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Subject : The Doom-and-Gloom Machine: “The die is cast!” - The Question, Now: “Where do we go from here?”





May  Day  2020

Grenoble, France



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


Monopoly Capitalism is no fun; it requires the operations of  illegitimate dependent power pyramids to maintain its rule over society. [For more discussion on the use of “dependent hierarchies” (both legitimate and illegitimate), please see CEIMSA Bulletin N°257,  N°286, N°300, and especially N°836.]



It is clear by this time that ill-prepared authorities imposed a lockdown as a delay tactic to compensate for the massive incompetence driven by the neoliberal economic system that abuses all of us. Science was replaced by a seat-of-the-pants ideology, and instead of taking the necessary precautions to protect the most vulnerable people in society, we were all placed in protective custody, locked up in our dwellings to postpone contagion, ostensibly in order to free available hospital beds for the most needy first. In this bizarre “one-size-fits-all” approach, we are now told by government authorities that designated groups of people will be released from lockdown on an experimental basis, beginning with young school children, unless or until a large number of them show positive signs of coronavirus infections, in which case they will be returned to lockdown, before another group is selected for experimentation. All this, because the necessary protective measures were not available at the beginning of this pandemic, and vulnerable groups were not identified and protected before the virus ran its natural course, creating widespread immunity. This error will be increasingly costly to ordinary people, as unnecessary lockdowns begin to cause economic and political havoc, as well as additional health issues.


So much for the scientific method under late capitalism, where profit comes first!



Returning to one of the interesting discussions in Fritjof Capra’s book, The Tao of Physics, we will look at the holistic view of the new physics, searching beyond a linear cause-and-effect relationship. One of the key concepts used in this systemic approach to understanding natural phenomena is “the bootstrap hypothesis,” developed by the University of Chicago theoretical physicist Geoffrey Chew (1924-2019). Capra presents this theory as follows:


     The bootstrap philosophy constitutes the final rejection of the mechanistic world view in modern physics. Newton’s universe was constructed from a set of basic entities with certain fundamental properties, which had been created by God and thus were not amenable to further analysis. In one way or another, this notion was implicit in all theories of natural science until the bootstrap hypothesis stated explicitly that the world cannot be understood as an assemblage of entities which cannot be analyzed further. In the new world view, the universe is seen as a dynamic web of interrelated events. None of the properties of any part of this web is fundamental; they all follow from the properties of the other parts, and the overall consistency of their mutual interrelations determines the structure of the entire web.


     Thus, the bootstrap philosophy represents the culmination of a view of nature that arose in quantum theory with the realization of an essential and universal interrelationship, acquired its dynamic content in relatively theory, and was formulated in terms of reaction probabilities in S-matrix theory.* At the same time, this view of nature came ever closer to the Eastern world view and is now in harmony with Eastern thought, both in its general philosophy  and in its specific picture of matter.


     The bootstrap hypothesis not only denies the existence of fundamental constituents of matter, but accepts no fundamental entities whatsoever – no fundamental laws, equations or principles – and thus abandons another ideal which has been an essential part of natural science for hundreds of yeas. The notion of fundamental laws of nature was derived from the belief in a divine lawgiver which was deeply rooted in the Judaeo-Christian tradition. In the words of Thomas Aquinas;


“There is a certain Eternal Law, to wit, Reason, existing in the mind of God and governing the whole universe.”


This notion of an eternal, divine law of nature greatly influenced Western philosophy and science. Descartes wrote about the ‘laws which God has put into nature’, and Newton believed that the highest aim of his scientific work was to give evidence of the ‘laws impressed upon nature by God’. To discover the ultimate fundamental lows of nature remained the aim of natural scientists for the three centuries following Newton.


     In modern physics, a very different attitude has now developed. Physicists have come to see that all their theories of natural phenomena, including the ‘laws’ they describe, are creations of the human mind; properties of our conceptual map of reality, rather than of reality itself. This conceptual scheme is necessarily limited and approximate,** as are all the scientific theories and ‘laws of nature’ it contains. All natural phenomena are ultimately interconnected, and in order to explain any one of them we need to understand all the others, which is obviously impossible. What makes science so successful is the discovery that approximations are possible. If one is satisfied with an approximate ‘understanding’ of nature, one can describe selected groups of phenomena in this way, neglecting other phenomena which are less relevant. Thus one can explain many phenomena in terms of a few, and consequently understand  different aspects of nature in an approximate way without having to understand everything at once. This is the scientific method; all scientific theories and models are approximations to the true nature of things, but the error involved in the approximations is often small enough to make an approach meaningful. In particle physics, for example, the gravitational interaction forces between particles are usually ignored, as they are many orders of magnitude weaker than those of the other interactions. Although the error caused by this omission is exceedingly small, it is clear that the gravitational interactions will have to be included in future, more accurate theories of particles.


     Thus physicists construct a sequence of partial and approximate theories, each of them being more accurate than the previous one, but none of them representing a complete and final account of natural phenomena. Like these theories, all the ‘laws of nature’ they describe are mutable destined to be replace by more accurate laws when the theories are improved. The incomplete character of a theory is usually reflected in its arbitrary parameter, or ‘fundamental constants’, that is, in quantities where numerical values are not explained by the theory, but have to be inserted into it after they have been determined empirically. Quantum theory cannot explain the value used for the mass of the electron, nor field theory the magnitude of the electron’s charge, or relativity theory that of the speed of light. In the classical view, these quantities were regarded as fundamental constants of nature which did not require any further explanation. In the modern views, their role of ‘fundamental constants’ is seen as temporary and reflecting the limitations of the present theories. According to the bootstrap philosophy, they should be explained, one by one, in the future theories as the accuracy and scope of these theories increase. Thus the ideal situation should  be approached, but it may never be reached where the theory does not contain any unexplained ‘fundamental’ constants, and where all its ‘laws’ follow from the requirement of overall self-consistency.


     It is important to realize, however, that even such an ideal theory must possess some unexplained features, although not necessarily in the form of numerical constraints; As long as it is a scientific theory, it will require the acceptance, without explanation, of certain concepts which form the scientific language. To push the bootstrap idea further would lead beyond science:


“In the broad sense, the bootstrap idea, although fascinating and useful is unscientific…. Science, as we know it, requires a language based on some unquestioned framework. Semantically, therefore, an attempt to explain all concepts can hardly be called ‘scientific’.”[ G.F. Chew cited in fn 3, p.333.)


It is evident that the complete ‘bootstrap’ view of nature, in which all phenomena in the universe are uniquely determined by mutual self-consistency, comes very close to the Eastern world view. An indivisible universe, in which all things and events are interrelated, would hardly make sense unless it were self-consistent. In a way, the requirement of self-consistency, which forms the basis of the bootstrap hypothesis, and the unity and interrelation of all phenomena, which are so strongly emphasized in Eastern mysticism, are just different aspects of the same idea. The close connection is most clearly expressed in Taoism. For the Taoist sages, all phenomena in the sold were part of the cosmic Way – the Tao – and the laws followed by the Tao were not laid down by any divine lawgiver, but were inherent in its nature.(pp. 302-305)




* “The S matrix is a collection of probabilities for all possible reactions involving hadrons.[A hadron is a subatomic particle composed of two or more quarks.] S matrix derives its name from the fact that one can imagine the whole assemblage of possible hadron reactions arranged in an infinite array of the kind mathematicians call a matrix. The letter S is a remainder of the original name ‘scattering matrix’ which refers to collision – or ‘scattering’ – processes, the majority of particle reactions.

