Bulletin N° 940


“A Journal of the Plague Year “


by Daniel Defoe


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Written text by Daniel Defoe:







Subject:  “Die Große Lüge”: The Medical-Military-Industrial Complex & the new Cash Cow


December 5, 2020

Grenoble, France



Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


For an increasing number of people the Clovid-19 “Plandemic” has raised the problematic: dying with covid or dying because of covid?: This is the question millions of families around the world are asking. Do the equations below (dated December 3, 2020) make any sense to you? Is this what a “pandemic” looks like? From whose vantage point?



Is this a first step towards entrepreneurial fear mongering or scientific precaution?

1,503,447 ÷ 7,800,000,000 = 0.019%
   280,210 ÷ 330,000,000  =  0.0849%

     53,816 ÷ 67,000,000  =    0.0803%


Do the above calculations represent “science-looking-for-answers”, or “entrepreneurship-creating-new-needs”?




The historian John Emerich Edward Dalberg Lord Acton (1834-1902) famously warned against the concentration of political power before the turn of the century:


"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Great men are almost always bad men."


History has repeatedly shown this axiom to be true, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the history of 20th- Century Fascism. The Nazi seizure of power in Germany in 1933 serves almost as a template for the tyrannical control of the state apparatus in the hands of a few. The event was preceded by the publication of Hitler’s strategic manifesto, Mein Kampf, which was published in 1925, and hidden in plain sight to extolled “Die Große Lüge - the Big Lie – as a tried and proven tactic for mobilizing populations from the top down. In this prototypical textbook for tyrants, Hitler designated scapegoats and blamed them for spreading lies that explained the German military defeat in 1918 in order to disarm the National Socialists Party. In Volume I, Chapter X, of this work he wrote:



“All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.


     “It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

(Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X)



Echoing this tactic is a statement attributed to Joseph Goebbels, the Third Reich’s Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945, who was reported to have once observed:


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


While the authenticity of this quote has been challenged by scholars; the totalitarian spirit behind the quote certainly fits nicely with the Fascist modus operandi, where the ends are used to justify means.




Who would benefit from propaganda exaggerating the fatality rates of Covid-19, and who would not? Who would be the beneficiaries of psychological warfare of this nature? What would be the objective of such an assault against the entire population, and at what price must it be accepted?


Un camion frigorifique a été installé sur le parking du CHU de Grenoble, près de la chambre mortuaire.

Un camion frigorifique a été installé sur le parking du CHU de Grenoble, près de la chambre mortuaire. © Radio France - Louise Buyens


L'image a de quoi surprendre, un camion frigorifique est installé près de la chambre mortuaire du CHU de Grenoble depuis le 5 novembre, une mesure de précaution pour faire face aux décès liés à la Covid-19 à l'hôpital pendant la deuxième vague épidémique. Au CHU de Grenoble, 225 malades

sont morts entre le 1er septembre et le 23 novembre.



The World Economic Forum’s “strategic manifesto”,

The Great Reset, July 2020

 (entire book on line)




For a reality check into the historic profile of this virus and the political use for which it has been appropriated, we suggest a scientific source which has proven reliable in the past.




« Mourir de la grippe ou du coronavirus : faire parler les chiffres de décès publiés par l’Insee… avec discernement »


publié le 7 avril 2020

par Alain Bayet, Sylvie Le Minez et Valérie Roux, Insee




“Demography - Monthly mortality rate, annualized (number of deceased people per 1,000 inhabitants) - France (including Mayotte since 2014)”


published on: 24/11/2020



Like Daniel Defoe more than three centuries ago in London, we at CEIMSA wish to observe our society as it is, for better or worse, and to seek the truth behind an epidemic that is anything but “an equal opportunity infection,” which predictably tends to spare those with wealth and power (with healthy diets and safe lodgings) - with the exception of the very aged and those suffering from preexisting illnesses.



The 18 + items below include articles and essays which challenge ruling classe power and any authoritarian would-be tyrants in the name of participatory democracy. In a word, as many readers have remarked recently: “Revolution from above is unacceptable!”



Francis Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur de Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego




Lawyers’ Petition for New Anthrax Investigation


with James Corbett, David Meiswinkle and Mick Harrison



World AIDS Day (December 1st ) Is Grim Reminder of an Ongoing Epidemic, with 700,000 Dead from HIV/AIDS in 2019

World AIDS Day is grim reminder of an ongoing epidemic ...


    with Steven Thrasher,

author and professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


The Great Pretext … for Dystopia


by Diana Johnstone


Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: “Science and Authority”


with David Harvey






The Planet Cannot Heal until We Rip the Mask off the West’s War Machine


by Jonathan Cook


Making political sense of the world can be tricky unless one understands the role of the state in capitalist societies. The state is not primarily there to represent voters or uphold democratic rights and values; it is a vehicle for facilitating and legitimating the concentration of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands.


In a recent post, I wrote about “externalities” – the ability of companies to offset the true costs inherent in the production process. The burden of these costs are covertly shifted on to wider society: that is, on to you and me. Or on to those far from view, in foreign lands. Or on to future generations. Externalising costs means that profits can be maximised for the wealth elite in the here and now.


“Medical Martial Law, Solutions, Agorism and More”


- with Aimee and James.



When False Flags Go Virtual


by James Corbett


US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media


by Whitney Webb


British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced “cyber war” to be commanded by AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge official narratives.





The Covid-19 celebrity humanitarianism – Sean Penn and the Great Reset, funded by Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation


by Vanessa Beeley


Vaccine Ethics: Doctor Warns Against Paying People to Get COVID Vaccine as U.S. Preps Distribution


with Monica Peek,

physician & associate professor of medicine and health disparities researcher at the University of Chicago



News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020
Subject: [MCM] This year of the "pandemic" is a mammoth PSY-OP



Michael Green :


I am responding to the Nov 24 post by Andrew Saul : https://archives.simplelists.com/nfu/msg/15612456/


I can’t thank Andrew enough for these lovely children’s books that match our COVID holiday cheer.  Because so much material goes up on Mark’s site it is easy to miss a lot of it.  Allow me to chat about whether we are suffering through a plandemic by parsing that term into its three most likely scenarios.


1)      Powerful globalists hoped and prayed that a deadly virus would come and allow them to implement the goals illustrated in these children’s books because there would be a global health crisis and so it came to pass.


2)    Powerful globalists hoped and prayed that some virus would come that would allow them to implement the goals illustrated in these children’s books by pretending that there was a global health crisis and so it came to pass.


