The University of Grenoble

Scholarly Essays


4- CIEMSA Publications, Volume IV, 2007.


Edward Herman and David Peterson, “The Dismantling of Yugoslavia: A Study of Inhumanitarian Intervention (and Western Liberal-Left Intellectual and Moral Collapse).”


Bertell Ollman, "La dialectique mise en œuvre : Le processus d’abstraction dans la méthode de Marx."


Norman Madarasz, "Behind the Neo-Con Curtain: Plato, Leo Strauss and Allan Bloom."


David Graeber, "The Shock of Victory: contemporary anarchist strategy and organization."


Richard D. Wolff, "Ideological State Apparatuses, Consumerism, and U.S. Capitalism: Lessons for the Left."


Richard D. Wolff, "French Election's Deeper Meaning."

Bertell Ollman, Dance of the Dialectics: Steps in Marx's Method.


Francis Feeley, "American Democracy in Question:A radical examination of the 2004 presidential election in the USA."