Crunchyroll - Forum - Science Pictures                        Fritjof Capra's Tao of Physics, S-matrix & quark model

     “In practice, of course, one is never interested in the entire collection of hadron processes, but always in a few specific reactions. Therefore, one never deals with the whole S matrix, but only with those of its parts, or ‘elements’, which refer to the process under consideration. These are represented symbolically by diagrams like … which picture… the simplest and most general particle reactions: two particles, A and B, undergo a collision to emerge as two different particles, C and D. More complicated processes involve a greater number of particles. . . .” (Capra, pp.274-275)


** “The realm of rational knowledge is, of course, the realm of science which measures and quantifies, classifies and analyses. The limitations of any knowledge obtained by these methods have become increasingly apparent in modern science, and in particular in modern physics which has taught us, in the words of Werner Heisenberg, ‘that every world or concept, clear as it may seem to be, has only a limited range of applicability.’

     “For most of us it is very difficult to be constantly aware of the limitations and of the relativity of conceptual knowledge. Because our representation of reality is so much easier to grasp than reality itself, we tend to confuse the two and to take our concepts and symbols for reality. It is one of the main aims of Eastern mysticism to rid us of this confusion. Zen Buddhists say that a finger is needed to point at the moon, but that we should not trouble ourselves with the finger once the moon is recognized . . . .

     “In the West, the semanticist Alfred Korzybski made exactly the same point with his powerful slogan, ‘The map is not the territory.’”(Capra, pp.28-29)  




The 23 + items below represent articles and essays that reflect the social-economic spiral we have now entered, which has effectively reduced our control over our own lives. Not unlike Dante's descent into Hell, we are meeting familiar figures along this journey, including would-be dictators who continue to solicit our support for their fantastic cures to all social evils; the angry rebels who remain ever ready to lead us over the cliff, to our own self-destruction; as well as the usual array of “successful” entrepreneurs, always eager to make profits from our gullibility until the last hour of their existence, or ours. The conflicts that abound in this inferno reflect the mutilated consciousness that we inherited from the ill-willed guardians of capitalist hegemony and their goon squads. The engineering toward Voluntary Servitude is near the point that would turn "their wishes" into "our commands." And on the Agenda of these tyrants is inscribed the slogan: "Over Population - Abandon all hope ye who enter here!”  







Francis Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur de Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego





Black Agenda Report

Ruling-class Remedies

Ruling-class Remedies


by Raymond Nat Turner


News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2020

Subject: [MCM] MUST-SEE update interview with Prof. Knut Wittkowski, who's been right all along, and MUST be heard again, right now

Here Prof. Knut Wittkowski revisits the COVID-19 crisis, and the catastrophic folly of the lockdowns—
about which the position that he took in his first interview three weeks ago has now been vindicated,
as he notes. 

Please watch this to the end, and send it far and wide.


From John Kirby:

Perspectives on the Pandemic Episode 5: In this highly-charged follow-up interview, Knut Wittkowski says
says his initial claim has been vindicated: the lockdowns - always a dubious proposition for a respiratory  
virus - came too late in the U.S. and elsewhere, and were therefore even worse than useless. By turns  
emotional and darkly comic, Wittkowski ranges across all the essential topics of the crisis, and gives  
answers you are unlikely to see in the major media. Not to be missed.



“Bill Gates and Eugenics”




Coronavirus Dashboard


by Avi Schiffmann


 “Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics


with James Corbett



Human Lab Rats: The US Government’s Secret History of Grisly Medical Experiments


by John Whitehead


Grisly experiments, barbaric behavior and inhumane conditions have become synonymous with the US government, which has meted out untold horrors against humans and animals alike.


Mengele Medicine:  Death Panels of  Boss Tweet and Pence

Mengele Medicine:  Death Panels of  Boss Tweet and Pence


by Raymond Nat Turner


Security State Using Coronavirus To Implement “Orwellian Nightmare”


with Jimmy Dore



“The Propaganda Report” Dissects The Second Wave


with James Corbett






"Time to Start Opening Up, with Science, not Partisan Politics"


with Dr. John Ioannidis



We must stop the inane talk of saving lives versus saving the economy


by Suzanne Moore


Trump Orders Meat Plants to Remain Open as Worker Coronavirus Deaths Mount





by Nicole Narea


Noam Chomsky on How Bosses Are Making Coronavirus "Worse, for their Benefit"

Coronavirus : ces signes qui doivent vous alerter




For decades, Noam Chomsky has been a leading intellectual troublemaker. His books and speeches have helped to explain how a world run by corporations and billionaires has led to endless war and catastrophic climate change. Now he is helping to explain how corporations and billionaires are actually making the coronavirus pandemic worse by savagely pursuing policies that benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. Labor Notes staff writer Chris Brooks interviewed professor Chomsky on Friday, April 10 to learn more about how we got into this moment–and what it will take to get us out of it.


The Hard Fist of American Imperialism


by Michael Hudson with Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton



Economist Michael Hudson explains how American imperialism has created a global free lunch, where the US makes foreign countries pay for its wars, and even their own military occupation.


News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Subject: [MCM] Bill Gates building SEVEN factories to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines


The new coronavirus is the best thing that's ever happened to that demonic nerd.





OpEdNews Op Eds 4/28/2020 at 14:05:16   

Bill Gates Already Building Factories to Manufacture Covid-19 Vaccines

By Al Hirschfield       



I just find it intriguing that Bill Gates would be building not one, but seven factories to produce what he believes will, one day, eventually be vaccines for the coronavirus pandemic.

"Bill Gates says he will plug money into building factories for seven promising coronavirus vaccine candidates, even though it will mean wasting billions of dollars.

On Thursday's episode of "The Daily Show," the Microsoft billionaire told the host Trevor Noah that his philanthropic organization, the Gates Foundation, could mobilize faster than governments to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

"Because our foundation has such deep expertise in infectious diseases, we've thought about the epidemic, we did fund some things to be more prepared, like a vaccine effort," Gates said. "Our early money can accelerate things."

Gates said the top seven vaccine candidates would be picked, and then building manufacturing capacity would be built for them. "Even though we'll end up picking at most two of them, we're going to fund factories for all seven, just so that we don't waste time in serially saying, 'OK, which vaccine works?' and then building the factory," he said."


"Why lockdowns are the wrong policy - Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke"





The Flat Curve Society

It’s Game Over: the Swedish-Belarusian Herd Immunity Model Has Won


by Ulrika Engström


One third of Stockholmers have already had Covid-19, shook it off, and are now immune



News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Subject: [MCM] WHO now LAUDS Sweden as a "model" in combatting COVID-19, with NO lockdown

Is this a sign of institutional backtracking? 

Now how about a similar shout-out to Iceland, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea?



WHO lauds Sweden as a ‘model’ in coronavirus fight for resisting lockdown

By Jackie Salo
April 29, 2020 | 3:24pm





Bobby Valentine is stepping up again in the face of tragedy

News anchor allegedly caught cheating when half naked woman walks into live shot

Nixed Tomorrowland Winter festival has travel giant SunWeb in legal fight

What we learned about coronavirus today: How a post-lockdown world might look

The World Health Organization lauded Sweden as a “model” for battling the coronavirus as countries lift lockdowns — after the nation controversially refused restrictions.
Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said Wednesday there are “lessons to be learned” from the Scandinavian nation, which has largely relied on citizens to self-regulate.
“I think there’s a perception out that Sweden has not put in control measures and just has allowed the disease to spread,” Ryan told reporters. “Nothing can be further from the truth.”
Ryan noted that instead of lockdowns, the country has “put in place a very strong public policy around social distancing, around caring and protecting people in long term care facilities.”
“What it has done differently is it has very much relied on its relationship with its citizenry and the ability and willingness of its citizens to implement self-distancing and self-regulate,” Ryan said. “In that sense, they have implemented public policy through that partnership with the population.”


