Bulletin N° 963


Subject: 'World-Wide Rally for Freedom' expresses opposition to COVID-19 restrictions.



World Freedom Day 2021



“Why World Freedom Day, March 20th 2021 Is So Important”


by John O'Sullivan, with Dr. Anne McClosky




From: Cat McGuire [mailto:cat@catmcguire.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Subject: My photos from World Freedom Day, Union Square, March 20, 2021


Antifa infiltrator. I told him so to his face. He made noises like what are you talking about. I said no one here is wearing masks. We don’t wear masks.  Another infiltrator with him I also called out. He tried to say I was full of it, but neither of them countered me.




My friend Audrey got tons of attention with her anti-vaxx armband. Being Jewish herself put a stop to many of the holocaust ad hominems she got. 
Check out the ray of light clearly blessing the unvaxxed.


Carla belongs to a group I helped start called Break The Spell.




Great sign




Kevin someone, the guy in charge of the sound system. How can he be smiling?  I would have been mortified probably the rest of my life if I had made such an egregious mistake. The sole PA speaker he brought to the event couldn’t have been larger than a breadbox. It was so bad. The upside was that instead of standing at attention listening to all the great speakers, people engaged with each other to a much greater degree.




Helen Buyniski’s lab coat.




Lots of signs everywhere





Michael Jay, gong musician and new friend.  I loved his T-shirt.




Spellbreaker Peggy had one of the best signs of all




There were 2 skywritings at the start of the rally around 1:00pm -- one on the north end of Union Square and one on the south end. No one knows at all what the upside down T in a circle symbolizes.  I don’t know how I missed it, but a friend told me at the same time more to the south the skywriter had written “530”.  May 30th?  5:30pm?  530 people?  WTF? Who knows?  Calling Ole Dammegard.




Peggy again





New friend, Christina, a nano-neuro technology researcher and activist from Philadelphia, saying no to the transhumanist symbol.




There were few overt Trumper types. Mostly people like me:  no longer left, not really right. Political nomads building a new vibrant culture in contradistinction to the sterile artificiality of the malevolent Great Reset.




Photoshoot for speakers, organizers . . . and hangers-on like me. (What can I say? Kevin Jenkins called me over.)





Freedom Rally - Union Square Park NYC - Alison McDowell's Speech 3/20/21


Kevin Jenkins of Urban Global Health Alliance




“‘World-Wide Rally for Freedom’ expresses opposition to COVID-19 restrictions”


by Kelsey Hammon







“We Did Not Suffer Equally”


by Yaryna Serkez