3)    Powerful globalists did not need to hope or pray because they had plans to release the virus and were preparing the public mind so that the plan they implemented for it would seem natural, or normal.


James Corbett has two posts—neither of which contains a smoking gun—that detail many such elements of dramatic foreshadowing.  One of these is a June 7, 2019 BBC article in which the leading man is the WHO’s compassionate Dr. Michael Ryan who would go on to warn us early this year that most transmission occurred within the household so family members with suspected COVID who could not isolate would have to be removed from the home and relocated elsewhere, with, of course, “dignity.”  From June of last year:

“The world is entering "a new phase" where big outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola are a "new normal", the World Health Organization has warned. …


"We are entering a very new phase of high impact epidemics and this isn't just Ebola," Dr Michael Ryan, the executive director of the WHO's health emergencies programme told me.


He said the world is "seeing a very worrying convergence of risks" that are increasing the dangers of diseases including Ebola, cholera and yellow fever.


He said climate change, emerging diseases, exploitation of the rainforest, large and highly mobile populations, weak governments and conflict were making outbreaks more likely to occur and more likely to swell in size once they did.


Dr Ryan said the World Health Organization was tracking 160 disease events around the world and nine were grade three emergencies (the WHO's highest emergency level).


"I don't think we've ever had a situation where we're responding to so many emergencies at one time. This is a new normal, I don't expect the frequency of these events to reduce."


As a result, he argued that countries and other bodies needed to "get to grips with readiness [and] be ready for these epidemics". (emphasis added.  Note that to confront this crisis population mobility must be reduced and government controls strengthened) https://www.bbc.com/news/health-48547983


To better prepare the public mind for such an impending catastrophe this message was rebroadcast from ever so many globalist mouthpieces as soon as the “catastrophe” had occurred, and more importantly, by the Catholic News Agency in a same-day June 7, 2019 segment whose host invites us to imagine the new reality of a “world where mass outbreaks of deadly diseases are commonplace…the WHO has warned that we’re entering a reality where such a phase is “‘a new normal.’ ” Watch at least the first 5 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-XbHSpH4Qo New Normal: Pandemic Police State


Consider also a talk from the November 27-29, 2019 European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (ESCAIDE 2019) Conference by Robb Butler Executive Director of the Regional Director’s Office of WHO.  Butler led the vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization program at WHO/Europe from 2014-2018.  In his talk Butler underscores how “vaccine hesitancy” must be smashed (and saves for the Q&A his apparent support for mandatory vaccinations) because “immunization is a best buy” since it satisfies 14 of 17 SDG’s including such implausibly related “sustainable development goals” as “increased equality,” “mitigation of climate change” and “empowered women and girls.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LCcaYoaZWg&t=981s  Vaccination refusal, hesitancy, acceptance and demand | Robb Butler


If you are not aware of SDG’s they are part of the United Nations Agenda 21 program which is described accurately by one of its critics, Rosa Koire, as follows:


[The] United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development…has its basis in Communitarianism. …The plan calls for government to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of privacy property owners. …Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by a globalist governing body.  Moreover, people should be rounded up off of the land and packed into human settlements or islands of human habitation …close to employment centers and transportation. [MG: For now, staying at home may do.]  …UN Agenda 21 cites the affluence of Americans as being a major problem which needs to be corrected.  It calls for lowering the standard of living for Americans so that the people in poorer countries will have more; a redistribution of wealth.  …Only then will there be social justice which is a cornerstone of the UN Agenda 21 plan.  Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, 2011, pp. 12-13.


Lest such social justice sound like a noble goal—the socialist utopia of which some of us sometimes dreamed—Koire debunks it as a cover for what it is but not so economically as Gary Allen did in his 1971 book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy:


The men at the apex of this movement are not Communists in the traditional sense of the term.  They feel no loyalty to Moscow or Peking.  They are loyal only to themselves and their undertaking.  And these men certainly do not believe in the clap-trap pseudo-philosophy of Communism.  They have no intention of dividing their wealth.  Socialism is a philosophy which conspirators exploit, but in which only the naïve believe.  Just how finance capitalism is used as the anvil and Communism as the hammer to conquer the world will be explained in this book.  (p.14)


The “communism” of the 1970s has been replaced by the gentler “communitarianism” of today.  MCM has bemoaned the loss of collective action from the Left he used to embrace and I have mordantly opined that it has been stolen by transmutation into the “collectivism” of today’s “all in it together” against COVID by wearing masks and making sacrifices for this imaginary common good.  It’s hard to find a better example of this posture of solidarity than that conveyed by the political activism of Julia Jackson, the NYU student who wants MCM fired for even questioning the policy of wearing masks:


When it comes to conflicting studies that refer to the effectiveness of masks, Jackson said even if they are actually ineffective, the risk of spreading a potentially deadly virus is higher than the inconvenience of covering her face.


"I would rather wear a mask and it not have done anything to help, than not wear a mask and risk hurting other people. I hope everyone feels this way, too, because like it or not, we're in this together," she said. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/nyu-student-calls-for-professors-firing-after-he-urged-masks-are-propaganda/2631450/


Also, it is difficult to find two clearer examples of the fraud of wealth redistribution than the two videos below.  In the first an epicene male smiles blankly to express a mindless happiness of non-ownership without—I assure you—even the temptation to ask Who Does Own It?, let alone What happens if you don’t behave as they want?  In the second, globalists Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsom can’t help but grin like Cheshire cats that swallowed the canary throughout most of this April 18, 2020 video allegedly devoted to measures necessary to fight COVID.  Near the very end they both manage to put on straight faces while Newsom says that the food insecurity produced by the destruction of the productive economy in America “also underscores the original sin in this country and that is income and wealth inequality,” which, if you have any understanding of Newsom’s assets, let alone the Clintons wealth through theft and corruption, this should convey that there is another agenda than fighting COVID.  See (24-25).


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBBxWtKKQiA WEF by 2030 “You’ll own nothing And you’ll be happy.”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLSo41RaAFk CGI U 2020 - A conversation between President Clinton and Governor Newsom on the COVID-19 pandemic


And to underscore what the plan is, simply note that Newsom’s conditions for re-opening California no longer require merely that it be safe to do so, but that problems of social equity first be reduced if not eliminated.



Coronavirus  Infection Rates in Neighborhoods With Low Voter Turnout, Many Bars, Few Trees Could Slow California's Reopening Under New 'Equity Metric' California's new approach to combating coronavirus layers on yet more requirements for counties looking to reopen businesses.  Christian Britschgi | 10.9.2020 11:15 AM

Just to be clear about the argument, I consider it additional evidence of pre-planning for the pandemic when the public mind is prepared for its coming and then it is publicly and blatantly misused, pace the shock doctrine.