Parisians defy Covid-19 lockdown with outdoor DANCE PARTY

that prompts police raid (Videos)

Parisians defy Covid-19 lockdown with outdoor DANCE PARTY that prompts police raid (VIDEOS)



News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Subject: [MCM] 13 studies reveal how "social distancing" can kill you


Prolonged isolation is a killer, especially for those who can't afford to go online;

nor is it good for those who do have access to the Internet, since "online life"

is living death, for all the New York Times' attempts to sell it to us:



There is no substitute for life with others.




13 Studies Reveal How Social Distancing (i.e., Social Isolation) Can Increase Mortality



Posted on:

Friday, April 3rd 2020 at 2:00 pm

Written By:

GMI Reporter


"A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ"

- John Steinbeck


Hundreds of millions of adults and children are now either in quarantine in their homes, or engaged in "essential" travel in the public sphere, while maintaining an unnatural distance from one another, because they have been told this is the best way to protect their individual and the public's health from a deadly virus. But what are the consequences of the social isolation caused by this mass social distancing experiment? 

What is Social Distancing and Social Isolation? 

Social distancing, also known physical distancing, is defined as a set of non-pharmaceutical interventions taken to prevent the spread of presumably communicable diseases by maintaining a physical distance between people and reducing the frequency people come into close contact with each other.

Regardless of whether or not social distancing is actually effective in preventing disease transmi

ssion, it always results in some degree of social isolation, defined as disengagement from social ties, institutional connections, or community participation.

13 Studies Demonstrating Social Isolation Increases Mortality Risk:

There is a growing body of scientific research demonstrating that social isolation has significant adverse health impacts on both the psychological and physiological health and well-being of individuals, as represented by the following 13 studies which show significant increases in mortality.


'Very worried': Britain issues alert as possible new coronavirus syndrome emerges in children


by Bevan Shields


A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19


by Swiss Propaganda Research



Lifting the Lockdown; Easy Does It


by Mike Whitney


Why NYC's Largest Emergency Hospital Is Empty During COVID-19




The coronavirus has jam-packed more than 20,400 patients into New York City's hospitals. Overwhelmed healthcare workers expected the emergency field hospital at Javits Convention Center to offer relief by taking on COVID-19 patients. But after weeks of being open, the makeshift hospital is still mostly empty. Here's why.


News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Subject: [MCM] On Tokyo and New York City, the lockdowns overall (and why it's time to END them), and the fact that ventilators KILL those with COVID-19

Keith Rushworth responded to my question, "What's up with that?"—i.e., the fact that NYC, under lockdown,
has had 11,000 deaths (allegedly) due to COVID-19, while Tokyo, not under lockdown has had just 93.
His response is so enlightening that I'm sharing it with you.


Good question. I think a partial answer is that countries close to China had the virus for a while without noticing, as China did. and 
by the time they acted they were already largely immune. See my article, in which I stupidly neglect to mention Japan:

Also, I found this on an epidemiologist's FB page, from Alexandre Barthélémy in Argentina, suggesting that lockdowns basically do 
not work:

The other part of the equation is why NY is so bad. Their hospital admissions chart is almost a perfect Normal Distribution Curve, which 
seems to peak on around 4th April. Does look like the virus went through with nothing in its way!

Also interesting, a report from New York Post, in which an ER doctor says the peak was quite obvious in the Emergency Room on April 7th. 
A nice confirmation. He says it's now time to end the NY lockdown:

Then there's Senator Jensen, Minnesota Senate, who talks of payments of $39,000 for Covid patients put on ventilators. The indications 
are that most such patients died. Does anyone have an good info on payments to institutions for various medical issues?

I think everyone is struggling a bit with the NY situation. One wag put it down to the virus being hungry for publicity, and the Big Apple is the place to make Big News.







News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2020

Subject: [MCM] After over 5 million views, YouTube censors video of those two ER doctors speaking out against the lockdown


Our digital "commons" is a private playground where you're not allowed to tell, or know, the most important truths.





YouTube Censors Viral Video of Doctors Criticizing ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order

Deleted after racking up over 5 million views.





Paul Joseph Watson





YouTube has censored a viral video in which two doctors criticized the logic of whether California’s stay-at-home coronavirus order is necessary.

The video, which had racked up over 5 million views, featured Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, Calif.

In the clip, Erickson asserts that there is only a “0.03 chance of dying from COVID in the state of California,” prompting him to ask, “Does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? Does that necessitate people being out of work?”

Erickson also asked why fatalities were being counted as COVID-19 deaths when other ailments were actually more to blame.

“When someone dies in this country right now, they’re not talking about the high blood pressure, the diabetes, the stroke. They’re saying ‘Did they die from COVID?'” Erickson said. “We’ve been to hundreds of autopsies. You don’t talk about one thing, you talk about comorbidities. ER doctors now [say] ‘It’s interesting when I’m writing about my death report, I’m being pressured to add COVID. Why is that?”

The video was deleted late last night for “violating YouTube’s terms of service.”


Covid-19: What Is To Be Done?


with Jayati Ghosh


[T]his is going to have an impact that’s nothing like anything we have seen – not the Great Financial Crisis, not the Great Depression, not even the two World Wars. We are already going to be in an economic situation that is probably worse than all of these in terms of the massive global destruction of livelihoods and breaking of supply chains. So what do we do?


David Sirota: Pharma Greed and Covid-19


with RJ Eskow and David Sirota



China's Damning US Human Rights Report May Be Propaganda, but It's Not Wrong


by Alan Macleod


News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Luc Montagnier drops a bombshell: COVID-19 is NOT a natural virus—and it's evidently weakening as it spreads


Here is an explosive interview with Dr. Montagnier, who quietly explains to his incredulous interrogators that COVID-19 is not a natural virus that arose by chance out of that Chinese "wet market" (the Official Story, foretold in the last shot of the Matt Damon/Gwyneth Paltrow flick Contagion). The bits of HIV that Dr. Montagner and others have detected in this new coronavirus had to have been deliberately inserted, in a lab somewhere.


That's the bad news, which so completely, and authoritatively, shatters the Official Story that it had the program's trio of discussants freaking out (one of them desperately seeking counter-claims on his cellphone). The good news is that the coronavirus seems to be weakening, its virulence abating, as it mutates through transmission—a claim that also shatters the official story, which tells us that this pandemic will drag on, and on, and

on, and that we'll all to stay under house arrest, until every human being on Earth gets vaccinated. 


And there's more that the good doctor had to say (when his questioners weren't interrupting him). Please watch, and send this far and wide.




