Bulletin N°929





Subject: “The Politics of Fear”: Reductio ad absurdum.



Grenoble, 15 October 2020


Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


As the “Plandemic” unfolds, and authoritarian solutions take root and spread across society, we are witnessing a sort of paradigm shift to a society reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany and Italy – a corporate state that is supported by popular feelings of manufactured paranoia.



I spoke with a medical friend recently, who replied to my quarries: “I understand what you are saying [about this political moment], but I don’t share your feelings. You are narrowly focused on political behavior, and what you see is true; but I have a wider view and am prepared to live under these conditions without feeling upset. They will eventually pass without affecting me. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people.”


Another medical person gave his opinion when asked about the efficacy of wearing the mask: “It’s better than no mask.” And about the health risks of the mask, he responded: “It is not good to block fresh air to the mouth and lungs, but contracting the Covid virus is worse.”


By this logic, couldn’t we say, “Yes, covid-19 can be fatal, but so can pneumonia and a number of other lung disease, at approximately the same fatality rate.”



Who are the real experts and where is the uncensored scientific discussion?


How has such control over information been possible?


Just a few modest questions for the high priests from a concerned layman, as the public discussion continues . . . .



Please see below selected items from social media this week.




Francis McCollum Feeley



Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego




Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine“ - an interview with Vera Sharav, Part One.




Published October 12, 2020.



“What I Learned From the Master of Propaganda” – with James Corbett.



Published October 13, 2020.



“George Orwell and 1984: How Freedom Dies” – by The Academy of Ideas.



December 30, 2017.



“Covid Unmasked” The Archives.


Published October 14, 2020.



News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Subject: [MCM] "The men who speak for science," and the Big Lie they've put over on the world


All three parts of Josh Mitteldorf's invaluable analysis.


a. https://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2020/10/01/the-men-who-speak-for-science/

b. https://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2020/10/06/ten-elements-of-the-false-covid-narrative-first-5/

c. https://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2020/10/10/ten-elements-of-the-false-covid-narrative-last-5/



“Consent Factory, Inc. : The Covidian Cult” – by C. J. Hopkins.


Published October 13, 2020.



Accuracy.Org Home

“How the Gates Foundation Is Killing Open License Pandemic Remedies” – by Jamie Love.


Published October 6, 2020



News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
To: nfu@simplelists.com
Subject: [MCM] “Cuomo tells rabbi that NY's COVID policy is based on fear, not science”




His frankness (in that private conversation) is admirable, but his logic is unclear.

They shut down everything, in response to the general panic (which Cuomo helped

whip up), in hopes that the "anxiety level" will eventually go down? How does it 

calm people down to shut their schools, tightly monitor their neighborhoods, 

push universal masking and demand that everybody "social-distance"? 


Surely Cuomo's answer is that all those measures will result in fewer "cases."

But as they ramp up testing, the rate of "cases" will just rise even more; and— 

as no public figure, or media outlets, will admit—the masks themselves, and 

keeping everyone indoors, and the anxiety that such preposterous measures

will increase, will just make people more susceptible to illness of all kinds. 


So what's really sick, and what we really need to fight, is this worldwide COVID-19

policy of terror, and the apocalyptic purpose driving it.   





“The Great Mask Rip Off And Why They Are Dangerous To Your Health – Time To Say NO!” – with Patrick Wood and Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD.



Published October 8, 2020.



Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell (RE-EDITED VERSION) with Dr Vernon Coleman.



Published October 6, 2020.



“Do Your Own Research” – an interview with James Corbett.



Published October 14, 2020.



News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Students sue NYU for their suspension over going maskless at a small party (before the semester started)


NYU's COVID-19 policy is insanely punitive. I know one student who's taking a gap semester (doesn't want to study acting online), has a day job, never comes to campus. He had seven friends over to his apartment, posted pix on Instagram, and some undergraduate Stasi-wannabe snitched on him (which NYU encourages): NYU has suspended him through next summer, then will have him on academic probation the entire next year.


Some colleagues think this is fine, believing, as they do, that asymptomatic cases (or "cases") are infectious, all congregation dangerous (except for BLM protests), and the illness often fatal, there being "no remedy," etc. It does not occur to them to question any aspect of the COVID narrative---or, therefore, the wisdom of charging students the usual sky-high tuition/fees for an online curriculum, and treating their legal gatherings as punishable crimes.