Finally, one of the great globalists has been kind enough to step out from behind the curtain to take his bow.  In an essay from Winter Oak previously forwarded to MCM that he posted, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, made excruciatingly clear that he among others at the WEF has been behind the current

instantiation of this plandemic.  (The 2009 H1N1 plandemic was the rehearsal for COVID but it failed for complicated reasons.  For the sake of brevity I am also omitting analysis of the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” that reveals their complicity.)


In his 2018 book, Schwab discusses the problem of pesky regulations and how best to “overcome these limits” in the context of data and privacy.


He comes up with the suggestion of “public-private data-sharing agreements that ‘break glass in case of emergency’. These come into play only under pre-agreed emergency circumstances (such as a pandemic) and can help reduce delays and improve the coordination of first responders, temporarily allowing data sharing that would be illegal under normal circumstances”. (89)


Funnily enough, two years later there was indeed a “pandemic” and these “pre-agreed emergency circumstances” became a reality.


This shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise for Schwab, since his WEF had co-hosted the infamous Event 201 conference in October 2019, which modelled a fictional coronavirus pandemic.


And he wasted little time in bringing out a new book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, co-authored with Thierry Malleret, who runs something called the Monthly Barometer, “a succinct predictive analysis provided to private investors, global CEOs and opinion- and decision-makers”. (90)


Published in July 2020, the book sets out to advance “conjectures and ideas about what the post-pandemic world might, and perhaps should, look like”. (91)


Schwab and Malleret admit that Covid-19 is “one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years”, adding that “the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics”. (92)


They add: “It does not constitute an existential threat, or a shock that will leave its imprint on the world’s population for decades”. (93)


Yet, incredibly, this “mild” illness is simultaneously presented as the excuse for unprecedented social change under the banner of “The Great Reset”!


And although they explicitly declare that Covid-19 does not constitute a major “shock”, the authors repeatedly deploy the same term to describe the broader impact of the crisis.


Schwab and Malleret place Covid-19 in a long tradition of events which have facilitated sudden and significant changes to our societies.


They specifically invoke the Second World War: “World War II was the quintessential transformational war, triggering not only fundamental changes to the global order and the global economy, but also entailing radical shifts in social attitudes and beliefs that eventually paved the way for radically new policies and social contract provisions (like women joining the workforce before becoming voters). There are obviously fundamental dissimilarities between a pandemic and a war (that we will consider in some detail in the following pages), but the magnitude of their transformative power is comparable. Both have the potential to be a transformative crisis of previously unimaginable proportions”. (94)


They also join many contemporary “conspiracy theorists” in making a direct comparison between Covid-19 and 9/11: “This is what happened after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. All around the world, new security measures like employing widespread cameras, requiring electronic ID cards and logging employees or visitors in and out became the norm. At that time, these measures were deemed extreme, but today they are used everywhere and considered ‘normal'”. (95) https://winteroak.org.uk/2020/10/05/klaus-schwab-and-his-great-fascist-reset/


I haven’t argued for which of the three possible plandemics is the actual one and won’t, but if required to do so would argue for #3 using what is a pretty ordinary easily treated virus.  Of course, even talking this way presumes a vast network of coordinated activities by operatives using, among other techniques, Milgram-like controls on their non-operative colleagues.  To be brief, it takes something like the “triple-front-penetration in politics, education, and journalism” of which Carroll Quigley wrote in The Anglo-American Establishment in describing the controls that the Milner Group put into place before 1910 (p.15). 


You might wonder what all that means, so let me offer a simple illustration—it’s a test I use to see whether someone is ready for PSY-OPS 101.  First go to the Wikipedia page and read the Official Account of the 1995 OKC bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.  You will learn that Timothy McVeigh drove a rented Ryder truck up to the building, blew up the truck and brought down most of the building.  This official history is confirmed by the FBI website.  Then go watch the segment on the OKC bombing prepared by the much maligned and supposedly wholly despicable “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones in a video that is still, quite miraculously, on YouTube; Jones’s channel is banned.  


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VyN5E-PhWw&t=2505s  9/11 The Road to Tyranny (2002) - Alex Jones Infowars Documentary   It starts @ 17:14.  You will notice that the Official Story is a complete fabrication.  You do not have to like Alex Jones or take his word for it—he has live local news footage, and much more.  Better yet, state Congressman Charles Key, who lost friends in the carnage, spent years investigating the event and published a definitive account, The Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building, that can still be bought on Amazon.  Key was rewarded for his courage with the loss of his office and his business, but that’s not the point.  The point is that if you want a simple concrete example of complete success of a triple-front-penetration, it’s a good place to start.  But you need to ask yourself how it is possible that anything so bloody plain and clear could be kept from the American people.  And then you have to realize that it is not kept from the American people—it is readily available on YouTube and Amazon—and yet the Official Story prevails.  Understanding that fact should disabuse you of any notion that our conspirators are deceiving a rational truth-seeking population, and demands a great deal more be said. 


For the present, COVID is another, much more complex example of a PSY-OP but for anyone with the rare capacity these days of sustaining focus for 7 pages you might also want to recall Meryl Nass’s account of how the “official medical research” into Hydroxychloroquine seemed to persistently get it all wrong and smear a perfectly sound cheap treatment for COVID that would have obviated the need for a (mandatory) vaccine, almost as though an invisible hand were driving the engine of competition to keep the COVID threat alive and very very well.  She told a small but very important part of this story.   https://anthraxvaccine.blogspot.com/2020/06/how-false-hydroxychloroquine-narrative.html





How Iranian nuclear scientist was murdered


by News Agencies


How Iranian nuclear scientist was murdered

Assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist 'involved 62 operatives


From: Ariel, & Leila, and Medea, CODEPINK [mailto:info@codepink.org]
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2020
Subject: BREAKING: Israel Just Assassinated Iran's Top Scientist




A vile assault on diplomacy. CODEPINK calls on world leaders, including U.S. President-elect Joe Biden, to condemn Israel's illegal execution of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.


Make no mistake about it: Israel is doing everything that it can to stoke a war with Iran before Donald Trump leaves office. Today, in an act of flagrant disregard for international law, Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated outside of Tehran by Israel with the possible assistance of the Iranian terror group the MEK. 

We are worried about an escalation to an all-out U.S.-Iran war and you should be too. Join our call to world leaders, asking them to publicly condemn this outrageous and provocative assassination. Joe Biden, who has stated that he will be seeking to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal, should speak out against this attempt to further inflame the Middle East conflict and destroy any chances of reestablishing diplomacy with Iran.