“Nobel Prof. Montagnier : COVID-19 caused by a vaccine experiment

gone bad”



[with English Subtitles]


FULL INTERVIEW of Medecine Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier on French mainstream channel CNEWS, April 17, 2020. Medecine Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier gives his expert opinion on the origin of the SARS-COVID2 virus. His main point is that the RNA sequences that are common to the HIV retrovirus are short, but long enough to be actively coding: he thinks that cannot be the result of a natural recombination, a lab must have been involved. He excludes the biowarfare motive, and thinks the virus comes from an attempt to create a vaccine against AIDS. He also says there are political pressures not to communicate about this, probably because all governements are involved in such experiments. The good news is that the artificial virus is loosing potency as it mutates, because Nature does not accept disharmony. This underlines once again the dangers of these new DNA/RNA recombinant vaccines, new technologies that can lead to absolute disasters for the human population.





Wolff Responds: Rush to get Americans Back to Work"


with Richard Wolff



Food shortages not problem, but lack of money to buy food is – Hunger Free America CEO




Miles-long lines are forming at food banks across the US with increased demands of between 100 to 250 percent. The USDA reports that food-stamp enrollment is up 40 percent since March. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 37 million Americans were considered food insecure. Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, shares his expertise.


Post-Covid-19: the world is facing a hunger pandemic and other disasters of biblical proportions


by David Dodwell



Disunited States: Government Failure to Address Coronavirus is Sparking a Mutual Aid Revolution


by Eleanor Goldfield


Diseased System in Shut-Lockdown: Never a Better Time to Fight for Socialism

Diseased System in Shut-Lockdown: Never a Better Time to Fight for Socialism


by Glen Ford


Economic Update: Capitalism's Unemployment Problem


with Richard Wolff



The Great Repression is here and it will make past downturns look tame economist says


by Andrea Riquier





U.S. Response to COVID-19 Equals Genocide for Blacks, but “Progressive” Leaders Offer Nothing But Words




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     Objet : COVID 19 : rappel du risque d'effets secondaires graves avec la chloroquine et l'hydroxychloroquine




        Chers confrères,


         Le Centre de Pharmacovigilance, de Pharmacoépidémiologie et

     d'Informations sur le médicament de Toulouse, en collaboration avec

     l'Agence Européenne des médicaments (EMA) vous fait part de

     nouvelles informations relatives à l'utilisation de chloroquine et

     hydroxychloroquine dans le cadre du COVID 19 (voir ci-joint).


          Nous vous rappelons notre consultation de pharmacovigilance

     pour laquelle vous pouvez nous adresser des patients pour discuter

     d'effets indésirables, d'interactions médicamenteuses ou optimiser

     les prescriptions.


          Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute information sur le

     médicament au 05-61-25-51-12, mail : pharmacovigilance@chu-toulouse.fr


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          N'oubliez pas par ailleurs de déclarer au Centre de

     PharmacoVigilance, de PharmacoEpidémiologie et d'Information sur le

     médicament les effets indésirables "graves" ou

     encore "inattendus" des médicaments. Ceci nous permettra d'améliorer

     l'efficience de nos prescriptions pour nos malades.


        Nous vous rappelons que vous pouvez désormais interroger le

     Centre de Pharmacovigilance ou déclarer les effets indésirables

     médicamenteux sur votre portable en

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     play. N'hésitez pas : c'est simple et pratique.


     L'Equipe du Centre de pharmacovigilance, de pharmacoepidémiologie et

     d'Informations sur le Médicament (CRPV).


In race for a coronavirus vaccine, an Oxford group makes strides


by David D Kirkpatrick





On Contact: The New Republic with D D Guttenplan


with Chris Hedges






“We Don’t Have the Capacity to Treat”: Palestinian-Canadian Doctor Says Israel Must Lift Gaza Siege

Meretz USA Calls for Lifting Gaza Siege - Tikun Olam תיקון עולם


with Dr. Tarek Loubani






Coronavirus: China faces fight to hang onto foreign manufacturers as US, Japan, EU make Covid-19 exit plans


by Finbarr Bermingham , Mark Magnier and Sidney Leng




From: Richard Greeman
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Subject: SDS, DSA and Biden endorsement



Dear Friends,


Recently headlines were made when 66 self-described "leaders" of the 1960's "new left" group SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) published an open letter from "the Old New Left to the New New Left." It's purpose was to endorse Joe Biden and urging all of us who "yearn for a more just and equal social order" to "face facts" and "work hard" campaigning for Biden and the Corporate Liberal National Democratic Party. https://www.thenation.com/article/activism/letter-new-left-biden/


The signatories were aiming their barbs at "New New Left" represented by DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), which has recently risen to prominence and gained tens of thousands of members, promoting Bernie and AOC, and succeeded in placing democratic socialism back on the agenda for the first time in generations and giving a socialist political home to the rising anti-capitalist movement that began with Occupy in 2011. DSA has sound socialist principles and will be around after the November election (if it takes place!)


As a very old, pre-SDS, New Leftist and a present member of DSA, I would like to dip my oar into this teacup tempest about CAMPAIGNING for Biden and the Dems, the "soft" or "liberal" face of our corrupt, conservative, racist, imperialist, billionaire-run duopoly.


Please note: this is not about VOTING for the lesser of two evils, which our corrupt system inevitably obliges us to do. This is about actually ENDORSING the Dems, who in my time brought us the the Red Scare, the Loyalty Oath, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and years of nuclear terror. The very idea of giving money and ringing doorbells for the DNC (remember Chicago 1968?) turns my stomach.


Obviously, we're all going to vote AGAINST against Trump, so this is a non-issue. But as far as campaigning is concerned, it must be FOR our goals: the Green New Deal, Free College, No Voter Suppression, Medicare for all, saving the Post office and not for a corrupt Party and candidate that is against these goals and always has been. 


What's ridiculous about all this is the lockstep conformity with which the so-called "Left" is asked to sign on to campaigns to people who themselves can't be bothered to oppose Trump – all in the name of "we gotta oppose Trump." Excuse me, but I do read the news and have not yet heard anything anti-Trump coming out of the hypocritical mouth of Joe Biden, only criticism of Democrats to his left. Meanwhile, the Democrats in the House and Senate, are busy capitulating TO Trump, giving billions to save the banks and corporations and a symbolic pittance to the frontline workers, the poor and unemployed. 


To the extent that Bernie Sanders represented a movement, he led the progressive campaign for social justice that  "Our Revolution" ought to be mobilising its huge bankroll, mailing list and organizers to promote. By campaigning for these issues we will most effectively oppose Trump. As far as the election is concern, those who listen to us will vote against him, and vote for the latest worn-out party hack, holding their noses. 


Personal note. In the late Fifties I was a student activist, in YPSL, the Young People's Socialist League (the ancestor of DSA) along with Bernie Sanders.  I also worked with Columbia CORE and the Independent Committee Against the War in Vietnam and later, at first reluctantly, in SDS. Indeed, when SDS first appeared at Columbia and Dave Gilbert asked me whether we (the Independent Committee at CU) ought to join it, I said I was suspicious of the new group, given that SDS's sponsoring organisation (LID) had red-baited our YPSL campus socialist group at Yale, where I was an undergrad, and came with a lot of Cold War baggage. Our 1950's New Left represented a break with the Old Left that apologised for the Stalinist system, which had crushed the Hungarian soviets in 1956.


But the SDS new left had no sense of history, and so I was not surprised (albeit horrified) when after 1968 the self-appointed "leaders" of SDS switched Cold War sides and joined Mao's China which was conniving with Nixon to crush the Vietnamese rebellion.