Thus the university is cutting its own throat. Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sink into debt peonage for decades---for life, in this catastrophic job market---for the sort of "remote learning" you can get for pennies on those dollars from the University of Phoenix, and a social life beset by spies? If and when NYU starts to tank, the first to get the axe won't be the top administrators, but members of the same professoriate that sees its students as so many vectors of disease, just as US nativists once saw immigrants from Italy and Poland.


That's what makes NYU's COVID policy INSANELY punitive.  






NYU students say they were unfairly suspended for going maskless at party

By Elizabeth Rosner and Priscilla DeGregory

October 15, 2020 | 2:27pm | Updated 

Enlarge Image

Marco Santonocito, right, who says he was unfairly suspended for posing in photos without masks, is seen in a court exhibit photo.

Marco Santonocito, right, who says he was unfairly suspended for posing in photos without masks, is seen in a court exhibit photo.





Three NYU students — including a med-school hopeful — claim they were unfairly suspended from school after photos showed them maskless at an off-campus party before the semester started.

Student athletes Elnaz “Elle” Pourasgari, Marc Santonocito and Ashley Storino all filed suit against the university last month after the trio and eight other students were suspended following an anonymous tip to the school that they appeared in the photos not social distancing or wearing masks at a party.


But the trio claims they were following state and city guidelines by holding the gathering at one of their own off-campus apartments before the fall semester had even begun and they were sticking to a tight-knit “bubble” of friends — mostly limited to the track and field team members — as per the recommended policy on Aug. 14 when the photos were taken.

“NYU believes it has the right to control its students’ actions anywhere in the universe during the students’ break,” plaintiff lawyer Karen Edler said during Manhattan Supreme Court oral arguments held via video Thursday.


Edler argued that the students received negative COVID-19 tests before the fall school year began Sept. 2.

“They don’t have any evidence … that the petitioners endangered anyone,” Edler said.






Ashley Storino, background far right, who says she was unfairly suspended for posing in photos without masks, is seen in a court exhibit photo.

“The failure to have a mask on in a picture in your home doesn’t endanger anybody,” Edler said. “None of these students were sick. None of these students became sick.”


But NYU lawyer Jessica Moller countered that the timing for when the students took their coronavirus tests didn’t mitigate the risk of potentially spreading the virus during the time the photos were taken adding that the parties they attended could be “super-spreaders.”

“The students’ failure to wear masks and failure to maintain social distancing put the university community, the students themselves and the students they were with … at risk for COVID-19,” Moller told the judge.


Moller added that the students had received email warnings that the school would be strictly enforcing its return-to-school policies and that one of the students had even viewed and acknowledged watching a video on these policies the day the photos were taken.




But Edler said the students believed that the policies would only apply when the school year began, and they were following state guidelines leading up to that anyway wearing masks and social distancing when they were in public.


The 11 track-and-field students were suspended for the fall semester, will be placed on academic probation for the spring semester and have to write a research and reflection paper, Edler told The Post.


Judge Carol Edmead has lifted all of the sanctions temporarily until she decides on the entire case.


“It’s costing the parents quite a bit of money. Their lives can be ruined by suspension,” Edler told The Post.


“The suspensions will impede their ability to get internships because they will be a whole semester behind,” Edler said. “Elle does want to go to medical school, Ashley wants her MBA and Mark is a needs-based scholarship student and it could be taken away and that would put him in a position where he couldn’t attend school.”



Subject: “Event 201 was not suspicious in the least!???”


The Sun's headline is as incoherent as it is dishonest. (Event 201 has not been

"falsely linked to conspiracy theories," but truly is the subject of such "theories.")


This shot of blather is an obvious (and futile) effort to explain away the

patent suspiciousness of Event 201, which—like Moderna's patent application

the previous March (noting the possibility of a "deliberate release" of COVID-19), 

and Bill Gates' negotiation, with Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), of HR 6666, for a $100-

billion federal contact tracing program in June—suggests foreknowledge of the 

COVID crisis. So does Dr. Fauci's prophecy, in 2017, that a "surprise" outbreak 

of a respiratory virus would take place during Trump's term. (If he knew it was 

coming, it wasn't a surprise to him.)


The good news here is that Johns Hopkins, and, no doubt, the syndicate of

which it's part, are worried enough about the growing mass suspicion of

their doings to get the Baltimore Sun to vent this propaganda.