The illegal execution of Fakhrizadeh took place in the city of Absard outside Tehran, Iran, by a bombing followed by a gunfight. In 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s identified Fakhrizadeh as a target for his administration, and in the past, Israel has assassinated other Iranian nuclear scientists. Moreover, reports over the past week indicated that the Israeli government instructed its senior military officials to prepare for a possible U.S. strike on Iran. The assassination also follows recent reports that Donald Trump contemplated bombing Iran’s nuclear facility, before being talked out of it by Pentagon leaders. 

Iran has been acting with extreme patience these past few years. Since Donald Trump tore up the JCPOA agreement in 2018, showing Iran that the U.S. is not to be trusted to make good on its word, Iran has endured much in the past four years, including brutal sanctions affecting everything from the price of food and housing to the ability to obtain life-saving medicines, the U.S.’s illegal assassination of General Qasim Solemani, sabotage at one of their nuclear facilities (likely also committed by Israel), and attacks on other industries. Despite all this, Iran has not yet taken overt retaliation significant enough to lead to war. But whether or not they overtly and quickly retaliate this time, grave damage has been done and the world must respond with strong condemnation. The assassination of Fakhrizadeh has sent a clear message that Israel was given a green light by the U.S. to act illegally and with impunity against Iran. This will likely harden positions inside Iran, making it far more difficult for Joe Biden to revive diplomacy. Add your name now to our call to world leaders, including Biden, to condemn this outrageous and provocative act of war and assault on diplomacy.

Towards diplomacy, 
Ariel, Leila, Medea, and the entire CODEPINK team: Angela, Ann, Carley, Caty, Cody, Danaka, Emily, Farida, Jodie, Kelsey, Leonardo, Maxine, Mary, Michelle, Nancy, Paki, Teri, and Yousef

Donate Now!




Empire Update: Did Trump Order Iran Assassination?"


with Abby Martin



 US & Israel pushing Iran

to brink of war


with Gareth Porter, Mohammed Marandi, & Max Blumenthal



Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination

Who benefits from killing Iran’s top nuclear scientist?


with Seyed Mohammad Marandi, professor of English literature and Orientalism at the University of Tehran, former US diplomat Jim Jatras and Jason Pearlman



Ex-MI6 Agent: Iran Doesn’t Need Settlement With Biden’s US, Can Look To Russia & China!


with former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke, CMG





Israel’s Gift to Joe Biden, War with Iran


by Scott Ritter


By killing Fakhrizadeh, Israel is doing its best to ensure that, for Biden, that military action is the only viable option available


Pompeo spells out the new normal: All criticism of Israel is ‘antisemitic


by Jonathan Cook


Harsh penalties are needed to stop Israel annexing Palestinian territory. But western states are outlawing even peaceful boycotts


Moving Past Apartheid: One-State is not Ideal Justice,

but It is Just and Possible


by Ramzy Baroud


Once again, Europe’s top diplomats expressed their ‘deep concern’ regarding Israel’s ongoing illegal settlement expansion, again evoking the maxim that Israeli actions “threaten the viability of the two-state solution”.

This position was communicated by EU Foreign Affairs Chief, Josep Borrell, on November 19, during a video-conference with Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki.

All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and should be rejected in words and action, regardless of whether they pose a threat to the defunct two-state solution or not.

Aside from the fact that Europe’s ‘deep concern’ is almost never followed with any substantive action, articulating a legal and moral stance in the context of imaginary solutions is particularly meaningless.

The question, then, is: “Why does the West continue to use the two-state solution as its political parameter for a resolution to the Israeli occupation of Palestine while, at the same time, failing to take any meaningful measure to ensure its implementation?”

The answer lies, partly, in the fact that the two-state solution was never devised for implementation, to begin with.  Like the “peace process” and other pretenses, it aimed to promote, among Palestinians and Arabs, the idea that there is a goal worth striving for, despite it being unattainable.




News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2020
Subject: [MCM] ALERT! There were no NO excess deaths in 2020, COVID-19 has NOT raised the death toll among older people: JHU (!) publishes that finding, immediately takes it down



A Disclaimer by Johns Hopkins University

A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19


by YANNI GU | November 27, 2020



The Original Article published by Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University Reveals Manipulated Covid Death Figures


Johns Hopkins University
Sun, 22 Nov 2020


Comment: The following article was published in the Johns Hopkins University newsletter on November 22nd. It has since been taken down, so we're archiving it on Sott.net.

This university has been 'Covid-19 central' for data collection and analysis for all countries globally from the get-go. After 10 months of global panic, its experts have confirmed that there is, in their own words, "
no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths" in 2020.

In short, this has all been for nothing.


After retrieving data on the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing percentages of total deaths per age category from early February to early September.


According to new data, the U.S. currently ranks first in total COVID-19 cases, new cases per day and deaths. Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master's degree program at Hopkins, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in her webinar titled "COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data."

From mid-March to mid-September, U.S. total deaths have reached 1.7 million, of which 200,000, or 12% of total deaths, are COVID-19-related. Instead of looking directly at COVID-19 deaths, Briand focused on total deaths per age group and per cause of death in the U.S. and used this information to shed light on the effects of COVID-19.

She explained that the significance of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths can be fully understood only through comparison to the number of total deaths in the United States.

After retrieving data on the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing percentages of total deaths per age category from early February to early September, which includes the period from before COVID-19 was detected in the U.S. to after infection rates soared.

Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19...

Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.



“No Evidence That COVID-19 Created Any Excess Deaths In 2020.”




News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller

Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2020
Subject: [MCM] "Now everybody is sure Johns Hopkins is hiding something": JHU's critique of Dr. Briand's analysis ignores CDC data



A meticulous review of this important controversy.




Johns Hopkins University censors lecturer, responds with critique ignoring CDC data


by  former statistician William M. Briggs

Dec 1, 2020


“Now everybody is sure Johns Hopkins is hiding something.”




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Dr. Genevieve Briand during a Nov. 13, 2020 Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs lecture.JHU Advanced Academic Programs / Youtube screen grab

by Emily Mangiaracina


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December 1, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Johns Hopkins University’s censure of a critical analysis of U.S. COVID-19 death statistics by one of its own senior lecturers, which it deleted from its website, has huge gaping holes, leaving key points of the analysis unrefuted.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the renowned school in Baltimore, took aim at their own Dr. Genevieve Briand, assistant director for MS in their Applied Economics program who examined death stats in the United States for 2020 and previous years, and pointed to evidence that COVID-19 is not as dangerous as it’s generally portrayed.