History is important, and I attach a somewhat overlong but very accurate article on this point by my contemporary, the socialist historian Paul Le Blanc from New Politics magazine (which I have been writing for since the 60's). In it, Paul demolishes the historical analogies about 1919 and 1968, which in fact demonstrate the exact opposite conclusions of what the today's opportunist 66 repentant SDSers are arguing for.  His points are very instructive and worth considering.




Best wishes to all, Richard Greeman



Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray Indicted


by Ray McGovern


Alex Salmond, a friend of Amb. Craig Murray, was First Minister of Scotland and leader of the pro-Independence Scottish National Party. When the party narrowly lost the independence referendum in 2014, Salmond stepped down and his deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, became, and remains, First Minister.

Salmond was thought to be considering a political comeback. Then came several sexual allegations against him, which Amb. Murray publicly described as false. Murray uses the word “fit-up”, British slang meaning to incriminate someone on false charges.

Alex Salmond was tried and a majority female jury found him innocent of all charges

Murray believes that Sturgeon and associates are determined that nobody should find out what really happened. There has been a media campaign implying Salmond is really guilty.  Murray reports that there has also been a police campaign of intimidation against anyone, even ordinary folk making a Facebook post, who implies the charges were contrived. The chief prosecutor and his key staff are all Sturgeon appointees, as is the police chief.





News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2020

Subject: [MCM] Pentagon/CIA/Silicon Valley have a PLAN to turn America into a living hell straight out of TERMINATOR (MUST-WATCH, MUST-READ)


Here's Whitney Webb on "The Jimmy Dore Show," reporting on the plan, drawn up last May, to surpass China in AI, by radically transforming the US economy, society and culture. Just as they used the threat of "terrorism" after 9/11, then the threat of more "mass shootings" after Sandy Hook and during all its sequels, our overlords are now exploiting the coronavirus crisis to eliminate what they see as the "obstacles" to realizing their dystopian ideal of total electronic dominance: privacy laws, cash, in-person medical appointments, car ownership and (of course) human labor, just to name a few of what they see as the obstructive "legacies" in American life—"legacies" to be wiped out, ostensibly to save us all from the coronavirus, but actually not just to emulate, but outdo China at the subjugation of the masses (a/k/a the rest of us).    




Here's a detailed article about the plan, drafted by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), the US military/CIA/Big Tech cabal that, seeing human beings as "biohazards," is working now to realize that dream of moving all our lives online, while most of us are following orders, huddling in our homes, completely misinformed and brilliantly distracted by "our free press" and the entertainment complex:




It's way past time for all of us to wake up, move past the deceptive sideshow of party

"politics," transcend the tribal hatefulness that it incites, and on which it depends, 

and make some common cause with other citizens who want to be alive, and well, and 

free to move around, and gather as we will, so we can take charge of the state that's 

now intent on killing us.




Disastrous consequences if US proceeds with “policy of provocation”



 by John Pilger


Russia China and the New World Order


with George Galloway, Rana Mitter, Stephen King



Is the growth of China and Russia as the world's dominant economic power worrying? Or should we applaud a break from US global dominance? George Galloway, Rana Mitter and Stephen King debate the new world order.


Oil price war started after shouting match between Putin and MbS


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris



EU leaders prepare trillion euro kleptocrat slush fund


 with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris






Experts Warn: Years of US Intervention Have Set the Stage for a Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak in Haiti


by Alan Macleod


ICE is Deporting COVID-19 Positive Detainees from Private Immigration Prisons

Trump administration has made sweeping changes to the US ...


by Alan Macleod



Is the Coronavirus the end of Capitalism & the Revival of Socialism?


 with Richard Wolff






“How Bernie & Squad Actually Support Corporate State”


with Jimmy Dore and Chris Hedges



The Burden of Debt




Many of the country’s health professionals, fighting COVID-19 on the front lines, are burdened with massive student loan debt. The issue holds back the lives of those willing to put their health at risk for the health of others. It may have also left much of the country underprepared as we face a shortage of nurses and doctors. The high cost of medical school is also pushing many to simply abandon their dreams of becoming a doctor or nurse altogether. This week guest host Faran Fronczak sits down with Ameshia Cross of Watching the Hawks to discuss the latest.





How the National Security State Is Using Coronavirus to Push AI-Driven Mass Surveillance


by Whitney Webb


Ramsey Orta, the Man Who Filmed Police Murder of Eric Garner Says Prison Guards Threatened to Give Him COVID-19


by Alan Macleod





Historians for Peace and Democracy (H-PAD)

From: Jim O'Brien via H-PAD
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2020
Subject: [H-PAD] H-PAD Notes 4/27/20: Links to recent articles of interest



Links to Recent Articles of Interest


"Minorities, Native Peoples, the Poor, and Infectious Diseases from Columbus to Caronavirus"

By Walter G. Moss, History News Network, posted April 26

The author is an emeritus professor of history at Eastern Michigan University.


"History Should Have Taught Us Not to Believe the Quinine Drug Hype"

By Andrew Goss, History News Network, posted April 26

A short history of efforts to use anitmalarial drugs for unrelated illnesses.The author teaches history at August University in Georgia and has published on the history of science, empire, and medicine.


"COVID-19 'Liberate' Groups Are the Same Ones Pushing Climate Denial"

By Steve Horn, DESMOG, posted April 22

"The well-funded machinery that sowed doubt about climate is now sowing seeds of doubt over the economic and public health response to COVID-19." This story is part of a global journalism collaboration marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.


"Will American Exceptionalism Survive the Pandemic?"

By Andrew Bacevich, Spectator/USA, posted April 22

"By and large, the world's most powerful and most expensive military establishment is not proving terribly relevant." The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.


"Selma 1965, Wisconsin 2020: Multiracial Democracy vs. A White Republic"

By Max Elbaum, Organizing Upgrade, posted April 20

On the long history of voter suppression directed at racial minorities in the US and of efforts to challenge it.


"What a White-Supremacist Coup Looks Like"

By Cleb Crain, The New Yorker, posted April 20

Review-essay of the new book Wilmington's Lie by David Zucchino (Grove Atlantic, 2020) on the violent overthrow of the Wilmington, NC city government in 1898.


"Evangelicals, Donald J. Trump, and the Making of the Tribune in Chief"

By Paul Croce, History News Network, posted April 19

A historically informed analysis of President Trump's strong support among white evangelicals. The author teaches history at Stetson University and is a recent past president of the William James Society.


"A Parade That Killed Thousands"

By The Week Staff, The Week, posted April 18

On the decision to go ahead with a massive War Bonds parade in Philadelphia amid the 1918 flu pandemic, and its consequences.


"The 1918 Flu Epidemic Killed 12 Million Indians, and British Overlords' Indifference Strengthened the Anti-Colonial Movement"

By Maura Chhun, The Conversation, posted April 17

The author teaches history at Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis.


"How a Public Health Crisis Nearly Derailed the American Revolution"

By Andrew Lawlor, National Geographic, posted April 16

"George Washington confronted a smallpox epidemic with a belief in science - and a controversial plan."


Thanks to an anonymous reader for flagging several of the above articles. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.





Green Brownshirts Strike at

Michael Moore


by John Hinderaker


Climate experts call for 'dangerous' Michael Moore film to be taken down


by Oliver Milman

A new Michael Moore-produced documentary that takes aim at the supposed hypocrisy of the green movement is “dangerous, misleading and destructive” and should be removed from public viewing, according to an assortment of climate scientists and environmental campaigners.