“A 2019 Hopkins exercise explored effects of a coronavirus pandemic. It’s falsely been linked to conspiracy theories” – by Hallie Miller,


Published October 14, 2020.



News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller

Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Subject: [MCM] WHO agrees with CDC that COVID-19 is no deadlier than the flu (but spins the data to ramp up the terror)


From Dick Atlee:


Here's an interesting comment from the World Health Organization,
apparently intended to scare people into thinking the world is in for
endless pandemic, but actually implying something quite different:


WHO: 10% of world’s people may have been infected with virus
Jamey Keaten
Associated Press
October 5, 2020

Dr. Michael Ryan, speaking to a special session of the WHO’s 34-member
executive board focusing on COVID-19 ... told attendees from governments

who make up the executive board and provide much of the WHO’s funding. 

“Our current best estimates tell us that about 10 percent of the global
population may have been infected by this virus.”

The estimate — which would amount to more than 760 million people based

on a current world population of about 7.6 billion — far outstrips the number
of confirmed cases as tallied by both the WHO and Johns Hopkins University,
now more than 35 million worldwide. Experts have long said that the number
of confirmed cases greatly undershoots the true figure.

Ryan did not elaborate on the estimate. Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO
spokeswoman, said it was based on an average of antibody studies conducted
around the world...


If https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ is correct, the current total
number of deaths as of now is 1,092,251. That implies an infection fatality
rate of 0.14%. The CDC offers IFRs for various age ranges in a variety of
scenarios; 0.14% is roughly in that ballpark.


And it's about the same as the seasonal flu's IFR.

Yes, it's different from the flu, and has some bizarre manifestations, and
the mainstream press will tell you about long-term disabling injuries,
without providing statistics on them—or on the long-term injuries from the
lockdowns, and the antibody tests are highly suspect. But unless we choose
to disbelieve BOTH the WHO and CDC (who often disagree on other things),

we have to acknowledge that COVID-19 and the flu are essentially the same 

in terms of deaths.

And we have a cure for COVID-19 that would change that.

Thanks to Kit Knightly of Off-Guardian.org for pointing this out.



“Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics”:


Location               Population            Total Cases (?)           Deaths               Death Rate/Total Cases (?)           Aprox. Death Rate/Total Pop. 

World                    7.687 bil.                38.44 mil.                   1.09 mil.               2.836%                                          0.00014179784 = O.01418% (142 per mil.)


China                     1.405 bil...                       85,611                        4,634             5.413%                                         0.00000329822 = 0.0003298% (3 per mil.)

India                      1.380 bil.                   7.24 mil.                      110,686             1.519%                                          0.00008020724 = 0.00802% (80 per mil.)

USA                           331.0 mil.              8.09 mil.                       220,939             2.732%                                         0.00066748942 = 0.06675% (667 per mil.)

U K                              67.9 mil.                  689,257                       43,429             6.3%                                             0.00063960235 = 0.06396% (639 per mil.)

Israel                            8.7 mil.                  301,896                          2,141             0.709%                                        0.00024609195 + 0.02461% (246 per mil.)

Indonesia                273.5 mil.                  349,160                        12,268             3.514%                                        0.00004485557 = 0.00449% (45 per mil.)

Russia                      145.9 mil.               1.35 mil.                          23,490             1.740%                                        O.OOO16100768 = 0.0161% (161 per mil.)

Brazil                       212.6 mil.               5.12 mil.                       151,063              2.951%                                       0.00071055032 = 0.07106% (710 per mil.)

Spain                          47.7 mil.                   896,086                       33,419             3.724%                                        0.00070060796 = 0.07006% (701 per mil.)

Italy                            60.5 mil.                  365,467                       36,246             9.965%                                         0.OOO5991074 = 0.O5991% (599 per mil.)

France                        65.3 mil.                  766,421                       32,942             4.298%                                         0.OOO50447166 = 0.05045% (505 per mil.)

Germany                    83.8 mil.                 337,472                         9,746             2.888%                                          0.00011630071 = 0.011630% (116 per mil.)

Iran.                            83.9 mil.                 513,219                      29,349             5.719%                                           0.OOO34980929 = 0.03498% (349 per mil.)

Cuba                           11.3 mil.                      6,062                            123              0.001%                                         0.00001088495 = 0.00109% (11 per mil.)


SOURCE: CoronaVirus Dashboard.Live @ https://ncov2019.live/data (October 14-15, 2020; 15h30)