An article by Yanni Gu that relayed key points of her analysis was deleted by JHU for “being used to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic,” as the JHU Newsletter stated on Twitter.


News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020
Subject: [MCM] What does Social Security data tell us about excess deaths this year?


Dr. Genevieve Briand's controversial (and quickly censored) thesis, that there have been NO excess deaths this year, has not impressed some of the most trenchant critics of the COVID narrative, including Alex Berenson and Denis Rancourt


While that thesis should be rigorously treated, and all flaws in the argument exposed, it surely is worth noting that the Social Security data also appears to indicate that there have been no excess deaths this year: 




This piece too could be based on a misinterpretation of the data. Let's see if that is so; and let us also persevere in very closely scrutinizing every single claim that "our free press" unanimously shouts as fact.






New Study Highlights Alleged Accounting Error Regarding Covid Deaths


by Ethan Yang


News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Myocarditis is rare in COVID-19 autopsies



Myocarditis is rare in COVID-19 autopsies: cardiovascular findings across 277 postmortem examinations


by Marc K.Halushka



This finding contradicts the terror-propaganda gushing from the New York Time et al., as here:



News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (very carefully) explains what makes the COVID vaccines so unusual—and dangerous











by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, RT Waking Times


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The type of vaccine being developed against the virus has never – outside of Ebola – been used before. The trials have been extremely rushed & involved testing only small numbers. What could possibly go wrong?

Since the first positive results on vaccines have come out, a lot of people have asked me if I think everyone should take them? For some reason, a number of people out there trust my judgement on such things.

I noticed that the Daily Mail recently ran a poll, which showed that three quarters of Britons would agree to have a jab – although 40 percent wanted politicians to take it first to prove it was safe. Frankly, I pity any vaccine injected into certain politicians, as I am not certain it would survive.

·  Anyway, are the majority of Daily Mail readers right to be so enthusiastic about vaccination? I must admit that I write this article with some caution, because I am acutely aware that the slightest hint of criticism of a vaccine, any vaccine, is risky.

As I remarked to a friend recently, the moment anyone says ‘vaccine’, the only acceptable response is to leap to your feet and salute, whilst singing Ode to Joy. Followed by fifteen minutes of enthusiastic clapping. Failure to do so, means you are taken out and shot for thought crimes. Doubleplusgood, indeed.

The first thing I want to say here is that the type of vaccine being developed against Covid-19 has never been used before, outside of Ebola. Some people feel that they should not really be called vaccines, because they are completely different from anything that has gone before.

Up to now, vaccination has meant injecting a dead virus (or bacteria), or one that has been weakened and can only poorly replicate, or parts of the virus, or suchlike. Once inside the body, the immune system spots this ‘alien’ material, and creates a response against it, which will hopefully be remembered for years and years.

The next time the dangerous virus appears, the body will use the immune memory of something very similar, to wipe out the virus (or bacteria) at high speed, giving it no chance to do damage. The first ever ‘vaccine’ worked by using the cowpox virus to immunise against smallpox.

It had been noticed that milkmaids who caught cowpox, a relatively mild disease in humans, did not then get smallpox. It was Edward Jenner who wondered how, or why, this happened. In 1796, he scraped material from cowpox sores, and then scratched it into the skin of people uninfected with smallpox, to see if they would be protected.

His first volunteer was a young boy, who he ‘immunised’ with cowpox scrapings. Jenner then tried to infect the boy with smallpox scrapings. A form of research that would be rather frowned upon today. Luckily, the young boy survived, and vaccination was born. Everything since has been a variation on this theme, of using a less dangerous ‘thing’ to create a defence against a damaging infection. Until now.

Now, we have a thing called a messenger RNA vaccine (mRNA). RNA is, effectively, a single strand of DNA – the double helix that sits within our cells and makes up our genetic code. Many viruses are made up of a single strand of RNA, surrounded by a protein sphere.





Kill lists: Barack Obama’s blind spot


by Clive Stafford Smith

He opposes the death penalty in the US, after lengthy trials, but issued kill orders for Muslims overseas with no trial at all.

For What Are America's Wealthy Thankful?

A Worsening Culture War


by Matt Taibbi

When leaders run out of unifying myths, division is the last currency. Why this Thanksgiving, America is a "death cult" versus "radical socialists"

Central Bank Digital Currencies

The Pros and Cons of a Central Bank Digital Currency ...


with John Titus


A tectonic shift is taking place in the monetary paradigm right now as central banks around the world gear up to shift us into a system of central bank digital currencies. Joining us to break down the history, context and ramifications of this idea is John Titus of Best Evidence.




Interview with Edward Snowden on Silicon Valley Censorship, Biden, and Lurking Press Freedom Dangers


by Glenn Greenwald


How did we travel so far from the original vision of the internet as the one place humans could communicate and organize free of state and corporate control?

Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You







Posted November 27, 2020

A Thanksgiving Prayer


by William S. Burroughs


Thanks for "Kill a Queer for Christ" stickers



The Zürich Interviews - Sean McCarthy: 7th Gen Potato Famine Victim

by Niccolo Soldo

Is it OK to be Irish? Did JFK really kill himself? Can the right and left fuck the centre? Why is Colin Quinn God?




Brave Vandana Shiva Speaks Out Against the Great Reset


by Organic Radicals


Organic radical inspiration Vandana Shiva

 has been courageously speaking out against the insidious ‘Great Reset’ being sprung on us by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the rest of the global capitalist elite.


From: DAL38 [mailto:droitaulogement@gresille.org]
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2020
Subject: [Logement-infos] CP "Encadrement" des loyers voté à la Métro



contact presse: 06 41 30 55 18

suite à la délibération métropolitaine visant à expérimenter l'encadrement des loyers sur 28 communes
Grenoble le  02 décembre 2020
« Encadrement » des loyers :
une politique d’accompagnement de la hausse des loyers mais sûrement pas une avancée pour les locataires  !

Droit Au logement depuis 2002 revendique l’encadrement des loyers à la baisse (voir note, ci-dessous). En 2012 le candidat F. Hollande s’engage à le faire, mais la loi ALUR de mars 2014 est insuffisante, et la loi ELAN en 2018 fragilise encore le dispositif en le rendant expérimental et dans certaines zones uniquement.

Disons-le d’emblée au regard des expérimentations déjà engagées à Paris et à Lille : l’encadrement des loyers dans certaines zones de la Métro, ne marquera pas un tournant social dans les politiques du logement, et encore moins une avancée significative pour les locataires.