The film, Planet of the Humans, was released on the eve of Earth Day last week by its producer, Michael Moore, the baseball cap-wearing documentarian known for Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine. Describing itself as a “full-frontal assault on our sacred cows”, the film argues that electric cars and solar energy are unreliable and rely upon fossil fuels to function. It also attacks figures including Al Gore for bolstering corporations that push flawed technologies over real solutions to the climate crisis.




News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Why do so many "left" outlets support the new police state taking shape to "save" us from the new coronavirus?



Here the excellent Catte Black raises a key question: Why is so much of "the left" press standing with the New York Times and CNN, in favor of the new police state taking shape to "save" us all from the coronavirus? I posed this question in my recent piece about  Consortium News' shocking editorial that fiercely seconded the UN Secretary-General's decrial of the "wild conspiracy theories" now "infecting the Internet"—"theories" that

are actually all facts that everybody needs to know. 


Here's a pertinent and very helpful comment by Mike Champine, on Facebook.


(He doesn't mention Consortium News, although he could, and should.)


I'm reviewing all my once-cherished "leftist" sources to see which ones are still worth reading and which deserve to be discarded. Over the last couple weeks


I've removed from my reading list :


1.     RT,

2.     Sputnik,

3.     TASS,

4.     Xinhua,

5.     Moon of Alabama

6.     Unz,

7.     The Saker,

8.     New Eastern Outlook,

9.     The Grayzone and

10.                        Counterpunch.



I commend :


1.     21st Century Wire,

2.     Global Research,

3.     Off-Guardian,

4.     Consent Factory

5.     Mark Taliano

6.     Eva Karene Bartlett

7.     CJ Hopkins,

8.     Vanessa Beeley,

9.     Cory Morningstar,

10.                        John Pilger

11.                        John Whitehead

12.                        Wendy Broffman-Jackson,

13.                        and all my clear-thinking friends for exposing the Covid lies and propaganda rather than being devoured and swallowed by it like so many of our old friends. 


Thank you all.



I don't think it's improper, or irrational, to suggest that those "left" outlets standing up for the new medical police state may be linked, either through their funding or because of agents in their ranks, to higher powers—like, say, the CIA. 





Apr 12, 2020 


Why are some respected alt-media embracing a police state?


by Catte Black


It should be obvious by now to anyone that the covid19 pandemic, whatever its origins, is being used to fast forward a “new normal” world of unparalleled government power, surveillance and curtailment of individual liberty.


We are looking already at:


·         Compulsory DNRs for some elderly.

·         Biometric chips or bracelets to monitor whether or not you have permission to be outside your home or engage in work

·         Drone surveillance as normal.

·         Apps on your phone that can detect any breach of the self-isolation policy.

·         Huge new police powers of arrest and detention for anyone suspected of carrying the virus.

·         Suspension of elections for indefinite periods at government discretion.


And this is only the starter course. We can be pretty sure they are currently just easing us in. The real stuff will be rolling along in the next months or maybe years (depending on how quickly they feel able to get this on).


This is the fabric of nightmare. A worst-case horror story that is the absolute quintessence of everything the alt-media is supposed to oppose.


Surely, you would think, any self-respecting alt-media person would be opposing this with everything they have while they still have a voice.


Well, some of us are of course. And we’re going to be posting links to other sites currently doing great work challenging this rollout.


But, weeks into this crisis, there are some very prominent voices still refusing to either question the official narrative of the pandemic or unequivocally condemn the fast dawn of the “new normal” Brave New World.


We’ve held off from confronting this for a while now. We figured people needed time to adjust or wake up to the reality of what was happening. It’s shocking after all, and deeply disorienting, and different individuals need different amounts of time to get their bearings when something that shakes their worldview comes along.


But adjustment time is long over by now.


Let’s also be clear, we’re not condemning people for simply disagreeing with us. We expect disagreement on some issues. It’s a source of strength for all of us.


But this is not about relatively minor differences of opinion or interpretation.

This is sophisticated analysts, with resources and experience, failing to condemn, and even supporting, what amounts to de facto international martial law.


This is Labour activists who mere weeks ago were calling Boris Johnson a murderer and psychopath, now cheering as he is handed total control of their lives and their children’s lives.


This is respected journalists, commentators and academics who loudly condemned the cynical lies about WMDs or ‘chemical attacks’ in Douma, the fake videos and fake White Helmets, suddenly and uncritically accepting the veracity of every government virus narrative, every unsourced video and media meme that has #covid19 as a hashtag.


This is people who have campaigned against the Patriot Act for 19 years, signing off on the new US anti-covid19 legislation without a murmur; who know that governments always abuse their powers, thinking they somehow just won’t abuse these.


This is people who know about Guantanamo and who have seen Julian Assange humiliated and abused, somehow thinking the people who did these things won’t use the new post-covid police state to do them even more.


This is something more than simple denial. It’s – what?





Stop Calling It “Contact Tracing!” – #PropagandaWatch


with James Corbett



What’s in a name? Everything. Find out about the latest attempt to package the Orwellian total police state surveillance grid as something wonderful and wholesome—and why you should never, ever say “contact tracing”—in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.


Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges: These "are the good times — compared to what's coming next"



Cornel West: “Trump Is A Fascist And A Gangster”






News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller

Sent: Monday, April 27, 2020
Subject: TR: [MCM] Two ER doctors lucidly DESTROY the rationale for "sheltering in place," and for requiring everybody to wear masks and gloves. (MUST-WATCH VIDEO)


Here's the video of an urgent press briefing, held on April 22, by two ER doctors in Kern County, California. Based on their front-line experience dealing with COVID-19 patients, and, between them, some 40 years of medical practice, as well as their clear expertise in immunology and microbiology,  they lucidly and soberly destroy the terroristic rationale for "sheltering in place" by healthy people, and ordering everyone to creep around wearing masks and gloves.


Their mastery of the data in Kern County, the "secondary" consequences of the COVID-19 panic (child molestation, spousal abuse, alcoholism and suicide have all spiked in a nation under house arrest, while people sick with other illnesses aren't getting proper treatment, out of fear), and the fundamentals of what Dr. Erickson called "Immunology 101," is vastly more impressive, and convincing, than the speculative fear-mongering of Dr. Fauci (and his owner, Bill Gates. 


Also worth noting is the authoritarian uneasiness of the reporters. We can almost hear their heads exploding, as the doctors calmly shattered the abstract and ruinous "models" from the NIH and WHO—oracles that those reporters just could not believe might be mistaken, as their  feeble challenges made clear. "How could you be right and all those other doctors be so wrong?? Doesn't the government have the same data you have??" Such questions—identical to those that Dr. Montagner was pelted with in that recent interview on French TV—tell us that the bald credulity of "our free press" throughout the West, their abject acceptance of the state's Official Story, is a far greater danger to "the general welfare" than COVID-19.


Please watch this to the end, and send the link to everyone you know. 






From John Kirby:


Dear people,

This is it, enough is enough.  What those of us who study government could smell from the beginning is now being confirmed by ALL THE DATA, even from those entities who made it their business to terrify us. 


Watch this entire press conference from actual frontline doctors at a major California facility. You will hear definitive and irrefutable information, clearly presented, about the real prevalence and death rate of Covid 19. 


You will hear a devastating critique of quarantining the healthy.  You will hear the recommendation to wear masks and gloves outside of acute facilities utterly eviscerated


You will relearn what we all once knew—that Lysoling your home to death, and staying indoors and out of the world, DESTROYS YOUR ESSENTIAL FLORA, your basic immunity.  You will hear how the virus has spread IN SPITE OF CONTAINMENT, arriving with your delivery of plastic water bottles from Costco.  


