining morale during the crisis and reducing the public’s resolve to stick to the rules put in place to reduce the spread of the disease. Your 'News From Underground' website has promoted numerous conspiracies [sic] including that [the] coronavirus 'may be an artificially created bioweapon,' that this was planned by Bill Gates to increase his power, and that there is a Gates/Big Pharma/CDC/WHO complex promoting vaccines."



A few observations:

Although they're owned by different oligarchic clans—the "downscale" Mail by

the Rothermeres, the "upscale" Times by Murdoch (whose Australian has now

recycled the Times piece)—both outlets have acted jointly here, as the Mail

piece claims that I was "approached for comment," though it was not the Mail

reporter, but the Times reporter who "approached" me, with the inquisitorial

email that you'll find below, and that had gone to spam, so that I didn't see it

until now.


If I had seen it, I would have first asked where exactly I had ever written that

COVID-19 "may be an artificially created bioweapon," as those are not my

words, but were contrived by the reporter. I have sent to this list, and posted

on the website for News from Underground, some pieces arguing that this

new coronavirus seems to have been engineered for biowarfare purposes.

Rather than "approach" their authors (such as Francis Boyle), the Times

scribe chose to cast me as the source of that malevolent speculation, so

as to make it easier to link me with my friend Piers Robinson and his

malevolent views on 9/11 as a state-run pretext for the "war on terror"

(views that I do share). 


Leaving aside the question as to where I've ever said that "this was planned

by Bill Gates to increase his power" (a charge too idiotic even to discuss), I also

would have asked the Times' amanuensis is he's ever actually read anything

about the "Gates/Big Pharma/CDC/WHO complex promoting vaccines"—a

juggernaut as incontestable as the US military-industrial complex, the global

oil cartel, or Hollywood; and yet this animal from Rupert Murdoch's stable

writes to me as if that vast machine (which advertises heavily throughout

Murdoch's commercial media) were just a figment of the warped imaginations

of some "academics" murderously intent on "undermining morale during the

crisis," as if we were a pack of Kremlin agents.  


I also would have told the Times' man that he was—is—quite clearly

following the old CIA playbook by using the phrase "conspiracy theory"

as a tactic to smear anyone who dares to question the state's "truth,"

whether that Big Lie concerns JFK/Dallas (Oswald did it), 9/11 (Osama

bin Laden did it), US elections (never stolen), "Russia-gate" (Putin did

it), 5G (perfectly safe), vaccines (all perfectly safe), or—as now,

inescapably—COVID-19, the "Chinese virus" that naturally arose out

of that foul "wet market" in Wuhan, and that will kill us all unless we

(a) close our minds to all dissenting views or inconvenient information

on that subject, and (b) bend over and get vaccinated.


That's what I would have told the Times reporter—adding that the new

coronavirus isn't half as dangerous as his attempt to help keep everybody

in the dark about it.






          Senior British academics share coronavirus conspiracy theories online - including speculation it ...


Daily Mail

... Academics include Profs Tim Hayward and Mark Crispin Miller, both of the OPS; Dr Robinson is accused of whitewashing the Syrian and Russian ...

                    Flag as irrelevant



          The Times views on academics sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories: Spreading Falsehoods


The Times

Another director of OPS, Mark Crispin Miller, a professor at New York University, has written that the coronavirus “may be an artificially created ...



Dear Professor Mark Crispin Miller,


I hope you and your family are well.


The Times is preparing an article looking at your involvement in promoting conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.


Would you like to comment?


Your conduct risks undermining morale during the crisis and reducing the public’s resolve to stick to the rules put in place to reduce the spread of the disease.


Your "News From Underground" website has promoted numerous conspiracies including that coronavirus "may be an artificially created bioweapon", that this was planned by Bill Gates to increase his power, and that there is a Gates/Big Pharma/CDC/WHO complex promoting vaccines.


Also, you are a director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies.


Your organisation the OPS has tweeted a link to your colleague Piers Robinson's interview to Empire & Geopolitics broadcast in the past week in which he suggested the coronavirus might be part of hybrid warfare.


He said of the World Trade Centre attacks that it was “pretty obvious now that the official story is incorrect. The question is who was involved in influencing, arranging, and which states including from within the US political system. And if that's the case with 9/11 it’s perfectly possible there are actors at play with regard to this. Some people have talked about bioweapons and so on. All of that is possible.


“The US has been building facilities and so on. This is one of the things which we need to keep our eye on through all of this, the fact that especially if we are in a hybrid warfare situation, are there actors who might be using technologies in order to create modified viruses and so on and use them in a strategic way. It’s a possibility. I wouldn’t rule it out especially given concerns that we now have in relation to 9/11. We live in a world where people do dark deeds.”


He described covid-19 as “a low fatality virus. … There’s no indication that it’s significantly different with what we see from major flu outbreaks every year across the West” but “propagandistic information pouring through the mainstream media” had created “so much hype around it, there is so much fear”.

He said the public was “very malleable” and that “not to believe everything is more important than it has ever been at this critical moment for the West.”


His interviewer Hrvoje Morić, calling the virus “covid-1984”, claimed there had been evidence that 9/11 was known in advance and queried why the US war-gamed a pandemic in the months before coronavirus appeared.


The channel’s previous broadcast, which also suggested coronavirus was a biological weapon originating from North America, was deleted by YouTube after being watched by 300,000 viewers.


If you wish to respond, please do so by 14.00 BST, 09.00 New York time tomorrow (Thursday).


Thank you

Dominic Kennedy

The Times

(+44) 7860 926275  



(7) "This Is Where The World Is On The "Corona Curve" At This Moment: An Update" - by Tyler Durden.


April 12, 2020



(8) "91 recovered virus patients test positive again: KCDC | Yonhap News Agency" - from The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).


April 14, 2020



(9) "Capitalism Has Failed in Fighting Coronavirus" - by Richard Wolff.


April 10, 2020



(10) "Jésus viens nous sauvez d'Emmanuel" - hommage à Patrick Bouchitey.



April 13, 2020