Trop tard ! Les loyers sont déjà trop chers !
Le loyer médian est calculé sur le prix actuel du marché, qui est déjà bien trop élevé pour de nombreux.ses métropolitain.es : combien sommes-nous à éprouver de grosses difficultés à se loger dans le parc privé, ou à payer un loyer si élevé que l’on en est réduit à choisir entre manger et se chauffer ou à opter pour un logement trop petit ou vétuste ? A titre d’exemple, d’après l’Observatoire des Loyers qui classe les loyers de la région parmi les plus élevés de province, plus onéreuse que la région rennaise, toulousaine ou encore strasbourgeoise, 40% des familles monoparentales avec un enfant n’ont accès qu’à une infime partie du parc locatif privé de T3 de Grenoble.
Pourtant, la limite haute de l’encadrement est fixée à +20 % de ce loyer médian déjà exorbitant pour de nombreuses et nombreux d’entre nous !

Quelques gagnants et beaucoup plus de perdants :  
Aucun locataire n’ayant signé son bail avant la date de mise en œuvre ne pourra en bénéficier...Il faudra attendre le renouvellement du bail pour pouvoir demander au juge une diminution du loyer s’il dépasse le loyer médian majoré, ce qui nécessite d’être bien informé, bien armé juridiquement et bien conseillé : nous attendons les guides pratiques de la Métro pour assigner son propriétaire en justice.
De plus, nombreux sont les locataires qui payent un loyer inférieur au loyer médian minoré (-30% du loyer médian), car ils sont dans les lieux depuis plusieurs dizaines d’années. Bailleurs cupides, sociétés immobilières et spéculateurs n’auront aucun état d’âme à leur imposer une hausse brutale de loyer au renouvellement du bail.
Si la mesure parait « équilibrée sur le papier », elle va avoir des conséquences sociales désastreuses :  contraindre, au cours des 6 prochaines années, des dizaines de milliers de locataires, le plus souvent assez âgés, qui se maintiennent dans les quartiers populaires des métropoles grâce à leur ancienneté dans le logement, à le quitter de gré ou de force.

Trop faible, même Ian Brossat, adjoint au logement de la mairie de Paris, le dit !
Les sanctions prévues en cas de dépassement pour les propriétaires qui viendraient à être condamnés par la justice à la suite d’une procédure-usine-à-gaz sont risibles et ne décourageront pas les abus comme constaté à Paris par Ian Brossat le 12 novembre 2020.

En conclusion, le dispositif d’encadrement aura un effet marginal sur le niveau des loyers qui ne cessent d’augmenter depuis les années 2000, et contient des effets pervers pour une part non négligeable pour de nombreux locataires.
Nous demandons donc des mesures concrètes pour empêcher l’exil voire l’expulsion des victimes (les locataires anciens du secteur privé) des effets pervers de cette expérimentation !

Le DAL exige, en ce qui concerne la politique des loyers dans le secteur privé  :


- La baisse réelle de tous les loyers conjuguée avec l’APL de telle sorte à contenir le taux d’effort en dessous de 20%, charges comprises

- L’interdiction de la revalorisation des bas loyers et de la majoration du loyer médian,


-Le relèvement de l’APL,


-Un plan massif de réhabilitations thermiques pour mettre fin aux déperditions et permettre la baisse des charges pour les locataires et des avancées concrètes en terme de lutte contre le dérèglement climatique.

- Ainsi que la réalisation massive de logements très sociaux (type PLAI), un moratoire des expulsions,


- La réquisition des logements vacants pour répondre à l’urgence sociale.

Un toit c’est un droit !


Quelques éléments chronologiques 

Droit Au Logement, dès 2002, revendique l’encadrement des loyers qui n’ont cessé de flamber depuis 2000. La revendication s’appuie sur l’exemple de plusieurs pays européens, notamment les pays nordiques, mais surtout sur notre propre histoire : la France a baissé drastiquement les loyers en 1914 et 1948. Ainsi, à la libération, les loyers coûtent moins cher que la consommation de tabac.
La loi de 1948 va produire une  hausse très modérée des loyers, mais les locataires modestes peuvent continuer à se loger à Paris et dans les grandes villes. En 1973, la part du loyer dans le budget des locataires ne dépasse pas 10%.    
La loi de 48 est sévèrement attaquée dans les années 70 et définitivement abrogée en 1986 par Jacques Chirac, hormis les baux en cours. S’en suivra une flambée des loyers et de l’immobilier, à Paris notamment, jusqu’à la crise de 1990.

Courant 2011, le DAL lance et anime le collectif contre le logement cher, réunissant notamment des associations de locataires et des syndicats, en vue de mettre le sujet à l’ordre du jour des programmes des candidats aux élections présidentielles. Cette revendication a été intégrée par les candidats de la gauche en général, dont  F. Hollande.

Le mouvement social obtient  en juillet 2013 le décret instaurant un gel des loyers à la relocation dans les zones tendues, reconduit chaque année depuis. En l’absence de sanctions et surtout d’un répertoire central des loyers,  de nombreux bailleurs grugent leur nouveau locataire, qui ne peut vérifier les dires du bailleur.

En mars 2014, la loi ALUR accouche donc d’une nouvelle législation  sur l’encadrement des loyers, près de 30 ans après son abrogation.
Un tabou est tombé : le principe de la fixation des loyers en fonction du marché, dans un contexte de pénurie n’est plus d’actualité.
Mais le texte de loi est insuffisant pour faire baisser les loyers. De plus, M. Valls, dès son arrivée à Matignon saborde sa mise en œuvre. Il impose illégalement la limitation de l’encadrement, non plus aux agglomérations tendues sur décision du Préfet, mais à chaque commune qui le demande.
En novembre 2017, l’encadrement des loyers en vigueur à Lille et Paris est abrogé par les tribunaux administratifs de Lille et Paris. Plutôt que de généraliser l’encadrement à l’ensemble de l’Ile-de-France et de la métropole lilloise, le gouvernement Philippe décide de présenter un nouveau texte, validant le modèle de Valls (sur demande du maire), à titre expérimental (sur 5 ans), et introduisant une sanction financière à l’encontre des bailleurs qui violent le dispositif…. Décembre 2018, adoption de la loi ELAN. Juillet 2019, mise en œuvre à Paris puis à Lille… Novembre 2020 : mise en expérimentation à Grenoble, Lyon, Villeurbanne, Bordeaux et Montpellier.