You will see, as though a veil had parted, the arbitrary nature of the shutdown, where Walmarts can accept customers (and increase the prevalence of infection—and immunity) and a small pizza parlor or coffee shop, or school, or church, cannot  


No more nonsense.  No matter how committed you may have been, prior to this moment, to accepting the Trump/Fauci dictates, it's now time to LET IT GO.  


Every moment you remain in fear, you stay susceptible to what is coming, what has already arrived—and what we have now learned from FOIA’d documents has been planned eagerly for years: the reorganization of the global economy and civic life around the principles of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, featuring authoritarian surveillance states modeled after China’s.  We will need clear heads to have any hope of understanding what is going on.  









Organizer: Domestic Workers Make All Work Possible, But the Coronavirus Relief Bill Discounts Them


with Riya Ortiz



From: Monty Kroopkin [mailto:mkroopkin@juno.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2020 8:13 PM
To: michelle.feeley@hotmail.com; francis.feeley@wanadoo.fr
Subject: General strikes ? An open letter and May Day greetings. Join the meeting.



Join the meeting:


SATURDAY MAY 2, 2020 AT 2 - 3 PM (San Diego/Tijuana time). click on by!



To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.402.2718,,3584292632#
Looking for a different dial-in number?
See meeting dial-in numbers:

If also dialing-in through a room phone, join without connecting to audio: https://meet.jit.si/PatientChaosComplementTruly…

This will be both a social event for us and a chance to kick around thoughts about what our alumni group might be doing for the coming months to aid the community of collectives on the UCSD campus.

I hope to see you next weekend!
Monty Reed Kroopkin

p.s. -- As brain food for the event, here are some things I have been thinking about:

Designated Persons Responsible (DPRs) ? for:

calling quarterly gathering

annual reunion during homecoming weekend

calling study groups

fund raising campaigns

faculty projects

educational and mutual aid relations with North American Students of Cooperation, California Center for Cooperative Development, United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives …


Sent with Basecamp

You can reply to this email or respond in Basecamp.

Get the Basecamp app for iPhone or Android!



We, a group of IWW locals, have now published and begun circulation of


"General strikes ? An open letter and May Day greetings"



 We hope it will be read widely during the coming month by workers worldwide. Please help us circulate it.


One Big Union!

Monty Kroopkin, branch secretary

IWW Local 13, San Diego GMB


From: Fred Lonidier
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Subject: Hear Fred Glass talk on the history of May Day, the Red Holiday


Folks:  I'm giving a day-before-May Day talk on the history of the holiday known as International Workers Day in most places around the world, but not here. The talk is sponsored by East Bay DSA.  Yes, a zoom presentation.  The good news is I've got a slide show to accompany the talk, so you don't have to look at me reading for half an hour, and if you have ever wondered about the hidden history of this holiday, or you are now wondering because I brought it up, tune on in.  Click here for more info.


What:      The Red Holiday:  A Labor History of May Day

When:     April 30, 7pm

Where:    In your kitchen

Who:       Fred G.

Zoom link:   https://zoom.us/j/99886055671?pwd=Ny9lbTR3NUoxTktEUEVqaXRIR0RnQT09

Password: 127316




Fred Glass

Authorfilmmaker • labor activist

fglasscft@gmail.com • 510-579-3343




From: david gabriel [mailto:david.aitec@reseau-ipam.org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Subject: Re: [Logement-infos] Résumé des initiatives pour un logement digne, décent et adapté pour toutes et tous (part.1)

Dans la lignée du texte sur le moratoire à la Villeneuve, voici une initiative pour construire ensemble des réponses à la crise ce jeudi soir à 18h




Construire ensemble des propositions face à la crise à la Villeneuve et au-delà


A la Villeneuve comme ailleurs, la crise sanitaire du COVID19 aura de nombreuses conséquences sociales, économiques et financières. Alors que l’on commence à réfléchir à l’après-crise, il n’est pas possible de faire comme si rien ne s’était passé. La transformation urbaine de la Villeneuve, et plus largement de la centralité sud, doit contribuer à apporter des réponses à la crise.

C’est pourquoi nous proposons que les habitants, associations, artisans, étudiants, professionnels deviennent force de proposition pour «Prendre soin de la Villeneuve » et au-delà. A partir de toutes les ressources existantes, nous vous proposons de construire un nouveau cycle pour imaginer la résilience du territoire.

Cette rencontre est ouverte à tous les acteurs du territoire et au delà. Le premier rendez-vous aura lieu le jeudi 30 avril de 18h à 21h par visioconférence ou téléphone.

Pour participer à la réunion il suffit de cliquer sur ce lien le jour de la rencontre : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83250276642

Attention : si c'est la première fois que vous utiliser ZOOM, vous devez Télécharger Zoom sur votre ordinateur (ou smartphone) https://zoom.us/download). Vous pouvez également joindre la réunion par téléphone au numéro suivant 07 5678 4048 + rentrer l'identifiant de la réunion 83250276642 suivi de la touche #

N'hésitez pas à faire circuler

Inscription : ricarlequin@gmail.com


Le mar. 28 avr. 2020 à 13:37, DAL38 <droitaulogement@gresille.org> a écrit :

Bonjour, nous résumons et relayons quelques initiatives actuelles:

* une pétition circule actuellement pour interpeller bailleurs sociaux et décideurs en Isère, exigeant un moratoire sur les loyers: prenez un moment pour la signer ->
votre organisation peut également rejoindre les premiers signataires de la lettre ouverte qui l'accompagne (en pj "pour un moratoire sur les loyers en Isère)

* Au niveau national, le DAL et d'autres organisations ont lancé le mouvement "suspendons nos loyers": une affiche a été créée (en pj loyersuspendu), que vous pouvez relayer largement: l'objectif est de contraindre le gouvernement à agir afin d'éviter les milliers d'expulsions à venir. Attention à ne pas vous engager néanmoins dans une suspension de
loyer si vous êtes déjà menacés d'expulsion, en dette, avec un échéancier...pour tout problème ou demande de renseignements, contactez le DAL au 06 41 30 55 18. N'hésitez pas à visiter le site www.loyersuspendu.org

* A Villeneuve, le groupe de travail pour un RIC à l'Arlequin a rédigé un texte concernant la rénovation urbaine à la Villeneuve (en pj texte Villeneuve), demandant l'attribution des logements vides menacés de démolition, un moratoire sur les loyers et les charges et une remise à plat du projet de rénovation. Distribué à 1000 exemplaires dans les boites à lettre de l'Arlequin

 à suivre...




How the Pandemic Will Change Americans Streets


by Derek Thompson


Letters from Our Readers  |

Black Agenda Report


by Jahan Choudhry




Chris Hedges "Fascism in the Age of Trump"


with Chris Hedges



Making Billions: The Richest People in the World in 2020


by Dorothy Neufeld


Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. No government should offer them a lifeline | Environment


by George Monbiot





News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Where did this virus come from? Labs worldwide have been weaponizing viruses for decades.



If COVID-19 was engineered deliberately—and there's no rational grounds for laughing off Dr. Luc Montagner's finding that it was—then we must face the chilling likelihood that it, or something like it, can be deployed at any time, to re-terrorize the edgy masses, and "prove" that it was "too soon" to re-open the economy. 