Australian government report on war crimes in Afghanistan

and the history of impunity of U.S. war crimes.


with Peter Cronau and Ann Wright






Explosive CIA Leaked Documents!


with Jimmy Dore



A Long-Forgotten CIA Document From WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on

Today's U.S. Politics and Wars


by Glenn Greenwald

The Agency knew that their best asset for selling their wars was Barack Obama -- the same reason so many in the security state were eager to get rid of Donald Trump.


World Beyond War





Reporting on a shambolic American election


    by Patrick Gathara


The way foreign correspondents reported on the US elections shows just how much language matters.


What you've been asking for: A (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims of 2020 election miscounts, errors or fraud


by Sharyl Attkisson







From: H-PAD [mailto:h-pad-bounces@lists.historiansforpeace.org] On Behalf Of Jim O'Brien via H-PAD
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2020
Subject: [H-PAD] H-PAD Notes 12/2/20: "Racial justice and peace history"; Links to recent articles of interest


Note: Peace & Change, the journal of the Peace History Society, is planning a special issue on "Racial Justice and Peace History: Is it 'Different' This Time." See the Call for Contributions for more info.



Links to Recent Articles of Interest


"After Trump's Lies, the Establishment's Tripe and Self-Deception"

By Andrew J. Bacevich, The American Conservative, posted December 1

"The idea of an American-led world order is as detached from reality as Trump's insistence that he won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin." The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.


"1918 Germany Has a Warning for America"

By Jochen Bittner, New York Times, posted November 30

Compares Trumpian lies about the November 3 election to the "stab in the back" myth that spread in post-World War I Germany. According to that myth, Germany's military could have kept fighting had it not suffered betrayal by civilian politicians. The author is an editor and writer for the German weekly Die Zeit.


"Is the Nationalist Tide Receding?"

By Lawrence Wittner, ZNet, posted November 29

On setbacks to right-wing populist political movements in countries such as Germany, Brazil, and (with Trump's defeat) the US. The author is a professor emeritus of history at SUNY Albany.


"In Bid to Kill a Biden Return to Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel Assassinates Leading Nuclear Scientist"

By Juan Cole, Informed Comment blog, posted November 28

The title of this article conveys its analysis. The author teaches Middle East history at the University of Michigan.


"Say No, Joe"

By Stephen Wertheim, Foreign Policy, posted November 25

The author, a historian and co-founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, sets out five ways on which the Biden administration can avoid mistakes of the past: avoid the pursuit of global military dominance; deliver on the promise of ending the "endless wars"; eschew trying to police the Middle East; resist NATO expansion; and temper U.S. militarism toward China.


"An American Pogrom: Uncovering the Truth About the 1898 Massacre of Black Voters in Wilmington, North Carolina"

By David W. Blight, New York Review of Books, November 19 issue

A review essay on David Zucchino's forthcoming book Wilmington's Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy (Atlantic Monthly Press, due January 2021).


"Blaming the Messenger: Trump, the KKK, and the War on Historians"

By David Whelky, History News Network, posted November 8

Describes campaigns during the 1920s to enforce "patriotic" history in American schools, similar to current attacks by Donald Trump and his allies on critical history. The author teaches history at the University of Central Arkansas. 


"'We Are Many': A Documentary Looks Back at the February 15, 2003 Antiwar Protests - and Looks Forward Too"

By Robert Shaffer, Peace & Change blog, posted November 4

A review essay on Amir Amirani's documentary film We Are Many, which depicts and analyzes the worldwide day of mass demonstrations aimed at averting the 2003 US-Led invasion of Iraq. The author is a professor emeritus of history at Shippensburg State University.


"Mythologies Without End: The U.S., Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1917-1920"

By Jerome Slater, History News Network, posted November 1

This article is adapted from the author's book of the same title, published in November 2020 by Oxford University Press. The author is a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Buffalo.


"Fools' Game: Why United States Provocations Towards China Will Lead to Disaster"

By Jeff J. Brown and Jeremy Kuzmarov, Covert Action, posted October 25

Provides historical background on China's relationship to the West, including especially the US. Co-author Jeremy Kuzmarov teaches history at Tulsa Community College and has had four books published on US foreign policy, including Obama's Unending Wars (Clarity Press, 2019).


"The Bolivian Left's Election Win Is a Positive Sign, But It Inherits a Dire Situation"

By Kevin Young, The Guardian, posted October 21

Gives the background of the 2019 coup that deposed Evo Morales and the decisive victory of his party in October 2020 elections, along with the challenges that the new government will face. The author teaches Latin American history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is the author of Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia (U. of Texas Press, 2017). 


Thanks to an anonymous reader for suggesting some of the articles in the above list. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.


“Best Evidence”


videos with John Titus





News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020
Subject: [MCM] On the strangely unscientific masking of America (MUST-READ/SHARE)


Younes notes that this astoundingly successful propaganda drive kicked off

on March 27, with Dr. Fauci and the CDC joining it some ten days later (and

the WHO not buckling until early June). 


This is an exemplary critique.



The Strangely Unscientific Masking of America




by Jenin Younes

Iremember vividly the day, at the tail end of March, when facemasks suddenly became synonymous with morality: either one cared about the lives of others and donned a mask, or one was selfish and refused to do so. The shift occurred virtually overnight. 

Only a day or two before, I had associated this attire solely with surgeons and people living in heavily polluted regions. Now, my friends’ favorite pastime during our weekly Zoom sessions was excoriating people for running or socializing without masks in Prospect Park. I was mystified by their certitude that bits of cloth were the only thing standing between us and mass death, particularly when mere weeks prior, the message from medical experts contradicted this new doctrine.

On February 29, the U.S. surgeon general infamously tweeted: “Seriously people – STOP BUYING MASKS. . . They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus.” Anthony Fauci, the best-known member of the coronavirus task force, advised Americans not to wear masks around this time. Similarly, in the earliest weeks of the pandemic, the CDC  maintained that masks should be worn only by individuals who were symptomatic or caring for a sick person, a position that the WHO stood by even longer.

As rapidly as mask use became a matter of ethics, the issue transformed into a political one, exemplified by an article printed on March 27 in the New York Times, entitled “More Americans Should Probably Wear Masks for Protection.” The piece was heavy on fear-mongering and light on evidence.  While acknowledging that “[t]here is very little data showing that flat surgical masks, in particular, have a protective effect for the general public,” the author went on to argue that they “may be better than nothing,” and cited a couple of studies in which surgical masks ostensibly reduced influenza transmission rates.  




From: Jacobin [mailto:news@jacobinmag.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2020 5:01 PM
Subject: The CIA’s secret global war against the Left.


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The CIA’s secret global war against the Left.




In Buenos Aires, a former Chilean general returns home, opens his garage door, and is blasted thirteen feet in the air when his car explodes, incinerating his wife.

A conservative opponent of the country’s military dictatorship and his wife take an afternoon walk on the streets of Rome and are swiftly gunned down.

On a rainy autumn morning, a car blows up in the middle of Washington, DC’s Embassy Row, killing two of the three inside: a leader of Chile’s opposition in exile and his newlywed American friend.

These were just some of the most prized scalps claimed by Operation Condor, officially inaugurated forty-five years ago. What followed was a secret, global campaign of violent repression that spanned not just countries, but continents, and featured everything from abduction and torture to murder...








Here's the latest...




Workers in India last week launched a general strike that brought out an estimated 250 million people, arguably the largest in human history. Now, they’re joining hands with farmers to protest Narendra Modi’s pro-corporate, far-right agenda.

Twitter is now seen as an important medium of progressive activism. Amber Frost writes that while hashtags may be the quickest way for anyone to tap into the turbulent and frenetic world of online social justice discourse, their record for building the sort of institutions that can boost popular power is an unbroken pattern of defeat.

Working in a restaurant has always been tough. . But servers say that the pandemic has created new problems and intensified old ones. Unsafe health conditions, meager tips from vindictive customers, and sexual harassment are now the norm under coronavirus.

John Carpenter’s movies providevisions of societies falling apart. No wonder his work is resonating now more than ever.



America: The Failed State?”



Our new issue, “Failure Is an Option,” is out now.

In it, we look at why the United States is such a dysfunctional mess for working-class people — and why the institutional rot won't end when Trump is out of office.

The new issue is a full 150 pages and features writing from Seth Ackerman, Nicole Aschoff, Richard Lachmann, Amber Frost, Meagan Day, and a host of others.










The Stark Crisis Emerging in the Trump-Biden Transition


with Richard Wolff






Noam Chomsky at HLS



On Nov. 20, Noam Chomsky, Laureate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Arizona and Institute Professor Emeritus at MIT, spoke to first-year students at Harvard Law School about prospects for a better tomorrow. In a conversation moderated by HLS student Michael Lehavi, Chomsky touched on topics ranging from linguistics to activism to climate change.






News from Underground

From: Mark Crispin Miller
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2020
Subject: [MCM] Vitamin D insufficiency may account for 9 out of 10 COVID deaths


An observational study, so not definitive; but it's in line with other research

on the importance of Vitamin D as an essential immunity-booster. 


This problem is especially acute among people of color; and, whomever it affects,

the CDC/WHO/Dr. Fauci would have been stressing this from the beginning, if they

were more interested in public health than in enabling the Great Reset.


Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths: Time to Act. 

Comment on: “Vitamin D Deficiency and Outcome of COVID-19 Patients”

Nutrients 2020, 12, 2757 


Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Research, German Cancer Research Center, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Network Aging Research, University of Heidelberg, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Nutrients 202012(12), 3642; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu12123642


Received: 19 October 2020 / Accepted: 5 November 2020 / Published: 27 November 2020



Evidence from observational studies is accumulating, suggesting that the majority of deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 infections are statistically attributable to vitamin D insufficiency and could potentially be prevented by vitamin D supplementation. Given the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic, rational vitamin D supplementation whose safety has been proven in an extensive body of research should be promoted and initiated to limit the toll of the pandemic even before the final proof of efficacy in preventing COVID-19 deaths by randomized trials.


We read, with great interest, the recent article by Radujkovic et al. that reported associations between vitamin D deficiency (25(OH)D < 12 ng/mL) or insufficiency (25(OH)D < 20 ng/mL) and death in a cohort of 185 consecutive symptomatic SARS-CoV-2-positive patients admitted to the Medical University Hospital Heidelberg, who were diagnosed and treated between 18 March and 18 June 2020 [1]. In this cohort, 118 patients (64%) had vitamin D insufficiency at recruitment (including 41 patients with vitamin D deficiency), and 16 patients died of the infection. With a covariate-adjusted relative risk of death of 11.3, mortality was much higher among vitamin D insufficient patients than among other patients. When translated to the proportion of deaths in the population that is statistically attributable to vitamin D insufficiency (“population attributable risk proportion”), a key measure of public health relevance of risk factors [2], these results imply that 87% of COVID-19 deaths may be statistically attributed to vitamin D insufficiency and could potentially be avoided by eliminating vitamin D insufficiency.


Although results of an observational study, such as this one, need to be interpreted with caution, as done by the authors [1], due to the potential of residual confounding or reverse causality (i.e., vitamin D insufficiency resulting from poor health status at baseline rather than vice versa), it appears extremely unlikely that such a strong association in this prospective cohort study could be explained this way, in particular as the authors had adjusted for age, sex and comorbidity as potential confounders in their multivariate analysis. There are also multiple plausible mechanisms that may well explain the observed associations, such as increased concentrations of pro-inflammatory cytokines, as well as decreased concentrations of anti-inflammatory cytokines in vitamin D insufficiency [3,4]. Although final proof of causality and prevention of deaths by vitamin D supplementation would have to come from randomized trials which meanwhile have been initiated (e.g., [5]), the results of such trials will not be available in the short run. Given the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and the proven safety of vitamin D supplementation, it therefore appears highly debatable and potentially even unethical to await results of such trials before public health action is taken. Besides other population-wide measures of prevention, widespread vitamin D3 supplementation at least for high-risk groups, such as older adults or people with relevant comorbidity, which has been proven by randomized controlled trials to be beneficial with respect to prevention of other acute respiratory infections and acute acerbation of asthma and chronic pulmonary disease 6,7,8,9,10], , should be promoted. In addition, targeted vitamin D3 supplementation of people tested SARS-CoV-2-positive may be warranted.





New World Next Week

Infant and Toddler Vaccine Schedule


 with James Evan Pilato and James Corbett



Owen Jones Meets Yanis Varoufakis: “We live under something far worse than capitalism”

Owen Jones Meets Yanis Varoufakis: “We live under something far worse than capitalism”





DiEM TV: Another Now with Yanis Varoufakis


Every evening switch on the television from the future! We call it TV because we like retro-futurism. But it's much more than TV. In times of global pandemics, DiEM TV is special online and completely free series to understand the current crisis and offer tools and hope to get out of it stronger and more united in building the World After Coronavirus. In this episode of Another Now, Yanis Varoufakis will focus on one of the most powerful companies in the world -- Amazon / with a 30min Q&A. Everyone can join; you don't have to be a DiEM25 member. Please register for the event in order to get a link sent to your email. The registration form also allows you to ask a question to the panelists, suggest next topics and next guests.