Terror makes people stupid, and therefore incapable of wondering if that recurrence might not be a natural "second wave," but a deliberate means of driving us all back into their homes, desperate for instructions (orders) from on high—and for that all-important vaccination.  





Did this virus come from a lab? Maybe not — but it exposes the threat of a biowarfare arms race

Dangerous pathogens are captured in the wild and made deadlier in government biowarfare labs. Did that happen here?



APRIL 24, 2020 10:00AM (UTC)


There has been no scientific finding that the novel coronavirus was bioengineered, but its origins are not entirely clear. Deadly pathogens discovered in the wild are sometimes studied in labs — and sometimes made more dangerous. That possibility, and other plausible scenarios, have been incorrectly dismissed in remarks by some scientists and  government officials, and in the coverage of most major media outlets.

Regardless of the source of this pandemic, there is considerable documentation that a global biological arms race going on outside of public view could produce even more deadly pandemics in the future.

While much of the media and political establishment have minimized the threat from such lab work, some hawks on the American right like Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., have singled out Chinese biodefense researchers as uniquely dangerous. 

But there is every indication that U.S. lab work is every bit as threatening as that in Chinese labs. American labs also operate in secret, and are also known to be accident-prone.

The current dynamics of the biological arms race have been driven by U.S. government decisions that extend back decades. In December 2009, Reuters reported that the Obama administration was refusing even to negotiate the possible monitoring of biological


"The World After Coronavirus: The Future of Neoliberalism” - Part 1 & Part 2






with Noam Chomsky



The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis of unprecedented scale, with aftershocks that will be felt in virtually every aspect of life for years or decades to come. The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future at the Pardee School of Global Studies has launched a new video series called "The World After Coronavirus," in which we ask leading experts and practitioners from Boston University and across the world to explore the challenges and opportunities we will face in our post-coronavirus future. The series is hosted by Prof. Adil Najam, the Inaugural Dean of the Pardee School of Global Studies and former Director of the Pardee Center. In this episode (the first of a two-part conversation) Dean Najam speaks with Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about the future of neoliberalism after COVID-19.






News From Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Digital currency is on its way —a perfect way to STARVE you if you don't get vaccinated.


This must be resisted.




From Cory Morningstar on Facebook:




This is an important post of what is going on in the background. As the public psyche is inundated with fear and "pandemic like a world war" metaphors/language, Western governments are waging a far different war. One that is not making the headlines. It is that of a currency war for global dominance as we enter the age of global digitalization.

Again - this is not an anti-China sentiment post. This is NOT a post to meant to incite hatred or demonize the Chinese Government. This is about the GLOBAL roll out of digital currency and blockchain. (see April 19 2020 post)

April 25, 2020: "For two days in a row last week, amid coronavirus-related market meltdowns, a group of stocks on China’s main exchange moved so significantly that they triggered automatic circuit-breakers designed to halt trading. But trading was suspended not because the stocks plummeted. It was because they soared.

The explosive rally of digital currency-related stocks followed news that after several years of anticipation, China’s government released a timeline for rolling out its new digital currency in four cities.

In the next month, government workers in these cities will use a smartphone application to receive at least a portion of their paychecks in the form of a digital payment, marking a milestone on the path toward the world’s first digital currency system by a major central bank.

To some experts, the digital currency could represent a serious threat to an American asset that has reigned unchallenged for decades: the U.S. dollar.

U.S. dollars reign supreme in the global economy. Nearly 90 percent of international transactions in 2019 were in U.S. dollars, and about 60 percent of all foreign exchange reserves in the world are in U.S. dollars, compared with the Chinese yuan, which makes up only 2 percent of global payments and reserves.

The dominance gives Washington enormous power — even in issues that have little to do with finance. Because a linchpin of the global financial system is in New York, where dollar-based payment systems process trillions in transactions, the U.S. government has global muscle in enforcing sanctions...

Domestically, the dollar has been a vital asset to Americans, too, especially in times of crisis. As demand for U.S. dollars has increased during the current coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has been able to borrow at relatively low interest rates, helping to finance its rescue.

“This is an important advantage for the U.S. in responding quickly to a crisis that policymakers in some other major economies lack,"...

July 2019: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: “This is indeed a national security issue”

To preserve the dollar’s status, analysts have been warning recently that the United States cannot afford to let China get ahead on cryptocurrency.

Tim Morrison, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute who served as a special assistant to President Donald Trump, told VOA that he believes the prospect of Beijing “dominating this emerging financial technology should be alarming.”

In the United States, digital currencies are still in the planning stages. Facebook announced last summer a global digital currency called Libra, but it is still trying to win approval from regulators.

Earlier in April, U.S. lawmakers introduced a bill that would authorize the Federal Reserve to create “Digital Dollar Account Wallets" called “FedAccounts” to distribute stimulus checks to business and citizens...

"A China victory in the digital currency race would have profound negative effects for the U.S., and Western capitalism generally,” he said.

Casey said even with a head start, it is still a long shot for China to win the battle. But he said, "If the U.S. doesn’t catch up soon, it’s going to lose.”...

Although it is impossible to predict whether or when the dollar will be dethroned, an opinion piece reprinted by China's Commerce Ministry on its official website six years ago, when China began studying the development of a state digital currency, may offer a clue: "RMB will replace USD in the next 15 years," the site said.


The World Economic Forum (WEF), in its report published on Jan. 22, 2020, concluded that central banks across the world have been waking up to the idea of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) now more than ever before.

The WEF gathered representatives from more than 40 central banks and other financial institutions to create the CBDC Policy-Maker Toolkit. So far, the National Bank of Cambodia, Central Bank of Uruguay, Bank of Thailand, People’s Bank of China, and Eastern Caribbean Central Bank have agreed to use the toolkit to draw up plans for their own potential CBDC in the future.


The implication of digitalization, AI and blockchain for citizens - and for humanity - is more than dire. And we are currently being conditioned for its acceptance and implementation.

At present moment Chile & other countries are looking at digital immunity passports as the sole means to regain your revoked freedoms. This is nothing less than coercion.

The irony: the passport is the conduit/ the foray into 4IR blockchain. Block & Chain. Linking behaviour to benefits.

Freedom - in exchange for perpetual slavery and compliance.

Emulating the digital immunity passport, a digital health passport will be the only means to access health services - a digital, woke coercion.

See the critical research being done by Alison Hawver McDowell.


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From: Dominique
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2020
Subject: La barbarie au Salvador



Toute ressemblance avec des événements déjà arrivés ne serait que pure



Prison d'Izalco au Salvador le 25 avril 2020

Photos transmises par le service de presse de la présidence salvadorienne

Bonjour, la distanciation sociale !


Le contexte :

Le président du Salvador, Nayib Bukele, a autorisé dimanche 26 avril la police et l’armée à utiliser la «force meurtrière» contre les membres de gangs afin de réprimer la violence accrue qui règne dans ce pays d’Amérique centrale en pleine pandémie de Covid-19 (…)


Quelque 12.862 membres de gangs sont incarcérés au Salvador, selon les autorités pénitentiaires. (...)


« Le Salvador a imposé certaines des mesures les plus strictes des Amériques pour lutter contre la propagation du coronavirus. »


Extraits de l'article : https://www.lefigaro.fr/international/le-salvador-autorise-le-recours-a-la-forcemeurtriere-




Ce sont peut-être des salopards

Mais personne n'a le droit de traiter

un homme comme ça !

Ni hier !

Ni aujourd'hui !

Ni demain !














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